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October 2012 babies - over here nobbers!

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Smorgs Wed 02-Jan-13 19:36:21

This really will be the thread where all our babies start sleeping through the night... right?!

londonlivvy Wed 02-Jan-13 20:48:25

I'll vote for that, smorgs.

hufflepuffle Wed 02-Jan-13 21:07:14


hufflepuffle Wed 02-Jan-13 21:11:16

I thought long loud squelchy warming poos were the norm. I can hear them from our bathroom, down the hall. Tho usually they are on my knee and i fear for my jeans. They are very amusing tho, really must video...(evil mummy emoticon!!)

Woolybob Wed 02-Jan-13 21:41:37

Ha ha, love the title smorgs! Well we're starting the new year with a poo that was so far up her back it got on the back of her arms, a horrible cough resulting in vomitting her 2am feed all over my boob and pjs, snot on the shoulder of all my cardis and an hours screaming hissy fit when I gave her calpol. <sigh> Vaccinations tomorrow (if they'll do them?)...

Woolybob Wed 02-Jan-13 21:52:07

All my cardis? That makes it sound like I have a massive collection. I have 2 black cardigans, just to clarify wink

DD once did a long noisy squelchy poo while in the Kari me sling, soaked through onto my top. She saves them up a few days but when she goes, she goes!

Smorgs Wed 02-Jan-13 22:24:48

huffle ha, poo cam.
first Smorglet had a few nights of waking at 4am to poo. I woke up to him grunting in his basket next to me, usually about an hour after last feed, grr.
wooly own up now, with all those cardis your a librarian aren't you?! (or my old sub editor)

Talking of which, someone was asking about thoughts on going back to work (by the way respect to smiley for going back so soon - that's French style). Well we moved here almost 2 yrs ago thinking in the back of our minds that if we did want to sprogletise we would struggle in the uk to keep our mortgage without me working and my job was not compatable with a small baby (newspaper hack, long and unpredictable hours and long commute). So moved here hoping I would find something to do as a job but thinking realistically I might not. Was very lucky to find 6 month maternity cover role in a similar industry but when that ended I felt very lost and was looking forward to the baby arriving to give me some purpose again, which it has. I can't say I miss work - have realised I'm a bit of a sensitive soul and can't put up with shouty news editors anymore -but I miss being in an office with banter and miss the identity work havd me. I might have some more freelance work coming up which would be nice but I'm also wondering if its worth it? It's badly paid and why am I trying to maintain my skills and experience for a job I'm unlikely to go back to in an industry that's dying? It would also mean leaving Smorglet in crèche 4 consecutive days a month and I'm not sure I'm he's ready for that yet. So looks like I will be a sahm for now, which I'm kind of looking forward to... If you ask me on a good day!

DH and I met in a nightclub in London at a mutual friends birthday party. He started explaining the physics of aircraft flight to me (yes really. Back off ladies, he's already taken) when I explained i had just learnt to kitesurf and reeled off a few choice nuggets about the physics of flight. Bless him, his eyes turned into love hearts like they do in the cartoons. We then drank our way through the entire cocktail menu and I sacked off the two other parties I had to go to that night and lured him back to my lair, mwah ha ha. That was 8 years ago in October.

Elpis Wed 02-Jan-13 22:26:02

DS farted so loudly tonight that the shock made him cry.

He's burping in a very satisfactory way at the moment. More gases than the periodic table.

Elpis Wed 02-Jan-13 22:29:58

Smorgs! Another hack! Well, my employer is making lots of compulsory redundancies shortly so I may be in a similar boat.

Elpis Wed 02-Jan-13 22:37:04

DH was friend of a friend. I had just been dumped. Went to a Bond movie and headed to Chinatown afterwards. I ordered the pigeon and it came decapitated. I waved the heads around on chopsticks. Astonishingly, he wasn't smitten. Friend invited us to spend Christmas with her family and he drove us up. I deliberately left my mix tapes in the car so I could drop into his flat to collect them. Bought some knickers in the Selfridges sale, just in case I got lucky. I did.

MickeyTheShortOne Wed 02-Jan-13 22:58:16

Good grief, it took me so long to catch up (again) a new thread got started!!!
Happy new year to you all. Would just like to thank you all for the support, laughter and sympathy you all gave in the last year, i cant believe its nearly a year since I got pregnant!! I truly couldnt have done it without you all.
On the talk of more babies, as much as we wouldnt want DD to be an only child, the thought of pregnancy, and the hideous birth aftermath just terrifies me. Truly scares me. Hmm.. maybe I should go to this midwife debrief after all. Basically, I nearly died after having DD, I dont think I could put myself DP through that again. Im aware that things will probably be different next time, and will most likely have a c-section.. but even that scares me. I'm not used to taking it easy, and obviously you have to after one of those.
Having said that, we are trying to get a barn converted into a place for us to live in.. so I highly doubt we could afford it. we can barely afford it now
Is anyone else feeling a bit.. dependent on their DPs now? Im hating not having the control over my own money now. I hate having to ask DP for money if I want to go get my haircut or go shopping... Im on stat mat pay but that just covers our rent and electric bill. ugh, it sucks.
Had loads more to say but cant remember any of it now. DD is 6 weeks old, and is well and truly in her growth spurt. She is really smiling in response to us now which is so so so cute.. I think she is starting to recognise toys and stuff.. when did you older babies start responding to toys? I still don't know if I am stimulating her enough... Tummy time is a bit of a failure at the mo because she doesn't really get it, bless her. She holds her head up for a bit to look at me as if to say "wtf is going on?!" grin then flops her mouth straight down on the mat again so i have to pick her up so she can breath!! Any tips?

We are still on weekly poos here. Today's one smelt so wierd that DP threw up grin serves him right for avoiding the last three I got

am so sorry i havent namechecked. I hope you are all doing ok.. lots of wine for you all!!

FjordMor Wed 02-Jan-13 23:20:53

Just marking my place and popping in briefly.

Livvy - I'm sure it will be fine. Here in Norway they don't get their vaccinations until around 10-12 weeks. Baby Fjord has only had the ones just after birth. She's now 13 weeks (today) and having hers the day before she'll be 14 weeks.

Baby Fjord has decided to start the teething process. Have had a Velcro baby day. Will try & get on tomorrow if it's a better day.

Angelico Wed 02-Jan-13 23:42:35

<marks place>

<waves and crawls off to bed with yet another cold, grrr!>

nenehooo Thu 03-Jan-13 00:03:23

Oh my god the poo/fart stories are making me laugh so much I just woke mini up whilst feeding her! I LOVE a good fart/poo joke because inside i'm still 12 years old My favourite is when mini coughs/sneezes and farts at the same time. Or hiccups and farts. Please please PLEASE make a poo video huffle!

Cherrychopsticks Thu 03-Jan-13 00:18:32

Great story Elpis. grin

Thanks for the thread Smorgs, love the name. Sleeping through would be great please, thank you!
Last night was progress - only woke once! (Unfortunately there was a huge poo involved so fed him before and after cheating) He slept for 6 hours, then straight back for another 4.5. smile

Mickey, DS is 10 weeks today and definitely recognises toys. He loves to play on the baby gym and will happily stay there for a good hour - grabbing, chatting and bashing, if I get the timing right.
He loves his Lamaze ripoff dragonfly thing and this that my friend bought him for Xmas.
You could put a rolled up towel under her chest for tummy time? DS has good days and bad days with it, sometimes he get right up, others he just lays there sucking his fist.
I too hate having to ask for money. I'm not getting any maternity pay though, as my business can't pay the 2 partners (me) plus my maternity cover. DH is giving me a monthly amount and more as and when needed.

Livvy, like Fjord our city doesn't start injections until about 3 months. Haven't even booked ours yet.

How are you Crazy? Sorry you are having a crap time, you have been so unlucky with illness etc. thanks

YompingJo Thu 03-Jan-13 03:57:16

Elpis, dd regularly cries when she farts. Or burps. Or coughs. Pretty much any bodily function can upset her. I used to find it endearing...

Cherrychopsticks Thu 03-Jan-13 05:08:12

Haha Yomping! By all accounts, my brother was like that as a baby. He's a very nice, perfectly happy man now. grin

smile4me Thu 03-Jan-13 05:10:59

DD loves saving up poos for clean nappies... we have a big farting explosion so dutiful mother goes shock 'how can so much noise come out of something so small...' changes nappy only to repeat the process 5 mins later. And sometimes even a third time. Happens at least once a day, you'd hink i wouldhave learnt by now smile And regularly farts herself and us (or me anyway as DH seems to sleep through everything!) awake! It's the look of immense pleasure on her face afterwards that cracks me up every time!

mickey shock at the birth story... even thinking about that has me crossing my legs! And we don't do tummy time (except when being velcro baby on my chest)... causes huge amount of spewing! Our antenatal class talked about 'natural movement' (work done by Emmi Pickler and Magda Gerber ages ago) and their theory is not putting bubbas in positions they can't get into themselves to allow muscles and body to develop in natural order. So lots of lying on back and stops me feeling guilty about not doing tummy time!
Oh and totally feel blush about relying on DH at the moment... we have a farm and I used to do heaps... now do hardly anything except the vet work as it's too difficult with bubba. Totally sucks!

Had 3 month jabs today and bubba cried less than when DH dropped mobile on her head yesterday!

Hope you are feeling better angelico and crazy brew

cherry crikey Japan sounds like a $$$ place to have children!

hufflepuffle Thu 03-Jan-13 06:09:13

Can anyone manage to burp a sleeping baby?? I'm sure it is wind which keeps waking him in night and my winding techniques all serve to put him to sleep! We get little or no wind on last feed and none during night. this def adds to the early poonami session.

Beeblebear Thu 03-Jan-13 06:22:02

Oh gosh a new thread!?!? But i have only gotten through the first 300 or so of the last one. Think i will have to start fresh with this one!

Been MIA a while. I hope everyone is having a good start to their new year and that Christmas went well.

Arthur is being a good boy and has been sleeping well for the last two weeks. Think he may just be starting to discover how to make noises other than a cry,.and is enjoying blowing bubbles. Still very little interest in toys including jaques the peacock and the big octopus lamaze toy. Our dogs however have to be reminded that the tits are not for them... Autocorrect again.. The TOYS are not for them. Well i guess neither are the tits. Lol Arthur has discovered sucking on his fists shock naked him a slobbery drool monster. Which is leading to the lovely green mucusy buttsplosions. (had to get A poo reference on here somewhere.

Well looks like tummy time is over.
Michelle and Arthur out!

Beeblebear Thu 03-Jan-13 06:24:20

*shock naked = which makes


YompingJo Thu 03-Jan-13 07:05:55

Gah, I have been using Colief wrongly. Explains why it has not seemed so effective over last few days. Cock.

Huffle winding mini yomping wakes her up again when she is all sleepy after a feed, so at night I don't wind her at the end of feeds (if at all) but then I worry that as I haven't got the burp out, it will wake her up. Tricky little buggers, burps. We think of them as little furry creatures that tickle her insides and have to be coaxed out...

Have dropped from 8hour block feed to 6hour blocks. Upside...easier to remember as I always switch at the same time each day.Downside... poor left boob gets shredded every evening during cluster feed. And last night I modified the block feeding approach and offered her both boobs for her last feed - had revelation that maybe she's too hungry to sleep for long. Was very excited, thought I'd cracked the short sleep issue. Result? A 2 and a half hour first sleep. Bang goes that theory then...

FirstTimeForEverything Thu 03-Jan-13 07:19:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WantAnOrange Thu 03-Jan-13 08:31:27

Thanks for asking Cherry DD is teething I think. Knowing what it is makes it easier to cope with. DH is still a arsehole at times but I can see he is trying. I dont think he was ever expected to pull his weight at home and we got together at 16 so he's never lived independently. I'm usually quite happy to do most things around the house and with childcare but I cant do everything. I will just keep repeating in the hope that it gets through, like you would with a toddler, bless him. He offered to cook last night shock then asked me to write down instructions but "not how they write it in recipe books because I never understand what they mean", how did this man get a degree?!

Mickey poor husband is dependant on me financially at the moment. We live of MA and Student Finance. I will have to go back to work in April/May if he doesnt get a full time job very very soon. I feel a bit sad about that, I always wanted the typical, Dad at work, Mum at home set up old fashioned. I do enjoy my job though, Childminding is probably as close to SAHM as I'll ever get.

I think I might have told you how I met DH before. We went to the same secondary school but he didnt ask me out until we were in sixth form (this must have been 2005). I found out I was pregnant 8 weeks later blush. We got married in may 2011 and decided to try for baby #2 last January, and caught the first month. For all I complain (and he can be crap) he is the best Husband in the world and his support during my first pregnancy was amazing. Most teenage boys would have run a mile. I see other young parents who have split from the child's father, who dont get any child support and he never visits and he's got other kids with several other women and I think, Jesus Christ I wouldnt ever need to ask DH to pay child support if we split. He might not do the dishes every night but he's 100% here.

DD fed all evening last night, but then slept 21:40 - 4:30, then went back to sleep until 7:00. DH is going to offer her a bottle again today. I'm going out so I dont have to hear the screams.

nenehooo Thu 03-Jan-13 08:43:38

Firsttime I'd had some good friends tell us that they put their LO in their own room after about12 weeks and it was the best thing they ever did, got much more sleep etc and was all ready to do the same... Bought an angel care monitor and everything in preparation. But now she's here and I've read the research I'm keeping her in with us. She goes into really deep sleeps where you really can't tell if she's breathing though - even the midwives in hospital commented on it. So I'm not taking the risk, personally.
Beeble we also have a Robles with our cats thinking mini's play mats/bouncy chair are beds for them. Especially when it's been raining and their own beds obviously aren't good enough and they need to dry their muddy paws on something nice and clean confused
It's now a military operation moving all her stuff into the dining room and shutting the cats out do they can't be tempted. Although sometimes they will just nonchalantly stroll in and get in/on them during the day right in front of us - cos that's just what cats do. Little buggers darlings!

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