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November 2014 - the one where they test boundaries.

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MrsAukerman Mon 27-Mar-17 20:41:00

New thread ladies. Jump on board.

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happypotamus Tue 28-Mar-17 08:15:41

anna well done for getting DC outside in the garden while you and DH drink tea and eat cake inside. I agree that this is the dream for the future. I have wondered at what age I can send DDs out to play in the garden by themselves and leave me in peace.
DD has slept minimally since the clocks changed, probably about 9 broken hours a night and no naps. We were at in-laws' house on Sunday where they have a cot bed that has been turned into a cot as their other grandchildren are school-aged now. We really tried to persuade her that the 'big girl bed' would be great for a nap but she loudly and insistently declined to go to sleep until it was too close to dinner time to bother. Yesterday my dad looked after her while I worked and he doesn't try to put her for a nap, just hopes she will fall asleep in the pushchair so she slept for 15mins, and she has another horrible cold and cough so was waking up moaning about that in the night too.
Good new thread title MrsA - I'm sure DD has been testing the boundaries for years now, especially testing the boundaries of sleep deprivation for herself and me!!

Annarose2014 Wed 29-Mar-17 09:36:23

I swear to god, the book 123 Magic arrived over a week ago and neither myself or DH has had time to read it yet. Meanwhile DS' favourite word is becoming No. Must try harder! blush

eastmidswarwicknightnanny Fri 31-Mar-17 17:02:17

Ohhh new thread.

Clock change has meant 6.30 wake up now Rather than 5.30 not sure how long that will last.

Anna I did 123 magic training about 13yrs ago its pretty good. I do try 123 with ds2 but as soon as you say 1 he carried on counting to 10 so isn't overly effective. I just use making eye contact telling what I do or don't want him to do or he has to sit on the door mat in utility room (only place I have found he careas enough about not wanting to be). Ds1 we never used anything he was so bloody laid back although at 6.5yrs he is showing some def character.

Had day off today to use up last of the leave been sorting out clothes for holiday I detests ironing.

Off to get smallest from nursery, DH has taken ds1 to cinema

MrsAukerman Sat 01-Apr-17 18:55:41

Very lovely times being had here for the most part.
His understanding and find motor and memory have all progressed amazingly and we're basking in the calm before the next inevitable storm.
I do think I'm definitely a firmer parent now than a few months ago but I reckon it's paying off.

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ladydolly Sun 02-Apr-17 09:37:07

I do counting down 3-2-1 and it works a charm. DD is a much easier toddler than she was a baby so really enjoying this stage. I'm away with work at the moment and have facetimed home twice only to be told she wants to get back to her toys/tv/snacks. Charming.

Have approval from DP to start trying for another one next month. I must be mad... will have to hold that vision of sitting in the garden while dc's play smile

Annarose2014 Sun 02-Apr-17 09:54:08

Oh how exciting! I wonder if moggle is still trying as I think she said they were going to start in January.

DS has definitely changed and the tantrums are much less here. The more he understands, the less battles he fights. He still has Moments of Madness but not bad at all really. He's becoming lovely company. He chatters and laughs and sings to himself and repeats everything like a parrot and he's hilarious.

He's also suddenly become really affectionate. He always allowed himself to be cuddled and kissed but never sought it out. Never kissed. Now it's like he's realised he can do these things himself. He's coming up to me and saying "Hug" just cos he likes them and when you give him one he cackles with delight. And this morning he kissed me on the lips and it was the first time he's kissed me EVER! I almost wept! He's also going up to DD and trying to hug her and kiss her and patting her awkwardly on the head whilst she stares at him, confused. It's all a bit heart melty.

Oh and he's entered the "what's that?" "What's in there?" "What's up there?" phase. He asks it about everything. It's already getting a bit boring to be honest!

moggle Tue 04-Apr-17 09:11:16

Yes we have had three rounds of frozen embryo transfer now with nothing to show for it :-( (well an early miscarriage, chemical pregnancy and then a negative). We're starting another one next week after an endometrial scratch on Friday (yes it's supposed to be as painful as it sounds, wahhh) Feeling quite down about it all as it's depleting our savings, it's been £3500 down the drain so far, we can't make any decisions about holidays abroad or doing any house projects that cost more than a couple of hundred quid. Plus if it carries on this way we will have to have another fresh cycle which will set us back £6000 which I don't even know where we'll find.


DD is being quite a delight at the moment at least which is helping. That isn't even sarky. She's so funny and affectionate and loves cuddling. And she adores babies. I have to be careful as if she's walking around the supermarket if I lose sight of her she'll always be found by a pushchair trying to hold a baby's hand or stroking it's head. I know she will love being a big sister when it eventually happens.
She's definitely starting to reduce her naps. I quite like the days with no nap as we can go out for a whole day and I don't have to stress about whether we'll fit in a sleep. And then usually the next day she'll have a mega nap.
Just trying to work out when to take the side off her cot, and when to start potty training. Nearly started the latter this weekend as she has had a terrible nappy rash for days, but it seems to have cleared up this morning so we'll put it off until mid may I think when we're home from a week away in wales (did think about doing it on holiday but the place we're staying has no washing machine!!).
Yesterday she finally 'cracked' her scooter. Usually she just moans when we encourage her to ride it, but I could literally see the cogs turning as she finally realised that gliding along on wheels is actually really really fun! She was sticking her leg out behind her going 'wheee!!!' in the sunshine. Hopefully the beginning of not having to have the pushchair all the freaking time.

Strawberryfield12 Tue 04-Apr-17 21:00:31

Another affectionate and lovely little girl here. It's such an improvement compared to the last summer's tantrums for every little thing. There are more and more things we can agree on. The little downside to DD loving hugs is if she wakes during the night she will call for us to come and cuddle up with her. Thank goodness for having double bed for her! We can actually get a decent sleep while doing the cuddle stint!
This morning she was still asleep, DH and I went to get ready for day. Just as I got out of the shower DD run into the bathroom, she started to pass my clothes over to me piece by piece with "Mummy dress!". She even took my top off the hanger.

Last month we had my sister and nephew staying with us for a week. DD really hit off with him despite having 11 years age difference. When we took them to the airport, DD fell asleep in the car and never saw them leave. The first thing she said waking up was his name and was looking for him around the house on return. sad Eventually I told her that he went home in the airplane, which made her fairly excited. It's now passed 3 weeks since they've left and she still talks about him. I thought they were supposed to have short memory span at this age?

HalfStar Wed 05-Apr-17 13:12:46

Hi everyone

strawberry that's all so cute. DD2 is still in her cot but I think I'd secretly like to have a cuddle stint with her every now and then. Nights have been fine really, she woke at 5am last night to go to the loo but this is unusual for her, normally she's dry all night then does a massive elephant wee when she gets up.

anna I remember doing the cup of tea watching from the kitchen window thing in our old house - it was great! Peace! And it will only get better really as your dd gets older. In our new house the garden is quite sprawling - not a complaint at all but it does mean I can't really keep an eye on them from inside and they roam about quite a lot. Roll on more good weather though, i think it makes life so much easier all around.

lady that's exciting about ttc! Don't tell anyone but we are maybe in the same boat. Yes, we must be mad, keep wobbling about it but going to give it a go. Taking nothing for granted.

moggle god that's all very hard for you. Hope you're OK. How was the procedure? It sounds very soul destroying. Glad DD is such good company for you.

MrsA DS sounds lovely. I agree I love this age despite increasing levels of sass sophistication.

east I should look into that book! I'm finding it much easier to be firm with DD2 than DD1. THey both howl but dd2 can be distracted whereas DD1 will not let it go. Tricky age. confused

happy so glad all is ok with your dh. Fingers crossed dd2's sleep settles down soon.

Sorry if I've missed anyone!

eastmidswarwicknightnanny Wed 05-Apr-17 19:02:13

Oh def half think your eldest is similar age to mine and always been easy but is developing an attitude trouble is he has met his match with me so frequently the tablet gets banned not that he goes on it a lot but annoys him enough that it works.

My boys love the garden just brought a wooden picnic table that table top comes off and its sand table its great.

Annarose2014 Fri 07-Apr-17 08:03:35

moggle thinking of you today and your scratch (wince!).

Everyone on the TTC boat!

The bossiness is a bit irritating. This morning he woke up at 7.20 and I went in: "No! Go away!" hmm I said fine I'm going back to bed. All quiet for 10 minutes whilst he contemplated the universe, then: "WAKE UUUUPPPP! COME HEEEEEEERE!"

I think I'm going to have to start coming down on it. He's become so good at please and thank you and spontaneous sorrys - so this bossiness really stands out.

HalfStar Fri 07-Apr-17 10:58:33

Anna, dd2 literally tells me to 'Shoo, Mammy' while shoving her hand at me. Like I'm a crow on the lawn.

east, that picnic table sounds fantastic! Where did you get it?

Strawberryfield12 Fri 07-Apr-17 16:22:32

grin Halfstar. DD lashes out orders regularly, but your DD with the 'shoo' definitely beats it. When she orders us to do things, we always ask her to say please. She then says please with a guilty smile.

eastmidswarwicknightnanny Fri 07-Apr-17 18:52:59

Halfstar it came from aldi but think other places do them

eastmidswarwicknightnanny Fri 07-Apr-17 18:55:32

This is half price its bigger n not as pretty as ours

Ours is v similar to this one

happypotamus Sat 08-Apr-17 08:37:51

eastmids I saw that sand table in Aldi and tried to persuade DH to drive round the corner and get it but he didn't sad

Re the long-term memory: in about February my mum came to our house with her dog. At lunchtime the dog barked loudly, DD jumped a mile and spilled the cup of milk she was drinking. Most days she still tells us 'K made me spill my milk.' Also, at about the same time she bumped her head while sitting on the bus, and she reminds me of this every time we go on a bus. Last week at stay n play group someone accidentally spilt some tea on her head (fortunately it wasn't hot), and several times a day everyday since she tells me 'got tea on my hair' so perhaps this will also become one of the stories sh is still telling me in months.
She is generally quite lovely except when I want her to get in the pushchair for the morning school run. Although she did cry for 10 mins yesterday because she wanted the butter in the fridge and I didn't.

Annarose2014 Sat 08-Apr-17 10:04:58

Yesterday we were watching Paw Patrol and there was a pumpkin and DS roared PUMPKIN! I can safely say he hasn't seen a pumpkin since November nor even heard the word since. I was astonished.

This morning we had one of those Reasons My Son is Crying moments. I peeled a banana and broke off a bit to hand him. "Noooooo! It's broken! Fix it fix it FIX IT AAAARRGGGH!" And he went full on bawling as he tried to stick it together. I reacted the wrong way and said here you have the big bit and I'll have the little bit and popped the little bit into my mouth. Well. You'd swear I had eaten a puppy. "AAAAAHHHH!! STOP EATING! STOP EATING! AAAAAHHHH! NOOOOOO! AAAAAHHHH!" Sobbing his little heart out!

OMG, the drama. First thing in the morning. Bustled him into cbeebies, big bit of banana in his trembling hand and of course 5 seconds later he'd forgotten it all.


MrsAukerman Sun 09-Apr-17 14:35:45

Ah, the reasons my son is crying lists......
Ludicrous requests all over the place!
We've had a few wees in the toilet (seat reducer) but only before bath. No other successes. Anyone doing active potty training or is everyone just letting their child get it in their own time?

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HalfStar Sun 09-Apr-17 17:10:41

Good work on the wees!

Dd2 going through a fussy eating phase..anyone else? Annoying when you spend time cooking. Going to try to cut out all the countless bananas and stuff she requests constantly, might make her eat more.

MrsAukerman Sun 09-Apr-17 17:35:04

Very fussy here. We give a bedtime snack during night garden which is probably why but I'm loath to cut it out as he sleeps really well at the moment.

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ladydolly Sun 09-Apr-17 20:12:28

Oh Moggle that sounds really hard, you are so amazing at staying positive, hope Friday went OK.

Amazing halfstar would love to be pregnant at the same time as you and moggle again. If we're lucky enough of course.

Dd still a human dustbin so far, she eats everything. I worry more about her loving eating too much. I took her to my allotment on Friday and again today. She likes to water the plants. At bedtime she recounted a whole story to her dad about how she trod on the onions and I shouted at her but then I said sorry because it wasn't her fault. Slightly exaggerated but do was stunned by how much to say, especially as this was Friday.

Potty training, we are giving it ago next weekend, she doesn't seem keen so far.

HalfStar Mon 10-Apr-17 11:03:32

Oh lady that's so funny about the onions story. They definitely take any instance of 'mum shouting' very seriously don't they? I think because we dote on dd2 so much, any time we use our cross voice, it just kills her. There's about an 8 second delay while her face crumples, then we get the devastated howling, accompanied by gasping for breath.

Can't remember, are most of yours still in a cot? No immediate plans here to move seemed so important to move dd1 as soon as she was toilet trained but we're realising dd2 is still absolutely fine in her cot. I definitely think she would run riot at bedtime if she could get out herself.

Annarose2014 Mon 10-Apr-17 11:29:16

Still in the cot bed, thank God! He's not really a climber.

However DD has just gone into her own room in a small cot - she will hopefully be able to fit in it for another few months but then she'll need his.

Problem is, he's in the wrong bedroom! He's in the box room and we have 2 spare doubles, one for him and one for her. We should have just put him in from say one but I think we had so much junk in the doubles at the time.....and "his" room still needs a massive clear out and we have no time! But we recently realised we need to move him into the big room whilst still in the cot or it'd all be very unsettling. Then once he's used to it we can move to a bed. But all has to be done before she grows out of the cot and needs his cotbed!

We keep putting it off - we are still up in the night with her, so are afraid to cause unsettled nights with him. Total cowardice really.

Oh and we need to buy a toddler bed too. hmm

It's all a bit daunting.

Needless to say we're not touching toilet training. He still has often done a big poo just before he wakes up so I doubt he's ready. He seems oblivious.

He's just realised he has a Willy. Now he's being very careful about us touching it so he must have some sensation there when we go at him with the baby wipes. We have to be very gentle or he protests. That's new!

happypotamus Mon 10-Apr-17 15:30:48

I feel like I missed the boat with toilet training. A couple of months ago, she was always talking about wee wee and going to the toilet, asking to sit on the toilet whenever I went even if she rarely did anything, excited to wear pants. But, I didn't push on with it although I did let her sit on the toilet whenever she wanted to, because I didn't have the time or energy and couldn't see how it would work with the week when DH was having his colonoscopy. Partly, because a colonoscopy requires you to spend 2 days drinking laxatives and so I assumed he would spend a lot of time in our only bathroom, partly because I didn't see how I could spend 2hrs doing the pick-up from nursery and school with her in pants and no access to a toilet and partly because I didn't have the emotional strength to put myself through it. Now she never mentions weeing or pooing, never asks to use the toilet or potty or wear pants at all. I'm sure another time will come when she is interested again, hopefully.
She is still in a cot. DD1 was in a cot until about 4 months before she turned 3. I reasoned that she didn't need a bed until she was either too big for a cot or was trying to climb out in a dangerous way. In the end I don't think we got to that point but bought it her anyway. Like Anna I don't want to do anything that could rock the boat with sleep. At the moment she tends to sleep ok once she actually goes to sleep, maybe waking up for 20-30mins once or twice a week. She is rarely asleep before 9.30pm, but, with the help of glow-in-the-dark Kindle, I am resigned to that.

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