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Anyone Else Pregnant Aged 44?

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LottieH Wed 20-Feb-13 16:02:23

Is anyone else out there in their mid 40s & pregnant like me? Everyone else I know who is expecting seems to be in their 30s (which I was when I started having children) but now feel people think I'm a bit odd?! Have had some very strange comments when I've announced it to people.

rosiedays Wed 29-May-13 14:16:53

minky the aspirin is to help the placenta I think. Us oldies apparently have higher risk of pre aclampcia and other placenta issues. My worry is about bleeding during birth or if emergency section is needed.
I love the wriggles grin so glad I got to feel them again, I'd completely forgotten what they felt like. Will miss them when she's not in there anymore. X

Missnesss Thu 30-May-13 09:01:39

hi all, just turned 44, fantastic new partner of 10 months afterc a miserable 18 year marriage to a drunk, didn't think I wanted more children as my ds are 15 and 17, his ds 18 next week. When I was looking at contraception discovered on net I had something like .5 % chance conceiving and as I don't like patches or pills took patch after a couple if months in march and decided to use ovulation sticks. Them weirdly I decided if I couldn't have a baby I wanted one! Hadn't realised I was so old egg wise and how urgent if it was if I was to change my mind could be too late in a years time, so this month I used sticks to try, 6 dpo I have a very faint pos, aching feeling around womb, do you think I could actually be pregnant?

cheznic Thu 30-May-13 10:59:33

Hi rosiedays,

Feeling ruff still, and looking like I have put on loads of weight in the last 2 weeks, i look 6 months pregnant already lol.. Not a good look..
I havent had my DC yet, got my dating scan on Monday 3rd June.

Congratulations all others with their Bumps..

cheznic Thu 30-May-13 11:03:16

If you have a pos result regardless of how faint it is, it is a positive result and your are pregant.. Hopefully the faint line could mean test done to early..
Hopefully it will turn out all good Missnesss and congrats on your pos.

cheznic Thu 30-May-13 11:18:49

Hi can anyone explain to me what the abrevations mean on these threads, I know Dh means Husband.

4boysthatilove Thu 30-May-13 11:47:32

Hi, lovely to find this thread smile I am 46 and found out 4 weeks ago I was 22 weeks pregnant, I had absolutely no idea which considering I already have 4 boys is quite unbelievable I know! Back in March I had a big bleed which I took to be a miscarriage as it dragged on for about a month, once it stopped I took a pregnancy test just in case and wow it was positive! Convinced myself it was left over hormones until I felt movement. I was on the pill and given mine and DH's ages (he is 51) feel like this pregnancy is nothing short of a miracle. Had a scan and all is well, its another little boy and I am due 2 September. Most people except MIL have been really lovely in their reactions which is nice. There never was any question of not proceeding with the pregnancy if all had been well, just find myself having to adjust my life again - my boys are 19, 14, 6 and 4 and my 4 year old is due to start school in September. Finding it physically a lot more tiring, never have had any morning sickness but at 6 months I feel like I did at 8 months with my last 2 boys. How is everyone else doing??

cyclecamper Thu 30-May-13 12:26:49

Congratulations 4boys and Missnesss!

cheznic most of the abbreviations are explained in Acronyms which you can find near the top of the page, just under where it says 'Mumsnet Talk'.

LottieH Thu 30-May-13 13:36:22

so many congrats 4boys!! Absolutely loved your post! I haven't been on this thread for ages but due not long before you in mid August. similar story to you - am 44, also have 4 children, also had a bleed which I was told was a miscarriage (just before 12w) & also have a very negative MIL! am so happy for you. you just can never tell what's round the corner in life & I never get bored of stories like yours! hope everyone else is well. I'm feeling lots of kicking and now the morning sickness nearly gone am thoroughly enjoying being pregnant. looking forward to reading more of your all your happy stories. x x

MtbMagic Thu 30-May-13 17:19:41

Me, Me too!! Newbie to mn also... I'm 44 and pregnant with my 4th... I'm 40 + 6 and terrified about a possible induction! I had all my others 8, 6, 3 at home and really wanted this one at home as well. Fingers crossed xxx

I've never had any comments about age, or none that I've noticed. My partner is even more ancient than I am - 65!! His work, all male engineers, are very bemused that he could be retiring and taking paternity leave at the same time! Mind you they are also bemused he cycles to work (24 miles there and back) 3 days a week.

Have a 2nd sweep tomorrow. Am keeping everything crossed this will work... getting stressed about the hospital. Even the logistics of what to do with the other 3 (we've recently moved and have no one to help us!).

LottieH Thu 30-May-13 17:28:48

good luck mtbmagic & hope it all goes well and keep us updated. So have you definitely got to stay in hospital now? I totally agree with you re home births - our 4th was born at home & such a lovely experience but everyone's telling me this one should b born in hospital. Grrr. Hope you manage to find some kind if help looking after the rest of the family.

MtbMagic Fri 31-May-13 07:56:35

Thanks LottieH. Hopefully hospital not a done deal. Have another week to go.... Sweep this afternoon (with 3 kids in toe : yikes).

soupmaker Fri 31-May-13 09:53:44

Hello everyone. Now at 31 weeks. Feeling so knackered and huge. Am sure I wasn't this big with DD. Been booked in for sweep at 39 weeks. Eeek. Hope baby decides to go early as don't fancy induction. Have found myself cleaning cupboards and washing everything and anything. Bloody nesting kicked in already. Hope everyone doing well.

rosiedays Fri 31-May-13 11:47:17

hi Everyone,
Wow some wonderful new posts!
missness I have a massive age gap (22 years) between DD2 and this LO. Never thought i'd fall again at 43 Dh wanted a baby SOOo much but i never really thouht it would happen. My BFP was a total shock. Have heard over and over on here a line is a line grin congratulations. really hope all goes well. my MW says over and over 40 is the new 30 for falling PG. and by the number of us on here with planned and unplanned BFP's i think the stats are rubbish. grin
4boys welcome... wow to get to 22 weeks without suffering!! well done you. (i suffered till about 18 weeks..) I'm sure running round after 4 boys you must be knackered. your gonig to have a lovely short Pregnancy though. how have your other DC taken the news. I totally agree All are 40+ babys are little miricals. flowers
mtb Hi, 40+6!! looks like you'll be graduating very soon. there is a graduation thread from the Fab 40+ thread with some lovely mums on. My trust won't let me go over 40 weeks, i too really dont want to be induced. (just seems wrong to me) Would really love a home birth but DH won't hear of it. we lived in less developed countries for a long time and he can't see why i wouldn't use the fantastic health care we have available in the UK.
chez flowers honestly it will pass, really hope you start to feel better soon. BIN the scales... they will bring nothing but misery! I havn't weighed myself since BFP and don't plan too. at your stage it's probably a lot of bloating. xxx
Hey lotty glad you feeling better. baby kicks are awsome, i'd totally forgotten how they felt (it has been 22 years!!) it's my DM who is really negative about this baby, she has just told me she has booked a holiday to the US for the whole of the month i'm due! aparently because i said i wouldn't need her at the birth. Oh well.....
Hisoup please pass some nesting vibes my way, mine seem to vanished and i really need to clean the kitchen cuboards and floor. my energy levels are at about 0.

AFM... well LO had a very strange day on wednesday... she was going crazy kicking and wriggeling ALL day with some really violent movements. also had tightenings in lower abdo, called MW and left message, she never got back to me so at 5.30 called assessment unit and went in for a quick check. Heart beat was fine and tightening were showing on monitor but cervix totally closed so sent home. I have thrush and UTI. Bump was mesuring small so went for a growth scan yesterday and all is good. she is lying transvirse, weighs aprox 4lb and is bang in middle of growth chart. I'm so glad i went. no-one made me feel silly for going. just need to get this LO to turn! really want a natural birth.

cheznic Mon 03-Jun-13 14:00:40

Hi rosiedays

I haven't been on the scales I daren't lol.
But tummy is very bloated lol.
Had scan today 10 weeks pregnant due 31st dec 2013.
Hope your doing well rosiedays and all the other amazing mums to be

cheznic Mon 03-Jun-13 14:03:37

Bless rosiedays
Keeping fingers crossed your baby girl turns bless x

Aggy1969 Mon 17-Jun-13 08:12:44

I'm new here and have just come across this wonderful thread. Nce to know I'm not alone. I'm 44 and 18 weeks pregnant. I've just come back to the UK and so am behind on all tests and screenings etc. at the moment I'm debating whether to have a blood test for downs. Haven't had a NT scan so wondering what the blood test alone can tell me. Will it just make me panic more? I have a nephew with downs who is amazing so I would never have terminated but unsure whether to have a heads up of a problem. Unsure what to expect from everything. This is my first and unexpected, but so far I've felt fine smile

Anyhow, good luck to you all with your pregnancies.

MinkyWinky Tue 18-Jun-13 10:22:18

Hello everyone! Hello Aggy! You're about 6 weeks behind me and it's my first too smile. Re: Down's test, we chose to have the test even though I knew that we would keep going with the pregnancy regardless and I wanted to know so I had time to get my head round it, but it is very much a personal choice. I had a combined screening test, so can't help with the blood test information. You will also be due for your 20 week scan soon which can pick up if something's wrong.

How's everyone else doing? Hoping you're feeling better rosie

Lottielloyd Fri 02-Aug-13 09:41:57

How's everyone? I'm now 31 weeks.. Can't wait for the next 9 weeks to fly by! I've had enough of it now!!

MinkyWinky Sun 04-Aug-13 07:44:53

Hi Lottie! I'm at the same tags as you and am definitely starting to count down. It's just not as easy to get comfortable ny more! Have you started buying baby 'stuff'n

Lottielloyd Thu 08-Aug-13 14:00:07

Hi minkywinky
Yea we've bought the cot & a few baby gros! That's all!!
Need to get a move on really.. Have you bought anything? I'm on babycentre October birth board and they are all starting to pack their hospital bag!!!
I hope that heatwave doesn't come back, I really struggled with that heat.

ExpatAl Thu 08-Aug-13 14:27:58

Hi guys.
Rosie, how is it all now?
I'm 36 weeks now and getting both very nervous and excited. Not long to go!

neesiesue Wed 21-Aug-13 15:55:11

I just found out I am pregnant I just turned 44 I am 7 weeks pregnant and scared and happy at the same time.

MinkyWinky Thu 22-Aug-13 14:37:06

Hi neesiesue. Congratulations. I was about 7weeks too when i turned 44! Now at 34 weeks grin.

ExpatAl - how's it going, your must be nearly there now!!

ExpatAl Thu 22-Aug-13 14:42:14

Just one week to go Minkywinky. Am counting down the days. How's it going with you? I'm struggling with the heat.

Congrats neesiesue!

Meerka Thu 22-Aug-13 16:21:23


Am 44 and have just found out today that I'm pregnant, no idea how far along, husband and I had given up hope of a second after 5 years trying.

Been reading on the risks and kind of scared ...

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