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How many pairs of footwear (shoes, boots etc) do you have?

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Lottapianos Thu 09-Jul-15 09:36:41

I'm working on building up a decent footwear collection of my own, with no cheap crapppy stuff, just lots of supportive comfy pairs that make me feel good. I cant' handle loads of clutter so am going to try to keep it to under 30 pairs. That's everything - boots, smart shoes, trainers, sandals, the whole lot.

So just out of nosiness, how many pairs do you have and how/where do you store them?

Lottie4 Thu 09-Jul-15 10:08:30

3 pairs trainers - one grotty pair needed for work, two for exercise

3 pairs ankle boots

2 pairs strappy shoes for evening wear

4 pairs summer sandles

1 pair crocs & 2 pairs flipflops, mainly using for slipping on and off while camping (we do a lot!)

Most of the ones in current use (depending on season are on shoe rack), the rest of stuffed in a bag in my wardrobe.

Spintastic Thu 09-Jul-15 10:12:36

Maybe about 30? Pistol boots, two pairs of Ash boots, Clarks boots, 2 pairs of haviainas, five pairs of trainers, three pairs of Toms, 2 pairs of Ugg boots, Vans, SuperGas, Timberland loafers, that sort of thing

QueenMas Thu 09-Jul-15 10:20:10

Far too many blush

I've just had a clear-out and this is what is left:

1 x brogues for work
2 x Vans
1 x Nike's for the gym
3 x flat sandals
2 x flatform sandals
1 x high heel sandals
1 x wedges
3 x flip flops
1 x Birkenstocks
1 x DM's
1 x work ankle boots
2 x going out boots
1 x biker boots
7 x going out heels

27! Not as bad as I thought!

burnishedsilver Thu 09-Jul-15 10:32:56

I spent ages building up a 'shoe for every occasion' collection but I've found that shoes date surprisingly quickly. If you have to many they dont get worn as frequently and they become dated after only a handful of wears. I now have a smaller functional collection and accept that there'll be a reasonably high turnover.

MelanieCheeks Thu 09-Jul-15 10:35:04

I had over 40 pairs last time I counted. I try to operate a "one in, one out" policy, but I do seem to have accumulated trainers recently. I'll buy a new pair but keep the old ones for second best/ muddy runs/ taking on holiday.

poocatcherchampion Thu 09-Jul-15 10:38:04

About 10 and I want to slim it down a bit more too.

My feet grew a size when I got pregnant 3 years ago and therefore I had to throw out a lot of pairs of functional shoes. I now think one or two pairs for each season and some standards like walking boots and wellies, one heeled pair and a flip flops.

MehsMum Thu 09-Jul-15 10:39:06

4 pairs Birkenstocks (cannot wear flip-flops)
3 or 4 pairs converse or similar
4 pairs smart shoes (2 black, one navy, one brown, mostly v out of date and almost never worn)
2 pairs calf-length leather boots
Hiking boots
Lace-up ankle boots
Zip-up ankle boots (hate them but v useful)
Pair trainers (for running)
Pair Teva sandals

Poss another pair or two stuffed in the back of the cupboard. About 20 pairs. I've had the hiking boots for 20 years.

shumway Thu 09-Jul-15 10:40:58

2 trainers, 1 boots, 1 flip flops, 1 ballet flats.

Shakey1500 Thu 09-Jul-15 10:46:58

1 of each of the following-

Trainers, converse, long boot, ankle boot, flat work shoes, black sandles, white sandles, flip flop.

That's my entire shoe "collection" and each gets replaced when they fall off my feet grin

AndThisIsTrue Thu 09-Jul-15 10:49:28

1 sandals,1 converse, 1 flats, 1 boots, 1 heels. I used to have more but no where near 30, probably 15 maybe back when I used to go out a lot as a youngster.

namechangeforphotos Thu 09-Jul-15 10:49:40

DM 1914 Triumphs black
Art ankle boots, brown
Cat ankle boots, black
Wellies grin they live in the car
Supergas, purple
Black flat Clarks ballerina style
Black suede shoe boots
Flip flops, casual navy
Brown faux-Birkies (like mayaris)
Navy spotty canvas pumps, for garden
Black/grey leopard heels
Dark nude suedette wedge heels
Asics trainers for sport/exercise
Strappy black wedge sandals
Black plain low heel courts

I keep boots in the coat/shoe cupboard (haven't put winter clothes/shoes away yet, is there any point, it will soon be winter again!). Anything expensive or precious I keep in my wardrobe to stop the DDs using them for dressing up hmm and the rest are in the cupboard, garden shoes by back door, trainers underneath rowing machine.

Lottapianos Thu 09-Jul-15 11:14:51

Melanie, yes I'm trying to do one in-one out with shoes and clothes. I made myself throw out a pair of tatty Converse rip offs yesterday even though they are a nice colour - I was keeping them 'just in case' and I'm trying to stop doing that anymore otherwise it gets out of hand smile

I think there's probably a lot to be said for smaller shoe collections (10 or so) - I end up wearing the same few pairs endlessly because they're so comfy and / or versatile so I need to have a think about what I love so much about them and then look for those same things in new prospects smile

wankerchief Thu 09-Jul-15 11:17:42


Flip flops
Black ballet flats

Live in a tiny two bed flat with Dp and two kids, there's no room for billions of shoes

pinkfrocks Thu 09-Jul-15 11:19:06

Blimey- Imelda Marcos is alive and well!

I don't have many because I find it hard to find shoes that fit.

3 pairs knee boots
3 pairs ankle boots
2 pairs ballet type that are not comfy and just for sticking on my feet from car to office.
1 pair brogues
2 pairs converse/ superga
1 pair sandals
1 pair smart suede court wedgies
walking boots / trainers

BiddyPop Thu 09-Jul-15 11:39:32

2 pairs of runners and 2 pairs of black lace up shoes.
1 pair of boat shoes (new last weekend) and 1 pair of boat shoes that need to be thrown out.
1 pair of loafers.
1 pair black flats with a strap
3 pairs of flip flops
1 pair brown, toe out, summer shoes
1 pair flat formal sandals and 1 pair hiking sandals
1 pair hiking boots
3 pairs casual boots and 2 pairs formal boots (1 high, 1 flat heels)
2 pairs high heeled, formal, ankle boots
4 pairs black heels for "everyday"
2 good pairs of black heels
1 navy heels for everyday
1 fashionable brown heels
1 pair burgundy and 1 pair green stacked heels
1 pair turquoise converse
1 pair flowery and 1 pair bubbles wellies (only for gardening - inherited a pair from DM after the national ploughing championships!)

I'm probably forgetting a few there, but that's the basis of my collection.

I tend to wear heels most days for work, and I have most of those a good few years in classic court styles.

I wear my boots a lot over winter, a heeled pair under work trousers, knee high heels with dresses, and one of my 3 different styles of biker-ish ones a lot of the weekends.

Hiking boots are good and used a lot. One pair of runners is good for with jeans on real running around days, the other are gym gear and sweaty. I wear the other flats a lot once the boots are off for spring/summer/early autumn.

The red heels go with my everyday bag, so I wear them a reasonable amount for good things. The green ones were for a wedding and have a matching bag so will get worn again.

There are a few fashion pairs, but most are pretty high end, bought in sales, classical styles, and get a LOT of use. I also know my cobbler pretty well, for re-heeling and re-soling as needed. And keep them polished too to extend their life.

35 in total accounted for there.

BiddyPop Thu 09-Jul-15 11:41:44

I keep a pair of black heels under the desk at work always, often another pair or 2.

Wellies in shed.

1 pair runners in gym bag.

Rest in my wardrobe, on 2 shelves at the bottom. Really good ones are in shoe bags there.

mrsdavidbowie Thu 09-Jul-15 11:47:56

I have large narrow feet and sadly have to pay a premium for that.
I have
3 pairs knee boots
8 pairs ankle boots
2 pairs heels
3 pairs ballet pumps
10 pairs sandals
3 pairs supergas
Walking boots

Most I've had about 5 years but I get them repaired and look after them.

Thurlow Thu 09-Jul-15 11:49:51

My plan, when getting rid of stuff, is to put it in a box or suitcase and then see if I get it back out within a few months. If I don't, I don't really need it, and it can go for charity or in the clothes recycling. Could you try that?

3 pairs of black boots (one knee-high and two biker boots)
1 pair grey suede boots
1 pair walking trainers for the commute
2 pairs of Converse, the same colour blush but one is trainers, and one it boot trainers
1 pair of Dunlop trainers that I haven't worn yet as they are too white! I must make them dirty so I'll start wearing them...
2 pairs slip-on canvas/trainer things, one black, one red
1 pair of those tan fake wicker effect ballet pumps (worn loads, I need a replacement pair!)
1 pair sandals
1 pair wellies
3 pairs heels - low-heeled black sandals, one pair red and one pair gold proper heels for parties. None worn very often!

These are all kept on a shoe rack in the understairs cupboard.

At work I have...

1 pair smart black flats, worn ALL the time
3 pairs of cheaper, coloured ballet pumps just in case they look nicer
2 pairs of heels, one black, one grey, only worn for presenting or smart meetings

So 22. I could do without a few pairs of them as well. I've started buying a second pair of the ones I like lots and are comfy, and storing them until the first pair get knackered.

I reckon you don't need that many (obviously if you like shoes and can afford them then have all you want!). You need to work out what sort of events and work you are going to, and go from there.

Georgina1975 Thu 09-Jul-15 11:55:40

Size seven here with long toes - second toe is longer than my big toe but 8 too big. My feet on on the wide side too so I find it difficult to get nice shoes that are comfortable:

2 x fashion trainers (Camper)
2 x birkenstocks
1 x sandals (Ecco)
1 x shoes (Esska)
1 x heels (Esska) - these are new. Lovely copper straps. Heels I can actually wear!
1 x wedges (Ecco)
1 x ankle boots (cannot remember brand)
2 x knee length boots (both Dune I think)

Stored in shoe rack, cupboard under stairs and my wardrobe.

moogalicious Thu 09-Jul-15 11:55:40

3 pairs of knee high boots
4 pairs of heels
4 pairs ballet pumps
3 pairs birkenstocks
1 pair flipflops
1 pair wellies
1 pair walking boots
2 pairs converse
1 pair sandals

plus whatever ds and dd1 have because they are the same size as me grin

rubyflipper Thu 09-Jul-15 11:59:51

Off the top of my head...

2 pairs of clogs
7 pairs of Converse
3 pairs of Nike Air Rifts
3 pairs of Birkenstocks
2 pairs of wellies
6 pairs of flip-flops
6 pairs of ballet flats
3 pairs of skater shoes
1 pair of biker boots
4 pairs of sandals/glads
3 pairs of ankle boots
3 pairs of 'going out' heels
2 pairs of knee-length boots
2 pairs of gym trainers
2 pairs of dance/ballroom shoes

Plus a large box of shoes in the loft blush

AmberNectarine Thu 09-Jul-15 12:07:31

Oh, a million.

Can't be arsed to count - must be well over 100.

SaulGood Thu 09-Jul-15 12:09:37

1 Doc Marten boots
1 Doc Marten Mary Janes
3 Doc Marten shoes
1 trainers for indoor exercise (merrell)
1 trainers for outdoor exercise (adidas)
1 fell running shoes (merrell)
1 teva sandals (8 years old and worn for 3 months every summer)
1 wellies
2 velvet flat thai shoes
1 ridiculously multi-coloured brogues
1 patchwork fabric boots
1 slippers
1 red or dead clogs (present from a v lovely MNer a few years ago)

No heels. Oldest pair (DM shoes) 16yrs old, newest are trainers which I buy when the old pair runs out. Velvet shoes are around 10yrs old, patchwork boots around 12yrs etc. I rarely buy shoes tbh.

Lottapianos Thu 09-Jul-15 12:12:40

Amber, you win for sure smile I was just thinking that everyone so far has been very restrained - I know a couple of women in real life who claim to have at least 200 pairs - I can't even imagine it!

Saul, I love the sound of your collection, they all sound fab smile

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