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Best nappies and wipes to stock up with?

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llamallama Thu 04-Aug-11 13:30:28

Not sure of the right place to start this thread.. so mods please move if here is not appropraite.

I am 33 weeks and am thinking of starting to buy some nappies and wipes in preperation for baby's arrival. Any recommendations out there? I have already got all my free nappy packs from joining the various supermarket mother/baby clubs!

I would really like recommendations for supermarket own brand nappies and wipes, to try and keep the costs down. So firstly I would like to hear your recommendations there!

And also in regard to wipes... I know the idea is not to use them on new borns... but are there any that are suitable? Even if just for occassional use?
My SIL has recommended Water Wipes as they don't have any product in.. though they are quite expensive.

And finally... when can we/should we start using wipes? and what supermarket own brands are best?

I know that's a lot of napppy/wipe questions, but any advice from Mums out there would be great! (Can you tell this is my first baby!lol!)

MrsBloomingTroll Thu 04-Aug-11 13:52:52

Personally I wouldn't buy loads of wipes or nappies until you know your baby's size...I tried Huggies with DD who was tiny and they leaked badly, so gave away the rest if the packet to a friend.

Pampers normal wipes bring her out in nappy rash without fail, so I use Pampers Sensitive, which you can buy in big boxes from Tesco.

I've heard good things on MN about Water Wipes. Also own-brand nappies but I can't comment on those.

PrettyVacant1 Thu 04-Aug-11 13:59:37

Depends on what you want to spend, I got 5x22 pack of Newborn Huggies for about £12 in Tescos.
We were looking at the mega packs for £15 for the same amount when we worked out it'd be cheaper to buy them individually.
Also got a few packs of Newborn Huggies wipes for a £1 each from Savers, Home&Bargain or even pound shops have them.
I'm going to use cotton wool for a few weeks unless it's a futile poo situation.grin

Also, have you joined Boots parenting club where you get a free changing bag when you buy Pampers?
I got a pack for £1.12 with the voucher attached.
With Bounty they send endless £2 off vouchers, when they've run out I'll probably buy Tescos own, I've heard good things about them.

Cattleprod Thu 04-Aug-11 13:59:40

Most supermarket own brands are better than huggies and pampers imo. Sainsburys sometimes do a third off baby stuff so worth waiting to stock up (hasn't been a promotion recently so I'm thinking one might be due soon).

I'd only buy a couple of packs of size 1, and a few of size 2. If you see any bargains, get size 3 as they are in those for months and months.

I used wipes from the start, but some babies have sensitive skin. If yours does, you can always save the wipes for later.

sparklyrainbow Thu 04-Aug-11 14:04:42

I wouldn't buy loads either. We got a pack free and I'm glad we didn't get more- DS was 9lb8oz and barely fitted in the first size. Also as he was a chunky blob baby Huggies were the wrong shape, but Pampers were much better. He's thinned out now and is now in Boots own brand most of the time, Huggies when they're on offer.

We use Huggies pure wipes with no problems (we stock up when they're on offer), but only started to do so when he was about 2 mo: before that we used cotton wool and water which isn't really that much hassle when they're tiny. We don't like own brand wipes- the ones we've tried have all been thin and it's false economy as we end up using twice as many to deal with those 'interesting' nappies.

Good luck with baby smile

Merinda Thu 04-Aug-11 14:04:44

I have noticed that there are a lot of comments on both wipes and nappies in the Reviews section on MN, may be helpful if you have not looked already...

harassedandherbug Thu 04-Aug-11 14:41:41

I bought loads of both with dd! Just bought something each week with our food shop.

I like Huggies Sensitive wipes as they're thicker than the others, which is great for getting meconium off, and I bought Tesco's own newborn nappies. You go through so many when they're tiny!! I bought a couple of packs of Pampers nappies in newborn, and then started on the sizes up. My theory being that she'd grow, if I ran out of newborn sizes I'd just buy a couple more packs. I knew we'd be skint on SMP so it was all about being prepared in advance.

SandyChick Thu 04-Aug-11 15:39:15

I wouldn't buy too much. Maybe a pack of newborn and a few packets of wipes until you know what size you need or which you prefer.

Why don't you maybe put £5 away instead of actually buying a pack of nappies (ds is 4 so i cant remember how much nappies are) and then when the time comes you'll have a bit of cash saved up. I think that's what I'll do this time. With ds I stocked up on Huggies nappies and wipes but didn't like them when it came to using them so it ended up being a waste of money angry

KateeTheBump Thu 04-Aug-11 15:48:47

If you want to save money on wipes, why not consider a washable kit? You get 25 wipes, a couple of boxes for them (1 for clean, 1 for dirty, with a bag inside), and some essential oils to make them smell nice. Like these you just chuck the bag of dirty ones in the washing machine every few days and stick the clean wet ones in the clean box. A kit costs £35, so they reckon you save about £200 over a couple of years?

I've got some to use with cloth nappies, so just got the basic kit, and they are lovely and soft smile

Muser Thu 04-Aug-11 16:58:12

Don't stock up, stick the money in a jar to buy as you go instead. I have a ton of opened and barely used nappies that either didn't fit, gave her nappy rash, leaked, or I just took against. Do not make my mistake! Buy one pack, see if it suits, then buy more.

My packets of failed nappy experiments are now all boxed up to go to a women's refuge instead. At least someone will benefit from them!

noviceoftheday Thu 04-Aug-11 17:14:12

First time, I was quite cautious and used cotton wool for first 6 months and used wipes when we were out and about. Second time round, I am still cautious (as history of eczema in family) but have used Water Wipes from 2 months for poos. The Water Wipes are fab though only discovered them this time. First time round I used clearly herbal wipes which are very good and don't cause any rashes etc.

On nappies, I would second what others say about not buying too many size 1s. I was a total idiot with dc2 and ended up with loads of spare size 1s and 2s!

duzida Thu 04-Aug-11 21:13:42

as well as nappies and wipes, don't forget the little plastic bags for throwing them in the bin. you can get very thin small ones very cheaply (like 50p or less for 50?) from Boots and Sainsbury's, don't bother with the big thick ones - you can even fit toddler nappies in the little bags.

really good for when you have endless poo-smeared wipes or bits of cotton wool after a nappy change, and especially when you're not at home. you can then tie up bag and throw in a bin without feeling too disgusting. Still using them for toddler, they're great.

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