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Is this anxiety or MS?

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FirstTimeMother88 Mon 22-Jun-20 10:56:12

Hi all this will be a long message but I need to get it off my chest.
I had my DD back in October and pregnancy was amazing. I've never ever suffered with any kind of mental health issues in the past.
I had a traumatic birth and it ended in an emergency section.
Since then I've had several health problems.
1) nerve damage around the bladder. I have to be wee on a schedule and don't know when I have a full bladder.
2) unexplained high liver enzymes. Had biopsy and nothing picked up at all.
3) my last period lasted 30 days. Internal scan showed no problems though.

As I'm constantly bleeding / thinking if I need to wee etc I started to have panic attacks. Derealisation mostly but I haven't had one since around Feb.
Since Feb though I've had different symptoms.

1) terrible eye floaters and trouble looking at words. They always look blurry,
2) pins and needles in upper back daily.
3) foggy mind / saying silly things
4) fatigue!
5) feeling "zoned out". Always.

I don't have a peak anymore (an attack to have a come down) I'm just always zoned out and feeling the above.

Does anyone else have constant symptoms like this? I'm unable to try AD as I have the unexplained liver problems.
Tbh I'm terrified it's MS and I'm sure the GP will roll his eyes as I'm there so much for bloods etc.

I'm also going to put this in mental health.
Any advice would be most welcome x

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acocadochocolate Mon 22-Jun-20 14:19:38


Sorry to hear you've had such a difficult time. It could be MS. It sounds a bit similar to my symptoms. But be warned...... it has taken 2 years to get to a diagnosis (and even now I have not had the formal diagnosis).

I had many appointments in my local hospital, inc cardiology and ENT. I then went to a neurologist who discharged me, telling me the whole thing was caused by the menopause, and she advised me that HRT would make me feel better. She sent me to a gynae, who said it probably had nothing to do with the menopause but was worth trying HRT just in case.

My GP then did another referral to neurology at a major London teaching hospital. They said I probably have an inner ear problem. However, they did not discharge me and did another MRI scan just in case. By the time I had the next neurologist appointment, I had developed some bladder symptoms and a few other problems and the MRI showed some probable inflammation. So at that point, I was told I had MS.

I have since has an appointment with the head MS doctor at that hospital who described my MS as 'mild'. This I think is one of the reasons why the diagnosis took so long.

acocadochocolate Mon 22-Jun-20 14:48:47

I forgot to say call your GP. If mine is anything to go by, they are not busy at the moment. I changed GP over this because the first one told there was nothing more they could do. It was the second one who referred me to the Neurologist in London.

FirstTimeMother88 Tue 23-Jun-20 09:47:19

Thank you so much for replying x

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