Week 4 - Low Carb Bootcamp - Keep on keeping on

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StuntNun Mon 26-May-14 05:14:54

Helloooo! StuntNun here filling in for the lovely and dedicated BIWI who is off on her hols. So how are you all getting on? I'm sure lots of us are seeing the scales go in the right direction fingers tightly crossed for a pound off myself this week but please don't worry if the scales aren't budging, it's pretty common for there to be a weight loss 'pause' as your body adapts to a low carb diet. Please post your progress and say whether you're continuing on Bootcamp or Bootcamp Light. And if anyone has any questions please ask as it's great to get into the science behind low carbing so we have some ammunition against accusations of being on a fad diet.

As always, the rules are on the Spreadsheet of Fabulousness and you can track your weight on the cunningly named Weight Tracker.

By way of inspiration I've put together some info on how we got into this mess in the first place...

Why do we gain weight?

Before I started low carbing I wondered about squirrels. Yep, squirrels. I've never seen a fat squirrel, have you? But squirrels, as I'm sure you know, hoard up huge quantities of nuts and seeds and store them in little caches all over the place. So why don't they eat them all? I assume squirrels like nuts and seeds and yet they manage to resist the urge to stuff their admittedly cute little faces until their food is all gone. Humans on the other hand... humans are rubbish. We eat too much, we know we eat too much, we feel bad because we eat too much, and yet we keep doing it. So why are we so rubbish compared to squirrels? The paleo/primal nutters like me community will tell you that it's because we're eating a diet that is too different from the diet we evolved to eat and that the biggest problem of all is too much carbohydrate.

When you eat a carbohydrate-rich meal, your body releases the hormone insulin to signal the muscles and liver to store carbohydrate. On a conventional diet, however, our muscles and liver are constantly kept at full capacity. Since these glycogen stores are permanently full, any glucose that can't immediately be used by the body is stored as fat. Another action of insulin is to shut down the release of fat from our fat cells so our own fat stores become inaccessible. Then when we get hungry again we eat yet more carbohydrate and the process starts again, more and more glucose is stored as fat and the weight piles on. Worse still, the constant bombardment of our muscles and liver with insulin when their glycogen stores are already full causes them to become less sensitive to the effect of insulin, or insulin resistant. The pancreas responds by releasing more and more insulin and our blood sugar levels start to drop too low as the body frantically clears glucose into its fat stores. Eventually we find we are hungry all the time, starving only two hours after we last ate. And because our blood sugar levels are low, what do we crave? Yet more carbs. So we end up trapped in a viscous cycle of carb addiction, hunger and weight gain while our ever more ample fat stores are unusable.

Hopefully this has described the process by which the weight creeps on. In next week's thread I'll put together some info on how a low carb diet reverses this process, allowing us to use up our fat stores and achieve the weight we want to be at the same time as improving our health and our energy levels and reducing our risk of diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.

Good luck all for the coming week. Onwards and downwards!

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antimatter Mon 26-May-14 05:33:56

Another decent loss of nearly 4 pounds. I am very pleased!

I hope everyone is well this Monday morning, I am back to bed in a moment (was woken up by my work call and performed my duties).

Hissy Mon 26-May-14 06:25:35

I have no idea when i'll be home to weigh in. Middle of the week, perhaps.

I might just input last week's weight and catch up the week after.

Pisseslikeahorse Mon 26-May-14 07:03:01

Good morning all, up with the kids and lego

3 pounds off smile - is it bad that i want to be a freak of nature an exception to the rule and drop masses of weight every week???

Anyway have my morning run to look forward to and I've made my decision to do another week on bootcamp

b. Yogert
L. omlet
D. Porkchop and pac choi

F1onajb Mon 26-May-14 07:20:36

1 lb loss this week doing bootcamp light. I've not been drinking enough water so will make a conscious effort to up the amount.

Parsnipcake Mon 26-May-14 07:25:13

1lb off this week smile. I have started using 'true weight' and it's really helping me see the trend and be less fixated on the day's number. I will be doing bootcamp, focusing on smaller portion sizes and less protein this week.

SarahBeenysBumblingApprentice Mon 26-May-14 07:26:22

Hi everyone- have just caught up on last week's thread, lots of chatting yesterday!

I'm putting yesterday's weight down as I drank a pint of water before getting up this morning - 3lb down on last week and on Friday I have a new low on the scales which was 4lb down from Monday (yes, daily weigher here). Very chuffed.

Re: loosing weight near to your goal weight:

My BMI is current 23.9 and I'm aiming for 22.5ish. When I started bootcamp my BMI was about 26.6.

I did a bit of tracking on MFP last bootcamp and I was eating roughly 20g carbs daily and 1500 calories and feeling hungry before bed.

Now, I've got no idea what I'm eating calorie-wise but I'm being really really strict carb-wise (mainly ubercamp in the week) and it's working much better for me. (I'm also dipping my wee for ketones but that's not accurate nor really necessary but I like seeing what's happening!)

I would seriously recommend very low carbs and lots of fat if you're struggling. Ways of getting fat that work for me:

Mayo with everything - putting coriander pesto into it is nice.
Coleslaw off the recipe thread
Fat bombs (google them - haven't found a good recipe yet so won't recommend one)
Oil with everything

Happy weight in everyone!


SarahBeenysBumblingApprentice Mon 26-May-14 07:28:19

Oh for crying out loud. weigh in.

(IRL I'm incapable of writing even a birthday card without having an error in it. I once mis-spelt my nieces name blush)

SayraT Mon 26-May-14 07:40:09

As expected I have gained this week, 3lbs back on sad

I have had lots of unavoidable carbs and the same is possible this week but I will do my best.

I am off to Sweden for a conference so will have to eat what I am given, do you think I could take babybels on the plane so that I could eat them if I need to?

Today is the only day I can definitely LC so meal plan is:

L: Cod in spicy coconut cream sauce
D: Something with courgetti (I have one that needs used)
S: Mini cheese

Well done to everyone losing, hope I catch up in two weeks time smile

Just to note, I am away this week from Tuesday until Saturday so if anything goes wrong with spreadsheet it will have to wait until I am back

StringBeanJean Mon 26-May-14 07:41:18

Morning all!

Sorry I've dropped off the thread a bit - DD surpassed herself in the no sleeping department last week so I've been doing a good impression of a zombie confused. Seriously, if someone had told me that 2.5 years after having a baby I would still be sleep deprived I would have laughed in their face...still, DD's utter gorgeousness more than makes up for it.

The good news is that, for the first time, she stayed in bed today until the 'sun' came out on her gro clock. So I had a lie-in until 6am and the light is back on at the end of the tunnel!

Weight-wise, what with the lack of sleep and TOTM last week it's no surprise that I have gained 2lb back on the scales this morning. Gah, am trying not to let this get me down. I shall keep on keeping on ...

Off to catch up with the thread now - fingers crossed for lots of lovely losses for you all today.

MintyCoolMojito Mon 26-May-14 07:49:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SarahBeenysBumblingApprentice Mon 26-May-14 07:59:00

ImSoOverIt I only just read your post about running from yesterday

How long have you been doing low-carb? I'm pretty sure that keto adaptation takes longer than two weeks for some people, especially for strenuous activity like running. You are essentially trying to get your body to adapt to the fat burning point that comes beyond the bonk. I still tend to feel like I've bonked (!) the minute I start running and the ease into it is certainly slower - I never really needed a warm up before. I'm of the opinion that adding in more carbs generally slows that adaptation, but you could try adding in a few before race day and get the best of both worlds! You might find that you stay ketotic if your energy expenditure is high enough.

I was training for this before I started BC and have essentially shelved the idea because I was behind anyway and it seemed to take me about six weeks to fully adapt. I've injured myself off-road running with too little training before so discretion seemed to be the better part of valour! In addition, I have never in my life lost weight whilst reguarly exercising, so for the moment, I'm doing weight loss (or that's what I'm telling myself anyway).

As BIWI said, the art and science of low carb performance is good, although a little repetitive and similar in places to the art and science of low carb living.

Peter Attia eatingacademy.com is a mad keen cyclist and has lots to say about exercise and ketosis.

SarahBeenysBumblingApprentice Mon 26-May-14 08:00:13

Stunt loving the education!

SarahBeenysBumblingApprentice Mon 26-May-14 08:03:25

Jean my eldest's sleep settled at 3. At 19 months he was more of a disturbance than his newborn sister. We geared up for another 3 years of hell with the second and were mightily relieved that her sleep is fab! Glad the gro clock is starting to work.

Seri77 Mon 26-May-14 08:03:30

Ah StringBeanJean, I feel your pain. I also have a non sleeping toddler who has surpassed himself this week. I am feeling desperately unwell from sleep deprivation and am barely holding it together.

I think this is the reason I'm staying the same, as otherwise I'm doing what I did last bootcamp when I was losing steadily. I'll have a look at portion sizes, cut out my weekend raspberries etc.

I feel very down, sleep deprived AND fat. On the other hand, I have a happy digestive system, don't have to calorie count and I'm not actually putting on weight.

wombat22 Mon 26-May-14 08:05:59

Good morning all. I'm pleased to announce a 2lb loss this week. smile That's after I had a gain last week <and still don't know why> I'm going to be sticking to bootcamp I think but allowing myself just enough milk for one cup of decaf tea a day. Well done to every one, loss or not and thank you to stuntnun and LMD and all the other who provide explanations about this WOE and take the time to keep us all on track. Get well soon Tashy thanks

wombat22 Mon 26-May-14 08:06:54


lowcarbforthewin Mon 26-May-14 08:10:37

I show as having gained half a pound this week. It's such a load of bullshit, my trousers are baggier, my stomach is flatter; I have definitely lost weight. My week has been pretty perfect. I am cross! I am going to keep on keeping on, this is working, I just hate my stupid scale weight not shifting. It is so demoralising. I mean, come on body, I gave up dairy, it's not my time of the month, I should be registering as at least a pound lighter.

StuntNun Mon 26-May-14 08:20:08

I stayed the same this week but I think I was derailed by a Chinese takeaway on Friday night. I tried to keep it low carb (spare ribs, beef satay, beansprouts and mushrooms) but I suspect they put sugar and flour into everything. It's also my TOTM so that might make a difference. Hey ho, maybe next week.

I'm at a healthy weight now so I don't need to lose much but I would like to do something about my jelly belly. I was trying on jeans yesterday and the next size down looked fabulous on my bum and legs but was let down by the muffin top. blush I know I need to get really low on carbs (<20g) but I too am struggling with an amazing not-sleeping toddler which makes everything else seem more difficult. He's been egg free for a year, dairy free for a couple of months and soya free for a week so I'm hoping cutting out soya will finally sort him out and he'll start sleeping at last. My other children don't have any food problems so these food intolerances have really taken me by surprise.

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StringBeanJean Mon 26-May-14 08:20:52

I can't thank you enough for the gro clock recommendation SarahBeeny, it's taken a while but I think it's starting to work! grin

<links arms with Seri> I really feel your pain, there's nothing like sleep deprivation to make you feel down in the dumps, is there? I think this WOE definitely helps though, as at least, as you say, at least we're feeling healthy in ourselves. Stay strong comrade!

Stunt - thanks for all the sciencey updates, it's so interesting.

StuntNun Mon 26-May-14 08:33:39

Lowcarbforthewin please don't stress about apparently being up half a pound. Here is a graph of my weight over the last month (taken from the True Weight app). The dotted line shows my daily weight, the solid line shows my moving average. Over the last month my average weight has dropped by 1.4 lb but my daily weight has varied within a range of 4.2 lb. Your weight fluctuates depending on water retention, how much salt you've eaten, hormonal changes, when you last did a poo. I posted earlier on this Bootcamp that realistically we should only weigh monthly if we want to see a weight loss every time. If your clothes are getting looser then you're losing fat and the scales will show it over time.

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lookingforhope Mon 26-May-14 08:41:21

2lb off today - or 1lb if you ignore last week's 1lb gain! But half inch off waist, and 1" each off tummy, hips and boobs! Yaaaaay!

Still got 14lb to go, but feeling good as had wine and nuts and berries last week and still lost. Got another BCL week this week as half term and lots of social obligations, but starting to watch portions and eat less. Was stuffed to the gills after a beef and avocado salad last week, which is not like me,I can eat like an elephant usually!

Off to do 30 day shred before my eggs and coffee now.

Congratulations to all you big losers. Good luck to those yet to weigh in. And big thanks to stuntnun for the brilliant science-y posts! grin

NeverHadANickname Mon 26-May-14 08:54:51

Morning all. Thanks Stunt for the information, I find it really interesting to read about. I like that I'm doing a diet that I know helps with health generally and I know the facts behind it, I'm not just doing it because I'm told so.

I lost 4.4lb this week so after last weeks maintain I'm really pleased. That's just over half a stone now. I'm sticking to BC for another week, I'm not missing anything so I might as well.

I actually went out for a meal last night so I'm even more pleased with my loss but I just had a main of chicken in a white wine cream sauce with spinach and mushrooms and still water to drink. I didn't have a dessert which is the main reason I normally go out for a meal.

Well done everyone for still being here, loss or no loss. I've been a bit slack this last week with coming on to put my daily food so I'm going to make more of an effort this week. I'll probably need some extra support soon too because I have exams the week after next.

D - Not sure because I'll be out
T - Chicken kebab from the takeaway, no pita no chips.

pingufan Mon 26-May-14 08:56:27

Great to know the science behind it all cheers stuntnun

After my wailing and gnashing of teeth yesterday I am 1lb down this morning and hoping it will stick.

This week I will be aiming to lower my protein and up the fats.

Keep on trucking! Well done all you losers!

Ohwhatfuckeryisthis Mon 26-May-14 09:05:51

Morning all. I must be doing something wrong on the spreadsheet, cos last weeks update didn't save. Anyway, a pound down. Didn't drink enough water yesterday (or Saturday). Did big roast chicken dinner (with loads of butter under the skin) I just had greens and 1piece butternut squash. I have carby week ahead, ds birthday then a day in Edinburgh with friends ( cocktails have been mentioned, would a martini be ok?)
Anyway got to force myself up. Have a lovely bank holiday everyone.

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