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MN Vogue Vol 10 - the double digit edition

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shopafrolic Tue 07-May-13 22:13:34

Woo hoo! Over here.........

santamarianovella Sun 12-May-13 14:19:24

i think most tom fords perfume are unisex,just like annick goutal.
i used to like serge lutens linus,un bois de vanille was one of my favouries,

hopefully i just remembered,i was told by someone who used to live in the states, that the NAP sales at the states starts on the last week of may! how cruel!.

FrugalFashionista Sun 12-May-13 14:23:17

Hi ladies don't have enough time to keep up, but lovely to see lots of old-timers here today!

Portia and Horsewoman I have two Lilly Pulitzer dresses (quite old, from back when I lived in the US) - mint + pink - one of them has a crazy pattern of crayfish and mussels... Absolutely love the laid-back whimsical feel and was sorry to hear of her passing.

Linus Neroli Portofino is an excellent purchase and you have a fine nose, A la nuit is my favorite jasmine and I have smelled a few. DH keeps stealing some of my best bottles too but I don't mind - it's nice to smell lovely things on him. If you are looking for something similar but not exactly the same, this summer's LE Guerlain Aqua Allegoria, Nerolia Bianca is worth sampling. It has a similar classic eau de cologne vibe and won't break the bank. Dior's Escale a Portofino is worth a try too. Oh, and OT, but loved your People Tree dresses! <classic is good>

SMN and Linus, nothing wrong with Tod's <out and proud> - the loafer shape seems quite current actually, I've discovered mine and much prefer them over ballet flats atm. They are also easier to wear than the Prada platform loafer type <seeing quite a few of those around here too>

I've experimented with white jeans and love them - they seem to go with everything in my wardrobe. Finding the right material, shape and exact shade took quite a lot of work but was definitely worth it!

Waves to Marsha - loving your sherbet tones - and sending good charity shopping vibes <insert a covetable potential find here> to Amber (loved your blog post)!

MarshaBrady Sun 12-May-13 14:29:01

Hello Frugal! Nice to read your fragrant posts, I did think of you re the perfume.

Santa last week of May! Perfectly possible to buy for the season in the sales, it's so early. I remember they are earlier there.

I wear heels only when out with friends. Otherwise it's flats all the way. I even find ballet flats more comfortable than pistols.

Tod's are great. I'd love some, but they are quite expensive I find.

MarshaBrady Sun 12-May-13 14:35:01

Shop and Franca the MM sandals are lovely and boo on the arty ring being snapped up so quickly

Love your purchases Linus and Grumpy, all gorgeous colours.

Santa love the McQueen stuff and Velvet.

Apols for very sketchy catch up, have surely missed stuff!

santamarianovella Sun 12-May-13 15:23:15

hi frugal! tods flats are having a huge comeback,franca sozzani was wearing them at paris fashion week,and even here, cool boutiques like matches are starting to stock them,they are very comfortable.
and i just saw the prada loafers its an acquired taste surely grin.

marsha, mytheresa stocks a good variety of tods loafers and their sale starts in the first week of june,you might check it out.
it seems almost every high end e-shop stars the sale beginning of june except for NAP.

MarshaBrady Sun 12-May-13 16:22:37

Thanks Santa, yep NaP like to treat us mean to keep us keen. Well, in theory, haven't bought anything for a while from there. But definitely more palatable prices in the sales.

shopafrolic Sun 12-May-13 16:40:51

There's a Tods store at Bicester too....

Hopefully Sun 12-May-13 16:48:46

Curses to NAP. I love a pair of shoes on there, they are £££ but not sure I've got the nerve to hold out till mid-June! And what if they don't reduce them? <panic>

shopafrolic Sun 12-May-13 17:00:09

Are they only on NaP Hopefully?

Hopefully Sun 12-May-13 17:05:48

I've seen them elsewhere Shop but also £££ and only from places with expensive returns. Might see if I can juggle some money round (read: produce some from thin air).

Really liked my outfit today, based around zara tube skirt - eBay bargain at £3! - with nude LKB heels, cream v neck kettlewell top, bespoke brown blazer and big statement (fake) gold accessories.

shopafrolic Sun 12-May-13 17:15:47

Sounds stunning Hopefully. Mine not so exciting but I felt good. New Paige jeans (I'm in love), grey Whistles sweat, neon yellow GAP belt and grey converse. I've been EBaying like a loon to cover my weekend's shopping bonanza!

OneLittleLady Sun 12-May-13 17:23:05

Afternoon ladies. I've had a very dull day as my CRPS has been playing up again so I'm in an elasticated waist coral maxi skirt and grey sleeveles t-shirt and a scarf that I'm using as a sling. The oversize primark scarves are perfect for me to use as slings, they look better than the ones I get given at the hospital as well! My apologies if I have tainted the thread by mentioning primark grin

Hopefully Sun 12-May-13 17:46:34

Ooh Shop you've reminded me I have a ton of stuff to ebay. Maybe if I can make enough ebay sales I can justify extortionate shoes...

shopafrolic Sun 12-May-13 17:59:50

Free listings this weekend Hopefully - get listing! That's the only way I can justify the stupidly expensive jeans I'm wearing! smile

shopafrolic Sun 12-May-13 18:02:42

One I just read up on CRPS. Sounds very distressing. Your outfit sounds comfy and fab though and I like the scarf as a sling idea! Hope things ease up soon.....

OneLittleLady Sun 12-May-13 18:06:10

It's bloody awful shop I'm one of the unlucky ones who's symptoms haven't cleared spontaneously so I'm stuck with the condition for life sad

shopafrolic Sun 12-May-13 18:19:19

Sounds horrid sending flowers

OneLittleLady Sun 12-May-13 18:22:35

thank you smile

MarshaBrady Sun 12-May-13 18:35:54

I'm sorry to hear that OneLittle sad. Sounds horrible.

Well done on eBay success Shop, I should do the same really.

Hopefully fingers crossed they stick around.

LinusDKD Sun 12-May-13 19:17:34

One I had to look up CRPS as well. So sorry you are feeling unwell. flowers

santa I might have to keep an eye on the Mytheresa sales then. wink
I have heard there is a massive outlet village near Milan so I would love to go there one day.

Amber those Paige boyfriends do look stunning. But at that price I will have to try them on before buying so will have a look if the is a shop that sells them here.

Pickled the macarons were yummy! Thank God I live a 25 min drive away from the shop and finding a parking spot is a hassle otherwise I would buy some every week.

Frugal it is thanks to my lovely MIL that I got into A La Nuit as she wore it first and I loved it on her.

But when I first tried it on me I wasn't convinced so I bought Fleurs d'Oranger instead which I loved instantly. It is such a, for lack of a better word, comforting smell that I wear it when I need a pick me up (even though I usually wear it in winter). I love A La Nuit now as well and wear that in summer.

My mum used to wear Ce Soir ou Jamais by Annick Goutal but I have never found a perfume I liked by her, but is is a while since I tried them.

Will try the Dior and Guerlain ones, thanks for the tip. Oh, and I love my People Tree dresses and DH even complimented me.

Does anyone know any online fabric shops that sell nice fabrics?

shopafrolic Sun 12-May-13 19:18:46

We should do a MNV swap shop. Meet at a venue, drink booze, sell and swap clothes! Although I'd probably drink any profit I made! grin

Hopefully Sun 12-May-13 20:05:45

By the by, there are several A Wang muscle tees on Shopbop at the moment, I know there are a few fans on here.

shopafrolic Sun 12-May-13 20:10:57

Oh I love that green one! Sits in hands. Can't afford it Hopefully

santamarianovella Sun 12-May-13 20:14:10

one,that sounds painful,hope it gets better,its great that you managed to look stylish,,i love maxi skirts with sleeveless tees,im waiting for it to be warm enough to try it.

hopefully if they are available on other e-shops you might be able to buy them in the sale,NAP rarely have the things i want on sale,but i sometimes find them elsewhere.i could help if you want.

linus i went to foxtown outlet once,its an hour from milan i highly recommend it,but there are several near milan maybe franca could give us tips!
the only place i could think of that sell fabrics is liberty.

shop count me in!,i have many things i would like to sell,i want to give ebay a try but read how consuming and a hassle it can be. DH friend ebayed some bags before,but poor thing he was lost whenever someone asked about an item.

AmberNectarine Sun 12-May-13 20:15:07

Did you get the Jimmy Jimmys shop? They're great, aren't they?

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