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Did you know you were pregnant before you did a test?

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MrsThierryHenry Tue 21-Aug-07 10:12:44

I've conceived twice and both times I knew from day one. It's really weird, but during the first week when I'm pregnant I get dreams telling me in no uncertain terms that I'm pregnant. Anyone else know by instinct that they were PG?

Tranquila Tue 21-Aug-07 10:18:04

knew straight away too. no dreams but felt it.
am fertile as hell tho. if ive taken a risk, im almost certain to be pg, so thats a bit of a giveaway

sarahloumadam Tue 21-Aug-07 10:18:40

Yes I just "knew". We hadn't been trying very long at all but both me and DH felt that I was pregnant - but a cynical person would say that it was a lucky guess! No psychic dreams tho!

kitsandbits Tue 21-Aug-07 10:19:24


I went to blackpool on all the rides then found out the next day! I felt soguilty for now knowing!

harpsichordcarrier Tue 21-Aug-07 10:21:30

yes, though not from day "one" but certainly before my period was due.
mainly in the breasts

Naetha Tue 21-Aug-07 10:21:40

I had a very strong hunch, but I'd had that hunch previously and tested negative, so I was keeping my mind open!

MrsThierryHenry Tue 21-Aug-07 10:22:53

LOL at Tranquila! My OB said much the same thing about me being very fertile! Am amazed as I thought my eggs were nearly over the hill. Clearly there's no link between grey hair and healthy womb, eh?

RGPargy Tue 21-Aug-07 10:25:13

Yeah i kinda had a feeling, although i couldn't put my finger on it. I felt a bit "different" so i did a test but it was negative. I then did another test about a week later i think and it turned out positive. By that time i was convinced i was pg!

sazzybee Tue 21-Aug-07 10:25:44

Yes always - and I've been pregnant 3 times. I just 'knew'. I've never been surprised at a pregnancy test result

Rhubarb Tue 21-Aug-07 10:26:16

Not with first, definitely not.

With second I got bad stomach pains on the day my period should have started, just as I did with the first. So I kinda thought I might be.

IcingOnTheCake Tue 21-Aug-07 10:29:09

My sleep gets affected too, i wake during the night for no reason and i get a metalic taste in my mouth which is the biggest give away!

Nemo2007 Tue 21-Aug-07 10:29:30

I didnt with DS, I did with DD1 hence I tested 8 days past ovulation, and with dd2 Ithink I sort of knew but was still shocked as DD1 was 4mths

claraq Tue 21-Aug-07 10:46:11

What's it like being marrid to such a cool footballer?

claraq Tue 21-Aug-07 10:46:22

or married even?

Biglips Tue 21-Aug-07 10:52:58

i was 2 weeks late for my period and its always spot i done the pg test and here she is now!

i thought i was ill as went to my auntys new year party..i bought quite a few of bottles to drink...once we all celebrated, i sssoo wanted to go home to bed..was in bed by 12.30am and only drank 2 bottles of Bacardi breezer.

lizziemun Tue 21-Aug-07 11:56:39


First one i was 10 wks - mum told me to test as she knew i was pg.

second test at 6 weeks lost it at 8 wks had a miscarriage at 10wks .

This time tested at 8 wks because DH insisted i was pg.

I have to say i have irregular cycle so i am cr*p at knowing when i am due. DH said he kew i was a i was less sensitive when he was talking to me.

If it was left to me i would probaly giving birth before i knew i was pg .

phdlife Tue 21-Aug-07 12:01:41

Yes. But it was only because my period was so regular, soon as it was 45 minutes late I was like, hmm...

preggersagain Tue 21-Aug-07 12:01:48

1st nope- found out at 17 weeks!
2nd- just knew, pg test neg, tried gain every day as i was convinced and sure eniough the test went bluen eventually!

this one- had an inkling- bought a test with the weekly shop, did it in the loo before leaving morrisons, chicked it in my bag and loaded up the car and was to see it said pregnant!! dh was even more to be honest asd he thought he was getting too old to still be fertile!

awayfromhome Tue 21-Aug-07 12:03:04

Not with my first, but I knew straight away with my second. I was absolutely convinced from day one... did a test and it was negative, was still convinced and three days later it was a positive

OhNo40 Tue 21-Aug-07 12:05:16

I knew after about 2 days and like harpsichordcarrier it was all in the boobs. Didn't do the test though until I'd had one last pint in the pub!

meandmy Tue 21-Aug-07 12:10:54

yep i did i woke up on mine and dp's anniversary woke him up tested it was positive didt believe it booked appt at fpa and the nurse asked me for my lmp date i was shocked when she told me my af not due for another week!
so i definatly knew i woke up feeling different!

moljam Tue 21-Aug-07 12:15:04

with ds2(3rd dc) i knew straight away i was,i dont know what made me sure but when i had a bfn i knew it was wrong so waited a week and did it again and got bfp!i also 'knew he was a he'although we did pick out girl names too as i didnt trust my instincts!

FoghornLeghorn Tue 21-Aug-07 12:16:42

I 'knew' with DD1, sore boobs were absolutely horrible and never suffered before. With DD2, I thought I was pregnant but had 2 negagtive tests so just thought I was wrong, decided to use last test one day and it was positive so turns out I did know of know

AbRoller Tue 21-Aug-07 12:23:51

yep, not from day one but before my period was due. Like others, it was my boobs. Always tender before af but when I was pg it was just different. Same with the cramps, just felt different to the regular period cramps. Tested a few days later, on the day period was due.....she's 7yo now

mixedmama Tue 21-Aug-07 12:25:01

DS1 - I knew. Just had an inkling. I kept seeing preg women everywhere and normally never see them.

This time, again began seeing preg women everywhere and felt a little under the weather. Took five tests over 3 days tho as they were all really faint lines as I tested before i was due, but only because i knew.

Also knew DS was a boy - think this one is too, but maybe just because we would quite like a girl.

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