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Does anyone own the Sienna Damsel in Distress?!

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Jenda Sat 01-Oct-11 13:35:53

Is it flattering? I am a 18-20 and would need to order an 18. Hmmm. Have heard they are quite generous?

tethersend Sat 01-Oct-11 13:36:20

Damsel in a dress?


Jenda Sat 01-Oct-11 13:41:54

oh my god! can you tell im in a complete panic?

Yes- Damsel in a Dress blush

tethersend Sat 01-Oct-11 13:46:29

Having looked at it, I think it would be flattering... it's for a ball, isn't it? I'm not sure it's dressy enough, TBH...

I was going to recommend this- goes up to a 22 but out of stock online. Shall I have a look, or are you happy with the sienna one?

tethersend Sat 01-Oct-11 13:49:07

Have you seen the verity dress?

Jenda Sat 01-Oct-11 13:52:59

Yes i wondered if it would be dressy enough. But then im not really in the position to spend £100+ on a dress even though that one is lovely.

I don't want to look under dressed in a sea of ball gowns but then i intend to stay sitting at the table most of the night anyway!

tethersend Sat 01-Oct-11 14:00:17

I think this is nicer & a bit dressier

too short?

Classy black- would look great with red heels


Jenda Sat 01-Oct-11 14:07:08

Oh thank you. Are you secretly paid by Mumsnet to work on this board?!

Like the asos one but it seems to really cling around her tummy on the catwalk video and she is much slimmer than me. Like the other asos one too but think you're right, too short.

Holly Wills one is lovely too, will add that to my list of possibles.

BHS one links to home page, can you describe it to me please so I can have a look?

tethersend Sat 01-Oct-11 14:22:23

grin Nobody pays me- I wish they would, though!

The BHS one is called 'Wrap Buckle dress' and it's red.

tethersend Sat 01-Oct-11 14:24:38

Another Asos one

Jenda Sun 02-Oct-11 20:34:52

I didnt end up with enough time to get into town today but having talked to the other girls going they are going for full length. Im tempted to order this and see what its like. The vertical line might help draw the eye down away from my massive expanse of stomach.


flybynight Mon 03-Oct-11 11:21:40

Damsel in a dress isn't generously sized, in my experience. I'm a 14, sometimes a 12, but with DinaD I had to get a 16.

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