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Jan 2010: Weaning, sleeping crawling least we've moved on from discussing poo

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CantThinkofFunnyName Fri 11-Jun-10 09:48:39

Roll up roll up - let's get chatting...

alibobins Fri 18-Jun-10 21:13:56

maygirl so pleased for you and mil
somewhat I'm dreading when Dd shows and interest in boys shock at the moment she's still at the eeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwww boys stage.

Ds1 always tells me he's going to live with me forever smile he's such a soppy child I love it

Jacob has just started giving me cuddles if you say aaaaaaaawwwwww he puts his head on my shoulder

whensmydayoff Fri 18-Jun-10 22:37:08

That is so cute ali I have to teach Olivia that trick!

Thats brilliant maygirl.

Well, I said to DH today if there was any other stuff he hasnt told me he should tell me tonight - and he fecking did shock.

He told me that he TOOK £20,000 from the sale of our house without telling/discussing it with me as the townhouse was going over budget.

Right, so what the hell do I say to that. Feel like I really don't trust him anymore. 17 years we've been together.

What pisses me off the most is the fact he couldn't tell me. Me, the most un money orientated person ever.
I really couldn't give a shit if we had a big house or a fancy car, thats all stuff he cares about.
Ive always said if it all went wrong tomorrow I wouldnt care, as long as we were healthy and together. He knows how I am and couldn't explain why he choses to lie?

Off to bed in a huff
(im not very good at huff's, ive never pulled one off as im always too eager to speak)!! Will try hardest to eek this one out though as I want to punch him.

Fraochsmum Sat 19-Jun-10 09:07:04

Hello everyone!

Another stunning day here - almost forget what rain looks like grin Mind you, could do with a break from watering the plants!

maygirl that's brilliant news you must be so relieved.

wmdo that is really crap, I assume that is why he didn't tell you about the other thing?You must feel really betrayed and it's just awful that he couldn't talk to you about it after all this time together.
Oh yeah, I've still not responded to the 'drunk' yibe! I actually know someone who drinks Buckie, and this is very much a Rangers town, otherwise - spot on grin I lived in Edinburgh for 4 years while studying and will be visiting a friend there soon if you wanted to meet up?

Right, best get my breakfast now cause I'm getting my hair cut at 10am woohoo!

Good weekend to all xxx

whensmydayoff Sat 19-Jun-10 09:17:15

Morning. My huff lasted until about 5 mins ago.
He looked like a kicked puppy so I ended up giving him a kiss goodbye as he went to work.
Still Pd off at him but I hate seeing folk upset.

Oh and last night I meant 'non' money orientated blush.

I had one of those moments when that word totally left my head, un money orenitated indeed!!

Olivia up at 6am this morning. Earliest since we put her in her own room. Think she didnt feed that well yesterday, too grumpy with her teething, yawn.

Saturdays I spend the day with my mum who expects to be entertained as much as the kids grin.

Tomorrow mum has Olivia for first the time, never left her for any length of time with anyone.
Will leave a few bottles of formula while we take DS to the zoo for the day.
My boobs will be basketballs by the end of the day!
No point taking her. She is a dream baby in the house but whenever we are out she just screams just like my DS used to, neither wanted/wants to just fall asleep in the buggy confused.
Meant to be that babies with reflux are light sleepers therefore bad sleepers out and about.
Does anyone else's (as in ali, ctfn, yangymac) find this?

whensmydayoff Sat 19-Jun-10 09:18:42

Sorry fraoch crossed posted there. Yes would be good. I will bring miss screamy with me grin!

alibobins Sat 19-Jun-10 11:17:40

wmdo Jacob is really unsettled when we are out and about not only does he not sleep he won't drink either angry we had to come back early from my sisters wedding as he only had 4oz of milk all day and screamed alot too.
We are off out to a 40th party tonight taking Dd and Ds1 but leaving Jacob with a babysitter.

We now have 2 teeth grin not next to each

mistletoekisses Sat 19-Jun-10 12:53:24

Hello all!!

Am envy at all of you with bubs sleeping through. Nico simply isnt. He is waking on average 3 times between 7pm and 4am. Resettles quite quickly each time, but the 4am waking is a killer. Am giving him 3fl. oz of milk but am back and forth to him. He eventually drops off, leaving me wide awake! Grrrr! Am hoping that the CC and lack of milk will eventually stop him waking...but I have visions of him doing this for the next 18 years!

The weaning is going well, totally onto bottles now and feel ok about it. Is quite nice to be back in lovely underwired bras and my old tops.

Ali - how is your DD?

Crumpette - are you ok? I guess from your posts, you didnt go to the funeral.

WMDO - I dont think there was anything malicious in your DH's intentions. I guess that men sometimes do things like this to simply protect you from stress. Don't let one incident like this undermine what seems to be a very happy marriage otherwise.

Fraoch - how goes the babymaking?

May - such great news about your MIL! Yay!

Brain is like a sieve so have forgotten what was posted on the other thread already! Have great weekends all! Mine is filled with cooking and baking as I continue to stockpile the freezer...

Oh, and is anyone else addicted to BB this year? Cannot believe it is the last one!!

superwoman25 Sat 19-Jun-10 22:03:09

hi yummy mummies

how are you all

I am feeling very strange for some unknown reason, I do something, like lift the pram over my head in the car park cos theres no room to push it between cars, and then I think omg I'm pg I shouldn't be doing that, but I keep doing with lots of things and have to remind my self, when I get in bed I really think about it. I'm wondering if its because I'm trying to hide it from everyone (I am a tad embarrassed to be doing it again so soon, at my age, with 5 already and all that).

When me and dh are together and I relax I have a proper football belly.

Better go ds is out, baby dd is in bed, dh and bil are havin beers in kitchen, and dd is 8 today so her, dd6, dd12, and dd8s two friends are all in sleeping bags on living room floor eating sweets and pringles, watching flushed away (bring on the coloured vomit later), I'm desperate to go to bed, Erin had me up at 6 am WTH!!!!! not used to that [tired emotion] and then up tomorrow to all be at cinema for 10.30 AM!!!!!

Just had a thought! if we carry on having more children they could all sleep downstairs in sleeping bags, save the exspense of buying bedsgrin

hope you all have nice evenings will reply to posts and catch up tomorrow

nite x

Fraochsmum Sat 19-Jun-10 22:12:41

Hello mistletoe!
I guess it can only begin now seeing as I got my first (minimal) period yesterday since having LO, although it has been fun trying smile
That's a shame that Nico is waking so much, how old is he now? When Cara was 21 weeks she started waking 4 times overnight for feeding, had greater hand-eye coordination, fixated by us eating etc. so I started her on solids. She loves the food and still takes lots of my milk, but she only wakes once at night now.
Hope you had a nice time at the zoo wmdo
Sorry you had to come back early from the wedding ali but hope you had a lovely time while you were there x

Fraochsmum Sat 19-Jun-10 22:20:58

Aw that sounds like a lovely evening super!
I'm quite worried about my other wee girl (Sonas) now sad she came back from her evening walk with DH amd is totally out of sorts. She is very lame and has a large puncture wound on her leg, but her tail is hanging too and she does not seem right at all. Will have to keep a close eye on her, not nice to see her so sombre...

Newbeginning1 Sat 19-Jun-10 22:22:33

maygirl - that's such good news, you must be so relieved. Fingers crossed for a fast recovery x

superwoman - Happy birthday for your DD. When are you going to start telling people that youre pg again? Maybe you should wait and not tell people until they get to the point where they're not sure if you're pg or whether you're just eating too many pies because i'm guessing they wouldn't ask grin

wmdo - did your DH explain why he didnt tell you? Well done for holding out with the huff for so long. I do hate though that men can turn on the lost puppy face when they have done something wrong so you cant stay mad with them.I hope you enjoyed the zoo

crumpette - whats happening with your P? Did you manage to organise flowers? If ever i meet your P i really would like to spike his drink with laxatives or something nasty like that grin <<mwu ha ha ha evil laugh emoticon>>

ali - so cute about Jacob, i am envy Jack just pulls my hair or has now learnt to slap me which is great hmm I think i should set up a beaten parents helpline

mk - has Nico started waking since you moved onto bottles exclusively? Maybe he is missing the comfort of boob and is waking to compensate for it? Or, could it be a growth spurt?

My niece is here again this weekend and we have had a day of crafts today making a spider and ladybird from egg boxes, flowers and a vase and snakes and fishes. I will be Mrs Maker soon, not that i would want to have rumpy pumpy with Mr Maker. I can imagine him saying we need to get something from his doodle drawers with that stupid look of excitement on his face and he'd whip his privates out of his "drawers" I bet he keeps his waistcoat on too and knowing my luck it would be a minute make!! grin

Sorry, i dont know why i'm chatting about Mr Maker. Anyway, i've posted on the other boards but i need some advice about Jack. Since i started weaning him he's started throwing my breast milk up but he keeps the solids down. Has anyone else's LO's started doing that?

alibobins Sat 19-Jun-10 23:36:23

Had a lovely night out grin feeling a bit tipsy but was fun.
See you all in the morning

sockmonkey Sun 20-Jun-10 08:07:24

New - LOL about Mr Maker... you have obviously been over thinking that one. Chris from Doodle-Do however...well he could doodle do me anytimeblushgrin

Noop also likes to grab hair. ye-ouch. She comes away with hands full of it. (anyone else still loosing hair?)

mistletoekisses Sun 20-Jun-10 08:50:37

Morning all!

Ali - glad you had a super night!

Super - when are you going to tell people in RL? How far along are you now? Have you had your 12 week scan yet?

New - havent a scooby what it is, I think it is more likely habit more than anything else. He is pretty much waking at 1am, 4am without fail. Am going to persevere with CC - going to give it another week. If he is still waking, then wake to sleep will be used. Where I go into him at midnight and wake him. Disrputs their body clock or something along those lines. LOL at mister maker jokes! Re. the throwing up of bmilk, not happened here, sorry, cannot be much help.

Sock - my hair loss has slowed down massively, but is still coming out a little.

Fraoch - how is yout dog this morning? Nico is just over 23 weeks now. I finished bfeeding a week ago, so reckon AF will be here eventually.

WMDO - hope your DS enjoyed the zoo.

Well I was at a birthday party yesterday afternoon. 2 newborns (1 6 week old, 1 3 day old) and am relieved to report zero broodiness. grin. DH most relieved.

DH most happy with his fathers day pressie from the boys. Catch up later all!

CantThinkofFunnyName Sun 20-Jun-10 11:07:42

Morning all. Wow, I've missed a couple of days on here and feel there is so much to catch up on.

So last night I went to a 25 year reunion of my old secondary school. I moved away at 17 and literally haven't clapped eyes on anyone since. Was quite nervous and stayed at my niece's last night, so also leaving Olivia for the first time (only with DH though). Anyway, had an absolute blast. Got to bed at 2.30am!!!!!! Wow, v impressed with myself. Got a little tipsy earlier, but went to bed feeling v sober so that made for a good night overall and not too bad a morning. Had to drive 40 miles back home early though as DH now gone off to Silverstone on some corporate function.

OK - more coffee calling me.


Newbeginning1 Sun 20-Jun-10 17:29:40

ali - im grin that you got a bit tipsy and let your hair down

sockmonkey - he doesnt doodle do it for me so you're welcome to him wink

mk - how long have you been doing CC for?

ctofn - your DH has a tough life having to go to Silverstone hmm

I gave Jack some pureed asparagus todayy and funky doesnt even come close to the smell he is giving off. I'm sure his wee is radioactive grin Its safe to say it will be a while before he has asparagus again.

Quick question about weaning, can Jack have pureed peach and pureed blackberries or are they a no no?

whensmydayoff Sun 20-Jun-10 22:07:48

new definitely yes to peach.
What age is he again?
If he is over 6 months and been weaned for a while im sure blackberries would be fine. Otherwise some folk say to wait a bit for citrus. - I wouldn't worry about giving him it TBH.

Yes DH said I was PG at the time and he didn't want to stress me.
He didn't want to tell me the other guy had decided not to buy it. He knew there was even more money riding on it now. -
Twat - but not the end of the world, life's too short and ive forgotten about it already. I already knew we were screwed financially so not much has changed really grin!

super why, what age are you? You don't have to tell me but if you do I wont tell anyone wink!

Day at the zoo was brilliant.
It was fab being able to relax and enjoy DS on his own.
We have taken him to the zoo every year since he was born but this was the first time he 'got it'. He was soooo excited and asking questions about the animals.
He was totally amazed by the chimps which was great because we got to watch them for ages.

Olivia had fun at her grandparents and was on her best behaviour and very funny so im led to believe grin.

I was a little nervous about leaving her all day but great ive now taken that first step and it went well.
Will need to do that every now and then. DS can have a full day of attention from us.

ctfn your night sounded great. Id never have remembered who folk were after all that time.
Was there any real surprises, like the class geek being fit and rich?!

Im going to try and stay away from MN for at least 3 days (gulp). I never get enough time to do everything and I sit on here insteadblush! Waves bye for now

mistletoekisses Mon 21-Jun-10 07:48:42


The CC seems to have worked!! Nico slept 7pm to 5am without a murmur!! Then drank 3 fl. oz, cried a little when I put him back in his cot, then fell asleep until 6.30am!!

I cannot believe he has finally done it! I now know he can do, so fingers crossed, he just keeps on sleeping!

So i got a great nights sleep last night. DH was on duty all night Sat night...have had 2 nights uninterrupted sleep in the first time since...ohhh...early pregnancy?

Feeling nearly human and very happy! Yay!

flyingma Mon 21-Jun-10 10:14:46

Been off for a while so lots of catching up and therefore snatching the long post crown back from WMDO.

WD to Nico and congrats to MK may you get a repeat performance for the rest of the nights to come.

new - LOL @ the interesting smelling Jack. Noted re asparagus but I went off it when I was pregnant and don't feel much urge for it now either so we might skip it altogether. From what I've been reading you only need to be cautious with common allergic foods like strawberries, kiwi. Yeah and no citrus before 6 months.

Re AF - apparently it is normal for that to return when you drop the middle of the night feeds, say the 2am one. A friend was relying on BF to hold off her AF but found herself pregant within the year - this being a normal person, not our very own superwoman!

misschatterbox Welcome to the thread just feel free to jump into any ongoing conversations - we're a really friendly bunch and it's nice to have people to come to when something seems to be going wrong with LO, esp if you are a noobie like me.

CTOFN Thanks for your post re Olivia driving you mad with screaming coz Aidan too has taken to doing that quite a bit recently. It drives me spare and then I can't see the wood from the trees. Like he will fight off sleep at every nap time and swiggle and squirm for ages before he drops off. So last night I expected the same again so calmly spent half an hour putting his dummy back in before I realised that perhaps he was thirsty but obviously then did not have any bottles sterilized! I put one in but by which time he has worked himself up into hysterics. So cue guilty mummy upset that she can't read her own baby. But yeah I will join you in the corner of ppl without any real problems but just needed to vent a bit.

Also he's found his screaming voice... not sure if anyone else is getting that. Like he will scream (not crying, just trying to talk) until it makes him cough! He was being a pain on Sat evening so I took him for a quick run to Asda where we bumped into one of our mummy-friends. She leaned in to say hi to Aidan who responded with a HELLO scream! hmm Thankfully her LO seems to be going through the same thing. Here's hoping that it is a phase that will pass soon as I like being able to take him out to restaurants and to the shops.

Finally, is anyone still solely BF/FF still? We turned 5 months middle of last week and have a tried a bit of BLW but am going to try to do it by the book and wait to get as close to 6 months before doing it religiously every day.

flyingma Mon 21-Jun-10 10:16:03

Oh most importantly a big hug to ali I hope you get some good news with DD and am keeping my fingers crossed for you in the meantime. xx

sockmonkey Mon 21-Jun-10 10:33:48

flying I'm still solely BF, but Noop is one of the youngest on the thread...almost 21 weeks now.
I'm waiting till 6 months, I am scared of going against "the book" wink. She seems happy enough with just the boob anyway. It's so funny how she can go from screaming to calm in the time it takes to insert boob.

We seem to be getting a bit hit & miss with sleeping through. She managed it last night, but night before was up 3 times. I think she must discuss it with DS2 cos whenever she sleeps through, he doesn't.angry
MK so glad Nico has let you get some sleep at last!

alibobins Mon 21-Jun-10 11:05:47

Jacob was up over 10 times last night shock<thats a yawn> think his teeth are bothering him he now has 3 he was just so unsettled.

He is doing so well with blw yesterday we went to a bbq and Jacob munched on rice cakes, salad, chicken and corn on the cob. He is also sitting up for about 5 mins grin

Thanks for your well wishes for Dd she is getting nervous about the appointment tomorrow but the pain seems to have calmed down.

Well done Nico grin

Fraochsmum Mon 21-Jun-10 22:16:19

flyingma I was exclusively bf till 21 1/2 weeks, when she started waking 4 times for a feed. I had wanted to go on for the 6 months, but there were other tell tale signs which showed she was ready for it. She now gets breakfast and evening meal (porridge or rusk, then about 3 cubes of puree for tea), but also takes almost as much breast milk as she did. Incidentally, it was only after a week when af appeared, albeit slight.
mistletoe great news about Nico! Sonas is much better now thanks - I was so worried about her, but she has made a remarkable recovery.
ali hope all goes well tomorrow xxx

CantThinkofFunnyName Tue 22-Jun-10 11:06:33

Just had Olivia weighed this morning. She's 6 months next week and today tipped the scales at 13lb 6oz. Is she one of the lighter ones on this thread?

Also went to a baby rhyme and story time. My first one. She smiled and laughed at everyone. Makes my heart melt smile.

Newbeginning1 Tue 22-Jun-10 11:23:49

ali - good luck with your appointment today, i've got my fingers crossed for your DD.

fraochsmum - does your DD have 1 rusk for breakfast and dinner and 3 cubes? DS has loads more than that and im worrying that maybe im overfeeding him. I'm glad Sonas is better.

mk - how did Nico get on last night?

crumpette - you've not posted for a few days, is everything ok?

ctofn - Jack will be 6 months on Saturday and he weighed 19lb 14oz on Friday blush He is a chunky monkey but hes not had reflux to contend with either.

Thank you all for the advice re the fruit. I've just made puree with 2kg of carrots so ive gone slightly overboard but it will keep him going.

I'm really struggling with the whole sleeping thing with Jack. I attempted doing PU/PD with him but he got so upset and it would take ages for him to calm down once i picked him up. I'm not being consistent with him and trying to get him to sleep so its stressing us both out. How long did it take those of you that did PU/PD for it to work? Also, did you have a set routine with nap times etc already before you did it as we dont have anything like that hmm

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