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What to wear to a school reunion if I don't want to look exactly the same as the other 100 middle aged women there

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KristinaM Mon 18-May-09 21:05:32

Title says it all really... its a drinks reception and dinner, in September.

I don't go to many functions but have one black dress. But I suspect that there will be another 99 women all wearing LBSs. Except of course the one former pupil who is a sleb who will no doubt be wearing this

FabulousBakerGirl Mon 18-May-09 21:07:00

Fishnet stockings

short skirt

high heels

baggy tshirt

baseball cap

That should do it grin

muffle Mon 18-May-09 21:08:08

Go dressed as a giant baked bean.

MrsMcCluskey Mon 18-May-09 21:08:43

Why black ?
There aree so many bright coulours and florals out there.
Be bold!

LetThemEatCake Mon 18-May-09 21:08:52

am I right in thinking that you are currently pregnant? how far after baby is this do? Cos that would have a bearing.. also, what do you look like, height etc

KristinaM Mon 18-May-09 21:11:10

FBG - how did you know that that's my usual look???

in fact i wore fishnets and high heels with my boring LBD at Christmas as i still have good legs. last thing to go on a woman apparently wink

Kbear Mon 18-May-09 21:17:06

This is an event where an old faithful like the old off the shoulder leopardskin jumpsuit won't let you down!

wonderingwondering Mon 18-May-09 21:17:13

Towards mid-sumer you'll be able to pick up the weddingy/dressy outfits in the sale and Sept is definitely OK to go for a bright colour. You should be able to get a matching cardigan or wrap if it does end up being cold.

Or a women's tuxedo, in Sept the evening wear will be coming in to the shops - very versatile, mine has had many outings over about seven years. Then you can wear a skimpy top but cover up with the jacket (and a fab necklace) for the arrival/drinks part, show more skin for any dancing later.

sassy Mon 18-May-09 21:18:32

Trouser suit.

(is your celeb ex-classmate Helena Bonham Carter? (Just going by the pic wink)

KristinaM Mon 18-May-09 21:19:04

sorry mrsmc i DONT want black. as you say its boring.

let them eat cake - i'm not pg but still bf so huge norks ( 32G). size 12 but hope to be a little slimmer by the summer.

5'5, blondish hair, blue eyes

good legs & cleavage, small bum, flabby mummy tummy

prefer to cover arms a bit so if strappy woudl need shrug (yawn)

look matronly in florals/prints due to large norks

dont do satin as unforgiving of lumpy bits

not fussy, am i??? grin

cherryblossoms Mon 18-May-09 21:20:08

KristinaM - what's your style/budget?

The "boutique" section of Urban Outfitters has some great dresses; though I do think they're a bit pricey.

But maybe it's worth looking there an on the "Liberty" website for inspiration, then in the high street for something cheaper.

marymungoandmidge Mon 18-May-09 21:20:58

I dont think LBDs are boring if the the cut and fit is exquisite. Plus, statement shoes and spare but beautiful jewellery and oh...good manicure and freshly cut hair...that should do it !

KristinaM Mon 18-May-09 21:22:01

ohh, never though of a tuxedo. doesnt it look a bit [whispers] butch?

though makes sense as i am not dress/skirt person

necklace good as dinnner means its mostly your top half on show

also like sound of sales [tight arse emoticon]

PaulaYatesBiggestFan Mon 18-May-09 21:22:01

i wore a white Karen Millen dress with poppies to ours

I was more dressed up than most but loved it

wonderingwondering Mon 18-May-09 21:24:43

Nope, not butch at all but you do need a good cut and fit, and a slightly dressy material (mine is slightly shiny) so it doesn't look like you've just come from work! And essential - high, high heels.

cherryblossoms Mon 18-May-09 21:26:28

If I had an excuse - I'd get this -

variation on tux theme

As Anna Wintour apparently says; outfox them by stylish dressing down.

cherryblossoms Mon 18-May-09 21:34:57

Sorry - on closer inspection , that is most definitely a jacket and the material is too heavy to keep on. Shame. Thought it might look better (for a change) on the more generously endowed in the norks dept than on the model ... .

KristinaM Mon 18-May-09 21:41:09

cherryblossom - clearly you have no muffin top if you could wear that envy

sadly i have to admit that my Dd would suit it better

dont know to sum up my style...i guess i woudl knwo if i had one???

trousres, jeans, linen trousers, casual jackets or cardis out of work

never sportswear (unless doing sports)

usual office wear ( but not very formal and not black)

i usually wear high street, buy mostly in H&M, zara and Gap and stuff from ebay

very occasional Autograph but too young still for most of M&S

find Next boring except for basics

have never bought designer in my life and just about faint reading "frock enabler" threads shock

buy maybe i am so old i have to start going a little bit upmarket???

KristinaM Mon 18-May-09 21:44:54

kbear - you mean like this lovely jumpsuit?

Mumsfruitandnut Mon 18-May-09 22:17:48

School uniform.

KristinaM Mon 18-May-09 22:24:43

sassy - sleb classmate is not HBC. but you are in the right age group

i am being a bit unfair, she is actually not so bad...

but at our ten year reunion luncheon she came in a WAG white strapless micro mini and very dark fake tan . while the rest of us were a bit... well.... laura ashley.. like this

she was a page three girl lingerie model then but has gone more mainstream now

its a very m/c private school blush. classmates i have kept up with are accountants, solicitors, medics, teachers, engineers, business people, academics etc etc

so WAG not a good look [snort]

oh i am such a snob blush

heather1980 Mon 18-May-09 22:29:36

katie price?

KristinaM Mon 18-May-09 22:37:51

its our 30 year reunion!!! so not katie bless her

oh please dont make me say, i have been enough of a bitch alreday. and its a bit of an invasion of her privacy

anyway, you are getting distracted from the job of finding me SOMETHING TO WEAR [stamps feet petulantly]

something elegant and sophisticated that covers my arms and is not black or boring

its not too much to ask is it???? [whines]

if i go to personal shopper at john lewis etc , when shoudl I go? event is in september. Shoudl i wait until after the summer wedding fever has subsided?

cherryblossoms Mon 18-May-09 23:16:48

Sorry, haven't been to shops recently, so no particulars but ...

How about; turning up in John Lewis/House of Fraser/etc. with a clutch of photos and saying, "find me something like this ... but cheaper!!!"?

And here's another suggestion:

[ +Lim-_-Dresses&siteID=J84DHJLQkR4-QvsdMZmd9Esj.fiQhvBRDA this] Though the orange colour in this eg might be a little scarey.

The high street must, surely, be full of this sort of thing at the moment.

Also, an organza-type material dress, with a trapeze-line would be understated and easy to wear.

AitchTwoOh Mon 18-May-09 23:22:19

linda lusardi

jo guest

it's linda, innit?

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