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1st YEAR FUN Oct 06 babies

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Rumpel Sun 31-Dec-06 07:56:11

Over here now?

Rumpel Sun 31-Dec-06 07:57:58

Hi All

Gingeme Sun 31-Dec-06 11:29:54

Ah there you are. Sounds like a lovely Christmas rumpel if a bit sad. los been all over the place the past couple of days with his feeding. Going about every 3 hours ish but only drinking 4oz ish then going 6 hours at night then evry 4 hours another night. We took ds3 to the Natural History Museum yesterday to see the dinosaurs. Was packed!! Then some foriegn woman knocked ds3 over with her bag and carried on walking. I shouted to her'excuse me you just knocked my son over with your bag!'. She turned and smiled and shrugged her shoulders. OOOH I could have gone for her. Not like me but Im so pre mental at the moment. Trouble is we kept seeing her all day after that. Bloody woman. Still apart from that it was a brill day and lo slept the whole time exept for feeds. Anyway Hope you all have a Happy New Year and enjoy whatever your doing tonight to celebrate xxx

pmoore Sun 31-Dec-06 14:36:24

Hi everyone-

My LO has her very first cold- feel very helpless. Not a lot I can do for her really. The only good thing is now that she is 3 months I can use Karvol and chemist gave me Medised that has a decongestant in it. Causes drowsiness though. Anyone else experienced their first colds?

Not much planned for New Year just a quiet one indoors- keep LO warm and dry.

Happy New Year all.

PrettyCandlesAndTinselToo Sun 31-Dec-06 19:30:36

Happy New Year everyone. Anyone celebrating tonight? Or will the only Oct06 mums awake at midnight be the ones who are feeding/settling/napppy-changing?

catgirl Sun 31-Dec-06 19:53:34

just thought I would say 'hi' on the new thread before I start the ironing - oh I remember New Year's past when I would just about be ready to out - oh well, I'm sure I'll feel better tomorrow then I ever did then!

Had a lovely xmas at the in-laws - basically we did nothing - sounds selfish, but if you get involved it gets very complicated, so easier to do nothing! Was a little annoying as they couldn't leave ds2 alone so every little squeak had someone fussing over him so he would end up over tired and unable to settle to sleep etc - but in the scheme of things not a big deal really.

We spent this morning in Ikea buying more storage for toys! - we just can't seem to get rid of anything major - ds1 still plays with all his big stuff (trains, pirates, kitchen stuff/food, duplo) and we have got some baby toys out of the attic.... can't afford to move to anything bigger, we will have to all fit!

Moved ds2 into his own room last night - he slept really well - well, I did, dh was settling him until 11 ish, then got up to him at 4 am - I didn't even hear him! Then I got up with him at 8 - having been woken by ds1 at 6:45am to snuggle in with him!

Sorry it's so long, must make the most of internet connection.

Happy New Year ladies - we having a London met up in January?

marthahm Sun 31-Dec-06 20:28:28

hello all. happy new year for 4 hours time. i know i won't be awake.
have had so much help at in laws its been a huge help. agree with others that you can cope with getting up in night if someone has done everything else.
ended up taking dd to paediatrician before xmas as was so worried about crying and lack of weight gain. had it confirmed that was a mix of colic and reflux. huge relief to know when they are screaming in pain that it's not some awful disease. (did i already post this before xmas?)
colic and reflux has got worse over xmas. to add to that i am running out of milk by the end of the day. lost it this evening when had nothing left and v hungry baby. have decided will have to top up with formula at night or we're all going to lose the plot.
which one did everyone recommend? can't remember.
gemmitygem, really sorry about your dh being away at xmas, how gutting.
gingeme, well done for not hitting the lady
rumpel well done for starting new thread

marthahm Sun 31-Dec-06 20:42:21

bewilderbeast-for colic i have tried pretty much everything;
what seems to work for us are-
infacol to bring up wind
lots of winding
dummy for lo to suck on to help with pain relief
paediatric osteopath treatments-HELPED 2ND MOST
camomilla homeopathic remedy-30c-HELPED THE MOST
rocking lo in rocking chair
putting lo to sleep on front-i know, shock, horror, but it's the only way she'll sleep
cutting out wheat and dairy-a very last resort as complete pain up the backside but has really helped lo
lots and lots of support to reduce the amount of time you are left holding the baby and feeling you're going to chuck it out the window
giving lo bottle of expressed breast milk because she gets it down her much quicker than breast feeding and finishes it before pain starts-unfortunately don't have enough milk to do this v often

things that have not helped for us-
colief (lactose enzyme to help them digest milk)
massage-she screams even more
anything to help her poo-brown sugar in water, prune juice, me eating more roughage

anyway, good luck, it's really awful but it's got to end sometime soon and these are just the things that helped lo, sure it's different for all. we're praying that it will stop at 3 months

Rumpel Mon 01-Jan-07 09:24:06


Hope you all had a good time (sleep) last night! Some plonker let off fireworks outside my house at 12.10 last night - I was sound asleep and it woke me up Soo not in the party mood!

Had rough night with LO awakening every couple of hours shnuffuffling about. V tired today and supposed to be going visiting - can't be bothered - so much to do as house is a coup, still not unpacked properly form being away at Christmas.

DH put the cotbed up yesterday and there is no room in the nursery for it! I am a fat pie at the mo' and it is too tight a squeeze to get my bum in between the cotbed and the changing chest of drawers. Am going to have to move our bed against the window and put the cotbed in our room until we can move. I am hoping that this will not make LO clingy and reliant on being in with us in the future?

Martha - my HV recommended Aptamil 1st formula as it is most like breast milk in composition (quite watery) although I find it hard to get so I use Aptamil 2. My LO was fine with the cartons but got constipated when I first put her on the powdered stuff - I just reduced the scoops by one until she was flowing more freely! Be warned though, formula poo is firmer and it stinks! Blurgh

youngmum21 Mon 01-Jan-07 13:24:26

Happy New Year everyone!! xx

Gingeme Mon 01-Jan-07 14:17:00

Happy New Year to you all. Sounds like a busy household you have. We had an eventful night. Got the boys off to bed by 8pm. Opened a bottle of wine and settled to watch a dvd. 9pm lo woke crying with an extremely yukky nappy. Settled him back down. 9.45 ds3 woke up very hot and sweaty demanding a drink. Gave him one and a cuddle settled him down. 12 saw the new year in ds3 woke again loads of firewirks going off woke him up. Got him up for a cuddle and he decides its time to play. 12.30 Settled him back to bed and went to bed ourselves. 1.30 lo woke for his feed and again had another very smelly nappy. Settled him finaly at 2.30 . He then woke at 7 for his next feed which dh gave him in the front room so I could have a lay in. Sllept till about 9.30 to be woken by kids playing outside. Feel so tired now but hey whats new. Wow what a grouch and its still only Jan 1st x

majormoo Mon 01-Jan-07 19:15:06

happy new year all and thanks for new thread rumpel.
we had a good time, some friends stayed with their 2 year old. had various other friends drop in for a drink before they went off to parties. it was good to see them and still feel part of the new year festivities. once guests had left we had dinner about ten, and some sparkly for midnight. none of the kids slept well so i know how you feel about being exhausted today gingme. our childless friends were all at fatboy on the beach today while we sat eating my split pea and frankfurter soup as i fancied myself as nigella lawson this morning. mind you she wanders around in a red silk dressing gown the morning after rather than a t-shirt covered in baby sick!

hope the colic/reflux improves martha/bewilderbeast.

emzickle Mon 01-Jan-07 20:23:10

happy new year girls!

how are you all?

Long time no chat - been so busy with LO, she's now 11 1/2 weeks, and has grwon so much! Hope all you LO's are all ok too -

does any one have any advice how to lose some extra weight, 2 stone literaly dropped off, but my OH proposed on Christmas Day!!! I've now got a target weight of 9 stone 6, to get down to before we get married x x x

Tigerlion Mon 01-Jan-07 20:32:43

Congratulations Emzickle re your engagement. Hope everyone had good Christmases and Happy New Years. We drove to France with the two little ones in the back. A 2 month and 16 month old make a fair amount of noise when put together but my stash ofr biscuits in the front for DS and my bottle warming on the move for DD quietened things down every so often.

Rumpel, like you, we had lots of photos taken of four generations of ladies. My grandmother had 11 children of which 6 were girls. My mother and two of her sisters were the only ones to have girls. One girl has already had three boys and does not plan on having any others and the other girl cousins are teenagers, so I am probably the only one to be able to have such a photo taken with my grandmother. It was a very proud moment!

Eloise has had a cold for over two weeks now and it does not seem to be getting any better. What can we give them at this age (she is 9 weeks)to help them, apart from saline drops as they seem to be doing very little to help.

It will be strange but great when DH starts new job on Wednesday. He has been here since 4 days after Eloise's birth so I have had his help with the two little ones throughout. I just hope I am going to cope!

Happy New Year to you all.

Gingeme Mon 01-Jan-07 21:59:03

Ah congratulations Emzickle. My step son proposed to his girl friend on Boxing Day too. Made my dh very nervous to realise he had a son old enough to get married. And one of 9 weeks old.

jmcmugwump Tue 02-Jan-07 15:04:17

Congrats Emzickle, I have also embarked on the annual tradition of starting a diet on 1st Jan - currently this only involves not eating chocolate/crisps/nuts/assorted pastry items/cake in between meals oh and have decided it is time to swap the individual trifles for muller lights!!

Did really well on the weightloss once LO was born probably due to simply not having the time to eat and not being able to move from my feeding spot long enough to get any 'bad' food. have now put back on over half a stone so will need to do something - think will have to start doing some exercise too in an effort to lose the flabby bit at the front - OH suggested doing sit ups - told him All my stomach muscles are broken and couldn't even manage one never mind it was all worth it! I just can't believe how fast she is growing (must take after her mum) full of smiles and gurgles again today (her not me) off to find some melon now...

emzickle Tue 02-Jan-07 18:19:32

Evening all!

Lola was weighed today - 13lb I'm amazed, she's catching everyone up.

Has any one else tried to work out their LO's predicted height in the red book using the formulae?

Lola is predicted to be 178 cm... that seems fecking tall to me ahem... well she is a long skinny one, and like a puppy, huge ears and feet that she needs to grow into!!!

Hope all had a good day x x x

Gingeme Tue 02-Jan-07 19:05:33

Do you realise this time last year alot of us were either trying or very early pregnant? Wow how time flies eh? Has any of you started their periods yet? I havnt breast fed for 3 weeks now and feel realy pre mental but nothing seems to be happening.Just will be glad when it comes. One thing I am pleased has returned though is my libido

emzickle Tue 02-Jan-07 22:08:57

Gingeme - had really horrid drawing period type pains all day but nothing to come of it yet - I too havent been breast feeding for 2 weeks now, any idea when to expeft AF again?

And yes, my LO was concieved last new years eve!!!

Gingeme Tue 02-Jan-07 22:14:37

Hi emxickle no idea Im afraid. When I had my 6 week check up the mw said as I wasnt bf my period could return within the next 6 weeks. That was 3 weeks ago so any time now realy. Certainly feels like it. Feel like crap at the mo and have had a constant headache which for me is usualy a sign.
Oh a New Years conception eh.Hows your lo doing? Mines been all over the place with his bottles lately. Bit like a new born again. Just hope its another growing spurt. He does some wonderful smiles now. Brings tears to my eyes.

MummyPossum Wed 03-Jan-07 15:47:40

Message withdrawn

MummyPossum Wed 03-Jan-07 15:51:17

Message withdrawn

Swizzler Wed 03-Jan-07 17:33:59

Mummypossum: hope you get rid of the relatives soon . We're off for another family visit next week - hope DS won't get too stressed.

Second lot of jabs today - he screamed the place down but now seems OK. I bunged some Calpol in him in the hope that it might stop his legs swelling up like last time. Got weighed as well - 15 lb 5 - so more than doubled his birthweight by 3 months . Have got rid of all the 0-3 months clothes and invested in some large babygros. I'll have to get knitting again as he's growing out of his jumpers.

Lots of gurgling and cooing going on here again - latest word is 'Ah Goo' accompanies by much dribbling

Any thoughts on a New Years meet up?

Mellin Thu 04-Jan-07 10:52:28

Mummypossum: Sounds like a very excitable extended family you have! Wow 5 languages, can you say "bog off annoying relatives" in all 5
Swizzler: You knit for DS! Ohmegawd DD is lucky if she is wearing a clean baby grow!! You are a good mummy.

DD had her first shots last week and I was all prepped with the Calpol and ready for a restless night, fever, crying etc etc.... And instead I got the amazing sleepy baby!! Was dropping off to sleep all over the place for the next 24 hours, even slept for an 8 hour stretch at night. Back to 3 hour wakings the next day but it was absolutely glorious for one night.

Gingeme Thu 04-Jan-07 13:03:08

Good afternoon ladies. lo just been to the health visitor for his 9 week check up. All is well. He gave her loads of smiles and gurgles. While ds3 played with the pedal bin which fascinated him for some unknown reason. lo is now sleeping from 8pm to 3am then back to sleep till 7. Next step will be all through I hope.All quiet now mummypossum? Your very brave to have all the family in your house.
Swizzler knitting!! Your so clever. Im left handed and remember my Nans friend teaching me but unfortunately she only taught me the basics. I used to knit alot of scarves. Going to my friends later. Shes expecting so IM passing on lo's too small stuff. Have a nice afternoon. xx

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