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It's 5 weeks to Christmas... Is it possible...

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Karbea Sun 18-Nov-12 17:51:55

To lose weight, look better, feel better, be fitter?

Anyone fancy joining me in a 5 week super drive to amazingness????

snowgal Mon 19-Nov-12 11:56:46

Ooo can I join in? I'm trying to lose 7kg or so by Christmas, I've lost 2.2kg in the last week but think I might need the encouragement of a group. I have a ridiculous amount of weight to lose in total, approx 19-20kg but would like to make a significant difference pre-Christmas.

I'm doing the following:
Dropping all junk food/chocolate/sweet treats
Drinking at least 3pts of water a day
Doing some significant exercise each day, running, swimming,gym class etc
Doing the Tracy Anderson mat workout/shred as often as possible - ideally 4-5 times a week
Walking the dog a least two times a day

Good luck everyone!

Breakfast wise I'm having either a poached on a slice a of unbuttered wholemeal toast or readybrek with mashed banana, I need fuel to get on with my day!

HellothisisJoanie Mon 19-Nov-12 11:59:56

oh easily half a stone in that time.
HEre are my tips.
*NO BOOZE at all in the week. if you cant do this then a very weak V or G and T in the evening with lots of mixer.
*NO CARBS all week at least. this will make you eat loads more veg
*go to bed early.
*clean your teeth when you finish eating.

ALWAYS THINK - am i really hungry? or just a pig?

Rockchick1984 Mon 19-Nov-12 12:00:48

Can I join in too please? Would love to lose half a stone at least before Christmas! I probably need to lose a stone overall, but at least if I can lose a bit now then I can pig out at Christmas and not have even more to lose afterwards grin

I don't know how I don't gain more weight in all honesty, I'm good during the day, usually have a healthy tea then it all falls apart, me and DH will share a massive bar of dairy milk as supper, or I'll make cupcakes and we will eat four one with a brew while watching telly. Oh, and my mum usually takes us out once a week for a meal which obviously means huge portions and three courses blush

I did slimming world for a while so may try to stick to that again, I also need to start a better beauty regime.

Spoilt congrats on the weight loss!

HellothisisJoanie Mon 19-Nov-12 12:01:01

and tbh - dont over drink water.

there is no evidence it does anything apart from making you piss. Your body is a clever thin; it tells you when you are thirsty

Spoiltexpatbrat Mon 19-Nov-12 12:06:01

Thanks rockchick
I want to get below 9 stone. I'm sitting at 62 kg right now (time of month not helping) I want to be 60kg for Christmas this was pre baby (ies) weight but I feel better at 57-58kg.

So despondent at the time it's taking. Going from no exercise to 4 plus per week, I really though I'd be waif like by now grin

noddyholder Mon 19-Nov-12 12:43:19

I find if I eat what I love for lunch and just have a lightish tea (toast fruit soup etc about 5ish) and eat nothing after 7 I really lose weight. And tone up with walking and sit ups.

Karbea Mon 19-Nov-12 16:35:02

I've done rubbish with the drinking water thing, but I haven't eaten chocolate yet! So I'm going to start not eating chocolate today and start the water thing tmr.

Lunch today wasn't very healthy, granary bread toasty with Brie and wait for it... Strawberry jam, but I haven't picked this afternoon, yet...

Dinner tonight is chicken and chorizo paella, going to use brown basmati as that'll be healthier than white smile

Karbea Mon 19-Nov-12 16:40:38

I'd like to lose 4kg by Christmas, but I've never really successfully lost weight since I've been with my DH...
I'm going to start exercising from Wednesday, what's best? Mix of running and shred?

iamamug Mon 19-Nov-12 16:57:25

Not a good day today! DH did usual huge Sunday lunch yesterday including steak and kidney pudding and steamed treacle pudding for dessert. I am doomed aren't I?
Felt hungover today as drank too much so craved carbs. Porridge is my normal breakfast so had that and then had a french baguette with left over chicken and roasted veg for lunch - YUM!
Will have light supper of left over chicken and veg and start again in earnest tomorrow.
I haven't drunk enough water today and didn't walk the pup.
Fail! blush

Spoiltexpatbrat Mon 19-Nov-12 16:59:55

Cardio will burn the cals but you need toning exercise if you want to change your body shape. If you download the app that I linked to up the page it's a good place to start. I do 30 seconds cardio and then 10 seconds rest. Very easy to do at home.

Try high knee run
Jumping jacks
Stepping up and down the stairs

Do as much as you can for the 30 seconds and then rest. Even a set of 10 will get the heart going'

Chubfuddler Mon 19-Nov-12 17:03:00

I'm joining you. I lost two stone this year and I've kept it off but I still need to lose another two to reach a good weight for my height. I'm not aiming to lose a stone by Christmas but ten pounds would be nice. I'm not drinking during the week this week, I'll commit to that. At the weekend to celebrate success I will get a wax and a pedicure, so that'll be another thing achieved.

Karbea Mon 19-Nov-12 17:14:29

I'm eating dried fruit and nuts, this is my absolute worst time of the day, I feel so hungry i'll eat anything... any tips to get me to 7 when i can start cooking?

thanks spoiltexpatbrat will look at that app smile

Meggles76 Mon 19-Nov-12 17:24:14

Right. I struggle with eating and eating well. No breakfast today, just hot water and lemon. I had a couple of rice cakes upon arrival at my desk. Fish sushi for lunch. Its chicken pie and veg for dinner. Need to incorporate more fruit and move away from the chocolate.
I find it hard to motivate myself to run this time of year. Trying to use shred DVDS to make up for it.
Am trying to work out a nice capsule wardrobe of things to take away with me for Xmas that will make me feel good about myself. Big. Huge. Self esteem issues here.

Spoiltexpatbrat Mon 19-Nov-12 20:31:53

Self esteem issues here too sad
Thought I had late onset of pnd because I'm feeling so low and not like the 'old' me.
I have doctors later in the week.
However I got a little bit of time to myself in he last few days so haves fed to put in some tan and paint my nails. Feel a little better. I guess this makes me a shallow person sad
I miss me, the confident one. The well groomed one. The one who didn't dress like a mother of two.
Silly little things like carrying a nice handbag as opposed to the baby bag, wearing heels instead of flat, comfortable shoes. All this makes a difference and makes me a little happier (again, how shallow do I sound? blush so I'm going to do something for 'me' everyday.
As for food, it's my sticking point. I'm fussy. I'd rather go without breakfast and lunch and then eat a bag of haribo!
Now I'm trying to always have some fruit with me so I don't pick up a bag of sweets. Fruit for breakfast so I don't get the urge to binge later when I'm hungry.

I'm rambling on blush

Just finished my pt session, off for a shower!

Spoiltexpatbrat Mon 19-Nov-12 20:33:50

Another good app is workout trainer by skimble smile

Karbea Mon 19-Nov-12 20:40:00

spiltexpat I know you probably know this, but sugar is really bad for women's hormones.. Sends them all over the place... I wonder if that might have contributed to you feeling low?
I'm only saying this as it's just occurred to me why I might feel really down sometimes :/

Spoiltexpatbrat Mon 19-Nov-12 20:42:58

Never thought about the link with suger shock
My eating has always been bad, I eat to survive, I don't enjoy it. Although I love cooking for others hmm

Karbea Mon 19-Nov-12 20:49:59

Maybe cut it out for a couple if days as an experiment and see how you feel :S

I've eaten 70g of dried fruits and nuts (I know they'll be fructose in these) but hopefully less sugar than a snickers or 3!

Spoiltexpatbrat Mon 19-Nov-12 20:56:56

I tried totally cutting it out when we started training.
I turned into a prize bitch!
In all honesty I was a nightmare for a few days then I felt better.
Only try to eat it at weekends, but it's so bloody hard to be good during the week. It's all down to my crap eatin habits sad I just requireore effort to actually make some lunch for me and not just the kids.

Well there is always tomorrow smile

Thanks for your suggestions

Stillstarving Mon 19-Nov-12 21:23:40

Doing ok today. Drank my water though I didn't remember until about 4 o'clock so probably up all night. Let me see how little I normally drink though! Little wonder I'm like a prune... Stayed under calories and didn't eat anything standing up. No alcohol and just need to make sure I wash my face. Exercise tomorrow.
Meggles I wish I could help with the wardrobe but I'm hopeless. Are you buying or trying to work with what you have?

freerangeeggs Mon 19-Nov-12 21:35:36

Interesting about the sugar! I have shit skin so I might give this a try...

I'm not looking to lose much - just about three to five lbs before Xmas. I want to lose more but it's been coming off slowly but surely and I can't be arsed with a big diet. I'm sick of dieting all the time! I've lost almost a stone already by being sensible and walking lots.

I'm also going to:
Get teeth checked/filling replaced
Get smear test (yay.)
Start moisturising my legs properly
Go to the hairdresser
Buy stuff
Sleep more! Early nights

Leather Mon 19-Nov-12 21:40:49

I'll join you all if you'll have me?
I've lost 2 stone since end August but still want to shift another half stone before Xmas.
I've followed a low fat, higher protein, low carb diet combined with 3 x week weight based exercise sessions (just finished these as we go on holiday soon)
I would def say its possible to lose half a stone before Xmas, but not easy!
A typical day of the type of diet I've been doing would be...

Breakfast: berries and fat free yoghurt

Lunch: tuna salad (cider vinegar as dressing, lettuce/cucumber/celery-but no tomatoes/peppers)

Dinner: steak or salmon fillet with roasted courgettes, mushrooms, broccoli.

No alcohol, sugar, oils, butter, rice, pasta, potatoes, root veg.

Yes, it is very grim, but it works!

And I did actually cheat most weekends with a little glass of wine or bowl of crisps but as long as you get back in the saddle come Monday morning it's all good.

Of course now I need to concentrate on not undoing all the good work on holiday in order to lose the next few pounds by Xmas!
Looking forward to sharing tips/motivation with you all

Karbea Mon 19-Nov-12 21:53:57

I need to book a smear too! I've had the letter sitting in my study for weeks sad

Of course you can join, but what is wrong with peppers and tomatoes? I added both of them to my paella tonight :O

missmakesstuff Mon 19-Nov-12 22:15:58

I had a good day - had muesli yogurt and fruit for breakfast, always have some nuts with it as food doctor suggests protein with all meals - then peppers carrots and hummus for break, lentil and bacon soup for lunch, dinner was sardines and an omelette with spinach and tomatoes.

I have had a hot chocolate and a mug of hot milk, but I have had a bad back all day and have felt rubbish, so actually even though I really craved chocolate I was good and didn't have any..

Not sure how I will get on with the Shred tomorrow morning though - at least if I can get moving a bit my back is better, but it's just such a struggle as I get back spasms and sometimes into my arms and legs too, gets so I really don't fancy doing anything.

Will update!

Karbea Mon 19-Nov-12 22:28:06

missmakes be careful!!!

Monday night round up from me!

Haven't done any exercise yet, so need to do something about that!
Diet has been ok, although probably too many carbs (shreddies, two slices bread, brown basmati) but overall could've been worse!
Beauty haven't added anything new, but did body brush this AM and tonight I've flossed and done the yucky mouthwash, and will do nail treatment oil thingy.

Going to add in some exercise tmr methinks!

One new habit a day

Monday - no chocolate
Sunday - no alcohol

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