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December 06 - Light at the end of the tunnel

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weirdbird Mon 18-Jun-07 11:23:26

A new thread for us all

Indith Mon 18-Jun-07 12:05:07


Yeah I think MAP a bit late! Ah well chances of being pg pretty much slim to none thank goodness


AQ you naughty thing you

We had sleep last night, it was amazing. Fed at 11 and 6 Ds not just stuffed up and obviously feeling better and sleeping as much as he can. Dp has it now so of course he has manflu and is dying.

Elibean Mon 18-Jun-07 13:59:43

Aaaah, a thread without *******s: thats a challenge to my foggy brain of an evening

Indith, glad you are getting some kip - and sorry to hear yo'uve been having to fish for UFOs OMG, the thought of another pregnancy, let alone baby, at this point makes me shudder. Though, knowing dd2 is definitely definitely the last is a bit sad, too - if I were ten, even five, even three years younger, I'd be tempted!

Spina, confess I feel on your behalf - maybe I have unusual expectations, given that dh is a home-y sort of person who wants to do lots of hands on childcare (probably to do with being older, its the one thing he's not done before IYSWIM) but TWO weekends away? And you unwell? Nooooo, no. Anyway, ((()))s and hope you are feeling a lot, lot better now.

Uni, (())s to you too, and commiserations on the naughty dd1 - I have one of those, on and off. But she is clearly processing some major life events in that little head, because this morning she said 'maybe we (dd2 and her) have to share Mummy and Daddy, because there's only one Mummy and Daddy'. Hurrah, I thought - then she added 'Mummy, when I'm a big lady, you will die' and beamed.

Right, sleep update: Friday night's wonderbabe was a one off. dd2 is back to waking for a 2/3ish feed, then again at 5/5.30 for a cuddle. At least its 7ish now for starting the day, though - and it was 8.30 on Sunday, think she knew it was FAthers Day

dd1 woke me up at 4am with 'waaaah, Mummy, I WANT you' so all in all, eyelids drooping again. But not quite so badly.

SachaF Mon 18-Jun-07 14:07:43

I go away for a weekend and you lot write so much that you have to start a new thread!
Have read up to midway Sat, will catch up with rest at next feed
AF has come back here as well . Surely my body should wait until I'm doing only 4 or 5 feeds a day .
Have started ds on solids now - I was giving him foods he couldn't get bits from (ie raw veg) but over the last 3 days he has tried onion, sweetcorn, potato, mushrooms, banana, steamed apple, grapes, bread and chocolate cake (it was his cousins' birthday cake and was gluten free....) - plus he was offered chocolate ice cream by a naughty aunty but he didn't like it (phew!).
I have to say though, that blw is fun! Just takes a bit of clearing up afterwards - and we had to make sure we got to the fallout area before the 2 year old cousin did!
Hope you have all had a good weekend (despite the vageries of the weather in June) - housework time now whilst ds sleeps!

GlassSlipper Mon 18-Jun-07 14:15:30

hi everyone. very tired here as both Dds up lots in the night. DD2 seems a bit better but still full of cold

eli - why dont you 'watch' the thread and then it will be on your watch list so easy to find?

weirdbird Mon 18-Jun-07 14:20:13

Sorry Eli, I always have the thread on my watch list so didnt think about it being harder to find..

Hannah is "helping" me on the pc so apologies for any weirdes

accessorizewithbabysick Mon 18-Jun-07 14:44:22

Yeah, Eli, you've got to feel for the firstborns really, their whole world turned upside down overnight! DS1 starting to cope quite well and love his little brother but needing lots of reassurance & extra cuddles in addition to a stern hand most of the time.
Yay, work have finally said I can go back in August for 2 days until I use up all my hols, very pleased about that. Reasonably keen at going back, but concerned that ds2 will go ballistic with a stranger as he does it with my mum and friends quite a lot & only I can calm him. Still, only 5 mins drive from workplace so I guess I can always race down there if I have to. Think if I gave up bf before returning might make him less dependent, but also like him being dependent.
Eli are you still expressing several times a day? How how how do you manage it?

Elibean Mon 18-Jun-07 16:54:52

watch, of course <thuds head> thanks

GS, your poor little dd hope she's better soon...and your sleep with it.

AQ, only twice a day now - first and last thing. And I'm not managing the first too well, going to stop soon!

Elibean Mon 18-Jun-07 18:44:21

ps glad you're getting the 2 day deal at work, well done!

accessorizewithbabysick Mon 18-Jun-07 19:38:33

We both keep saying that, Elibean, and we're still breastfeeding all these months later. I am quite pleased about work, esp as they're going to pay me for 3 days (what I was working before) whilst I use my hols. So I don't expect to have to go back 3 days until ds2's about 10 months.

How many times a day are other lo's breastfeeding, so I don't think mine is beyond the norm? He fed 8 times today, that's pretty average. Managed mostly 2 hour stretches + a nearly 3 hour today, very pleased with him Wow, in fact. If I could just replace his 8am and 6pm feeds with solids, I'd be quite pleased! Got to persuade him that ready brek will fill him up as much as my milk will.

GlassSlipper Mon 18-Jun-07 20:15:07

aq, My DD2 feeds as follows (roughly)

06.00 breastfeed
07.00 breakfast
08.00 sleep (30 mins)
08.45 breastfeed
10.45 sleep (30 mins)
11.30 breastfeed
12.30 lunch
13.30 sleep (30 mins)
14.15 breastfeed
16.00 sleep (30 mins)
17.15 breastfeed
17.30 dinner
18.45-19.00 breastfeed
19.30-19.45 bed

So - 6 breastfeeds, 3 solids meals, 4 naps.

spina Mon 18-Jun-07 20:18:07

Thanks for the sympathy everyone. i've calmed down a bit now.DH scurried(sp?) home(from being four hours away)

Hope anyone else who's feeling poo is feeling better.

DS1 has become obsessed with death. He thinks if someone gets ill they die(cos that's what happened to my mum)so we had lots of cuddles and reassurance last night that I wasn't going anywhere and neither was his best friend who also has tummy bug.Double

I'm on countdown to weaning with Spinababy.Got a wedding on saturday so decided months ago not to burden weaning kid on grandmother so we're going for it on sunday. Baby rice ahoy.

accessorizewithbabysick Mon 18-Jun-07 20:47:06

Spina, glad things a little better. hard to be cross these days with dp cos then ds1 starts asking qu's & it gets awkward!

GS, thanks for that, I think I really need to have more of a routine, if I slotted the meals in the right places maybe I'd drop a feed or two. Keep forgetting to give him solids at the mo', get so busy with other things! DP always gives ds1 his brekkie, so I think I'll send ds2 down there with him whilst I have a leisurely shower (yeah, right, and make all the beds, put on some washing etc etc)

babypowder Mon 18-Jun-07 20:53:32

Spina, your darling DS1 My DD1 is also obesessed with death - apparently it a normal stage of development - but then she hasn't experienced the death of anyone close to her so can't put it into a reasonable context yet. It must be heart-wrenching for you. Big hugs.

So all you sex-mad mums of babies, any tips for getting my mojo back?

accessorizewithbabysick Mon 18-Jun-07 21:08:42

I've been reading a few sexed-up chick lit books from the library and double

magnolia1 Mon 18-Jun-07 21:51:57

Oh blimey you lot are at it again!!! Constant blooming chat

Spina {{hugs}} for you, I do know the feeling and have often ranted on here xx

Can't remember anything else I just read apart from Indith's coil

So that was 10 minutes wasted on my useless sleep deprived brain!!

Ds1 still not sleeping I am fedding him every 2-3hrs day and night. Solids are slotted in whenever I remember

If I am honest I think I am seriously getting weighed down by everything again. I never did ake my Ad's prescribed a while back but feel like if I can get this far without them..... Dh is getting the worst of it

magnolia1 Mon 18-Jun-07 21:52:29

And as for mojo!!!! Well I pretend mine is there every so ofetn

babypowder Mon 18-Jun-07 22:27:16

I suppose I should have a Nike moment - Just Do It. Who knows, I might even enjoy it

accessorizewithbabysick Mon 18-Jun-07 22:47:08

TBH, was feeling that all dp & I did was share out chores & talk about the kids esp the weekends which are like an endurance contest these days. But then I am getting more sleep than most (well, aside from the insomnia) of you!
Magnolia, urggggh 2-3 hours all night, that sounds absolutely horrible, not surprised you'r taking it out on dh! Were the girls like this?

magnolia1 Mon 18-Jun-07 23:02:33

Nope, all the girls were pretty good typical boy apparentley??

Indith Tue 19-Jun-07 09:37:09

Lol BP!

Great news for work AQ

Eli I can't believe you are still managing to express every day! Well done.

Spina bless your ds, life is so confusing for little people

Magnolia <hugs> on the sleep front.

Feeding. We have breakfast, second breakfast, elevenses, lunch, afternoonses, pre bath drinks and supper between around 7 and 6.30 depending on what time he gets up. Sometimes a few extra little drinks are inserted, especially in the afternoon.

I am so sore today, ds did 12 hours last night, I was already feeling kind of full when I went to bed. Ended up waking ds at 6.45 because I was in agony, he fed, I then expressed 9oz and am still very tender. Still can't complain on the sleep front really can I!

babypowder Tue 19-Jun-07 10:01:14

Indith, you expressed *9 oz* I'm always proud when I can get an oz or 2!

Keep meaning to say thanks for the doidy cup tip. It's great - DD2 loves sipping milk from it. I'll try to move her onto water once I start weaning her. So glad to see that there was an article on BLW on the BBC news website yesterday. Suddenly, in my DHs eyes, I have gone from beinga nutty crank to being someone quite well informed and clearly working in the best interests of our children.

babypowder Tue 19-Jun-07 10:02:12

9 oz, obviously. I really should preview before I post.

SachaF Tue 19-Jun-07 10:37:01

More feeds being inserted in to the day here as well - 8am, 10am (1 side only, then nap), 12pm, 2.30pm, 5.15pm (1 side only), 7.30pm, then 1 or 2 at night. So that is 7 or 8. However more feeds in day = less feeds at night . Only 1 at 2am last night . Had an insomnia problem though - I'm used to feeding me to sleep more at night now!
Only 1 food playtime at the mo (6.30pm) and occassionally a lunch one as well (if he's awake when I remember to have lunch). Courgette's and mushrooms got sucked to leathery skin parts yesterday! 1 very black faced boy from all the juice! Obvious downside of blw - still a fair amount of milk needed.

SachaF Tue 19-Jun-07 10:42:56

'still a fair amount of milk needed.' - not that that is bad though, just sometimes it is draining, othertimes it is great and bondy.

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