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Are you a Greyhound, Whippet or Lurcher owner? Come and have a seat on the newest Pointy Hounds cushion!

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TheCunnyFuntIsAGrittersWife Sun 03-Feb-13 22:15:26

Pointy hounds include-
Greyhounds (Grunds)
Whippets (Whippys)
Italian Greyhounds (Iggys)
And any others I have forgotten. If you are a new pointy hound owner, an old and experienced owner or looking into getting one of these fabulous creatures, come and have a seat (that's not taken up with a hound).

Share advice, stories and shopping tips!
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Silver Peacock

I didn’t really want you,
I wasn’t really sure,
And I’ll admit I had my doubts,
When you first came through that door.
Not small, or cute, or fluffy,
With big, soft puppy eyes,
But tall, and thin, and bony,
With bald, pink, bulging thighs.
You weren’t the kind I had in mind,
Not in any way,
“Perhaps it would be better if I took you back today,
Before we know each other,
It really won’t be kind,
To keep you here for one more day,
And then to change my mind.”
But against my better judgement, I decided you could stay,
And quickly I discovered you were kind in every way,
Your gentleness and patience, they really stole the show,
“Why these dogs are wonderful, I must let others know!”
For you’re my gentle giant,
Who just needed the chance,
To show us all what you could be,
To wipe away that history,
And dispel our preconceptions, which put us all to shame,
And so we come to know and love,
What lies beneath that frame.

And now I’ve come to understand,
What I missed right at the start,
That greyhounds need that great deep chest,
To house their great big hearts!
By Denise Dubarbier

moosemama Sun 22-Jun-14 18:12:27

This is last year's thread.

The current one is here.

WilliamShatner Sun 22-Jun-14 13:03:49

Hi, has another thread started?

TheCunnyFunt Thu 13-Jun-13 10:23:45

Happy birthday for yesterday Moose! So pleased the day turned out better smile

New cushion folks!

moosemama Thu 13-Jun-13 09:43:54

Thanks folks.

Seems I was a Bit premature on MIL. She's lost sight in one eye completely and apparently it won't be coming back and only has peripheral in her other, although they think that may improve with time. They said she's still at risk of having another and they don't know what caused the bp spike that triggered this one, so why on earth they've discharged her I will never understand.

Magrat, we had one of the heavy duty spiral ones for my old boxer x GSD with a coated metal cord (a bit like this one). Dh used to be really careful that he had it securely screwed in and it was fine. He was 9 stone and very strong (the dog, not dh grin) - although he did manage to bend the top! Oldgirl used the same one and somehow managed to get it out the ground and she was less than half his size and quite lightweight. confused

I've read that people with collies and sighthounds tend to create a sort of garden area with windbreaks around the tie-out as well though, as it minimises visual stimulation and therefore the temptation to try to escape.

Late back from school run this morning, thanks to teacher being late blowing the whistle hmm and lurcherboy had just started whining a bit at 18 minutes. I got back at around 19 1/2 so he didn't have time to get worked up and stopped as soon as I came in the front door. Left the kitchen door shut for 10 minutes and he stayed quiet. Today is a 4 school run day, so lots of opportunity for reinforcement. smile

mistlethrush Thu 13-Jun-13 09:01:43

Magrat - I got a screw in spike (spiral) to tether mistlehound in the front garden when I'm there - mistledog would stay in the garden but mistlehound goes exploring and I can't risk it! I got it from PAH with a 4m plastic coated wire - they do longer ones too. Lots of the campers I have seen on the LL boards recommend putting up a fence of mesh too. I think some lurchers might pull straight stakes out, but I think this spiral one would be quite difficult. Mistlehound adapted to it very quickly.

Cinnamon - I hope your cat comes back.

Moose- sounds a good day after all which is great. Mistledog once started walking into the sitting room where I was with a really pained expression on her face with a 'get it off me!' look in her eyes... DS had found that her tail was just about the right level to hold to steady himself when he was just learning to walk blush

MagratGarlik Thu 13-Jun-13 08:41:38

Do any of you have any recommendations for a dog tether for use whilst camping BTW?

cinnamongreyhound Wed 12-Jun-13 16:43:27

That's all great news moosemama!

moosemama Wed 12-Jun-13 14:57:17

Thanks Cinnamon. So sorry to hear about your missing cat. Hope she comes home soon.

Our oldgirl thought she was a cat. She was a hand reared emergency foster and was kept in a room with two litters of kittens, so she naturally assumed she was also a kitten. Right into old age she liked to roll around on her back and bat string and other dangly toys. She really acted very catlike a lot of the time, which was weird in a dog that looked like a slightly smaller GSD.

My friend lost her cat to cancer a couple of weeks back and has just adopted two kittens - I think I may need to drop by for a cuddle coffee sometime soon. grin

Normal service was resumed at nursery pick up - not a squeak from lurcherboy and he was still scoffing his kong when I opened the kitchen door 15 minutes after we got back!

We did go for lunch. Went for a walk along the canal to a little cafe and had a rather windswept lunch sitting outside. Met three whippets and another lurcher and lurcherboy was accosted by a 13 month old toddler who grabbed his back leg and scrunched, pulling all his fur. Lurcherboy was a star and just looked at me as if to say 'help mum!' so he got a huge jackpot treat for that. He has also scored a big piece of goats' cheese for his kong this afternoon, as I couldn't get through the amount they put on my plate at the cafe. Currently spark out in his bed looking very pleased with himself. smile

Oh - and dh's mum is being discharged with new blood pressure medication on provision she has complete bed-rest. So the day is improving as it goes on. smile

MagratGarlik Wed 12-Jun-13 13:27:11

Of course, having said I don't 'get' cats, our whippy is actually a strange dog/cat hybrid type thing. I am actually convinced whippys are the resultant children of greyhound/cat matings.

MagratGarlik Wed 12-Jun-13 12:46:58

Oh no sad. I hope she comes home soon

cinnamongreyhound Wed 12-Jun-13 12:43:55

My dh is allergic to cats and dogs! I didn't like cats until I met my ex, he'd always had cats and insisted on one. We ended up with 4 and although they are not the same as a dog I love them all and will be very sad if Molly doesn't come home soon. I've had her since she was 5 weeks old and fitted in the palm of my hand, she's such a homely cat and I haven't seen her for 5 days sad sad sad

MagratGarlik Wed 12-Jun-13 11:19:41

Cinnamon - yes, I am not naturally the most organised. I guess our vet being in a small town helps them being much more relaxed about not paying up front, but the insurance is paid directly to them- I just have to sign the forms (which I'm very bad at).

My dad was dead set against us getting a dog at all (never mind two) - he had visions of the boys being mauled/traumatised by having them, but I think a house is not complete without a dog or two and I'd waited long enough as I wanted to be sure both boys were beyond the baby stage. I have to say, I don't 'get' cats at all, which is probably good as Dp is allergic.

cinnamongreyhound Wed 12-Jun-13 10:33:26

Happy birthday moosemama! Sorry to hear about your set back but hope you have a lovely day. Very envy of such a thoughtful dh!!! My mum doesn't understand why I want any animals at all but she sobbed with me when we lost Nelly. She looked after her for week when we went on holiday and loved having her but glad to give her back. She's very happy for us to doggies with us to her house but totally doesn't get the cats sad

cinnamongreyhound Wed 12-Jun-13 10:28:40

I am shock at you sorting insurance claims for your vet MagratGarlik! I have to pay and then sort claim for myself sad

moosemama Wed 12-Jun-13 10:15:03

Thanks mistlethrush. smile

grin Yes what intuitive children I have! wink

I'm pretty impressed with dh as well. He knew how much I liked the ring (I bought it when I nipped into a shop to get an extra gift for his mum on Mother's day and it was only a couple of pounds) and noticed I wasn't wearing it and when he picked it up noticed it was flaking. It's very similar to this one but a nicer shape, thicker silver and doesn't have any words on. Really simple - bit like me! wink grin

mistlethrush Wed 12-Jun-13 10:04:47

Happy birthday Moose!

I agree - some people see having a dog as being very restrictive (particularly when dealing with things as you are at the moment) whilst I prefer to think of them as opening up other options.

Presents sound great - weren't the children clever to get you the right books! (serious respect to DH for a) noticing you'd got a ring for mother's day, b) seeing that it was flaking and c) actually thinking of getting one made for you!! grin)

moosemama Wed 12-Jun-13 10:00:45

Thank you Magrat. smile

I'm really not bothered about not going out - I don't really do birthdays and we are going on a picnic on Sunday (fortunately the weather forecast looks lovely for that) with all our friends anyway, so I can celebrate then.

I'm not worried about lurcherboy. It's just a setback, caused by me not doing things properly. I'm realistic enough to know dog training never progresses in nice straight lines. I can reinforce things properly when I drop dd at nursery and again at pick-up this afternoon and we'll carry on from there.

MagratGarlik Wed 12-Jun-13 09:52:23

Happy birthday, Moose. Sorry to hear it didn't start as you would have liked. It's difficult. I know what you mean about staying in being more of a treat if you are stressed going out. When ds2 was little, he was very poorly and we had endless trips to hospital (actually this contributed to my leaving my previous job) - but anyway, the point was whenever we went out with him was very stressful. So one year, all we did for my birthday was dp took me to Next which was fine. I remember the scarky comments from my mum about this not being a treat, but for me it was because going for a pub lunch or something would have got me so wound up, I wouldn't have enjoyed it.

I hope lurcherboy continues to improve otherwise though and you manage to at least have a relaxing day.

moosemama Wed 12-Jun-13 09:42:17

Well today we have our first relapse/set back, just because it's my birthday - well actually - it's probably due to things being rushed this morning as dh got me up late and then the dcs wanted me to open my presents.

Lurcherboy started whining on the tape just before 10 minutes, then got louder with a couple of loud whiny yowls, then at 14 minutes did a proper howl twice and started barking. Fortunately I came in 30 seconds later, but <<sigh>>

I knew as soon as I got in, because he was behind the kitchen door.

He's been absolutely fine all week so far and he picks my birthday to start up where he left off - and I can't have lunch at a dog friendly pub, because it's raining. hmm

Ho hum, that's the way of dog training I suppose, three steps forward two steps back etc.

Also got a call this morning to say dh's mum was rushed into the stroke unit in the night after being bumped from Optician, to Eye A&E all evening. She has blood clots behind her eye, her blood pressure is through the roof and they think they just caught her before she had a full stroke.

On a more positive note, I had croissants and strawberries in bed, the dcs gave me the dog books I'd bought for myself, plus a giant toberlone and a new chain for my favourite pendant. Dh bought me some L'Occitane smellies and had had a copy made of the cheapy ring I bought myself for Mother's Day as he noticed it had started to flake, so he took it to the jeweller that made me a ring for our 20th Wedding Anniversary and got him to make me one exactly the same but in silver - it's much nicer than the original.

I know I didn't close the kitchen door early enough or spend enough time going in and out of the hall before we left this morning, but I was fretting that the dcs would be late. Which was daft, because for some reason we ended up being early, although I did cut and run as soon as the bell went and both boys were lined up to go in, so was still out for only 15 minutes in all.

I have closed the door again now, so he's on his own in the kitchen lying quietly in his bed. Mum is really cross that I won't go out to lunch or shopping and I can't get her to understand that it would undo everything we've been doing for the past 5 days and that it wouldn't be a treat to come home and find out that the dog had been distressed and howling the whole time we were out - in fact that would ruin my birthday. I'd far rather have a quiet day randomly opening and closing doors and know that it will be worth it when I can go out for lunch without worrying. She sees it as a terrible restriction on my life, whereas I just see it as part and parcel of what I signed up for as when I decided to share my life with dogs. So hard to explain to someone that doesn't have animals.

mistlethrush Wed 12-Jun-13 08:53:17

Ours did ours for nothing - but then we'd just paid an arm and a leg for mistledog's last 3 weeks sad

Mistlehound is definitely a 'night is for sleeping' dog, although she can unravel a bit to present a tummy to be tickled sometimes. Mistledog wasn't quite as bad - the two collie crosses couldn't have been more different - one was ASLEEP between about 10pm and 7.30am and most miffed to be disturbed during that time, whereas the other would be wide awake whatever time she saw you (and if she shared a room with you she would come and tell you how wonderful it was and exciting to be on holiday and sharing a room with you, with major tail banging against the bed, several times during the night). It was the latter that used to be poised, waiting for the postman 6 days a week but not on Sundays.

MagratGarlik Tue 11-Jun-13 23:17:34

We had to have a vet reference for our lurched. They did it for free (along with comments of oooh, we like Dog's Trust - we give money to them and oooh, we like lurchers too). But then, ours are very good at being understanding at the fact I never get my insurance claims sorted out quickly for them blush

moosemama Tue 11-Jun-13 22:54:59

Did you have to pay to get a vet reference? Can't imagine ours doing it for nothing - they never do anything for free. hmm

mistlethrush Tue 11-Jun-13 22:41:20

I had a vet's recommendation (which was high praise ifimss) but still had to have a home check - when I've seen the form its actually quite long and covers a lot of information - although its possible to talk through most of it rather than fill in info at the time.

However, I had already sent the rescue (actually, several) a detailed essay bit of information on what we could offer and what we were looking for - which I think probably showed we were being realistic, and also knew what we were talking about.

I'm looking forward to seeing a friend's professional photos from a shoot over in northumberland - I spotted another hound I knew on a poster on the seafront at seahouses - and confirmed this with their owner and saw their photos - and talked with someone else going in that direction and they had already decided to get a photoshoot (outdoor) with the same person....

moosemama Tue 11-Jun-13 21:54:06

I don't live in the area, so don't know, but assumed, being so high profile, that they would be pretty stringent when checking out potential new homes.

... just checked their site and apparently the do homechecks, but will accept vet or local rescue references and/or arrange for a more local rescue to homecheck for them.

MagratGarlik Tue 11-Jun-13 21:40:49

I don't know about home checks, but I know they are apparently a pound even though they do behavioural assessment. So maybe they don't?????

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