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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

Durham / Teeside / Tyne & Wear Meet up and random chat thread.

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KaraStarbuckThrace Wed 29-Aug-12 21:44:36

Next meet up, Tuesday 4th September.
During the day, either Botanic Gardens in Durham or the Slug and Fiddle near the Gala Theatre in Durham City centre.

Now for some random chat.
DS sang a song about bolognaise today. And DD walked some more. But still prefers crawling and using my nipples as handholds on Mount Starbuck.

Indith Mon 03-Sep-12 09:38:22

Thank you SPB. The walk will do us all good though and take up part of the morning smile. 2 more sleeps till school! T pleased to have gone back?

StealthPolarBear Mon 03-Sep-12 09:39:28

I think so smile He was comparing new shoes when I left!

LeggyBlondeNE Mon 03-Sep-12 12:20:59

Either time good with me

Indith Mon 03-Sep-12 12:44:03

Oooh dh isn't away tomorrow now so I have the car smile

KaraStarbuckThrace Mon 03-Sep-12 19:31:03

I can do 10.30am if that is good for people? Hopefully it'll be as nice today as it was tomorrow.

spiffysquiffyspiggy Mon 03-Sep-12 20:48:36

10:30 sounds good to me. Just got back from grandma's with a whole heap more crap than we left with and tried out the new bath for the first time. Bliss. smile

Boy 1 back to school tomorrow so will be with the middle and little ones.

spiffysquiffyspiggy Mon 03-Sep-12 20:49:46

Just re-read you message Kara. Have you had wine? grin

StealthPolarBear Mon 03-Sep-12 20:52:21

I had to read it twice to see what the problem was blush
Isn't she a time traeller in real life?
Hope you all have a good time meeting up yesterday grin

KaraStarbuckThrace Mon 03-Sep-12 22:31:13

Lol! No it is extreme tiredness unforch!

FrozenNorthPole Mon 03-Sep-12 22:36:27

Hello! the newb and I shall try to be along tomorrow - 10.30 it is!

KaraStarbuckThrace Mon 03-Sep-12 22:39:08


Indith Tue 04-Sep-12 08:18:43


LeggyBlondeNE Tue 04-Sep-12 08:37:39

Woohoo! Will bring the bits from the car for you.

Indith Tue 04-Sep-12 09:03:56

Oh the school run is going to be a shock tomorrow. I'm still having breakfast. All children still in pjs. I'm so not going to manage to take those plimsoles back before the botanics.

spiffysquiffyspiggy Tue 04-Sep-12 09:13:10

yay squishy baby!

Indith Tue 04-Sep-12 15:22:39

Oh the squishy baby was cute. Lovely to see everyone smile

spiffysquiffyspiggy Wed 05-Sep-12 11:06:50

He was indeed a lovely squishy baby.

Sorry none of our newbies could make it. Shall we arrange another meet up so I can lend Frozen the close carrier? Tuesday best but can do Mondays at a push. Can't do 17th/18th though.

Indith Wed 05-Sep-12 13:22:53

Another meet up fine my me!

FrozenNorthPole Wed 05-Sep-12 21:32:25

Sounds great! Squishy baby is currently asleep on my lap making those cute newborn sleeping faces (raised eyebrows, little windy smiles). What a lovely way to spend an evening (and many hereafter)!

spiffysquiffyspiggy Thu 06-Sep-12 16:33:17

How about Monday? Swapped my days so I can go to a meeting so am free then.

Indith Thu 06-Sep-12 16:40:51

Monday I am already meeting the foxy lurker in the Botanics so I rather expect she would be more than happy to combine smile

spiffysquiffyspiggy Fri 07-Sep-12 09:50:52

sounds like a plan smile

ishchel Fri 07-Sep-12 15:19:22

smile @ foxylurker new name in the making.

FrozenNorthPole Fri 07-Sep-12 19:49:42

Botanics oin Monday fine with me, will be nice to see the lurker again!

KaraStarbuckThrace Sat 08-Sep-12 16:01:57

Bugger can't do Monday as DD is having a settling session with the CM!

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