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Would anyone be kind enough to vote on which of my shortlist for the new kitchen floor I should get?

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cece Sat 29-Aug-09 13:30:19

Here are the three choices. Pictures of the unfinished kitchen are on my profile. High gloss white cupboards, walnut worktop, I think we are going for a kiwi green wall tile as a splashback. Need to decide soon as just want it finished...and the fitter is waiting in the wings.

classic pale stone

This is fairly mottled so good for disguising crumbs? also quite light coloured.

limestone cool

This one is very nice but very plain and pale, worried about the dirt showing...

sienna slate

This one is a good brown to go with the worktops, mid coloured and nicely mottled and textured so maybe would hide the crumbs a bit?

Arghh the is too difficult... I am wrestling with appearance v practialities

Any advice and opinions welcome.

lepirate Sat 29-Aug-09 13:37:19

the first one for me. sienna 2nd.

Sagacious Sat 29-Aug-09 13:38:53

We have amtico in both our bathrooms (limestone with silver spacers) .. very easy to clean

Are you having the spacers as well as you'll need to decide on what colour to have on them.

I like the sienna slate (agree re linking in with worktops) and my second choice would be the pale stone.. limestone cool seems a bit too greeny pale

Lovely kitchen.. like the 3 lights !

purepurple Sat 29-Aug-09 13:39:10

I prefer the last one. I have a very light floor and everything shows up, and constantly looks like it needs a sweep and a mop.

Scorps Sat 29-Aug-09 13:39:42

1st one.

My parents have a very similar kitchen, with this colour floor tiles, and it makes it seem even bigger. I think Sienna would be a bad choice.

ZippysMum Sat 29-Aug-09 13:41:17

Do you have dogs / teenagers? In which case the first 2 pale ones will result in 24hr a day floor washing!
I'd go for the sienna slate - the room is lovely and light so you can easily get away with a darker floor imo.

ReneRusso Sat 29-Aug-09 13:41:20

I like classic pale stone - nice and light and gives a little more warmth than limestone cool. sienna is too dark i think

cece Sat 29-Aug-09 13:48:15

I have an 8 and 5 year old plus a baby. No pets at the moment.

I hate doing housework, so realistically I know the floor will be lucky to be cleaned weekly.

There is another half to the room which will have a table and also a small sofa and a TV. It is very light, huge window at kitchen end, even bigger door thing at other end and a window in the roof. So not worried about the amount of light in the room.

It has to join onto the rest of the downstairs which is an oak parquet floor and the utility room which has pale beige stone tiles.

cece Sat 29-Aug-09 13:59:19

Yes to spacers .I like the neutral concrete.

Sagacious Sat 29-Aug-09 14:02:26

Good choice on spacers.

cece Sat 29-Aug-09 14:03:45

this is the tile we are liking for the walls

Sagacious Sat 29-Aug-09 14:06:33

I wanted horizonatal tiles (cream) but DH veto'ed it said it reminded him of urinals hmm

cece Sat 29-Aug-09 14:25:37

they are dh s choice

MadameCastafiore Sat 29-Aug-09 14:32:00

The seinna one won't go with modern colour scheme - which is what I presume the kiwi tiles is all about?

Have you thought about a granite sort of colour - a dark grey slatey - that is what we had in our last kitchen and it went with green and white very well - we have terracotta in our kitchen now similar colour to your last option and IU fecking hate it!

cece Sat 29-Aug-09 14:40:50

We did consider darker grey/black/chocolate but I find with the black tiles in our bathroom that it shows the dust/dirt as bad as really pale ones. The sienna are quite brown, not remotely terracotta.

I am not 100% set on the green tiles, would be prepared to change those as not ordered yet..

carelesswhispers Sat 29-Aug-09 14:53:00

oh i love the sienna slate

Tinfoil Sat 29-Aug-09 15:09:20

I like the Limestone Cool. I think it would look best with the modern design and it's a fresher colour than the other two. Quite like the Classic Pale Stone but not the Sienna, as it is too traditional compared to the rest of your kitchen.

cece Sat 29-Aug-09 16:11:19

Ummm thanks for the advice.

DH and I both think the limestone cool looks the best in situ but neither us are that good at keeping things clean. Hence we keep disconting it then coming back to it.

My favourite all along has been the sienna slate but I hadn't thought about it being too traditional for the modern kitchen.

The pale stone is a late contender and I am thinking it is a good compromise on practical but looking good...

It is so much money, just don't want to get it wrong.

Sagacious Sat 29-Aug-09 16:28:32

I don't think any of them will be a wrong choice. They're all pretty classic

I was so tempted to put in the glass effect tiles in one bathroom and chickened out.

cece Sat 29-Aug-09 17:34:20

sagacious, is the amtico easy to live with. does it cope well with the damp.

RustyBear Sat 29-Aug-09 17:40:16

I like the sienna - don't think it's too 'traditional' at all.

noddyholder Sat 29-Aug-09 17:40:49

def the sienna esp with green tiles

JulesJules Sat 29-Aug-09 17:45:45

The Sienna slate is my favourite, I don't see it as a 'traditional' choice at all. Limestone cool is my second favourite. Love your green tiles too. I think your big window and white gloss will provide plenty of light. My mum has a cream coloured kitchen floor and has to wash it every day shock grin

Tinfoil Sat 29-Aug-09 17:54:02

If the Sienna is your favourite then go for it I'm sure any of them would be fine and I like the idea of green tiles. Not sure "traditional" was the right word on reflection anyway.

Sagacious Sat 29-Aug-09 18:02:50

Ultra hardwearing cece
Anything spilt just sits on top (but not ultra slippy IYKWIM)

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