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Who else would be up for an MN Lone Parent Festival camping trip? Or are Pillock and Ate just a little bit crazy ......

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PillockOfTheCommunity Sun 20-Jul-08 01:51:05

next summer
us and our children
undecided family-friendly, cheap festival


Ate Sun 20-Jul-08 02:02:13

Defintion: Ate - Greek Goddess of foolish acts

Pllock - worse than Ate grin

Nevertheless (or due to above wink) I am very much up for it!

Off to bed now though so will look in again soon smile

Ate Sun 20-Jul-08 02:04:47

Pllock?! Pillock!!

G'night smile

Cotsta Sun 20-Jul-08 02:15:58

Poss... If i little man likes a trial run in the back garden...

charlotte121 Sun 20-Jul-08 10:13:23

lol kids will only be 1 and 2 then.... i think I would have a nervous break down with the 2 of them running off casuing mischeif!

ThatBigGermanPrison Sun 20-Jul-08 10:16:24


What are 3 year olds like in tents? And would it have to be the south coast, which is both too far from me and prohibitively expensive?

In other words, can we go to skeggie, can we, can we, huh?

davidtennantsmistress Sun 20-Jul-08 10:46:33

tgp where are you on the south coast?

i'd be up for it yep, (ponders what's a 3 year old indeed like in a tent? the boy keeps asking to go camping - i'd set up the back garden but i'm too chicken! lol.

but yes I'd go - how about er, actually only one's I know is the reading or isle of white ones. if it's cheap thou, count me in.

PillockOfTheCommunity Sun 20-Jul-08 11:53:42

There are loads of child-friendly ones, I'm a bit of a ponce at times and read Junior magazine blush and they did a feature on them which has really made me want to go grin

They are all over the country, I'm sure we can find one that suits most of us.

I do love Skeggy TBGP, had the best holidays of recent years with small people or pals at Butlins, but I'm not sure they have a festival!

prettyfly1 Sun 20-Jul-08 12:29:08

to the girls who asked about three yr olds - i took mine two weeks ago and he LOVED it. just make sure you keep them warm enough - well up for this!!!

OverMyDeadBody Sun 20-Jul-08 12:31:20

yes yes yes I'm most definately up for it.

OverMyDeadBody Sun 20-Jul-08 12:33:04

and three year olds are indeed fine in tents and with camping. All the fresh air exhausts them it seems.

Gosh could you imagine a whole group of them together? They'd have the time of their lives playing and running around and them sleep like babies (grin) and we could all enjoy wine and chocolate and festival revalries!

davidtennantsmistress Sun 20-Jul-08 12:36:00

that deffo sounds like a plan omdb! esp the bit with all of the kids playing with the balls and stuff!

god can you imagine the camp site owners faces - a bunch of women and about 20 kids running around!

Ate Sun 20-Jul-08 12:41:56

The children are bound to love it! Mine talked about little else for the 6 months following our first festival together smile

There are many in the West Country which are family friendly, award winningly so in fact grin

Sunrise Celebration being one of them (and one which I can personally recommend!) though there are smaller ones still.

OverMyDeadBody Sun 20-Jul-08 14:12:53

oooh yes Ate, there are loads of smaller ones! I've only ever done the Big Chill myself when ds was 2, and that was great, but it seems to have become very big indeed more recently, so a smaller one would be ideal!

Ok this will be exciting, yes I can just imagine the looks on people's faces when a large group of women and little children turn up lol

Maybe we could do some smaller camping tripos first, without the festival, as little trial runs? or just as an additional thing to do?

ninah Sun 20-Jul-08 14:15:07

I'm in!

davidtennantsmistress Sun 20-Jul-08 14:15:47

that's a good idea actually - personally i'd prefer a smaller one as i'd be able to keep a better eye on DS - the whole tooo many people around etc.

but think it's a cool idea thou.

<wonders off to find out the costs of tents etc.>

ninah Sun 20-Jul-08 14:17:27

I got a tent from Netto this summer, of all places. It's a pop up and you can seriously put it up in ten minutes. Well it says 30 secs on the box, but hey ...

FAQ Sun 20-Jul-08 14:17:37

oooooo I'd be up for it.

Haven't been camping since I was, ermm about 11 (and that was a guides camping trip lol) - but would love to take the DS's.....they'd be 8, 5 and 2 next summer grin

FAQ Sun 20-Jul-08 14:29:17

come on ShelleyLou - I know you're reading the thread wink

it'll be a laugh - we can do a few practice runs locally before we go grin

shelleylou Sun 20-Jul-08 14:32:00

yte cos u linked it to me

FAQ Sun 20-Jul-08 14:33:18


davidtennantsmistress Sun 20-Jul-08 14:35:05

cool, what else do you need - there's some really cheap ones on ebay for like £10. just sleeping bags, (or duvets?) and some food?

(can't you tell i've never been before!)

Mhamai Sun 20-Jul-08 14:36:34

It Might take a bit lot of organising as I'd be coming from Dublin but I'd be well up for it!

OverMyDeadBody Sun 20-Jul-08 14:41:04

ooh yes, is it a bit sad to admit I'm liking the idea of organising something like this?

Tent and sleeping bags essential, and something to cook on and waterproof and warm clothes...anything else is an added bonus as far as I'm concerned, but the camping topic is a good place to find threads full of lists of essentials for camping.

Gosh, it would be a camping MN meetup wouldn't it!grin

OverMyDeadBody Sun 20-Jul-08 14:41:43

Mhamai plenty of time to organise if it's for summer 2009!grin

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