Sept 08: We'll soon be weaning, and of a full nights sleep we're dreaming ......

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ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Thu 12-Feb-09 21:20:36

Hello ladies.

Pull up a chair, grab a biscuit and lets start talking about puree vs blw and sleep deprivation grin

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CarrieBo Thu 12-Feb-09 21:29:27

Just getting this on my threads list. Off to play a board game with dh and have my second dinner of the evening. I can't believe how hungry bf makes me!!

Hopefully Thu 12-Feb-09 21:43:01

Ooh, new thread!

Sorry to hear about your friend Carriebo, that's incredibly sad.
Looking forward to meeting you in May too.

T is finally in bed after his day of being held and refusing to sleep - I hate jabs. I know full well that failing to nap all day won't in any way make him sleep all night, but I'm still clinging onto that glimmer of hope.
T was such a whinge today that I was rocking him in the pram just to keep him calm at one point. Unfortunately we have a big step down into our kitchen so I couldn't take the pram in there, so was trying to reach food from the fridge while rocking the pram one handed (hysterics if I stopped). This resulted in a lunch of ham, with cookie dough for pudding...

Ponymum Thu 12-Feb-09 21:58:07

hopefully yes, we feel very lucky to live here. We used to live in York (where we both work) but found we were spending every weekend up here. So we decided, what the hell, we can handle a commute from the country. Best decision we ever made. grin

ninja Thu 12-Feb-09 22:22:25

Just bookmarking, I think this is the earliest started a new one!!

I'm glad you'd thought of a name I was trying to wrestle with a good paly on Baby Led Weaning and could only get on as far as Bloody Lazy Women which DH would approve of if not accurate.

I'm aiming not to use bowls as it can be thrown. I have some plastic place mats and I'm going for the Swedish approach of putting the food straight on that.

SunflowerNeedsSunshine Thu 12-Feb-09 23:00:36

bookmarking smile

plusonemore Thu 12-Feb-09 23:17:47


sorry to hear your news carrie

I am feeling tired and v excited, it is ds1 3rd birthday tomorrow!! Then we are off to Thomas Land on Saturday! Just finished making his cake- he wanted a beanstalk cos he is really into jack and the beanstalk, its not come out too bad, much better than the fire engine last year or the lion the year before!!

splishsplosh Fri 13-Feb-09 00:07:13

Carriebo -sorry to hear about your friend, that's so sad.

Can i meet you,hopefully and Sunshine too as I live in delightful Croydon

Hopefully Fri 13-Feb-09 08:04:32

Urgh, T needed resettling about a million times last night, and had 3 feeds. Not feeling at my absolute hottest this morning!

Splish would be lovely to meet you too.

plusone what a random cake to have to make! Very impressed at your artistic endeavour.

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Fri 13-Feb-09 08:30:30

Snap Hopefully, am feeling a little bleary eyed today. DH also woke me up when he started snoring like a fecking drain, god I was pissed off with him!

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digitalgirl Fri 13-Feb-09 09:30:56

A was the same. Woke up at 8:45pm for a feed, 12:15, 2 (DH did that one), 3:15 (didn't settle till 4:30), 5, then 6:20 for a poo-ey nappy change, didn't go back down so fed him at 6:50 and now he's having his morning nap.

He's also not settling as easily as he used to. DH ends up putting him down twice before he stops waking up screaming on contact with his cot.

It's just a phase, it's just a phase, it's just a phase...<DG repeats ad infinitum whilst rocking and staring into the distance>

ellideb Fri 13-Feb-09 09:40:42

Hello all thought I'd rejoin this thread as I'm finding I'm getting a wee bit more time on my hands these days! Unfortunatley still not enough time to do any housework though, funny that. I plan on doing BLW so it will be interesting to hear other's experiences and compare notes. I'm holding off though until DS can sit unsupported so from mid-march onwards. smile

becaroo Fri 13-Feb-09 12:19:22


Been to the GPs today - Got to go to physio for my back pain, had another blood test to check if I am still ameamic and I have got a have a minor op on my eye in 3 I allowed to feel a bit pissed off? hmm

Toby still being a monkey....his jabs on tuesday didnt help matters.

When, oh when does the cold/cough season end???????????????????????

Hopefully Fri 13-Feb-09 13:55:51

OMG, T has actually had his long lunchtime nap in his cot! He is still asleep up there, and has been since 12:30, with only one quick bit of shh/pat needed at 1pm to keep him asleep. This hasn't happened for literally months, and it's been so lovely to have some time to myself. I celebrated by baking a sponge cake!

CarrieBo Fri 13-Feb-09 13:58:42

Yay the croydon meetup is going to be quite a party! i know a lovely big starbucks we could go to grin.
Ds fed in the night last night for the first time in ages, don't know what that was about. I increased his baby rice at lunch to 3 teaspoonfuls today! Dd helped me shop for dh's valentines chocolates this morning, but then started to break into them while I was putting ds to bed!
bec you are allowed to feel more than just a bit narked, poor you!
hopefully I've sent you a fb friend request.

DebiTheScot Fri 13-Feb-09 14:21:23

just posting to get on my list.

izzybiz is it you who lives in Winchester? You'd be very welcome to come to our Basingstoke meetup on Tuesday if you want. And anyone else who wants to can some too obviously.

itwasCYTEENagewedding Fri 13-Feb-09 20:27:17

Hello September ladies Sorry to barge in, but does notcitrus post here? I have a Bumble going spare and a while back she expressed an interest...just thought I'd post a note here as haven't seen her on the cloth nappy chat thread for a while.

And hello! If things had worked out slightly differently I would have been one of you grin DS was originally forecast to arrive 2nd Sept, then was adjusted to 24th August...he turned up on 1st Sept hmm and has kept me hopping ever since!

<waves to fellow members of the no sleep club>

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Fri 13-Feb-09 21:17:39

Hi Cyteen, yes she does post on here.

<waves straight back at you with matchsticks propping up her eyelids>

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digitalgirl Fri 13-Feb-09 22:31:42

Is everyone wrestling with their babies? Hardly any posts today. I know I spend most of the day trying to hang on to A who has learnt how to wriggle out of my grasp (if I'm sat down) and slither onto the floor. He's also quick to arch his back while I'm trying to get him into the pushchair, I have to strap him in within seconds to stop him from sliding out.

Hopefully Fri 13-Feb-09 22:32:56

T has also taken to arching his back - he slid out of his bouncy chair yesterday, as I've got so used to not doing up the strap! blush

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Sat 14-Feb-09 07:41:34

Oh, that back arching does my mash in.

I have to be careful about using the bouncy chair as M can sit right up and forward in it. He's also a little bugger in the Bumbo as he likes to arch his back in that. It's only the tray on it that keeps him in it.

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ninja Sat 14-Feb-09 10:14:07

M sits up in the bouncy chair too. I've just got out the puchchair part of the travel system as she's pulling up from the pram (and I have a cow bugglesnuggle that I can't wait to use!)

M's been finding her thumb for a few weeks now but this morning she was really sucking it - sweet (tho' I won't be saying that in 4 years when I'm posting on here 'how do I get dd to stop sucking her thumb grin)

D'you recking she'sll beable to use it to settle to sleep with more than a 2 hour gap????

Ponymum Sat 14-Feb-09 12:42:54

Feeling conflicted today over whether I should be concerned about DD's size. I went to NCT group for the first time yesterday (they finally held a meeting within 10 miles of here so I thought I had better support it). But all the other mums commented on how small DD is for 5 months. Asked if she was a tiny baby etc and were shocked when I said she was 8 lbs at birth. There was a 5 week old baby there and DD didn't look all that much bigger than him. (But he was, IMO, one of those very large head type babies, and DD has a very dainty little face.)

I haven't had her weighed for about 8 weeks, as last time I got all worried about similar comments from the HV, so I decided not to worry about weighing and charts and just to make sure I was feeding her lots and felt happy with her development. Which I was. Until yesterday. hmm

Yes I know what you are all going to say: is she feeding well, is she growing, etc. Yes and yes, but why does this comparison stuff make me feel so crap? Should I get her weighed next week, or will it just make me feel worse?

Sorry if I have had this conversation before - it really does feel like deja vu. blush

notcitrus Sat 14-Feb-09 14:52:12

Relief - after a week of back to every-2-or-3-hour waking, A is now sleeping lots again. With the result that my right breast leaked for the first time in 3 months... oh well. He's finally enjoying being on his tummy for a few minutes. And his chubby thighs are now getting stuck in the Bumbo, so probably just as well I've ordered a high chair (John Lewis East Coast folding wooden one).

ninja Sat 14-Feb-09 15:38:37

Good for you NC I'm still getting waking around every 2 hours, but am getting strangely used to it. Looking at my post though, it's definitely going to my brain.

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