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What do we do with just a few grey hairs, then?

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CoteDAzur Thu 09-Feb-17 10:27:39

... if we don't want to color all hair? About a year into happily growing out my own hair color, I now have a few grey hairs around my face.

Are touch-up pens any good?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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BusterGonad Thu 09-Feb-17 11:04:15

Highlights to blend them in? I just dye the whole thing but I'm dark dark brown.

Fuzzypeggy Thu 09-Feb-17 11:13:46

Depends what you want to long term. If you want to keep it darker then you could dye the whole lot but once you start this, you're in the treadmill that's hard to get off. How about adding a blond to cover the grey and give highlights without actually having any bleached highlights at the hairdressers? That's what I do and it works out well.

CoteDAzur Thu 09-Feb-17 11:21:20

I'd rather continue growing my dark hair, though. It's so shiny when not colored! I just have several small patches where some white hairs have come up around my face - a few in the middle over my forehead and some by the ears on two sides of my face.

Is there a way to just cover those?

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Fuzzypeggy Thu 09-Feb-17 11:36:27

You can buy a cover thing called colour wow which is rather like eye shadow. Gets great reviews

CoolCarrie Thu 09-Feb-17 12:02:19

Wow is excellent and John Frida do a version as well which is cheaper

Ginkypig Thu 09-Feb-17 12:03:12

I don't colour my hair so I might be talking drivel but what about the stuff used for filling in roots of people who have coloured hair?

myfavouritecolourispurple Thu 09-Feb-17 12:28:05

I have highlights too and they just blend in. My hairdresser does a sort of lattice effect so the highlights criss-cross and it looks quite effective and lasts a long time as you don't see the regrowth as quickly. I am due to have them redone in about 2 weeks and I have loads of greys at the moment.

I have let my hair go back to its natural colour in the past but if I did that now the grey would be too obvious.

RoganJosh Thu 09-Feb-17 12:29:38

When I had just ten or so I'd just pull them out.
Now I have a few more and just leave them, but that isn't terribly helpful to you.

Nellyphants Thu 09-Feb-17 12:36:06

I use a vegetable dye thing from SuperDrug. It covers the greys &. Gives a shine. I have dark brown hair

CoteDAzur Thu 09-Feb-17 14:01:29

I'll check ou Colour Wow and the Frida version, thank you. Do they wash out with shampoo or stay on like hair dye?

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CoteDAzur Thu 09-Feb-17 14:03:05

I remember a lot of love for Lush henna on these threads. Does anyone know if it's possible to prepare just tiny amounts of it?

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Motherwithflaws Thu 09-Feb-17 14:12:10

You can use tiny amounts of henna but it's then in your hair until it grows out. I used henna and am now growing it out. It's annoying!

Fuzzypeggy Thu 09-Feb-17 14:15:08

The colour wow washes out

CoteDAzur Thu 09-Feb-17 17:21:30

OK, that's not for me, then.

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CoteDAzur Thu 09-Feb-17 17:22:36

Lush henna isn't red, apparently. There are dark shades of it.

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user1468843120 Thu 09-Feb-17 17:24:22

It depends whether you want to get rid of them or brazen it out.
I don't have a single grey hair. I have 'very expensive platinum blond highlights.'

And I defy anyone to tell me they think otherwise when they look at me! grin

CoolCarrie Thu 09-Feb-17 17:29:21

Unfortunately the colour wow and John Frieda ones wash out, so you would need to use them every time you washed your hair.
How about a semi permanent colour ?

BarchesterFlowers Thu 09-Feb-17 17:34:20

Daniel Field Watercolours - I have about 5% grey and used one in October, I really liked it (although I haven't been bothered to do it again).

If you apply to wet hair it is permanent, towel dried hair and it lasts for 20 washes and wet hair lasts for 6 washes, or something like that.

No PPDs or nasty chemicals which is why I chose it.

Fuzzypeggy Thu 09-Feb-17 17:49:06

Ah I thought you wanted wash out when you mentioned touch up pens. Nice and easy do small
Packs of dye for root touch ups and prob other brands do

imjessie Thu 09-Feb-17 18:59:17

I have been known to colour mine in with eye pencil !!

Motherwithflaws Thu 09-Feb-17 19:01:41

I used the caca noir henna from lush. I've used it several times and there's still red bits in my hair!

PickAChew Thu 09-Feb-17 19:02:31

They're not grey hairs, they're silver sparkly bits wink

ChopOrNot Thu 09-Feb-17 19:33:24

For about a decade - (before I stupidly got it coloured "properly" at a salon and then had to slog through growing out out the dye) I used to have just a grey patch above my left eye. I used to get a box dye - any old one - didn't care as long as was roughly the right colour - and then used to make up the teeny-tiny amount they tell you do do for a patch/strand test. Applied with toothbrush (old, obvs) to the grey patch - wait, rinse and grey patch gone.

Wish I'd stuck with doing that forever tbh rather than getting bored and one day at the salon saying - oh go on then, why not - full colour.

ChishandFips33 Thu 09-Feb-17 20:05:17

I pluck mine! Well, the ones that stand up on end and make me look like Dipsy

I then choose not to look too closely at all the others coming through as I refuse to start dying it

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