March 2010 - Our Terrific Terrible Twos will be big siblings

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PacificDogwood Fri 10-Feb-12 22:44:19

I hope nobody minds, but I went and started a new thread blush.

Sorry, headgirls!


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FlipFantasia Fri 10-Feb-12 23:36:31

Hurray Pacific - well done for starting a new thread. It was like reading thread chicken over there - who would start the new thread first...grin

Sorry to hear of your oven adventures. Though at least no one was hurt/no permanent damage done. Hope the sleepover goes well!

SiameseIfYouPlease Sat 11-Feb-12 06:58:38

<swigs the gin from the bottle, offers it to Arcadie who is pretending she's not here>

SiameseIfYouPlease Sat 11-Feb-12 07:01:20

A self cleaning oven? Heavens, that is fancy. Hope it is still as fancy now!

MandaHugNKiss Sat 11-Feb-12 10:06:20

siamese can I assume from The Gin that you're onto another cycle? <hugs>

I'm confused. The title of this thread looks like our usual sort of thing, but the person starting it isn't RKD! Whatever is the world coming to?!

NorthernNumpty Sat 11-Feb-12 12:54:32

Aaarrgghh just lost a post on bloody iPhone!

Just marking my place.

No danger of my terrific toddler being a big sibling any time soon, although happy to partake in Gingernuts nonetheless!

shock at oven incident pacific < makes mental note to check oven manual>

Sending spinning baby vibes to all who need them

evitas Sat 11-Feb-12 18:25:31

Marking my place, as well.

Flisspaps Sat 11-Feb-12 19:00:59

<looks round> Love what you've done with the place!

MissPenteuth Sun 12-Feb-12 10:05:55

Ooh, a shiney new thread, thanks Pacific. And shock at your oven, how scary! But glad there was no major damage.

I'm still feeling rough, but better once I force myself to eat. Hope everyone else is well. And enjoy your meal out tonight Manda smile

MandaHugNKiss Mon 13-Feb-12 11:08:57

Ok, I seriously need to get out more!

Why? Because I'm still grinning from last night!

So, as I said, I expected a glass of champagne on arrival by way of apology for having to reschedule us... and indeed, we did get that. THe manager came over and was very apologetic and thanked us profusely for coming.

THe menu arrives quickly along with a parmesan biscuit and a choice of three bread (poppy seed, walnut or foccacia) all made on the premises. I choose foie gras and toasted brioche, DF the pork terrine to start and l lamb breast for main, he cote du boeuf. The boeuf is technically only for two, with a £5 pp supplement, but they agreed instantly to let us 'mix and match'. THe food is simply beyond scrumptious. And our waitress was discreetly attentive, if a little demure. But when I joked that I 'wanted to lick the plate' when she took away our main plates she suddenly came alive, telling me of a time she actually DID! At Gordon Ramsey, no less. Her boyfriend is a patissier and thinks it's funny to tell them, where ever they go, that it's her birthday. Cue a little something complimentary, sweet, with a candle... and often singing! Getting fed up of it she warned him on the way to GR that 'you know them all here; if you say it's my birthday I WILL lick the plate' he was of the opinion she wouldn't dare. 'It was only boeuf bourguignon, but delicious and you know I've never seen a birthday candle since!'

After her confession, she became much chattier and then, when she came to get our dessert order I said 'Oh, I can't decide between three...' she asked which three and then took DF's order (which was blood orange sorbet, the simpliest, most 'boring' if you will, on the menu! She joked it was a wussy choice and I explained he wasn't a dessert fan at all... She says to him 'If I surprise the lady, do you mind?' and he said of course not).

Well. She bought me ALL THREE!! And DF got just a single scoop of his sorbet rather than the full amount... but even so, it was a lovely, lovely gesture as the menu is set at one choice per course. And what were they? Of course a hot chocolate pudding with praline parfait, a creme brulee which was to die for, so creamy and rich, and 'Poached Yorkshire rhubarb with champagne granita, orange flower water and pistachios' which translated as champagne 'mr frosty' flavoured ice, sitting in an edible sweet cup atop the poached rhubarb in the orange flower water/scattered pistachios.

I valiantly battled my way though at least half of each but 'mr doesn't like dessert' DF polished off the rest, making 'mmmm' noises as he went!

You know when you feel so full that you're ever so slightly sick? Yeah, that was me. Waitress asked if we wanted coffee (commenting she'd never seen anyone smile so much eating their food!) I said 'my head wants it but I just haven't got room!' (was kinda kicking myself as I knew there would be petit four too... I think it was them my head wanted but stomach couldn't accommodate!). She then appears with two little gift bags of truffle and shortcake saying 'I thought you'd say that - these usually come with the coffee'.

So, the bill! THe menu is set, as I mentioned, at £45 per head BUT I'd gotten a deal through toptable for £29.50 per head. DF was driving so only had one beer (not a wine man. £3.75) and we had two bottles of still mineral water (£4 each). Then there was the supplement for the beef. The 'extra' 1 1/2 desserts. The petit four.

We were only charged the £29.50 pp plus DF's beer. There's something about fabulous food with lots of little freebies thrown in at a bargainous price that clearly makes me giddy because as I said, still grinning now!

But you know what? Even paying £45 each and without the extras, it is still good value. It's michelin food but generous portions, maybe twice as much as you'd expect. And although we had no need of the sommelier a quick look at the wine list showed it included some reasonably priced wine (along with some more, <cough> eye watering ones... grin )

Absolutely recommend CHez Bruce to you all! I found it to be 'posh', y'know, special, but crucially not stuffy. And the ambiance was quietly buzzing.

The top table deal is still available, for sundays and mondays... the next lot I can see on the website are for 20th Feb. Just sayin' wink

grin grin grin

RubyLovesMayMay Mon 13-Feb-12 13:01:27

<waves to everyone>

Hi Guys!

Manda I feel hungry now, reading about your posh nosh smile The Tomato soup Im having for my lunch doesn't sound so appealing!

Hope all is well with all, had a fab childfree weekend with DH, new wardrobe arrived, went to a lovely chinese restaurant in the Mailbox and went to the cinemas twice. Went a bit loopy in Mothercare over the weekend, buying stuff for the baby that I know we dont need
DD had a ball at her Nan's, she bought her a kitchen so she was in her element. All goes so quick though and here we are at Monday again <sigh>.

Feel like I've pulled some kind of muscle, like at the very bottom of my back but the top of my bum/hip area. Only on my left side though. Im fine when Im sat still but hurts like buggery when I have to get up and walk sad

Hope everyone had a good weekend. x x

Flisspaps Mon 13-Feb-12 20:20:15

manda that sounds wonderful! Yum
Yum smile

rubylovesmaymay sad at the pulled muscle - just what you don't need. As if being 7 1/2 months pregnant isn't cumbersome and uncomfortable enough!

So...scan today estimated DC2s current weight as 6lb 5, and predicted birth weight as around 10lb. Turns out that my family do have big babies though - and all bar DD (a rather dinky 8lb 2 in comparison to most in my family) were born vaginally with no assistance, so it might well just be average for me! Scan weights are notoriously inaccurate though. Having GTT on Thursday so I can rule out GD. That'll go down well with my plans for homebirth if it's positive, but having looked at various things including NICE guidance, even if I do have GD I think I will still plan as normal and see how I feel on the day.

Bugger bugger bugger though. Didn't have any of this with DD, textbook pregnancy until 42 weeks there sad

FlipFantasia Mon 13-Feb-12 20:53:02

fliss as a fellow preggo with a predicted big baby, I really hope the GTT is clear. Mine was, even though my consultant was convinced I had it due to baby's predicted size (the babies in my family are also big) but the whole experience was stressful. I also think this pregnancy seems to have been a series of hurdles, when last time was a breeze (current stress being that baby is breech though s/he seems to have shifted in the last couple of days [hopeful]).

If you're interested, my consultant had a home birth at 43 with gestational diabetes - she's written a book called the heart of the matter which my yoga teacher (pregnant for the first time at 45) loves.

FlipFantasia Mon 13-Feb-12 20:53:48

Manda that sounds amazing! V envy

Ruby ouch on the back - hope it feels better soon. Your weekend sounds great!

Flisspaps Mon 13-Feb-12 22:09:42

Flip Had I known/remembered that so many of the women in my family gave birth to big babies then I'd have declined the GTT, but I'd forgotten about DN being big (8lb 13oz, SVD at 38w) as well as my maternal aunt's children all being larger than average (and she's only 5ft 3ish) when they offered it.

DH was there when I accepted and it's really not worth the grief to just not go now, if he'd not been there I would probably have phoned to cancel. I suppose if I do it then it's more likely to rule GD out than in anyway, so I shall go and get it done with and then at least it will be noted that I've not refused every piece of advice they've given me!

PacificDogwood Mon 13-Feb-12 22:12:03

I now feel the thread title should have been 'Some of our toddlers become older siblings' - in my excitement at starting a thread I suffered from Premature Posting Finger. A terrible condition, often accompanied by Failure to Preview blush...

Anyhoo, big babies, pah! Ladies, never trust a scan guesstimate; 30% out is not uncommon.
Provided there is no GD (and I hope there won't be, fliss), big babies are a sign of good/v good placental function (which gets worse the older you get which is why I feel vaguely bad about Joe's dinky 6lbs 10oz birthweight). And don't fret the weight, it's the size of the head you want to worry about... <<not helpful>>

Ruby, could it be your sacro-iliac joint causing trouble? I had this with DS3 and the maternity physios where absolute miracle workers - ask to see a specialist maternity physio; they are great!

Off to bed to join DH who is in a huff as his fancy-pants Home Entertainment System amplifyier (are you bored yet?) seems to have died... grin.

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FlipFantasia Mon 13-Feb-12 22:46:33

Hey PD this baby is predicted on the 98th centile for head size...and I'm still hoping for a vbac grin. Everything else is on 98th centile too...

RubyLovesMayMay Mon 13-Feb-12 22:56:57

Pacific I dunno what the hell it is but it hurts like hell.

Trying to avoid pain killers but not sure how long to leave it til I go to the doctors. Need to get a repeat prescription soon anyway, so will go very soon if this persists. <hates going to the doctors>

Anyway, enough self pity from me. Has anyone got any romantic plans for tomorrow? or do we not give a shite? I'm gonna make DH a cake grin

SiameseIfYouPlease Tue 14-Feb-12 06:48:33

Happy valentine's day ladies xxxx have some thanks
our My plans from this evening are ironing and bed early alone. DH is off to a home game. What thoughtful bods over in football world to schedual a match tonight angry
When I was mentioning this ( after being questioned on my plans) to one of my residents- a particularly aromatic lady in her 70's, she said 'he'll be wanting a boy next time then' when I pointed out these things couldn't really be chosen, she proceeded to tell me in detail how she had ensured she had conceived a boy. [boak] I genuinely put my hands over my ears and said lalalalala. !!!

On which note, manda ( baker of boys yourself), I was just being free with gin in here but in RL I'm 11Dpo and itching to pee on something.. But holding off till Friday to ensure a pair of solid lines (please?) I don't feel dizzy which was my first sign with DD. anyway, I'm mentalling quietly.

Loving that we have such big healthy bumps around smile good luck for gdd fliss

Oh bum, I've seen this episode of Peppa ( 1000 times)

SiameseIfYouPlease Tue 14-Feb-12 06:51:55

pacific I misread your post as ' off to bed to join DH who is in the buff' (grin]

Oh and manda that food sounded Amaazing.

MandaHugNKiss Tue 14-Feb-12 09:35:03

siamese I'm dreadful for holding off on the peeing - I tell myself I will wait, at least, until 10dpo as then is when I've had my earliest squinter of a bfp... lo, it comes to pass I'm peeing on things by 7dpo. Knowing it's too early but unable to restrain myself. As I was always stocked up on IC's there wasn't even the 'but you're as good as peeing on a £5 note' restraint as they worked out about 50p each, I think grin Got my fingers crossed for you, despite lack of symptoms... my last two pregnancies I had nada in the way of knowing before I saw the lines (and that's despite me absolutely knowing I was pregnant with DS1 by 7dpo... was torture waiting for the test to turn positive not least because he was a condom breaking mishap )

AH. Big babies! Yes, I'm freaking out scared cooking another biggun, I reckon given each time I'm measured it's between 4 and 5 weeks ahead (and head measured on 97th centile at 20 weeks). And despite James shooting out at a rate of knots even though he was nudging 10lb I'm irrationally worried. Irrationally? I guess. I am more scared for me, than the baby, I think - I'm still very much stuck with what happened after I lost DS3 (losing so much blood and rushed off to theatre after bp dropped to 50/24) and I know that was because I was induced at 17 weeks and therefore the placenta was never gonna come on it's own and nor would the injection normally given at a term delivery work as the recptors for it juat aren't there at 17 weeks... so, I should be fine, right? I'll be term, it'll be a breeze (HA!) like my other births and I Won't Die. Gah! Why am I so worried about it? I even find myself secretly wishing to be in your shoes, flip with a breech baby come the end and it all being taken out of my hands by a cs offered. I'ved NEVER wanted a cs!

I'll tell you what didn't help my anxiety levels...OBEM this week just gone. That poor family with the shoulder dystocia baby! Cried my bloody eyes out.

ruby you and me both with the gp avoidance (except for lovely PD). I always feel like I'm wasting their time even when I feel like death and but always adopt a 'wait and see' holding pattern for a few days before going if I absolutely must. I tend to do the same with the kids, especially since when I had DD I was, it seems, always told 'give calpol and come back in a week if not improved or before if gets much morse'. It was this waiting and seeing that made DS1 quite poorly with pneumonia at 8 months... confused Damned if you do...

Wonder how missP 's sickness is...

Hey, I know we had the 'how much our march 2010ers are talking' thing (James, not so much, although seems to be picking up quite a lot very recently) but he's suddenly started naming colours of his own accord (red, yellow, blue and purple only so far). I haven't taught him these! At least, not overtly. He also counts but only doo, dee, door, dee, doo (2,3,4,3,2). I 'blame' Team Umizoomi (Nick Jr) which he seems to love at the moment. It is kinda maths based.

Well, Happy Hallmark Cards Valentines Day! We don't have a special day, here. We give cards and do usually gift, too but refused to be drawn into the whole charging double for decent flowers thing but don't fling ourselves into it when it seems so commercial and engineered by the companies that stand to make most money from it And, sick buckets ready? We tell each other we love, and show it, every day so don't need no stinkin' valentines day for it!

Flisspaps Tue 14-Feb-12 09:46:41

manda team bloody umizoomi have taught DD numbers and shapes too. Can't stand them but she's become slightly obsessed angry

And bloody Bubble Guppies hmm

simplysarahandco Tue 14-Feb-12 13:48:41

Hello one and all,

cannot believe i have been away from the thread for so so long.

i cannot believe my thrird and final baby is going to be 2 on sunday~! i am just not ready! sad the terrible twos are in full swing and omg does he have a temper- to the point of being asked to leave the doctors waiting room on wed as he had a screaming fit because i dared to offer him a biscuit! blush how humiliating!

Nothing new here really all pretty good, birthday season for us ends with Elliott on sunday- DH had a fab 30th birthday, i turned 28 and harry was 7 in jan, Rosie was four on feb 7th! my bank balance is not in a good state!

very jealous of all the baby/ pregnancy talk- love to read how you guys are all doing!

enough from me x waves to u all x

RubyLovesMayMay Tue 14-Feb-12 16:49:38

Hi all,

Sod this! Im going to the doctors in the morning, this isn't easing up at all sad

Im going to struggle to even get to the doctors too, and DH cant drop me in the car as he's covering sick leave at his work and everyone in my office is on training except me and one other person and I'd need to get straight back to work asap.

Pacific Ive just been looking on the good ol' Baby Centre Website and the symptoms do resemble sacro-iliac joint pain or Pelvic Girdle Pain as they call it.

Just cheered myself up by booking tickets for me and DH to see Maverick Sabre on 6th March, balcony seats of course!

Hope you all have lovely evenings

Flisspaps Wed 15-Feb-12 18:42:48

How did you get on today RubylovesMayMay?

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