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Jeans for small waisted teen?

(6 Posts)
TheOtherGirl Thu 14-Dec-17 09:22:19

DD is 5ft 8" with a 25" inch waist but 37" inch hips. All her jeans really gap at the waist, and belts just look too bulky.

She's found an American site (Fashion Nova) which caters for curvy jeans, but does anyone know of similar jeans in the UK?

hendricksyousay Thu 14-Dec-17 14:08:14

Topshop Jamie , they come in waist sizes and are stretchy . Me and dd both wear them And are completely fine for both shapes . I wear 28/30 and she wears 25/32 . They work for both and come in a variety of washes and colours .

MayFayner Thu 14-Dec-17 14:12:26

There's also another Topshop cut, I think it's Joni?

DD (16) is miniscule of waist, and these fit her very well. They're high waisted.

Spanneroo Thu 14-Dec-17 14:17:35

Levi's have a "demi" fit which is great for small waist/big hips. I've also found that TKMaxx often has more unusually cut trousers, but you do have to rifle through what's there.

thirtyplusone Thu 14-Dec-17 14:20:25

Hi Other

Hollister! They go right down to a 23 I think, lots of cuts, really reasonably priced and amazing quality.

Im a 5ft8 25inch too.

They do jeggings and jeans ( I cant tell them apart looking) with great stretch

price point is around 40£

thirtyplusone Thu 14-Dec-17 14:22:26

Try these...

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