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Do you wear sunscreen in autumn and winter?

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thisenglishlife Wed 11-Sep-19 18:12:59

If yes: has it made a good difference to your skin, which one do you use?

If not: why not?

Buddyelf Wed 11-Sep-19 18:14:01

I don’t wear a separate spf cream but I try to wear a foundation that has spf built in

Kenworthington Wed 11-Sep-19 18:15:47

No. I barely wear it in summer either tbh unless it’s super hot/sunny

plunkplunkfizz Wed 11-Sep-19 18:17:48

Yes, at the very least a high SPF moisturiser and SPF sunscreen. Why wouldn’t you unless you had a medical reason not to?

Nightmanagerfan Wed 11-Sep-19 18:18:39

Yes, factor 50 - I use a Japanese Nivea import

hopeishere Wed 11-Sep-19 18:20:47

My daily face moisturiser has SPF in it and has done since I was early 20s. I think it's helped!!

Miniloso Wed 11-Sep-19 18:21:35

I wear 50 in the summer and 25/30 in the winter.

DisgruntledGuineaPig Wed 11-Sep-19 18:51:51

Another who's daily moisturiser and foundation have spf, so yep, same all year round.

RogueV Wed 11-Sep-19 18:52:23


FormerlyFrikadela01 Wed 11-Sep-19 18:55:09

Yes unless I know I'm going to be inside all day. As I've gotten older my skin is way more sensitive to the sun to the point I got sunburn in December 2 years ago.

ShagMeRiggins Wed 11-Sep-19 19:00:10

Yes, it a particular product though. Sometimes it’s built into my moisturiser at 20-30 SPF and sometimes I put on a separate SPF.

Recently read that a minimum of 30 was best, even during Autumn/Winter, daily.

By the way, I also make sure to put on some face tint as well. If I had the English Rose look I’d go for it, but I’m in between and tend to look sickly without a bit of “tan”

My morning routine is an exercise in slipperiness.

RedRec Wed 11-Sep-19 19:02:47

I am using my left over factor 50 from the summer as a hand cream as noticed my hands were brilliantly soft and smooth when / after using it.

Richlyfruited Wed 11-Sep-19 19:19:15

I've yet to find a facial sun cream that doesn't bring me out in huge spots sad so generally wear in summer only.

My foundation has SPF in it though so I do have something on all year around.

mommybunny Wed 11-Sep-19 19:21:55

There is a skincare thread in this S&B topic and the frequent contributors to that thread (many of whom sound very much like they have done extensive research and know what they’re talking about) insist that depending on the sunscreen in a foundation or CC/BB cream is foolish because the amount required to give the level of protection claimed on the bottle is way more than anyone would actually apply in normal use. They are adamant that a separate sunscreen is necessary, especially if you incorporate any retinols in your skincare routine.

That’s what I do, summer and winter. I’m finishing up a bottle of SPF50 but may change to 30 when it is finished. In any event, any SPF in my CC cream I figure is just a bonus and not a substitute for a proper SPF underneath. I haven’t been doing this long - I only started using retinol in March - so I can’t say if this is the right course of action but my skin looks pretty good for my age (52) and I haven’t had any major reactions.

Skidamarinkadoo Wed 11-Sep-19 19:22:04

I had no idea this was a thing people did!

Stayawayfromitsmouth Wed 11-Sep-19 19:22:11

No. I barely wear it in the summer. But I also have no facial routine. I'll probably look like a dogs dinner when I turn 40. blush

ellequick Wed 11-Sep-19 19:38:08

Yes, i wear The Body Shop skin defence regardless of the weather. Have tried many but this is my fave.

thisenglishlife Wed 11-Sep-19 19:40:06

I have bought a SPF50 grüum/Altruist face sunscreen and plan on using it as UV rays are still strong in the colder months.

Northernsoullover Wed 11-Sep-19 19:43:56

Yes I do. I have vitiligo though.

Fresta Wed 11-Sep-19 19:46:12

I've worn a moisturiser with sunscreen every day since I was 19. I'm 46 and do think it has helped- I'm certainly less wrinkly than some of my friends and my neck is considerably less creepy than those I know who always seek out a tan!

tierraJ Wed 11-Sep-19 19:48:05

Yes I've worn spf moisturiser since my teens & now I'm 43 with hardly any lines.

Fresta Wed 11-Sep-19 19:49:57

I don't think wearing sunscreen is something that makes an immediate difference to your skin though- sun damage in my view takes about 20 years to manifest as wrinkles and sagging- which is probably why most people see very fine lines starting in their early 20s. Wearing sunscreen now probably won't show benefits for about 20 years. Glad I started young. The wrinkles you see now were no doubt caused by sun exposure 20 years ago!

DontFeedTheCatCake Wed 11-Sep-19 19:51:35

Yes, factor 50 all the time. Either Body Shop Skin Defence like elle above, or La Roche Posay Anthelios XL in the ultra light fluid. All the others give me spots, but they are both fine.

CookieDoughKid Wed 11-Sep-19 19:52:27

Yes I wear an SPF 30+ primer before my makeup. I apply generously face neck and hands. Purely for anti aging reasons and really has made a huge difference. I look 10years younger than my peers

hazeyjane Wed 11-Sep-19 19:53:45

La Roche Posay all year round.

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