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Calling all steppers old and new, fancy joining me ready for the September thread

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CatsInChaos Sat 25-Aug-12 23:18:43

Come and sign in here ready for September and the return to school.

Where we attempt Flylady babysteps or whatever we can get done! wink

Where are you all? Zoo, Carrots, bessie, Adora, Scout, Camper and any newcomers who would like to join. smile

carrotsandcelery Mon 27-Aug-12 12:24:35

I have made banana muffins (had an bunch of very ripe bananas), decluttered the coffee table in the kitchen and cleaned it and decluttered a lot of the kitchen table too.

How is everyone else getting on?

PeggyCarter Mon 27-Aug-12 12:40:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

carrotsandcelery Mon 27-Aug-12 13:14:56

Is the smell coming from your wardrobe?

If you took everything out and aired it would it help?

Bicarbonate of soda might help in the floor of your wardrobe. You can leave it like shake and vac and then hoover it up again.

You could also put cotton wool with an essential oil that you like somewhere not too close to your clothes (you don't want the oil to damage them) and hope that that smell permeates instead.

Are your shoes in the bottom of your wardrobe? I always worry my clothes smell of my stinky trainers and things like that.

AdoraBell Mon 27-Aug-12 13:26:32

Morning all, and welcome Daisy and Rhubard

I'm just getting started

Family has breakfasted
Assembled packed lunches
Ushered family out the door
Cleared up mess in kitchen from puppies. They snuffled the last bit of banana cake and a washing up sponge while my back was turned.
Made a coffee
Checked MN

Still need to clear DW and put away a bit of washing up
Clear last of breakfast things
Have some breakfast myself
Feed dogs
Find my sanity it's around here somewhere
Go out and buy birthday presents
Vacuum upstairs
S&S bathrooms

< can't leave any cake 'cos the puppies ate itshock>

PeggyCarter Mon 27-Aug-12 13:49:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CatsInChaos Mon 27-Aug-12 13:54:25

Hi all, Welcome all newcomers smile

I haven't been able to get on here all morning. The DC were playing their games on the computer. They then started climbing all over each other and hitting and kicking so are now separated.

I haven't got much done today yet. Been painting for most of the morning.
We did say earlier we might try and have a family game this afternoon which is quite entertaining with a 3 year old!
We tried monopoly the other day and DD pinched all the dice so I had to find another one so we could carry on with the game.
You might be thinking why didn't I just get the dice back - this would have caused a massive meltdown by DD so sometimes we just have to keep the peace and do whats easiest!

carrotsandcelery Mon 27-Aug-12 15:53:48

I can get them in my local chemist's shop Joyful, you can also get them in garden centres sometimes.

WW3 seems to have broken out here. Dd is in a foul mood and taking it out on the rest of us. Help!

LackaDAISYcal Mon 27-Aug-12 16:02:47

Do you do gluten free Zoo? grin
Thanks for the welcome smile

Today, I've managed to clear out my chest of drawers as I swapped with the DSes and in doing so lost a drawer. I had over 60 pairs of socks shock How is that possible? Now for the clutter that is my dresser top!

DH is laundry king in this house, and for that I love him dearly.

I'll get started properly once school goes back next week.

CatsInChaos Mon 27-Aug-12 21:34:03

Daisy That's what I'm waiting for too as there's only so much you can do when you also need to keep the DC entertained.

Carrots Hope things have calmed down a bit now.

I am a bit undecided whether to stay up for a while and have a bit of "me time" or whether to go to bed and get up early --before the DC if I'm lucky--
It's so quiet at the mo --DC in bed-- I am tempted to stay up and enjoy it! grin

carrotsandcelery Mon 27-Aug-12 21:48:55

It did calm down thank Cats. I put ds on the bottom step of the stairs for using dd's stuff without permission and it all seemed to settle from there.

AdoraBell Tue 28-Aug-12 00:59:02

Evening allgrin

I'm also getting back into my habits now both DDs are ff the ik list and back in school.

So this afternoon I have

vacuumed throughout
Bathrooms done
Soap bottles refilled
Clean and ironed clothes put away
Birthday presents purchased
DDs collected from school, and friend's DS dropped at home
Shopping done
Dogs fed and watered
Today's clean washing brought in, by DDsgrin

Still need to

Boot dogs out
get dinner, but I'm not hungry
Send DDs to bed
Prep packed lunches

CatsInChaos Tue 28-Aug-12 08:15:59

Morning all, I think the weather might be better here today so hoping to get some washing done and get it dry outside. smile

Need to try and venture to the shops --something I dread doing with the children-- <keeps fingers crossed that it will go well> hmm

I am trying to bring back some routine so next week and the return to school won't be such a shock. --I will be getting DS out of bed soon-- <Evil cackle> wink He needs to get out of the lying in phase that he has got used to over the hols. DD is quite young so gets up earlyish anyway.

booksandchoc Tue 28-Aug-12 08:26:05

Ooh can I join in. Need to get into a decent routine as I'm back to work next month after my mat leave finishes sad.

Today I'm going to:
Get some washing done because its nice and sunny here
Get the kitchen cleaned
Sort out dry washing which is piling up
Get DH to Hoover when I go out

Can't get started till DH is out of bed tho so sitting watching toons with dd just now.

carrotsandcelery Tue 28-Aug-12 08:33:29

Morning all!

I feel a bit more energetic today. smile

I have little pockets of time today so will need to use them wisely.

I also need to get jewellery making as I have been asked to have a stall in about a month. I thought I had until early December. I have orders in the book to make up as well. grin

carrotsandcelery Tue 28-Aug-12 09:13:40


Dw loaded
worktops cleaned
various debris picked up
I got the hoover into the hall - haven't managed to plug it in yet wink
I also need to put the wm on.

Then is it jewellery until Twilight's appointment at 10.45 (leaving at 10.30).

pinkhollie Tue 28-Aug-12 10:10:14

Hi I'm going to jump in been following fly lady for years and while I have absorbed some knowledge I am very bad at having a consistent routine. I have a 6mo DS, 2 dogs and a DH who is self-employed and works incredibly irregular hours over all 7 days of the week.

We moved house 3 months ago and I am on mat leave until Dec so my aims are to have a reasonably well functioning house and a good routine in place before I go back.

Today so far I have
Put one load of washing away and one in the machine
Swished and swiped
Cleared up breakfast things
Both of us are showered and dressed

I need to
Ring GP's
Run errands in town ( bank, watch battery, chemist etc)
Menu plan
Hoover new carpet in lounge
Walk dogs

PeggyCarter Tue 28-Aug-12 10:13:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LittleBlackDress Tue 28-Aug-12 11:23:40

Hello everyone - please can I join? I am a beginner but desperate to get the house under control. Need some motivation and this thread looks like just the thing I need to give me a kick up the bum. So far I have loaded the dishwasher blush

pinkhollie Tue 28-Aug-12 12:05:05

Well done joyjul have fun at the wetlands my mum is also a teacher as am I but she went back today and I'm still on mat leave grin
lbd well done for the dishwasher! Just by writing out what I needed to do helped. So I've done all the errands put in another load of washing and moved the Hoover to the sitting room. Not used it yet though.

carrotsandcelery Tue 28-Aug-12 12:07:53

Hello everyone! Welcome to more newbies smile It's very motivating to see some more people jumping on the wagon.

Joyful I am learning to beadweave, pearl knot and do chainmaille jewellery. I have also done a little bit of silver work but I don't have a kiln so I can't realistically make silver jewellery unless it is chainmaille.

I mostly beadweave though. I am very much a beginner but learning new stuff all the time. I have sold a few things and made quite a lot to order over the summer.

Pekka Tue 28-Aug-12 12:33:48

Can I join as well? I have just started FLYing, I feel like this could really help me keep my house nice and tidy.

carrotsandcelery Tue 28-Aug-12 12:57:20

hollie I have actually used my hoover now and whizzed round all the dog hair downstairs.

The washing machine is on now too and I have made lots of bead stars grin

CatsInChaos Tue 28-Aug-12 13:18:31

Hello all, welcome to all new people. smile

I got DS up (DD was already up and got them both breakfast and dressed by 10.00am
Yay! grin This is progress (we have been in holiday mode for ages) blush
Need to work on making it earlier in time for next week!

We have made it out to 1 shop --not as early as I would have liked--
We also had visitors this morning so not got much in the way of housework done yet. blush Off out again soon so will try to do something when we return.

CatsInChaos Tue 28-Aug-12 13:22:22

DS is in and out of the house like a yoyo. hmm He seems to have turned our hallway into a meeting place for all his friends. I will be kicking them all out soon! grin

pinkhollie Tue 28-Aug-12 13:27:40

My Hoover has also been used now grin. I forget how quick it is to Hoover if you do it regularly and as we only had our sitting room carpet fitted last week and have been very good about shoes, dogs etc. it was really easy.
Just had lunch and now feeding DS so have the kitchen to clear up again. Baby led weaning is messy!

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