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Are these aftershaves the same just in new packaging?

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zoomer445 Wed 29-Nov-17 18:32:09

I usually buy my husband the first bottle however the perfume website and Carolina Hererra website only have the second bottle.

Thanks X

DavidPuddy Wed 29-Nov-17 18:35:46

The 2nd picture is the one I recognise and has been around for a while. The first picture (the one with the packaging and bottle), is unfamiliar to me, and I wonder if it is a variant or a limited edition? Or a much older version.

When did you first and when did you last buy it?

Ofgreetingsandgoodbyes Wed 29-Nov-17 19:17:14

I've just received a bottle of 212 through the post today from Fragrance Direct and it is in the packaging of the first picture (silver box with black writing) so I think that might be the newer packaging as it has the blue logo on the website picture.

zoomer445 Wed 29-Nov-17 19:55:54

Hi I've bought this 3 times in the past 5 years and they've all looked like the first.

When I look online they all seem to look like the second.

Im not sure if they are the same fragrance?

Ofgreetingsandgoodbyes Wed 29-Nov-17 19:58:58

The link to the Fragrance Direct is definitely the 1st box and is the original Carolina Herrera 212 Fragrance. Good price too.

zoomer445 Wed 29-Nov-17 20:22:10

So do you think they are both the sane just different packaging?

3catsandcounting Wed 29-Nov-17 20:39:34

I've worn 212 (women's) for years, and then the packaging changed and name became '212 NYC'. I thought my original 212 had been discontinued so stopped buying it.
Then I found out it had just been re-branded; same fragrance.

So, I reckon it'll be the same as your previous silver bottle. The only ones I've found that smells different are 212 VIP (gold packaging) and 212 Sexy (pink) which is similar to original 212, but more deep and intense.

Sorry, I'm rambling, hope that makes some sense. I think Carolina enjoys messing with us! hmm

Ofgreetingsandgoodbyes Wed 29-Nov-17 20:40:37

Am pretty much certain they are the same

zoomer445 Wed 29-Nov-17 21:18:13

I'm sure this must have confused others. Why do they change them?

DavidPuddy Thu 30-Nov-17 17:04:14

I haven't worked in the perfume shop since about 7 years, so that adds up.

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