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FEB 2010 Coming on in leaps and bounds and little steps

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InmaculadaConcepcion Fri 22-Apr-11 20:15:25

Where did our babies go?!
Anywhere and everywhere, the moments our backs are turned!!

PenguinArmy Fri 22-Apr-11 20:19:16

Thanks IC

Glad you made it back OK.

DD has now starting hugging. Our favourite is when she runs up to us and bear hugs our legs

StoneBaby Fri 22-Apr-11 21:15:03

Thanks IC

Glad to hear you had a good trip.

PA great trip you're planning. Long journeys but doable (we've done a shorter version of yours but it was before DS (I was 18 weeks pregnant at the time).

rainbowweaver Sat 23-Apr-11 12:39:44

All quiet today... Happy easter all!

Though to update you that DH all un-grumped now. Have found that the techniques for handling toddler tantrums work well on DHs too.... grin

StoneBaby Sat 23-Apr-11 12:40:09

We went to the egg hunt and had a lovely time. I'm amazed DS is having lunch as he ate some hot-cross bun and a cream egg shock

StoneBaby Sat 23-Apr-11 12:46:44

X posted rainbow glad to hear you sorted the adult tantrum grin

chinook Sat 23-Apr-11 20:26:35

Ha ha rainbow did you ignore the bad behaviour and reward the good, or send him to the naughty step!

Started back at work this week. I was dreading it, but actually have enjoyed myself. The dc aren't quite so keen however. Ds is ok at nursery but does cry, well scream actually, when we leave, and he doesn't eat or sleep much. It's early days though, so I hope he will settle down a bit soon. As I haven't been to work for 2 years dd has no recollection of it, so she is upset too. My mum came to stay to look after her, and coped surprisingly well. I don't know if anyone remembers that I love mum dearly, but we don't see eye to eye on any many parenting issues. Apparently I need to stop bf now, because ds is getting too big and needs to move on to the next stage.....hmm

Sorry this a bit me me, I only came on to say Happy Easter and got side tracked somewhat. I need a bit of advice on getting ds to eat more so will be back on soon for that.

Happy chocolate munching......

PenguinArmy Sat 23-Apr-11 20:31:43

Well carry on happily ignoring her then chinook (tell her a doctor told you to carry on and the longer the better wink)

Glad to hear from you, have we heard from chesnut lately?

Glad you liked work, I like it too actually (apart form the boss). I've never felt guilty for working.

Can't help with the eating more, if DD doesn't eat much dinner we give her breakfast as she nearly always eats that. I try and not worry about the balanced diet and be led by her. She loved my chick pea burgers the other day which made me ridiculously happy, but then didn't eat them the next day grin

A rough night for us, but a tooth is emerging. Another 30mins at work and then I'm going to take DD to the beach.

StoneBaby Sat 23-Apr-11 20:39:50

PA CS posted on the last page of the last post (I think)

chinook do what you think and ignore her (easier say than done).

We had a lovely evening out and DS coped with it really well. He went to bed 2 hours later than normal but wasn't whingy or difficult. So all good news grin

PenguinArmy Sat 23-Apr-11 20:43:34

Ah yes. I hope things are OK with her and her DH as well as plenty of others (i.e. LBH).

bethylou Sat 23-Apr-11 23:01:36

Hi. Found you all so can continue to read whenever a moment is available. DS1 wants to add himslef to the poorly list - a spikey throat apparently sad. Supposed to be going to a christening at a catholic church in the morning (which may go on a while?) so not sure whether that is now in doubt or not.

Happy Easter to you all and hope all the poorly people will soon be better and eating chocolate.

SocietyClowns Sun 24-Apr-11 13:15:18

Happy Easter!! I have already done a baby Easter egg hunt more for my benefit than dd2's and she won't get to eat the cholocate either... smile. dh still very unwell with what appears to be flu and dd1 so unwell with D&V AND flu I am considering taking her to hospital but hesitate because it would mean admission and for her to be put on a drip... This holiday seems jinxed.

InmaculadaConcepcion Sun 24-Apr-11 14:31:38

Happy Easter smile

Oh, Soc, what a shame - I hope everyone gets better soon. Such rotten luck for you all.

Likewise, bethy and co.

Good news on the ungrumping, rainbow!

Hmm, I'm not surprised you get irked by all that nonsense, chinook. Pah.

<waves at *PA, SB>

PS You're welcome! Sorry I hadn't furnished the new thread more comfortably, but I'd only just got back
<throws a few cushions about the place>

SocietyClowns Sun 24-Apr-11 15:43:08

dd2 the little monkey somehow managed to get her hands on a small chocolate easter egg and quietly sat under the table eating it, including the wrapper! I have just extracted the foil from her mouth. She looks very pleased with herself smile

StoneBaby Sun 24-Apr-11 18:23:46

sc grin dd2

DS is at the moment making a fuss for going to bed. Fingers crossed he'll go down quickly. I think I need to put him down to bed later as he's buzzing of energy but on the other hand, he gets tired quite quickly confused

PenguinArmy Sun 24-Apr-11 18:49:39

Do you think we'll ever learn exactly what to do with their sleep hmmgrin

DD actually co-slept last night OK it meant feeding here when she woke so she got 4 meals, but it felt loads better than getting out of bed. It was a haze. That meant DH got a whole night's uninterrupted sleep. Then this morning, he put her down and she actually went off with no fuss so I stayed asleep and then she woke up two hours later. I feel totally refreshed and DH got another nap.

grin at your dd2 sc <fingers crossed> for your DH and DD1

IC How are you doing in general and yourself?

Bearcrumble Sun 24-Apr-11 19:59:02

Happy Easter everyone.

PA So sorry about work issues. Hope the remaining time passes quickly for you. Then the road trip - it sounds absolutely amazing. I'm very envious. Also of the hugging.

SB How is DS's head? Nice that you had a night out.

Soc Flu and D and V? God. I hope she gets better soon. Poor you having to nurse everyone, it's exhausting.

IC Welcome back. Thanks for new thread.

I've had a sore throad/snotty nose for 3 days and DS has conjunctivitis but is well in himself. We went for a picnic with NCT friends today. DS has (touch wood) been sleeping through most nights. We've moved to one two-hour nap in the middle of the day.

Is Stangirl ok?

InmaculadaConcepcion Sun 24-Apr-11 20:09:19

LOL at sc's DD2!

Maybe co-sleeping is the way to go for a bit then, PA? Obviously it's something you would have to wean her from (given your condition!) but if that's the way you can maximise sleep for everyone for the time being, it could be well worth doing. At least while you and your DH recharge your batteries.
I must admit, since I started getting into bed with DD when she's unsettled I've surprised myself by being more relaxed about the whole thing, especially as I've even been able to sleep with DD on the boob at times (something I never thought I'd be able to do). I love the cuddling part too. And usually, once she's soundly asleep I can return her to her cot and slink back into my own bed.

Thanks for asking after me, PA <touched>
I'm fine, actually. I seem to have bounced back emotionally from the mc and it doesn't upset me any more. I've had my first AF since it happened, so now I have a better idea of my fertility cycle. I should be due to ov on Friday-ish, so this week is ttc week. I'm not sure we'll be able to put in the amount of rumpy pumpy necessary, though. DD is having her jabs on Wed and friends are coming to stay on Thur. Both of these things are likely to disrupt mine and DH's bed-sharing situation.....
We'll do our best, though smile

InmaculadaConcepcion Sun 24-Apr-11 20:10:52

X-posted bc.
Sorry to hear you've got a cold. I've just got over one myself, hateful things. Get well soon.

Yes, where is Stangirl?

StoneBaby Sun 24-Apr-11 21:10:27

DS bump was better but fall and bump the exact same spot shock thanks for asking bc

IC good luck ttc

I agree where is Stan? And Abs?

SocietyClowns Mon 25-Apr-11 10:05:49

Yes and where is schro?

SocietyClowns Mon 25-Apr-11 11:04:02

Didn't think things could get worse... then they did [grim smile]. dh has been in the spare 'spare' room because of his cough and only briefly got up to join us for breakfast but didn't want anything , then disappeared back to bed. dd1 is either screaming in pain or sleeping. And dd2 screamed for three hours last night and has just been sick.... I haven't slept more than two hours for three nights in a row. Very surprised I feel so cheerful still!! If I come down with something now I guess I'll lose my sense of humour.

SocietyClowns Mon 25-Apr-11 11:23:30

dd2 has just added D to V... [nervous exhausted laughter]

SocietyClowns Mon 25-Apr-11 15:41:17

IC Remember you may be able to 'conceive' up to four days before you actually ovulate, so you may have plenty of time ttc wink

well, I had some sleep at lunchtime and dd1 looks a little brighter. Just have to deal with a very stinky leaky dd2 now.. [disgusted emoticon]

PenguinArmy Mon 25-Apr-11 16:43:17

soc when this is all over, make sure that DH gives you a full week of pampering to help you to recover as well. At least it's not your house getting dirty and messed up

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