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Is it too early for a spring clothes thread?

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taybert Sun 12-Feb-17 10:24:12

I know it is. There's snow forecast this afternoon. BUT it's been Christmas, I've been skiing and I'm bored of winter now. I've had enough of all my jumpers. I'm looking forward to 7/8 trousers, shoes that show my feet and jackets. Anyone got their eye on anything? Anything to look out for?

FishlessCake Sun 12-Feb-17 10:46:57

I'm very excited for the nice weather. Last year I lost 5st and it was the best summer for me getting to wear lovely dresses. I got so down when the children went back to school in September knowing it was all over.
I had to buy all new clothes last year but you can never have too many dresses grin. I'm looking forward to nice sandals and getting a tan (I go dark in the summer but very pale and unwell looking in the winter).

taybert Sun 12-Feb-17 10:53:44

I'd like some nice flats or trainers to carry me through until sandal weather. Probably slightly more neutral than my current purple converse. Quite like the idea of some of the animal print ones on the other thread but don't really like hairy pony skin!

Floisme Sun 12-Feb-17 10:54:15

Indeed it is not too early. My new motto for this spring and summer is 'What would Katharine Hepburn do?' so I'm looking for the perfect trousers: not narrow, not wide but slouchy and kind of mannish; ankle length (cos I have nice ankles) and must be cotton, not saggy-arsed linen or polyester shite. I'm prepared to shell out if required as I'm not planning on buying much else. All suggestions welcome!

To wear with silk or cotton shirts and brogues or leather plimsolls, all of which I've already got. But I do want a couple of cotton (or possibly linen) V neck jumpers.

FishlessCake Sun 12-Feb-17 10:56:14

I've got two pairs of metallic converse grin which I'm enjoying wearing with tights and skirts. Really want a nice yellow/mustard bag for summer blush but haven't seen any.

Swimminguphill Sun 12-Feb-17 10:56:37

I just bought some dungarees (can't figure out how to wear with jumper so Spring wear for me) and really light acid wash girlfriend jeans with silver thread detail on seams AND a red ruffle Bardot top from gap and h&m all total bargains in the sale as they are last summer stock. Cannot wait to wear them!!! Literally spent £60 on the lot - all the heart eyes!

taybert Sun 12-Feb-17 10:58:46

Oo, I like a GAP girlfriend.

Swimminguphill Sun 12-Feb-17 11:00:41

taybert they are just so pretty. I never wear light washes so it is an exciting departure for me. Helped that they looked banging with the Bardot top (it's a floaty type one)

taybert Sun 12-Feb-17 11:00:58

Flo you're not going to go far wrong with that plan! I feel like I've spent winter looking pretty well put together thanks to a capsule approach. Bored now though.

Floisme Sun 12-Feb-17 11:04:20

Yeah I'm getting bored too and no-one loves winter clothes more than me!

RemusLupinsChristmasMovie Sun 12-Feb-17 11:07:44

No idea what's 'in' or not, and don't really care. I want a leather midi skirt, some ballerina pink shoes, a dusty pink cotton jumper, another pleated skirt or two and some more silver jewellery. Oh and the perfect slouchy grey v neck jumper, but I've been looking for that for years and it doesn't exist.

taybert Sun 12-Feb-17 11:11:13

Someone posted a lovely metallic pleated skirt from Tu the other day that I was tempted by, not sure I could pull it off though. I'm 5'2 and the midi length troubles me.

Floisme Sun 12-Feb-17 11:19:00

I'm not normally a fan of Tu but they've got a few really nice pleated skirts. But I have similar concerns - they look good from the front but dreadful from behind.

I've also just bought a vintage, Jackie Kennedy-ish swing coat which is at the dry cleaners.... drums fingers impatiently.

taybert Sun 12-Feb-17 11:19:12

Quite like these toms Not a great colour for rural life though!

Floisme Sun 12-Feb-17 11:20:20

Dreadful from behind on me that is - not talking about other people!

taybert Sun 12-Feb-17 11:21:23

Yes, the behind is a worry. I'm concerned about flattened pleats over my arse.

Floisme Sun 12-Feb-17 11:31:34


RemusLupinsChristmasMovie Sun 12-Feb-17 12:08:28

I don't care - am only 5'2 and do have a bit of an arse, but so what? It does depend on the fabric, but I think the chiffonny ones still quite suit me (and even if they don't, I like them!).

Floisme Sun 12-Feb-17 12:16:50

I always look better in something with a bit of structure so the chiffony ones are worse for me. But you're right, who cares - and I've worn far worse things in my time!

taybert Sun 12-Feb-17 12:19:28

To be fair, I haven't seen loads of people and thought those skirts look bad, there are just features on them that I'm not sure would be good on me. I think the chiffon ones would fall better certainly. Also, I'm saying I'm bored and that will not be remedied by buying more of the same. Think there should be a Tu 25% off soon so might give one a try.

taybert Sun 12-Feb-17 13:24:59

Forgot to say, well done on the weight loss Fishless.

taybert Sun 12-Feb-17 15:21:39

Ok, so today's efforts have managed a waterproof running jacket. Not exactly what I was after....

Maybe these Not sure about the thick sole.

Hopefully Sun 12-Feb-17 16:05:08

I love pleated skirts on other people. Absolutely hate them on myself, I look like somebody's grandmother having a bad day (I am all of 34). I saw a school run mum the other day, who I always think has very similar body shape and style to me, and she had one on and even though she looks good in everything else I have ever seen her in it didn't suit her at all either (obviously I declined to share this fact with her), so I felt justified in my avoidance of them.

I want some 100% cotton denim jeans - not quite boyfriends, not the dreaded 'mom jeans', a sort of relaxed skinny. I'm thinking the new 501 skinnies might do the job (99% cotton, close enough).

I also badly want new light tan chelsea boots (probably they were last year's thing and I won't find any, but whatever) as mine are falling apart, but I am really particular on the colour and style and I can't find any I love, dammit.

Also a spring coat. In my head I'd like a boiled wool bomber, but I haven't actually tried one and I suspect the reality might be disappointing! Something like this but more fitted and a darker mustard would be perfect (not fussy or anything). I want to wear it over grey jeans/tshirt and cream jeans/tshirt, so it's the only splash of colour in an outfit. And on the subject of jackets, I aspire to an embroidered boho one too.

Floisme Sun 12-Feb-17 16:09:53

Ah spring coats - have I mentioned my new one yet? Don't worry I will be doing. Jackie Kennedy would have given her back teeth for it. Yes I am smug grin

boldlygoingsomewhere Sun 12-Feb-17 16:17:00

Yay! A Spring thread!

My wardrobe for Spring is pretty much non-existent. I've had a massive clear-out in the last few months and am left with a couple of t-shirts, one work skirt, one shirt and a couple of vest tops. Also, no shoes!

Would really like to find some cigarette pants in navy, grey or something brighter for summer. Need some nice ballet pumps and sandals which can work for office and home. Hoping to find a couple of nice silk shirts too.

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