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Losing the stones one guinea pig at a time...

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HenriettaPye Tue 24-Sep-13 18:02:44

Hello quiche avoiders wink

Lovely shiny new thread- we are a talkative bunch!

First Thread

Second Thread

To be a quiche avoider you must
-have a considerable amount of weight to lose
-be serious about wanting to lose it
-give other members a virtual kick up the arse when needed
-weigh in with us on a Wednesday (or if you weigh in on another day, post your results on a wednesday)

So roll up, jump in and lets lose lbs! and if you are having a moment of weakness just remember... what would clarinet do wink

Sirzy Sun 05-Jan-14 16:29:24 New thread

Sirzy Sun 05-Jan-14 16:25:44

How did it go sleeping?

Welcome back lottie.

More than makes up for it GoodLady! I went to greggs at lunch sad and no run either to burn it off just cheese and crackers when I got home instead

As we are up to 982 I will set up the new thread to take us into the new week!

TheGoodLadyWife Sun 05-Jan-14 16:21:35

Do you think a 10k run this morning makes up for 3 profiteroles after a healthy seafood lunch? Opps!

LottieAndTheDinosaur Sun 05-Jan-14 00:47:00

<sneaks back in> sorry I have been AWOL blush sad well done to those who have stuck around and kept going over the festive period...I just used it as an excuse to eat anything and everything it would seem!

Great to see so many new people join and also those like me who have gone astray coming back again!

will post more tomorrow but wanted to get this thread back on 'threads I'm on' or else I'm worried it will disappear and I won't try to find it again - must try and get some bloody willpower...

Sleepingbunnies Sat 04-Jan-14 10:19:59

Frankie & Bennies for lunch today... Will try and be good! smile

Sirzy Sat 04-Jan-14 08:36:27

Sleeping - any activity is good!!

The first few days of any diet/lifestyle change are always the hardest but each day you stick with it the easier it will get.

TheGoodLadyWife Fri 03-Jan-14 22:27:18

P.S. who is going to start a new thread then?!? :-)

TheGoodLadyWife Fri 03-Jan-14 22:26:38

Well managed the last 3 days under 1200 calories and feel head back in the game! :-) Also did a 10k run yesterday so its all going in the right direction. Training for half marathon in March so have a 12k planned for sunday. So close to getting back into my 'nice' clothes, all of which I have held onto since before ds1 was born!

Debs75 Fri 03-Jan-14 21:22:34

Welcome all the new posters and welcome back to some old friendsgrin

I am currently 14 stone and a few pounds and I would like to get down to around 11. I have never been under 11 since having DD1 17 years ago. I lost 1 and a half stone last year and just over a stone the year before. I do things slow and steady and do tend to go backwards several times a year.

I am doing Simple Start on Weight Watchers. It is basically a stricter filling and healthy and very similar to Slimming World. I am liking it this week as it is giving me structure and telling me what I can and can't eat. I know a lot of you don't like that and at times last year I would crave things which were 'naughty' or 'banned'

ikeaismylocal Fri 03-Jan-14 19:03:43

Thanks for the welcome smile thegoodladywife that's great to know that yiu lost all that weight whilst bf, congratulations! I'm doing ww but very roughly, I know how to eat sensibily and counting points on some days and just not going crazy on others has worked in the past. I like the idea of building up meals around vegetables, thanks for the tip!

It's been a hard couple of days to start dieting, we were invited to dinner tonight and last night, and lunch today. I tried to take sensible portions. Tomorrow is the start of point counting smile

ReastieYuleANBU Fri 03-Jan-14 18:26:26

That's fab sleeping , in the words of tesco, every little counts grin

Sleepingbunnies Fri 03-Jan-14 16:35:11

I have walked 3 miles today, which isn't a lot but it's better than nothing...

LittleDoris Fri 03-Jan-14 15:54:44

Sultanas. Ignoring the chocolates in the cupboard.

Don't know what happened there.

LittleDoris Fri 03-Jan-14 15:53:43

I have had some pecans and

ReastieYuleANBU Fri 03-Jan-14 15:31:15

If it helps sleeping bunnies I have since had 6 chocolates, opps!

Sleepingbunnies Fri 03-Jan-14 14:37:01

Wow reastieYou put me to shame!

No motivation whatsoever feel like I should be in hibernation instead!

ReastieYuleANBU Fri 03-Jan-14 13:49:02

Today I have eaten <takes deep breath>
A small bowl of oat muesli/buckwheat flakes/coco pops all mixed together (not 3 separate bowls grin ) and milk
A fruit and nut nakd bar
A small banana
A pitta with egg, mushrooms and ketchup
A pot of strawberry yoghurt
A pack of snack a jacks
Lots of water

Also did an insanity workout.

LittleDoris Fri 03-Jan-14 12:19:58

2 oranges, 1 small tub houmous, 4 ryvita.

Porridge and 3 boiled eggs for lunch.

Sweet potato wedges, peas and fresh fish for dinner.

Water to drink.

Hope I can stick to it. The evenings are the worst. I will have to try hard to not snack.

Sleepingbunnies Fri 03-Jan-14 11:30:31

So far today I have had 1 can of sugar free red bull. I am starving!

Sirzy Fri 03-Jan-14 10:04:00

morning all welcome to new posters smile

Porridge eaten, run done. Heres to another good day

lunar1 Fri 03-Jan-14 10:02:24

Hi, i'm just sloping back in before the end of the thread! I started in December and lost 6lbs so was down to 18st. Managed to gain 4 back over Christmas so am 18st 4lbs. I guess it could be worse, i could be 18st 10 if i hadn't lost those few pounds.

I didn't get into my dress, i didn't even try as i knew it wouldn't fit! on the positive side though all the Christmas crap is gone.

TheGoodLadyWife Thu 02-Jan-14 20:29:08

Hi Ikea, I've been losing weight whilst breastfeeding as well For me WW and SW didn't work very well as I found it to restricted and too regimented, with a little one to look after I just lost interest, missed weigh in's etc! and like you as hungry ALL the time. For me the answer has been simple, loads and loads of fruit and veg. I basically build my meals around veg and add in protein and carbs afterwards in small amounts. I tracked everything through mfp. In 4 months I lost 3.5stone. I've still some to go but am in healthy bmi now and still bf.
Congrats on forthcoming wedding!

ikeaismylocal Thu 02-Jan-14 20:14:06

Hello, can I join? smile

I am trying to loose 30kg by August (when I get married) it works out as 1 kg a week.

I'm following weight watchers and I am going to join a gym.

I am still breastfeeding my 1 year old, breastfeeding seems to make me very hungry so I hope I can manage a diet. I have actually gained weight whilst breast feeding which is crazy as my ds is a boob monster!

I have previously lost 20 kg on weight watchers, I got pregnant with ds after 2 years of trying I feel partly because I lost weight. Hopefully we can ttc after the wedding smile

Happy new year to you all! smile

moonshine Thu 02-Jan-14 19:28:47

Wow, so many new people and old-timers back in the fold <waves & high-fives>.

Clarinet - look back at the advice/encouragement you have given and apply it to yourself. It's the long-term habits that matter and you have done so well. You've caught yourself in plenty of time to reverse the weight gain.

Yes, I know we are only 1.5 days in but so far so good for me. I am trying to drink more water, and had no alcohol for the first time yesterday since about 20th December blush. Consequently, I had to get up to wee about a gazillion times last night. Now to go eat something vaguely healthy.

phantomhairpuller Thu 02-Jan-14 18:54:44

Welcome back GoodLady gringrin

It's nice to see some of us old timers creeping back smile

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