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June 2009 - Threenagers and the world of 'I WANT...'

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Skillbo Mon 02-Jul-12 23:25:45

Thought would start our new one with a typical J threenager moment:

Trying to tidy up playroom which doubles up as our dining room -

Grabbing everything and trying to shove it to the side of the room, J declares 'my want my horses' which is this random stable thing she chose with her birthday money which houses 4 horses and is massive. Obviously she can't have it at the table but she grabs it and storms off saying 'you can't tell me'

Favourite phrases:
- My want it, obviously
- No, tried and tested favourite
- why? What you doing? Who's that? What's that?
- I want daddy to do it, and vice versa as long as it's the opposite to what you've got planned

and i won't get into her wardrobe choices grin

Gauchita Wed 16-Jan-13 19:56:49

Yay! Congratulations! grin

::gets paint, brushes::

snowwombat Fri 18-Jan-13 18:43:21

Thanks for the offers of help with the house. You will certainly be hearing all about it for the next ten years.

It is bucketing down with snow here. Thank goodness I left work early, I barely made it home from the train station in my little car. Our street is up a hill and I wasn't sure I was going to get up it. How is everyone else faring?
wine and a nice hot chilli for dinner. Followed by a hot toddy for my foul cold.
Happy snowy weekend Juners. Hope you are all inside and warm x

Gauchita Sat 19-Jan-13 07:42:38

Freezing morning (stating the obvious) grin It's snowed quite a bit overnight so M is a happy girl, she'll have her snowman today... brought to her by her dad of course.

Lots of work this week, including a live-tweeting session from a wine master class (via Skype), with little D awake instead of going to bed as he usually does grin Typical, every night he zonks with no problem, but the night I need to work he's up like a bee grin It went well, fortunately.

How are you all?

Skillbo, thinking of you, lady. Come over and let us know how you are? x

snowwombat Tue 22-Jan-13 11:33:36

Gauchita work sounds really interesting. How does a live twitter session work? What was it all about?

Skillbo you ok chook? Thinking of you

Does anyone have a suggestion for where to buy warm toddler socks?perfect for stopping little toes getting chilly?

Hope you are all warm! Our lovely snow currently being melted by crappy rain and sleet

brew and cake anyone?

StitchAteMySleep Tue 22-Jan-13 15:54:32

Hello ladies smile

Congrats on getting the mortgage approved Snow grin Try Little Trekkers for warm socks.

Gauchita sorry to hear about D's asthma diagnosis.

Skillbo hope you are okay lovely, we are here if you need us x

Ninja -how's things?

Snow melting here too, but bitterly cold with the wind chill factor. Our mini snowman that dh made for big N has melted on our balcony.

Holed up inside as I am ill and just can't face it after being out in the snow for the last few days (too many snowball fights me thinks!).

In other news we have 3 baby guinea pigs who are very sweet, only been with us two weeks. They will sit on big N while she strokes them, but she is a complete chatterbox as hasn't quite got the idea that a constant running dialogue might scare the poor things. We had to send our cat to my dad's house as he kept escaping onto the scaffolding in an attempt to get outside. He is happy there, he gets to go out and has made some cat friends according to my dad grin

Gauchita Fri 25-Jan-13 08:07:51

Marking place for later.

snowwombat Sun 27-Jan-13 12:50:49

Anyone watching the tennis?Great game in Melbourne tonight!
Thank you zhen for the little Trekkers heads up, have ordered some socks for the kids.
skillbo we are thinking of you. How are you coping chook? If there is anything we can do pleae let us know. Sorry not to be closer. You are in hants arent you?
Exciting day here, testing the new vacuum cleaner, after dh blew up the old one. To his credit, he was vacuuming the house at the time. Just had a delicious roast and then off to friends this afternoon. All our snow has been melted by fierce rain overnight. Luckily we had a great time taking the kids out on their toboggans yesterday.

snowwombat Sun 27-Jan-13 12:52:24

Bugger, posted before I meant to. Was Australia day yesterday, so we have made some lamingtons - sponge rolled in chocolate glaze and then coconut. Yum!

Hope you are all ok Juners.

snowwombat Tue 29-Jan-13 22:34:59

stitchthanks for the heads up on little Trekkers, got some lovely merino socks for the kids. How are the guinea pigs and how is your house? Scaffolding? Are you still having issues?

Have I killed the thread hmm? I can supply wine or brew

StitchAteMySleep Wed 30-Jan-13 14:33:55

Hi snow you are welcome. We are the house of bleurgh, coughs and colds for over a week now. Plus I am pre-menstrual, will be my first since I got pregnant with Lil N and after 2 c sections with all the scar tissue I am not looking forward to it, if the pre-cramps are anything to go by. Guinea pigs settling in nicely, off out to get some grass for them now, will take some pics and stick them on profile later.

Hello to everyone else smile

Gauchita Sat 02-Feb-13 07:16:54

Morning! I'll try and catch up now, while DC have breakfast, otherwise it might not happen 'til next week! grin

Stitch, oh that sucks. We were like that 2 weeks ago, just passing it on one to the other. Hope you're all on the mend now. I still have no signs of my period (not missing it, though!).

Snow, I bet the actual snow was pretty serious over there! Forgot to reply a previous question. The live tweeting (in our case) was like this: there was a wine master class going on. I, as had no childcare, was present via skype (fly on the wall) and tweeted 'live' what was said and done, pictures included via DH and Instagram. It was great, I love my new job smile As an aside, one of the p*rtners the other day happened to be around and started asking me about my job (for the record he has no idea about anything, no FB, little bit of a technophobe ha!) and then came a point when he said 'because you're more or less doing this as you go, right?'. The cheek! No, I don't have a degree on this but wtf grin I was very civil and replied accordingly :: proud:: I've been very touched recently as DH has received some fantastic feedback both from companies, people and also companies that offer the same services (!) saying our SM is amazing. smile

Ninja, how are things? Thanks for the little push the other day with Pilates grin

Skillbo, how are you, lovey? Thinking of you ((squeeze))

June, how are things? I haven't 'seen' you on FB in a while. Lots of work?

Leeetle bit excited here. Friend's birthday this evening and I'm going grin First evening out on my own in 4 years! It's only dinner but yay!

Have a lovely weekend Juners!

snowwombat Wed 06-Feb-13 21:38:02

Juners, where is everyone? Are you all ok out there?
gauchita thanks for the explanation about the live tweeting, it sounds like you do a fabulous job of the SM and great to have it confirmed with some lovely comments. Well done you!
How is your back?
stitch how are the guinea pigs? House of ill health? And hope period gone and you survived. Mine have been worse after each pregnancy, only think I will get though work this week with the aid of good painkillers.
ninja can I hire you for kicking my arse into gear re exercise? Sounds like you got gauchita motivated the other nightsmile

Bloody sleet here again, or snows for a few hours then sleet washes it all way. We have had some wonderful snow, often on a Saturday so we can get out with th e kids on their sledges. Going skiing in a few weeks, so very pleased they are both enjoying playing in the snow.

House purchase continues, vendors solicitor finally responded to our solicitor, hope to have some progress next week. Would really like to exchange complete of whatever the process is here sometime in 2013 and get renovating. The roof must be replaced ASAP, so much water getting in the house, would like to do this ASAP to prevent more damage to our potentially lovely house.

Anyway, thinking of you Juners and hoping you all ok, particularly those we havent heard from in a while

Gauchita Sat 09-Feb-13 06:59:07

Morning all,
Snow, flare up has passed, fortunately. Seeing physio again at the end of Feb but looking into getting an acupuncture session with the people you suggested wink I only have to find the time and a moment DH can stay with DC. Fingers crossed for house stuff to be resolved soon! I take it you'd still live where you're now while it gets renovated (esp. because of roof?)

Skillbo, how are you? Thinking of you.

Have a lovely weekend, Juners. We're supposed to get snow here again, booooo

Gauchita Fri 15-Feb-13 15:30:27



snowwombat Fri 15-Feb-13 19:32:32

wine gauchita? How is D doing? Poor little things. How are you all? Quiet weekend planned?

Love to know how everyone is doing. We are nearly ready to exchange contracts, just need the vendor the sort emptying the septic tank < boak> . No problem with the septic, just another thing that has been completely neglected in this poor house.

Anyone's kids had hand mouth foot orvwhatever it is called? Going around nursery and z has a couple red marks on her face.

Happy weekend juners

Gauchita Sat 16-Feb-13 08:06:35

Hey Snow!
Glad to hear things are getting nearer and nearer now re. house! Oh yes, get him to sort the septic tank, one (stinky) job less for you!
No HMF that I'm aware of here ::touches wood:: I think I have enough as it is so please let it not come to this house grin
D a bit better, still very phlegmy, poor thing. Getting him to take his medicine is a real PITA these days. He refuses and has learnt to spit it out! Gah! Brown inhaler has been prescribed, he starts today with it. Fingers crossed!
Quiet weekend here, nothing planned. M has a birthday party tomorrow, but DH is always in charge of those grin

snowwombat Sat 23-Feb-13 12:05:36

Brrr more snow here but sadly not enough to play with. How is it with everyone?

Gauchita Sat 23-Feb-13 16:03:18

Hi Snow!
Only fluffy stuff here, but it's freeeeeezing
I had to work this morning. Interpreting assignment that lasted a bit more than expected, but at least I got to do it; clients don't even show up sometimes!
Hope everyone's having a nice weekend, ladies.
Snow, we need to arrange a York meet-up! smile

Gauchita Fri 01-Mar-13 10:05:14


StitchAteMySleep Fri 01-Mar-13 10:13:54

Hello all smile

Snow good news about the house, have you exchanged contracts yet?

Gauchita poor D, hope he is feeling a little better. My step-daughter and a few of my nieces have asthma and find the cold weather and change of seasons sets it off. Worst times are always very cold days and autumn-winter change.

Still house of bleurgh, seem to get rid of one bug and get another by the end of the day. Have given up going to playgroups this week, can't face them catching another one! Little N was 1 last Saturday and has been busy learning to walk, she can do about 5 steps now. Period never actually turned up, took a pregnancy test and it was negative so thinking lil' N is just feeding too much at night still for it to kick in. The guinea pigs are quite sweet really, they wheek when they see me as they think I will have grass. Will try and get some pics when I let them out later.

Hope all are well and coping with the looong winter months. Saw some daffodills coming through on our walk yesterday, please let spring be on its way!

snowwombat Sun 10-Mar-13 14:35:15

Happy Mother's day Juners. Hoping you are being suitably spoilt.

Had a nice lunch made by DH. Z has picked today as the day she can and will climb out of her cot so sitting outside her room encouraging sleep smile.

Exchange n Tuesday we hope.

Happy belated birthday to little N. Are you trying for a third Stitch?

Waves to all

StitchAteMySleep Tue 12-Mar-13 21:43:24

Hope the exchange went as planned Snow.

No plans for a third yet, although I would like another just not yet. I need some sleep first!

snowwombat Mon 01-Apr-13 20:14:08

Just MNetting while I do rapid return of dd to her big girl bed. We took her cot sides off a few days ago and once she is asleep she is fine, just another hour or so of putting her back smile

We own the house, sale completed fairly smoothly. I've started pulling wallpaper off already. Some fairly deep cleaning required. I'm yet to touch the mould covered bathroom but after successfully cleaning my mildew covered buggy with mould and mildew spray today, I'm feeling slightly less daunted. Bloody garage of the rented place is damp and lots of our stuff covered angry Just something I could do without.

Still snowing on and off here. Not enough to play in but bitterly cold . Did get a nice bit of sunshine so e could have an Easter egg hunt yesterday morning at the new place. Very friendly, neighbours all calling round for a chat and a sticky beak! Lots of kids in the village and their own field to play in at the back of the houses, owned by the local lord. I feel like I'm in a high school history lesson at times, our place is over 200 years old. I know that is not that old for the uk but it is for modern oz!

How is everyone? Are we all using FB more than the thread? Would be nice not to lose this thread, easier to say lots more on here than FB.

Hope you are all ok Juners

snowwombat Sun 14-Apr-13 11:10:10

Hello o. o. o. o. Anyone lurking? We get school place this week. Anyone else?

TheNinjaGooseIsOnAMission Wed 17-Apr-13 17:54:45

<opens door> hellooooooooooo

I'm not entirely sure where the time has gone lately!! But at least we seem to have seen the back of all the snow hopefully, so nice to see a bit of blue sky and sun seeing as it's april confused Our boiler died the week before easter so that has proved rather costly shock it's not exactly a job you can leave till the money's there. At least E got the school we wanted, what a relief! He's been staying for lunch club at preschool 3 days a week so hopefully getting used to eating lunch with his friends, it's rather nice having an extra hour to myself grin

snow, fab news on the house <passes equal amounts of elbow grease and gin> have you moved in or renovating first? How's bed time going?

waves to all smile

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