What's in your cleaning cupboard?

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wem Sun 19-Sep-10 09:48:25

We're having a cleaner come round to do a deep clean of our house next week. (I'm 38 weeks pregnant and this is my version of nesting...) I've never employed a cleaner before so I asked her if there was anything particular I needed to 'have in' for her to use and she said she was sure that whatever we have would be fine.

But we have slattern tendencies and make do with a bottle of cif cream cleaner, and a bottle of multi-purpose surface cleaner. I feel this is inadequate for a professional . I had a poke around my MIL's cupboard (her house is immaculate) and there were dozens of different products. This seems a little extreme, so what would you say is the minimum requirement? Your household cleaning basics?

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Igglybuff Sun 19-Sep-10 09:55:18

We have a cleaner and have:

- floor cleaner
- surface cleaner
- glass cleaner
- bathroom cleaner
- limescale remover
- furniture polish
- toilet cleaner
- separate cloths for bathroom, toilet, kitchen
- dusting cloths
- feather duster
- bucket and mop
- broom and dustpan and brush.

The cleaner uses the lot every week!

wem Sun 19-Sep-10 10:02:25

Thanks Igglybuff, we have all the hardware - mops etc. and we do of course have toilet cleaner, forgot to mention that

From your list, looks like we'll need to get some glass cleaner, limescale remover and furniture polish as a minimum.

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Igglybuff Sun 19-Sep-10 10:29:18

We didn't have a mop blush

If you look on cleaner agent websites they have lists on them (which is how I knew what to buy).

comewhinewithme Sun 19-Sep-10 10:32:52

We have a microfibre sweepe thing.

Flash cotton fresh -sprys and all purpose (on offer).



Washing up liquid.

Loo cleaner.

Window/mirror spray.

stofstg Sun 19-Sep-10 11:26:37

at the moment i have:
- dettol multi purpose spray,
- fairy washing up liquid,
- toilet duck,
- domestos bleach,
- parozone flushable toilet wipes,
- mr sheen polish,
- mr muscle oven cleaner,
- glade air freshner plug ins

Mooos Sun 19-Sep-10 15:50:22

I have
fairy washing up liquid
vinegar/water/fairy liquid mixture in spray dispensers
toilet duck (but fairy washing up liquid would do)
jif cleaner - it is good for cleaning sinks isn't it !
lots of microfibre cloths; some for bathrooms, some for mirrors, some for dusting
kitchen rolls for cleaning loos with vinegar spray


dikkertjedap Sun 19-Sep-10 21:42:59

vileda mop with removable heads so you can wash them in washing machine
bleach (I know, not environmentally friendly, but I love bleach to give floors a good clean, toilets, drain holes in sinks etc. - we have a lot of tiled floors)
dettol surface spray
vim scouring powder
HG (hagesan) bathroom cleaner (makes especially taps and kitchen sinks very shiny)
HG product for shower cubicles
floor polish for wooden floors
furniture polish
lots of kitchen paper
old towels to dry floors before polishing
product to clean induction hob
product to clean AGA
fresh lemon to put in fridge each week (cut in half to absorb odours)
thick toilet cleaner which I alternate with bleach

Mind you, I kind of like cleaning and the right product makes it so much easier. blush

Mooos Mon 20-Sep-10 04:42:49

Dikkertjedap - wow VIM. I didn't think you could buy that anymore. Isn't that the stuff that takes all the enamel off baths and loos?

Mummy2Bookie Wed 09-Mar-11 18:56:11

Fairy dish washing liquid
Laundry liquid
Fabric softner
Toilet bleach
Sink unblocked

Scrubbing pads
Cleaning cloths
Toilet brushes
Window and mirror cleaner
Microtones cloths
Anti bacterial kitchen and bathroom wipes
Descaler for kettle
Dishwasher tabs
Dishwasher cleaner
Washingachine cleaner
Airfreshners( for bathrooms only)
Kitchen paper towels

Mummy2Bookie Wed 09-Mar-11 18:56:40

Microfibre cloths

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