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Dress for a job interview

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CakeInMyFace Thu 04-Oct-12 18:50:01

Have been invited back for a second interview and have nothing to wear as have lost a load of weight since working last. Am thinking some kind of shift dress that I could still get some use from even if I dont get the job. Am short, size 10 and hourglass type figure with a small mum tum!

Any ideas? Want to look professional but not stuffy as thats not me. Grateful for any help! Have got loads of ideas from here u are all so brilliant!

I have my eye on this which could work either with or without something underneath it.

Hobbs is probably a good place to search as they have loads of work appropriate stuff.

CakeInMyFace Thu 04-Oct-12 19:04:10

That's lovely but probably a bit too expensive for me. Am looking in the 50 price range. But thank u!

What about

small lace detail
[[ peplum]]
black oasis

Oasis have loads and quite a good sale on.

ah balls, second link

this is also nice - the fabric has a slight pattern to it close up.

CravingSunshine Thu 04-Oct-12 19:22:52

Have you got a TK Maxx near you? I know some people find it hard to find stuff there but if you decide it's a shift dress that you want, then head straight for that section. I always get great clothes there.

Felicitywascold Thu 04-Oct-12 20:05:23

How's this?

CakeInMyFace Thu 04-Oct-12 20:48:25

Thanks all! Love the suggestions from oasis...they look like the kind of thing I would wear. Will head on down there tomorrow! Will check rhetorically debenhams one out too.

CakeInMyFace Thu 04-Oct-12 20:49:48

That should say out not rhetorically! Bloody phone!

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