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Calling all Chiefs who Choose Their Hard

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DoubleMum Fri 01-Mar-13 18:13:06

Carrying on from the old thread here

RandallPinkFloyd Tue 05-Mar-13 15:43:39

Well, another 2.6lb off. If I can do the same this week that would be my second stone. However, seeing as I'm spending the rest of the week with my friend in Scotland (where we all know the diet consists of pie, deep fried stuff, and turnip) I think it's more likely to take another couple of weeks grin

Dinky it sounds like you're doing great. I'd log it if I were you, it may fluctuate but it would be nice for you to see the downward trend.

I'm too tall to add an extra 2 inches, I'd look like Guliver!

Herecomesbod Tue 05-Mar-13 16:00:08

Hello all. Weighed myself yesterday and have lost a stone since starting this in Jan, and 2 stone since DS was born in Oct. Must remember that when I start beating myself up about not losing the mum tum!

Dinky sounds like a good loss on the 5:2. I am fascinated by the idea of it but think it might not be for me while I'm still bfing. Maybe when I go back to work?

Randall 25 lbs in 7 weeks is amazing, you are doing so well. I know what you mean about the diet choices in Scotland. I spent 2 v. happy years working in Glasgow and basically living in a hotel . Sounds glamourous but actually I couldn't wait for a visit home to eat salad for a change grin

RandallPinkFloyd Tue 05-Mar-13 16:10:31

Well done here, 2 stone is fab, if when I get to that I'll be over the moon!

RandallPinkFloyd Tue 05-Mar-13 16:15:32

27.6lb in 8 wks now if you don't mind akshewally wink

DoubleMum Tue 05-Mar-13 17:16:51

LOL at the idea of me giving anyone clothes advice! I might fast today, given I've just realised I've only eaten a plum and a tbsp of choc cake mix today.

RandallPinkFloyd Tue 05-Mar-13 17:34:36

Blimey Double this 5:2 thing is really suiting you isn't it. Are you enjoying it?

Well enjoying is probably the wrong word but you know what I mean!

TeaMakesItAllPossible Tue 05-Mar-13 18:04:17

Yo Chiefs. Checking in.

Cor Dinky that's good work.

I know what you mean about the fluctuations. I'm finding it very confusing but as I'm measuring on Thursdays and record when there is a loss I think it's working out about the same as you're suggesting. Though it seems to come in fits and starts. I'm finding it a much better way to watch what I eat for me than calorie counting - I just don't have the willpower or lifestyle to stick with less than 1200 each day - which is what always seems to come back for me.

Ahhh. I had a new holiday wardrobe (if a bikini, skirt and dress count as such) last year for holidays and because I was thinner than I'd been for a while I felt super glam - right to the point the boys got to the pool. I spent most of the holiday hiding behind large sunnies pretending they were nothing to do with me (quite hard with them hanging off me) and shouting like a fish wife to leave each other alone. I notice that M&S and Debenhams have cruise wardrobes in at the moment - not much else going on for hot locations at the moment. I'm going to St Maarten for four days in a couple of weeks for a wedding so am having a similar problem trying to find something to wear. I will post links as I find things.

Here well done. That's really good going. And your baby isn't even five months - I didn't realise. Can you pass him over for me to sniff?

Randall you're a super loser. That really is impressive. Not far to go to get to 2 stone for you. Wow.

BsshBossh Tue 05-Mar-13 18:20:40

Just popping in to get you all on my Threads I'm On again and to say congrats on the losses Randall and Here. And welcome MrGere.

I'm still fasting (though doing 16 hr fasts each working day instead of 24 hrs twice a week); really enjoying it and the longish fasting period is melting my tummy fat like nothing else! I guess the body has no other fuel but fat to burn when you go without food for 12 or more hours. Not logging again though.

Deadlines coming and going so hopefully will be able to join in more here soon.

DoubleMum Tue 05-Mar-13 18:21:57

Randall I'm not actually doing 5:2 at the moment, I figured I'd lose more quickly just by calorie counting and that's what matters to me at the moment, but I do think it has affected my appetite (which can only be a good thing). Once I start eating though, I'm ravenous. And today has been rather a crap day which meant I hadn't planned dinner and have ended up making naan bread pizzas on the hop so not a fast day today after all.
Ooh St Maarten Tea!

dinkydoos Tue 05-Mar-13 19:29:04

randall you star! That is massively impressive! And you here!
Springtime skinnies a go go!
ooh tea wedding shopping, that's quite fun! Tell us all about what you want and we can play at being a style and beauty threadgrin

Herecomesbod Tue 05-Mar-13 19:58:14

Tea yep, he's 5 months tomorrow. You're very welcome to sniff him anytime you like! He's yummy (except when he smells of sour breast milk - mmm cheesy).

Your wedding trip to St Maarten sounds very glam, hope you find something super stylish to wear.

Bssh your 16 hr fasts sound like they're really working for you, especially melting the tummy fat <stares meaningfully at own muffin top>

Know what you mean about appetite/calorie counting Double. I figure I know this is working so will stick with it although have had some spectacular falls off the wagon. The bit I'm dreading is going back to work where I'm mainly at a desk or on the road and temptation is everywhere. I probably need some strategies to avoid being pulled the wrong way.

SylviaDaisyPouncer Tue 05-Mar-13 20:02:25


Well done on the losses everyonesmile

Ds birthday today, last year before he becomes a teenager! Was expecting to be well over calories yesterday and today but have done well. Today I only ate dinner as its been hectic getting everything ready for the birthday tea (and fantastic double choc and mint cake). Only had a small taste of the buttercream putting it on the cake! Feeling v bloated now.

Have been reading up on Couch 2 5k. Sounds very realistic over a 9 week period and not too frightening! Watch this space..

After reading earlier in the thread about bra sizes I am shocked to discover I am only a B cup! I always thought I was bigger so will be getting some nice new bras in the hope they make me look fabgrin

WiseKneeHair Tue 05-Mar-13 21:03:18

Evening all. I really need to post more often as I lost you all again.
Going to go and rip now, but will be back later to catch up.

RandallPinkFloyd Tue 05-Mar-13 21:10:47

Love the idea of the melting belly fat Bssh, my muffin top is more like a victoria sponge!

Very jealous of the holidays, and those naan bread pizzas look lovely.

(Can't think about double chocolate mint cake so I'm pretending I didn't read that.)

TeaMakesItAllPossible Tue 05-Mar-13 21:48:01

<sniffs baby*here*>


<gets broody>
<tells self not to be so silly>

I've had my expectations firmly set by DH that it won't be as glamorous as I'm imagining. I've never been anywhere like St Maarten on account of hating beaches, not having that sort of money and mostly coming from a long line of Celts I glow with whiteness! It's a fly in, watch wedding, fly out job. Dinks I like quirky and to be of the season. I want something that covers my corn beef and veiny legs but think it will be too hot for tights and spanx. I get sweaty armpits so silky is out of the question. I'm very pale with dark hair. And whilst I have grown an inch, I'm a foot shorter than my husband. And with all of those pieces of information i sound like a middle aged lady who should be dressing for comfort but is fighting it I have no fecking clue what to wearshock <sigh> I can't even work out what the local dress code is for weddings - it's family who live there.

Welcome back Wise, hope works going well

TeaMakesItAllPossible Tue 05-Mar-13 22:12:44

Sylvia one of my DS's was 11 today. Snap. grin Happy Birthday to him

BsshBossh Tue 05-Mar-13 22:34:36

Awww, happy birthday to the pre-teens smile

Sylvia I'm doing Couch to 5 k - up to week 4 now. I'm doing it on a treadmill because I have weak knees and I know it's harder to run outside (so the purists like my DH say, though he conveniently forgets that he started running on a treadmill - 6 months - before venturing outside!) but I'm really enjoying it. Dreading the big 20 minute run at the end of week 5 but think I may build up to that more slowly than C25K allows.

saintmerryweather Tue 05-Mar-13 22:36:34

I well done all of you who have lost weight, randall thats amazing!

I chose my hard, i chose to continue being fat sad i have GOT to do something about it though, i am now scared to find out how many lbs...4lb as of now. i need to lose 2 stone by my birthday in june so im back here now. i start every day with 2 weetabix and by dinnertime have scarfed down biscuits and maltesers. its just depressing to think.if id stuck with it i could be 25lbs down too!

RandallPinkFloyd Tue 05-Mar-13 22:51:00

Oh I've got a lot more than 2stone to lose saint!

I've still got another 18lb to go just to get into my healthy BMI. Plus I gained all my excess weight over the last year so I do think that the quicker and more recently it was gained the quicker it is to lose iyswim.

Get back on that bus, tomorrow's another day!

SylviaDaisyPouncer Tue 05-Mar-13 23:23:19

Tea happy Birthday to your ds too!

Can't believe it was 12 years ago I was in the ambulance being told not to push and hang on until we got to hospital!

Bssh I'm going to brave the streets for the C25k! But I live in a village so not many people will see me. I'm going to read through it all and hopefully start next week (need to gear myself up mentally)smile

saint you can do it! You want to do it and you have a goal to aim for. I'm new to the group so just starting this journey, but I do find logging my calories and having everyone on mfp so supportive. Don't be too down on yourself, new start tomorrow!

Lizzylou Wed 06-Mar-13 04:25:54

Hope all the DS's had a lovely birthday. Birthday season here too, DS2's Monday, DS1's next week. Lovely Spring babies.

St Maarten? Wow. I am the only one who had to google, right? Keycamp don't go there so I was a tad nonplussed blush

Did the first 30mins of Extreme Shred and shed last night (I can't see me getting to do whole 60mins often to be honest).
Erm, was a bit weird! No aches today and just a bit different format. Still worth doing though.

Wore pair of trousers that couldn't get into in January to work yesterday and had lots of compliments. Felt v good.

Everyone is doing so well, keep on loosing!

RandallPinkFloyd Wed 06-Mar-13 07:36:05

Yay to skinny trousers you fitness fiend you!

I'm signing off or the ret of the week now. Will try and log on MFP as accurately as I can.

Onwards and downwards chiefs!

DoubleMum Wed 06-Mar-13 07:48:19

My DS was 11 just recently too. Strangely he seems to be much nicer now he's a pre-teen!
Yesterday was a strange day, and I fell prey to the giant chocolate buttons I used to make DH's Cake Wednesday cake. I had plenty of cals left so it wasn't a disaster, but it also wasn't necessary and wouldn't have happened if they hadn't been there in front of me so a lesson to be learned I think. Also I know full well I can't just have 1, once you get the taste in your mouth that's it.

TeaMakesItAllPossible Wed 06-Mar-13 08:57:47

Lizzy Extreme Shred! Wow, that's very impressive. And skinny trousers grin - well done <whispers> you've just inspired me to google it - I now know where I'm going blush

So many spring birthdays. Lovely.

Saint welcome back. What's your handle on MFP? You can do it. Honestly I've got the willpower of a goldfish and by taking the long term view (weekly calories and 2:5ing) I've lost a stone. You can too. Just start logging for a couple of days to get your head back in the zone and see what happens.

Hurrah for Cto5k. I wish there was one to get me from 3to10km. I sort of feel to get the last half stone off I'm going to have to take up longer distance running as it's getting to the point where I'm starting to see little weight loss sad <crosses fingers that this week will be the one where I lose again.

Enjoy bonnie Scotland Randall

TeaMakesItAllPossible Wed 06-Mar-13 09:01:07

PS Double it doesn't last that long 12 YO DSS has started having 'moments' of what can only be described as tantrums. I have to admit I watched Child of Our Time gobsmacked at so many lovely youngsters being able to articulate themselves so well, hoping to pick up some tips.

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