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Pt 7 (Feb13) Any old prolapse! Uterus/womb prolapse, rectocele, cystocele, enterocele, urethrocele, incontinence, pelvic floor, anterior and posterior repair, TVT etc

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This is thread 7 (again - see below) of a long-running series of posts from ladies suffering from pelvic prolapses to support each other through the process of diagnosis, repair and recovery.

With apologies for confusion in thread numbers - the previous thread was called part 7 but it was actually the 6th thread.

Here are the previous threads:

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Info from BBC Health

What is a pelvic prolapse?

As the muscles, ligaments and supporting tissues in the pelvis become weaker, they are less able to hold in the organs of the pelvis such as the womb (uterus) or bladder.

Gravity pulls these organs down and, in the more severe cases, may appear through the entrance to the vagina.

A variety of problems can occur, depending on where the weakness lies and which organs are able to descend, but in every case there is some degree of prolapse of the vaginal wall, which begins to invert (rather like a sock turning inside out).
Prolapse of the womb or uterus is the most common prolapse, affecting as many as one in eight older women to some degree
Prolapse of the bladder, known as a cystocele, is less common.
Prolapse of the urethra (the tube that carries urine out of the bladder) is known as a urethrocele.
Prolapse of the intestines is quite rare, and known as an enterocele or rectocele.


Symptoms depend on which tissues descend, and how severe the prolapse is.

They may include:
A sense of heaviness or pressure in the pelvis.
The appearance of a bulge of tissue in the genital area, which can be quite alarming, and is often red and sore.
Urinary problems, such as having to urinate more frequently, feeling the need urgently, being incontinent (losing control of the bladder) or, conversely, being unable to pass urine when you need to.
Pain in the pelvis or lower back.
Sexual problems, including pain and decreased libido.
Vaginal discharge or bleeding.

Treatment and recovery

Once a prolapse has developed, surgery to fix the affected organs is usually the only way to cure it effectively.

However, another option is to use a device known as a vaginal ring pessary. This is rather like a contraceptive diaphragm or cervical cap. It's made of silicone or latex, and placed in the vagina to push back the prolapsed organs and hold them in place. Many women happily manage their prolapse this way.

Footle Wed 14-Aug-13 15:20:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

charleymo5 Thu 15-Aug-13 08:38:15

Edingburgh fingers crossed that nothing has gone south for you thinking of you for your consultants appointment today.
Weight loss is a bit of a joke here. I spent years on a diet trying to lose some weight and got nowhere then between stress, food allergies,and digestion problems have managed to drop 6 stone rather rapidly. Down from a size 22 to a size 12 jeans! Am glad its gone but at the moment I am struggling to eat even the minimum amount of calories neededsad
Dahlia thats a good idea, could do with some me time.One of my best friends has booked us in for a massage because she said and I quote 'jeez you look like a bag of boiled shite' lol only a true friend would be so honestsmile

Dahlialover Thu 15-Aug-13 12:53:19

Footle - must agree that movicol is the best thing I have found too - I have half a box in the kitchen I have been eyeing up. Kiwi fruit do work well, but one tires of them.............

Edinburgh - hope your appt goes well - my 50th soon too. Everything is dropping sad . Still, hoping to start a new pilates class in Sept and that this will help my insides and outsides. smile

izzybizzybuzzybees Thu 15-Aug-13 22:08:46

Hi ladies. I posted on this thread a good few months ago. I had a prolapse after having my daughter in 2009. I then had my son in Oct 2012. My prolapse worsened considerably. I was referred back to GYN and seen in feb where after a chat the consultant told me that surgery wasn't usually an option in young woman. He then examined me and announced "that is very impressive for a woman your age" and "ignore everything , I just said you need surgey!". I came out feeling quite shocked, he told me to look in a mirror and that the pink thing I could see is my bladder! I was put on the waiting list for surgery which at the time was 6 weeks long. I was given 12 days notice for the surgery and decided to postpone until my son was a bit older as I was told I couldn't lift him post op for quite a while. Fast forward to now and my appointment to see GYN again is end of august where I will be re reviewed and should go back on the waiting list...again! I'm apprehensive and I know I will forget to ask a lot in the consultation so I wondered what kind of things I need to ask?

mrsclairet Fri 16-Aug-13 19:39:13

I am young too (only 31) and was told it's hard to toghten the vagina up too much because then it can become too tight and sex can become uncomfortable. I would ask exactly what is going to be done, I had to have a bladder and a bowel repair which is more complicated than just a bladder repair. I don't really know what else to ask, maybe how long you will be in hospital for? When you can start lifting again? Hope the surgery works, I know I was terrified before and am still terrified that it's suddenly going to drop down again but despite having a few problems I'm glad I had it done - it looks much more 'normal' down there now!!

izzybizzybuzzybees Sat 17-Aug-13 21:55:10

mrsclairet thanks for the reply. I'm only 29 so didn't think I'd have to deal with this kind of thing. The surgeon didn't actually feel inside when I had last appointment, I'm sure it's not just my bladder that's dropped :-(

Edinburgh63 Sun 18-Aug-13 08:01:08

Morning all... Hope everyone is as well?
Dahlia and CharleyMo..... Everything went well at the consultants on Thursday. He said my only issue is I now have a grade 1 front wall prolapse. So not going to operate as not bothering me, so far.
So this leads me to enjoy my new job, only PT. but as my DH says twenty years on maternity leave, it was about time I used my newly acquired degree (graduated in January this year, not bad for a 49 year old),. Also need to finalise my 50th birthday plans, only 9 days to go.
Footie... Is that Movicol available in the UK as never heard of it, I use Lactulose every alternate day, but not keen on the syrupy taste.
Hope those who have recent surgery are making a good recovery.
Have a good Sunday :-)

Footle Sun 18-Aug-13 13:34:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mrsclairet Tue 20-Aug-13 09:09:22

Hi, I am back to the doctors again today, (sigh). I had a haemmorhoid before the op but it seems to have got much worse, last time they gave me some steroid cream and it made me feel much better but this time it hasn't worked. I really can't face having another op so soon but I have seen on the internet there is a new procedure called haemmorhoidal artery ligation so I'm going to ask the doctor about that. I am also getting a weird stinging pain if I stand up for too long and feel like I need a wee all the time but the last sample I sent off came back negative. I haven't had a chance to look on the cystitis threads yet, I will try and do that. It has been so hard not being well and looking after the kids. I took the boys to the park in the morning yesterday and then was in pain for the rest of the day sad

mrsclairet Fri 23-Aug-13 15:24:21

Just a quick update (incase anyone is interested!) I have now got some medication to calm my bladder down and I have got an external thrombosed haemmorhoid, so that is why I have been in so much pain! The doctor said it should sort itself out in 2-4 weeks. I really hope it does, I can't wait to be able to go out and walk round for a couple of hours without being in agony!

bladderama Fri 23-Aug-13 18:50:22

Really pleased that you have got some help with your bladder Mrsclairet and hope that the other problem sorts itself put soon, must be horrible for you.
My bladder troubles have returned with a vengeance and I am gutted sad
Thankyou for the advice on trying to get my stamina back. I have cut out most carbs and been trying to excercise and sleep properly which has helped. It is clearly going to take me some time to get back to 100% again.
Have a good BH weekend ladies x

Just checking in to see how you all are, will bump the thread for now and pop back later to catch up.

mrsclairet Thu 29-Aug-13 08:16:23

I can't believe how ill I have been since this op! I got admitted to hospital at the weekend with abdominal pain. They didn't know what it was but said it could be a grumbling appendix or it could be an ovarian cyst. I felt really upset at the weekend as I could see the lump again (the brain thing) but it is quite high up so I'm hoping that's okay and it doesn't mean the operation has failed. It's not right at the entrance like it was before.

kianaidan Thu 29-Aug-13 11:01:22

Hi all,

I have been reading through this thread endlessly for the last 4wks. Yesterday at 6wks pp I was diagnosed with a mild prolapse and about to begin 3mths of physio. However, it doesn't seem mild and my concerns regard the fact I may have a rectal prolapse/intussusception have not been addressed. I am consoling myself at the moment in the fact that it is not hurting and I am managing to empty my bowels. Sorry for tmi. What I would like to ask is the symptoms for any of you who have suffered this. The thing is I can physically feel a blockage but nothing comes out when I have a bowel movement (again sorry for tmi). Could it be something else, easy treated or even something that will go away as docs explained. I really hope it is.

offwithhishead Fri 30-Aug-13 00:26:26

I am seriously freaking out right now.

I'm 36 week and have got rectocele and cyctocele prolapse which has gradually got worse over each of my 3 pregnancies.

It was worse than its ever been, I had problems passing urine and constipation/diareahh lts of pain when on my feet too much and pain when having sex etc also a feeling of everything falling out when I sit on loo.

Saw consultant at about 28 weeks and he said that I its a moderate prolapse but i should be able to have a normal vaginal birth, when I quizzed him about pain he basically said, il be in so much pain it won't make a difference...

Anyway I'm now 36 week and have terrible stomach pains so went to loo sat trying to push had that falling out feeling and felt inside my vagina and its complete ply closed as the prolapse has come right down.

I feel sick and disgusting sad and how the hell is anything going to come out of here without ripping out my bladder/bowel r whatever the hell it is I felt???

I feel so worried right now calling midwife tomorrow I want to see another consultant, it's so much worse than before, I'm only 25 I feel like a monster and its making me so depressed :'(

Anyone ever given birth with prolapse?

Is this why I have such bad tummy and back pain?

MrsC - sorry to hear you've been in such pain, hope things start to improve soon.

Bladder - oh no, this has been such a long journey for you, how awful that things have got worse again, have you been back to your consultant?

Kianaiden - I have no experience of rectal prolapse I'm afraid, I would think that 6 weeks PP is still early days and things might improve with time. Was it a GP that diagnosed you, or a urogynae? If it was a GP, you might benefit from seeing a urogynae, maybe ask at your first physio session if you can be referred to them via the physio team. Alternatively see if any of the GPs in your practice specialise in Women's Health and see them.

Offwithhishead - no experience of pregnancy with prolapse really either I'm afraid, mine weren't diagnosed till after my last Dc was born, although they may well have been caused by DC1's forceps delivery. I imagine things are worse for you now due to the weight of your baby and bump, the consultant may well be right, but I think you are right to be concerned, I would particularly be concerned about the prospect of having to have ventouse or forceps. I think you are right to speak to your midwife ASAP, maybe ask if you can be seen by a urogynae rather than an obstetric consultant?

offwithhishead Fri 30-Aug-13 01:05:48

The consultant does specialise in both I think bcause I saw him about this before I was pregnant.

I definitely do not want to have any more kids I really hope they will give me surgery about this. But at the moment I just want to concentrate on getting this baby out with as little (more) damage as poss!

Think I can see consultant weds but I haven't been given a time. Just went for a wee and could feel something hanging out now. I don't think it actually was right out but it certainly feels that way.

I always feel I'm not taken seriously. Haven't been able to have sex with partner for months now that's also making me feel depressed. Even if it didn't hurt, I just don't feel sexy I feel like a monster sad

offwithhishead Fri 30-Aug-13 01:06:40

Also i have no bladder control whatsoever at the moment

kianaidan Fri 30-Aug-13 13:06:43

Can anyone recommend or not recommend prolapse surgeons in Leeds?! Or is there a way of finding reviews on them.

mrsclairet Fri 30-Aug-13 19:55:33

offwithhishead I so felt like what you are feeling! You feel like you are not 'normal' and it's just horrible, but I have had the surgery now and it looks so much better! I still worry about it falling down again but I think they say only 25-30% have to have it re-done. I think the weight of the baby will definitely be making it worse. One of my friends who had it done said it sometimes doesn't appear too bad to doctors when they examine you lying down as it all sort of falls back but if you ask them to examine you standing up they might see how bad it is? It's one of those friend of a friend stories but apparently the doctor took her more seriously after that. I really hope the birth goes well for you.

bladderama Fri 30-Aug-13 20:54:16

OFfwithhishead I have given birth several times with large prolapses. They did not affect the actual deliveries but I am sure that they did not help in the long run. Please ask any questions that you need to and I will try and answer them. Good luck with the delivery x

Thankyou whoknows I was in more and more discomfort so went to see GP today. I have another bladder infection so have anti-bs but she said that she couldn't rule out another bladder prolapse and wanted me to see the consultant. Due to go later next month but may need to move it forward if things do not improve. sad I don't want to bring it forward.

How are you feeling Mrsclairet?

kianaidan Fri 30-Aug-13 23:21:18

Thanks whoknows - Its a ob/gyn who I have seen and been referred for physio. They have however accidentally double booked me and so been sent an appt with a uro/gyn at a different hospital and I think I.m going to go. also been referred for physio.

mrsclairet Mon 02-Sep-13 09:13:09

Hi, I can't remember exactly what I have said but I have still got my haemmorhoid and now I have a suspicion I might have kidney stones. I'm going to the doctors later today. I ended up going to a + e twice as the pain got so bad, they didn't know what it was but then when I was having a shower I found something which I think maybe could be a stone. If it is it would explain a lot!

summertimeandthelivingiseasy Mon 02-Sep-13 10:41:14

Mrs Claret - many commiserations for kidney stone. I had an acute one 6 years ago. It was like being stabbed in the kidney with a red hot poker, with profuse sweating and throwing up. Took 61/2 hours of faffing with doctors and OOH doctor before I got any relief from the pain by which time I had given up caring about my dignity and was resorting to wailing.

Here is my favourite avoidance advice:

You will find many variations of what you should avoid eating on the internet. I don't know where the info comes from - the NHS one was particularly strange. The main thing is to drink plenty of water to keep your urine light coloured so the salts are less likely to precipitate out, and not to touch rhubarb, spinach or grapefruit juice with a bargepole.

summertimeandthelivingiseasy Mon 02-Sep-13 10:43:19

sorry - I namechanged - I was Dahlia blush

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