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Which lip balm?

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PollysPoppy Thu 03-Nov-16 22:53:19

It's barely even cold and hey my lips are getting really dry. Any recommendations for a nice, healing balm please.

PawWavingCat Thu 03-Nov-16 22:57:27

Nuxe honey balm in a pot - my desert island luxury.

FrickOnAStick Thu 03-Nov-16 22:58:40

Not sexy or glamorous but I like the blistex cream in a little metal tube. Works wonders. I find trad lip balms just sit on my lips.

FrickOnAStick Thu 03-Nov-16 22:59:27

I bout the nuxe one as it was raved about. It just feels gritty and drying to me.

FrickOnAStick Thu 03-Nov-16 22:59:37


PurpleDaisies Thu 03-Nov-16 22:59:44

Carmex in the yellow tube with the red top. It's less than £2 but the best I've found.

VivaDevaVegas Thu 03-Nov-16 23:03:37

Burts bees, I like the honey one best. Also love the very unsexy but good blistex in the metal tube if they ever get really bad.

MountainDweller Thu 03-Nov-16 23:14:36

I have really sore lips at the moment! I use blistex, let it soak in, then cover with something thick and gloopy that helps my lips feel protected and moisturizer. My choices for this are L'Occitane original lip balm in a tube (so the unflavored one), Clinique super balm (an old favourite) or Clarins lip oil (a new favourite).

I also like Hurraw lip balms for whe they are just dry and not really sore.

PollysPoppy Thu 03-Nov-16 23:15:13

Thanks .... yes the Blistex in the little tube is fab but I save that for when they're realllly badly chapped - just dry at the moment. Tried Nuxe in the past and it was okay but might give Burts Bees or Carmex a go this time. Thanks!

PollysPoppy Thu 03-Nov-16 23:16:17

Oh cross post there .... will have a look at those three. What's the Clarins Oil like .... does it moisturise well?

princessconsuelabannahammock Thu 03-Nov-16 23:19:05

I had the worst dry lips last year that nothing not even blistex fixed and the only thing that worked was body shop hemp lip balm. Amazing stuff.

Glamorousglitter Thu 03-Nov-16 23:27:38

Clarins have one in a blue tube it s brilliant.
Also Kiehls

EnidButton Thu 03-Nov-16 23:45:24

Lanisoh nipple cream. It's 100% lanolin and hands down the absolute best thing you can get for dry lips. I used to suffer from chapped lips until I started slapping a load of that on every night before bed. Not even slightly dry now. Wouldn't be without it.

Even if you get another type for the daytime, really recommend you try the lanisoh for nighttime.

EnidButton Thu 03-Nov-16 23:45:45

It's in the baby section in Boots.

Beautifullymixed Fri 04-Nov-16 06:13:38

Pure lanolin.
I get it from amazon. Brillant for lips, dry patches anywhere, hands and feet.

user1471950254 Fri 04-Nov-16 06:21:51

Body Shop Shea Butter for day to day. Decleor lip balm as a treat as it's expensive

dontpokethebear Fri 04-Nov-16 06:30:26

Another vote for Lansinoh or pure lanolin.
My lips are dry and sore year round. Lanolin is the only thing that doesn't irritate them further. Amazing stuff

CantChoose Fri 04-Nov-16 06:46:37

I us Elizabeth Arden eight hour cream overnight - it was the only thing that helped when I was taking roaccutane for acne.

EnidButton Fri 04-Nov-16 13:32:18


I misspelt it in my pp. One day I'll get it right. grin

HeyMacWey Fri 04-Nov-16 13:44:56

Burts bees have saved my lips for the last couple of years. I like the pomegranate one as it's got a bit of a tint to it so makes me look less dead.

rightknockered Fri 04-Nov-16 13:59:55

Another vote for Burts Bees. Fabulous stuff

poppym12 Fri 04-Nov-16 15:44:21

I use carmex or korres. Just the thought of lasinoh makes me itch as I have an allergy to lanolin. And wool. And all things sheep related.

Chickpearocker Fri 04-Nov-16 20:13:04

I got an alpha h one in marks and Spencer's, really seemed to work

taybert Fri 04-Nov-16 20:18:01

poppym12, Carmex contains lanolin too.
I'm on roaccutane and have tried many a balm. Aquaphor is my current favourite with carmex coming second.

Rollypoly100 Fri 04-Nov-16 20:57:43

Lanolips lemonaid. Brilliant stuff, comes in a tube, costs about £9 and lasts forever. I always swore by Blistex but Lanolips is the best.

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