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New thread for those having/had posterior or anterior repairs, TVT, rectocele and all the other down below stitchups

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Hello ladies, I hope you find this, I don't want to lose my pre-op and post-op buddies!!

Footle Tue 03-May-11 14:52:36

Phew, a bit of a panic there, I couldn't make the link work so emailed Mumsnet Towers and they came straight back with a link that worked. Hope all the others find their way soon !
Thanks, Missing

MegGriffin Tue 03-May-11 18:45:49

Hello Missing and Footle. I am glad to hop over as my op is next Monday 9th for Anterior repair and quite frankly I am getting quite nervous.
I have packed my bag and the plans are in place. I'm just trying to get my house in order so I can go in to hospital feeling organised. Three more days at work and I have a blood test on Thursday.

MegGriffin Tue 03-May-11 18:55:29

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarhg (as you were)

Oh dear I didn't know how to do a fancy link, hope the others can find this as otherwise I will miss them!

Footle Tue 03-May-11 19:36:18

Missing, why not email Mumsnet ? They'll help, they are brilliant.
Meg, may I join in your primal scream ?

kazimodo Tue 03-May-11 22:04:28

Hi everyone,
Thanks for sorting out the new link. I'm back at work full time, still having infection problems, going for yet another swab tomorrow. This'll be the fourth one angry. Anyone else had problems? I suspect it's from the Mirena coil fitted at the same time as op. I've also put a stone on in 3 months and being really good food wise sad. So all this post-op sex I was anticipating hasn't materialised yet smile. I'm seriously thinking of having it removed but worried that heavy periods will return even though I had ablation at the same time. Any thoughts or similar experiences would be helpful smile. Good luck to all you ladies whose ops ar efast approaching. It really isn't as bad as you think it's going to be. I have no regrets despite a few hiccups.

jewellerymum Wed 04-May-11 02:37:50

If I'd known 1000 posts was the limit I wouldnt have wasted it! Sorry!
Thank you for starting up the new group! Well it's 2.30am so I'm thinking I should try And shut my brain off! So busy pre op that I can't switch off!!
Night all x

Rectdownunder Wed 04-May-11 06:58:59

Jewel I used to be so much like you, but as I aged (45 now) I started to slow it down a bit. I feel less anxious about the stuff that really doesn't make a difference in life, like always keeping my house perfectly clean and doing 27 hours worth of work in a 24 hour day. I think I started to mellow about 5-7 years ago, so around 38 or 40. I do relate totally to what you are going through.

Missing Thanks for the link and keeping us going. I would not know what to do with out you ladies. So you know, you might be right about taking pain killers for fibro and arthritis. I tend to take them because they are available and I just think there is no need to be in pain if you don't have to be. I do my best not ot overuse them though. I just can't deal with the migraines I get sometimes, they are totally debilitating.

Kazimodo, sorry to hear fo your infections, that makes things so frustrating. I don't knwo anything about the Mirena coil, but if you had an ablation done, then your period should be quite light or may even disappear altogether. I haven't had an ablation, but was offered one. My doctor spoke so highly of it nad said so amny of his patients come back and tell him it they were so happy they had it done. He told me that periods over the course of a year get lighter and lighter. He is shocked that I won't have it done, but I have my reasons that I will explain in another post.
Well that's all I know.
Talk later.

Footle Wed 04-May-11 12:01:37

I just spoke to a nice nurse on the ward I'll be on. She answered my questions ( no shaving , possible enema , were some of the answers ) and to my surprise said I'll probably be there till Monday ( from admission this coming Tuesday ) which is longer than I thought.
I also spoke to someone I know who just had a hysterectomy on that ward , and she was very positive about the nursing and the atmosphere generally. And I looked up my surgeon and he scores 8 for Clinical Excellence - after 8 they go on to the sports-type awards ie Bronze, Silver , Gold... but above an 8 they probably go on to bigger teaching hospitals maybe. Anyway i'm as reassured as I can be at this stage.
Except the nurse had never heard the word rectocele , which took me aback a bit . Posterior Repair , that's what you have to say.

Rect - I don't get headaches never mind migraines, if I did I would be popping those pills like smarties!! For me its all about sleep, get lots and the pains fade, get not enough and its a nightmare so usually I just have myself to blame. Paul McKenna sleep cd never fails to work but I never remember to put it on dur...

Have had nightmare few days, took painkillers cos of pains here and there, caused by overdoing it, plus I had put my back out. Oh dear now I remember why I stopped the painkillers initially, cos they mess my guts up. Guess this is an IBS kind of thing, stabbing pains in my guts and up my bum, it was so bad my mum put me to bed....lasted 24 hours then just went away. guess codeine is not for me. I know that people have IBS and have to live that that, good grief. Maybe I am just a bit of a wimp.... So now that those pains have gone, my aching fanny and sore TVT bits seem like a walk in the park. For all those pre op please please please try to limit your codeine, the pains from that are worse that the pain I took the codeine for!! If you do take it, take all the fruit, pear juice, lactulose, prunes, dates, licorice etc you can to avoid constipation and gut pains.

I have my 6 week check tomorrow. can't wait. I have this idea he will wave a magic wand and all the remaining aches and pains will go away. some bits of perenium are still ver sore, I truly believe the 6 week check will make it all go away... and also I believe in the easter bunny, the tooth fairy....

Cant believe I am back to work next week, still can't bend down properly, pick things up or drive, so that will be entertaining....

Hope everyone is healing well, feeling positive and enjoying the sun x

Flowers40 Wed 04-May-11 13:46:13

Hi all, glad to have found you again, hope you are all doing fine.. I am ok, got a tooth infection and my knees still hurt but my op recovery is going fine, no pain and sleeping much longer at night than I have in many years

But still got a jelly belly :0 Take it easy all..


Rectdownunder Wed 04-May-11 14:44:19

Ah Missing you make me laugh,grin you are eloquent. The thing I hate about codiene is, I can not sleep if I take it at night. I just keep waking up in a dream like state wondering what is happening. The tramadol does the same thing even though it is not codiene based.

Footle glad to hear you found the nurses nice. Funny thing, the nurse I had at pre-op called it a posterior repair as well, not a rectocele.

I mentioned how I turned down the endometrial ablation that my doc offered to me. Well besides being afraid of everything medically interventive, I just want one part of my body to naturally do its thing I guess. I have really bad PMS and just before my period, infact the day before, I cry a lot, I get really down, I stay awake all night as hormones prevent me from sleeping. Sometimes I just work all night or drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes and get this, I don't even smoke. The next day when I feel i am ready for mental hospital, I get my period. I am afraid that if I had the ablation and get my period anymore, I would wonder if I was going nuts! The period helps me to understand myself at that time of the month. Also ovulation time I get a bit the same way, not as extreme and my migraines are all associated with the dreadful monthly monster.

Sorry for the length here, rambling on so much. Have a great day all!

Rectdownunder Wed 04-May-11 14:47:09

Sorry, made a error in the last post, I meant to say "if i didn't get me period anymore" not "and get my period anymore'

jewellerymum Wed 04-May-11 21:02:37

Hey Footle - where did you look up you Doc?
I asked the surgeon about enemas and he looked at me like I was bonkers (he did that quite a lot actually!) so I am going to eat really easy to digest & light food two days before!!!!!
They also confirmed only one night stay as I am 'young'!!! LOL
x x x

jewellerymum Wed 04-May-11 21:13:09

Rect - I have NEVER had anyone describe my hormonal problems as closely as you just did!! I now keep a diary using a period tracker app on my iphone to keep tabs on where I am!
Most months my boobs hurt by about day 20, my mood issues are mid cycle and the last three/four days of my cycle. Sometimes I just cry and cry and other times I get what I call my RAGE sign, flashing infront of my eyes!!! There have been a couple of times where I have had to lock myself in the bathroom and jump in the shower so that I am away from husband as I worry (on these odd occasions) that I am so in his face while arguing that we may come to blows (we havent yet, in 13 years thank goodness!)
The other issue is that there is only a window of about 4 days each month when I actually WANT to have sex! The rest of the month I see it as a duty! How awful is that! My poor husband! He puts up with such a lot!
If I had three wishes they would be a) That hormones no longer have any effect on me! b) I no longer have headaches (today is first day in 10 that I havent had one) and c) All clothes are crease proof and dont need ironing!!!

I think that hormones are the worst thing in the world! They give me spots, headaches, lethargy, anger, sorrow, sore boobs, water retention, I wish sometimes I could just have my ovaries out and be done with it!!!

Todays rant over! x x x

Footle Wed 04-May-11 21:31:27

Hi Jewel , I looked him up on the website for the hospital under Medical Staff, then under Gynaecology. They all have their scores listed. I'm sure there is some other way to look them up , some register-thingy , but anyway I'm committed to getting this over with now.
The other interesting thing I found was that the same guy ( David Burch ) has co-authored a paper for other gynaecologists called "What should we tell women pre-operatively ?" It's on a medical site that you have to register to get on to , and although it's probably easy to register , I don't want to get obsessed here. Would be interesting though .. to see what they leave out. Ignorance is probably bliss.

God I'm glad i don't have periods any more. 11 to 56 , that was plenty thank you.

Rectdownunder Thu 05-May-11 01:03:30

Hey Jewel, Well I am sorry to hear you are much like me hormone wise, but relieved at the same time that I am not alone. You have touched even more on what it is like month to month. I also have that wanting to have sex thing, but only for about 4 days or so. Usually pre period or during, which is not good. I want to be alone for fear I will kill someone because I just snap. Really it is just wanting quiet, I don't like noise at all during or just before my period. I love your three wishes, except I really don't iron perhaps once yearly if necessary.

My husband puts up with a lot too. He has to live with me and four daughters, 4 out of 5 of us menstruate. Well lucky for him now the two older girls have moved out, Charity is moving out on her own in June and Emily hasn't got her period yet, but it won't be long because she is going to be 13 this year. My sons have a lot to deal with too, but one is older and moved out as well. My husband wanted me to get the ablation because he thought it would be nice for me not to deal with my ugly period and then we could have sex then because I won't be bleeding. He probably shouldn't have mentioned that because I was probably premenstrual at the time and to spite him, just plain refused. After I thought about things the real reason was because I keep track of my crazy days with all that. I sort of book my life around it really. I am a photographer and the last thing any bride needs is a raving lunatic taking their pictures.

Tell me more about your hormones, so to speak.


Rectdownunder Thu 05-May-11 05:37:02

Jewel, I also have the sore boobs too, in fact today I just got them. It lasts for about 2-3 days. It seems like I have so many side affects from my period and the bleeding is the least troublesome. I know bleeding is a big pain in the but. I think mine is slowing up now, it used to be really heavy, I got my first period when I was 15 and I am 45 now, I am hoping menopause is creeping in. I don't like the thought of hot flashes and night sweats, but I am a basket case now, so maybe there is room for improvement.

Anyone out there know much about menopause?

jewellerymum Thu 05-May-11 11:10:41

Just a quick post
FLOWERS40 - How are you getting on?
I am booked for just a rectocele repair but he is going to check the anterior too and repair that if needed and as usual with these ops I have signed to say a hysterectomy (sp?) is fine if needed. So I ask how you are doing having had all three done?
Do you fell 'empty' having had your womb removed? I wondered if the extra space means your bowel habits change? When they remove your cervix I guess they just sew i up to leave your vagina (I hate that word and have had to use it so much recently!) pretty much as it was?
How is your recovery?

jewellerymum Thu 05-May-11 11:13:28

Footle - I will try and look up my Doc. Think I saw somewhere he was a specialist in PMS problems - If I thought he would have the time to sit and chat I'd tell him all my problems and see what he thought! (remove my ovaries perhaps!)

Rect ... The thing I hate about codiene is, I can not sleep if I take it at night. I just keep waking up in a dream like state wondering what is happening I didn't realise that was the codeine, I thought it was cos I wasn't getting any exercise that I couldn't sleep...a h it all becomes clear now!!

Wow I will never mind my bad mood pre period, you two really have a tough time. I just get crabby with everyone, and sore boobs which let me know to go out and buy my supplies.. I will thank my lucky stars from now on. Is there anything you can do to alleviate that? Spose you have tried evening primrose oil and all that jazz already...?

Am having a quick brew before going for my 6 week check, I am terrified which is nuts as the stitching and sewing is done and dusted, and I think I dropped the last few stitches this week - I thought there was a spider on the loo seat, it was a titchy stitch just fell out, ick (sorry TMI). Terrified he will have a look and say oh dear, did it all wrong, it will need to be done again aarrrgghhhh

Also scared of going back to work cos today I am still so tired zzzzzzzzzzzz

Still glad I got it done, it's so great not having to pee all the time. Hope everyone is ok, have a lovely day ladies

Rectdownunder Thu 05-May-11 13:08:13

Missing, hope everything checks out okay today and if you are tired, can you take off more time from work even if the doctor doesn't give his reccomendation?

Glad to hear you weeing troubles are better. That is the thing that I want fixed the most, is stress incontinence. I am so afraid that the TVT won't work. If it doesn't then what? Is there another procedure that can fix it? For some reason I have a bad feeling that it really won't work.

Have a great day

Ah Rect I am with you there. That is the main thing for me too. The chances of it working are good. I don't know what else can be done after, I didn't ask him about that, I just decided it would work. I think it has worked, I am definitely improved, but as I am more or less housebound I haven't really put it to the test. When I am active again it will be easy to tell. I think it has worked..... since the op I haven't had to get out of bed at night at all, but then the last 3 nights I have so I am wondering what that all means... oh well, docs at 2pm, will soon find out...

Think the % for the TVT being completely successful is about 85%, and for the next 10%, it was somewhat successful. Somewhat is still good for me. I think only about 5% find no change.

Also bear in mind that the more this op is done the better they get, ie the ones that didnt have success are probably the first people having it done 10 years ago...!

Footle Thu 05-May-11 14:52:43

Rect, you wouldn't have your ovaries removed if you had an ablation. My sister still had a very strong sense of where she was in her cycle 20 years after a hysterectomy because of cervical cancer when she was only 29. I'm sure you would have that too as you sound tuned in to your body. But without the heavy bleeding you would find life more fun. Well, that's what I think, anyway.

jewellerymum Thu 05-May-11 15:26:07

Whats ablation?!

suzy75 Thu 05-May-11 16:04:18

Hi Missing - just want to thank you for continuing this thread, it been of great comfort reading all the woes and positive stories from surgery, and knowing your not alone. Its amazing how large the other thread got... 1000 replies! wow!

How did you get on at your 6 wk check? all ok I hope? I've got mine on monday - albeit its a going to be a 9 wk check! (waiting times with the nhs as they are!) Was it as scary as you thought? I am hoping all good down below. I still feel like a patch work quilt - and I am sure my surgeons stitches could have been better - but at least I am now fully functioning in that area wink.

My major draw back has to be the coil I had put in at the same time as my posterior repair- its made me really moody and grumpy as if a black cloud is hovering over me, I still get loads of cramping pains and periodic heavy bleeding - which is horrid. I am also anaemic following surgery - so I am really tired. So these two problems together is a little depressing! ... I feel I am having a down day! ...
S x

Footle Thu 05-May-11 17:12:48

Oh go on Jewel, look it up !

Footle Thu 05-May-11 17:29:28

Oh go on Jewel, look it up !

Footle Thu 05-May-11 17:30:01

oops. how do i delete ?

jewellerymum Thu 05-May-11 19:38:26


Oh Suzy that doesnt sound like fun - what ind of coil did you get, copper or hormone?

Had my 6 week check and all is as it should be, I am so happy! I was worried cos I have a lot of pain still, that something was wrong, but it is all where it shoudl be and he has given me some eostrogen gel to put on twice a day that will help my bits to heal. Also have been signed off for another 2 weeks hooray!! I was scared about going back to work while I still cannot sit for long and have pains still.

I have lots of stitches up the wazoo still, so hopefully they will drop out soon and life will be more comfortable. As others with posterior repairs were painfree sooner I was worried, but I think cos I had my pelvic floor muscles stitched back together at the same time, I wasn't comparing like with like.

The TVT still aches and pains sometimes, he said that is fine, its early days yet, and it will be another 6 weeks before everything settles down properly. So no Zumba just yet then!! I cannot even imagine wanting to have sex, never mind actually doing it...

Happy days

jewellerymum Fri 06-May-11 11:26:38

I hope my husband doesn't read your post Missing regarding lack of sex! He may not let me go on Thursday!
Seriously though I'm glad that all is as it should be with you. Interesting thought about the oestrogen cream - I shall as my DOC about it as I already have some cream from last year when I seemed to be getting pre-menopausal symptoms 'down there'!!!
It really does seem from the experinces here that they underestimate the recovery time. The nurse I spoke to (who has had a posterior repair) was so gung ho about it - Yeah, you can walk to school in the second week, a wedding in week 3? No problem? Pain with bowel movements? Nah, you'll be fine.!!!!! Perhaps her body has blanked out all the horrors of it!!!
I guess we all have different experiences and to be honest I am now less nervous and more....well excited isn't the word, but I in an odd way I am looking forward to finding out what it will be like! Don't get me wrong, come Thursday morning I will be beside myself, throwing up and shaking life a leaf, but for now I am putting it to the back of my mind. TBH though I am looking forward to a couple of days in hospital - I have been so tremendously busy and stressed out the last month (headache for 10 days, no sleep before 2am, huge fallout with my Dad last night, manic at work) , I am looking forward to escaping reality for a little while! - I might try for a week in there! Do you think they'll let me!!!!)
Hope today finds you all bright and breezy and feeling positive. We all have our ups and downs but your attitude can make such a difference. Worry about the things that REALLY need worrying about and sod the rest!

You will be fine, and yest a few days in hosp, with everyone else doign the cooking cleaning child rearing is great!! Madness isn't it, to have to have an op to get a rest.

I remember that once I got in the car and was on the way to the hosp I just chilled out cos I had done what needed doing and everything for the next few days was in the hands of everyone else. It was a nice feeling. Having a catheter for the first day and just staying in bed being fed and brought tea was fabulous.

I think a posterior repair will be ok, I was just wrecked inside so am suffering from the extra surgery required, I am sure by 6 weeks you will be trampolining! (and lots of sex)

suzy75 Fri 06-May-11 13:18:32

Missing - I am glad all went ok for you, hope the gel helps with the healing. Sounds like you had a lot of work down there - and enjoy the time off work! I had to go back to work at 6 wks - and it was tough. The worst are the long days when I am on my feet for 10 hours. But its getting easier.

I had a hormonal coil put in - and I am planning to have it taken out. Its giving me the craziest mood swings. I should have know better as I am the same with the pill, too many low moments. My poor children don't know what's hit them somedays and thankfully the hubby keeps quiet! I just hope they let me swap it for a copper IUD.

On a positive note jewel... I had posterior repair and now I am back together I feel so much better about having sex! I used to feel all deformed down below - and the surgery has given my sex life a lot of confidence. So tell your other half... the wait is worth it! wink.

And good luck for thursday... I am sure it will all go well. Keep calm and rest well! ... and if they offer you an extra day in the hospital - take it - I wish I had! S x

10 hours..... omg....

re the coil, as I has PND I wasnt allowed the hormone one as my gp said it would make me even more mental (she didnt use those words exactly) so I had the copper one, it was dreadful, floods of the stuff, I was glad to get shot of it

so yes getting rid of the hormone one will help calm your moods

I wanted shot of my coil but DH wouldnt sort out the snip, so after seeing a friends new born baby I pretended I was broody, and he booked the snip that day har har har

Rectdownunder Fri 06-May-11 16:04:14

Missing, you are absolutely right! Statistics are not current on sucess rates. I was very surprised to find this thread and hear some positives regardign these types of surgeries. My doctor is very experienced in these kinds of procedures, has done hundreds of TVTs and almost 1000 posterior repairs. He also explained to me why some of the older TVTs didn't work and caused damage resulting in law suits against the company. I just always look at the possibility of everything going wrong, that way I am never shocked if it does. If all goes well then I fell even better about things.

Footle Fri 06-May-11 18:03:26

I had my pre-op assessment today , in my local hospital , not the one where the op will be. The tests didn't show any problems, phew. The nurse stressed that it's major surgery ( thank you, I did know that ) and that as long as you really take it easy at first , you can expect to be properly back to normal ( different normal from before , I hope ) by about 3 months. I'm feeling like you, Jewel - oh well, here we go , kind of thing.
A homoeopath friend has sent me some remedies which I shall sneak into my mouth at appropriate moments. Won't hurt, might help.

suzy75 Fri 06-May-11 20:47:07

Missing you crafty thing! I'm not sure my other half would take the bait - he would rather another child. He said no one will 'snip' anything in that area. Thank goodness its up to the women to have children, it would be a small world if left to the men. Big babies!

Footle be careful what homoeopathic drugs you take - don't want anything it interfere with your anaesthetic. They use all sorts of drugs and you never know if they will interact. I would concentrate on deep breathing and relaxation techniques to help before the op... and then after you will be floating for a while! so you can just rest.

Footle Fri 06-May-11 21:19:36

I wouldn't mix herbal remedies with allopathic ( conventional ) medicine but have no worries with these particular homoeopathic ones to help with healing afterwards. Like I said , might help, won't hurt.
Can't wait to get on with it now.

Hee hee it's him that didn't want any more kids, I would have liked 8 but apparently I am a complete dragon when I am pregnant (moi?!?!?) not sure our marriage would have survived another one. I do recall telling him every friday (he was posted away and used to come home at the weekends) to just go back to camp, for the duration of the second pregnancy so maybe he has a point....

Flowers40 Sat 07-May-11 15:55:02

HI All and thanks jewllerymom for asking..

I am not doing too well, sorry to all those that are pre-surgery but I don;t think this has worked out for me and my cystocele, piles and frequent trips to the loo have all come back! The bulge is bulging as much as ever and I am only 1 week 2 days post op! Sods law it would have to be me whose op has failed. Cant stop crying. Its all been for nothing.
Is there any benefit to what I have just gone through? Or is a failure just a failure, end of story? I got my letter today for my post op check for end of June, do I leave it till then or say anything now?

I am gutted.

If this is where you are now, I suggest you contact the consultant/hospital now. Don't leave it till the 6 week check. It may be that the current situation is the result of swelling etc, and that it may settle down - you won't know if you don't ask.

Footle Sat 07-May-11 18:15:35

Flowers , that sounds like great advice . It may be that you're expecting too much too soon .. it sounds really discouraging but I think there were some people on the first thread who thought it had all been for nothing and then it turned out OK .
Get in touch with the ward or the consultant's secretary ( the hospital or your GP should give you the number if you haven't got it ) on Monday. Tell us what happens. Fingers crossed.

jewellerymum Sat 07-May-11 22:55:52

Flowers - try not to panic until you have seen someone. It will take such a long time for swelling to go down and things to settle but at the same time, yes, you speak to someone and get things checked. Although I bet they will tell you to give it a couple more weeks until some more healing has happened. Don't lose heart though, if they can do it once they can try again. The doctor told me that as I am young to have one already (33) I am very likely to have another one! Great! Just keep eating/drinking what you can to avoid straining and make sure you are doing nothing that may result in you putting pressure on your pelvic floor. Did they say it would help piles? I didn't think it would have any effect on them (tbh my piles and fissures cause me more pain than the bloody rectocele! )
Whatever happens keep going at it and get it sorted even if it means more surgery. Don't give up. You've come too far to let it all be a waste of time.
See a doc and take whatever action you need. Keep the ball rolling so to speak!
Much love. Keep your chin up. We're here for you if only in print!

jewellerymum Sat 07-May-11 23:04:56

I had a very early morning today (in torrential rain) setting up for a local craft fair. Boy I'm cream crackered! Lovely day though, selling my wares! Made me a little sad knowing I won't be up for another one for at least a couple of months as I won't be able to manage all the lugging about and being on my feet all day. Hey Ho!
Having a lovely day off tomorrow - first one since the beginning of April!!!!! Going to wander round an antiques fair. No thoughts of work of operations tomorrow just some self indulgence! I can start my worrying a fresh on Monday!!!
Ordered a lovely new reclining bench today for the garden. Thought I may be spending quite a bit if time reading my book in the garden over the next few weeks!
Hope your weekends are going well and that you are happy about the long awaited rain (UK peeps)
speak to you again before my op on Thursday.
Take it easy and love your life whatever it dishes out! These things only make us stronger

jewellerymum Sat 07-May-11 23:06:23

PS my Hubble had the snip a couple of years back. Best thing ever!
No more kiddies, no nasty hormones for me and no passion killing condoms!

Footle Sun 08-May-11 10:04:13

And it's nice to feel he's done his bit , isn't it ? after all the bits we just have to do.

Rectdownunder Sun 08-May-11 15:04:26

Happy Mum's day everyone!

Footle Sun 08-May-11 15:08:07

We had our Mothering Sunday a few weeks back, Rect. Enjoy yours.

MegGriffin Sun 08-May-11 16:28:24

Hi everyone. I'm doing my last check in before my op tomorrow. I'm nil by mouth from midnight and have to be in hospital by 7:30. I am hoping that I do not have to wait too long before the op or I might be seen running down the coridoor towards the EXIT sigh in my gown smile.
Good luck to footle and jewelry and any others going in next week and I will catch up after I get home.

Good luck Meg, we will all be thinking of you

Happy Mothers day Rect smile

Flowers, I had an episode of peeing a lot that calmed down, and even now, at 6 weeks, when I saw the doc he said it will be another 6 weeks before everything is feeling normal. I am hoping my tape has worked but can't be 100% sure at this early stage.

At one week everything was swollen sore and ridiculous so you just can't tell at this stage.

I hope you get to see someone tomorrow (at the hospital, not the gp) who will be able to advise properly.

Best of luck xx

Footle Sun 08-May-11 18:48:53

Meg, very best luck. I'll be going in Tues and having it done on Wed, so 48 hours behind you.
Geronimo , more or less !

jewellerymum Sun 08-May-11 21:49:15

What a busy week for the mumsnet repair ladies! Three of us this week!
Good luck for tomorrow Meg and to you footle, my surgery buddy on Wednesday. I will LITERALLY be bringing up the rear on Thursday!
I hope we are all well enough to post ASAP so that I can hear and share how we all get on through the first few days/weeks!
The nerves have set in a little this evening. My blasted father in law who I have spent all day with has this evening decided he is coming down with some flu thing that a bloke at work has! Great! If I get it will they still operate! I couldn't cope if it got postponed after all this build up!!
Hope we all have a succesful week

Footle Sun 08-May-11 22:16:21

And I hope none of us get postponed for any reason. No you definitely aren't coming down with flu Jewel, it's quite out of the question.
This time next week the 3 of us will all have it , um, behind us.

jewellerymum Sun 08-May-11 22:26:08

Thank you for dismissing my cold Footle, I just needed someone to put it out of my head!!! LOL!!!
Anything I can possibly worry about, I will!!!!
How's the cleaning going!?!? I have so much blinkin ironing to do!
Tomorrow I have to wax (I know its not neccessary but I do anyway and I'm not going in looking like a hedgehog. Then I have to label and invoice stock for the shops I supply to make sure they are fully stocked before I naff off for a couple of weeks!
Tuesday is ironing day and food shopping and a visit to my hairdresser for a quick dye (again, not for the op but my premature grey roots look shocking!)
And Wednesday is cleaning day!!!
My new MP3 player is loading with my favourite songs and I have new slippers! PLus I have lactulose ready in the cupboard!
So I think I am almost there! I need to keep busy to stop me thinking about gemeral anasthetics!!!!
Bed time
Night all

Footle Mon 09-May-11 07:42:02

Nice to be buddy with someone who is my complete opposite ! I barely know what irons, hoovers etc are for , and I like to think my grandchildren build up their immune systems nicely when they're here. Things are tidy most of the time, and we wash ourselves , our clothes , bedding, and our dishes fervently, but deep down grown-up housecleaning has never really featured much.
I'm planting out strawberries and beans , having last cups of coffee with friends, and choosing some books and some knitting, though if I can't sit I don't think I'll be able to knit much.
Don't worry about the anaesthetic, Jewel - that's when you just float away. Oh God now I am worrying about it...
Meg must be in hospital by now, with a lot of good wishes from us all.

Flowers40 Mon 09-May-11 13:23:50

HI everyone
Thanks for the messages of support, I am feeling much better now after a rough weekend, esp. Saturday. I am not phoning the ward as I have no real 'proof' my op hasnt worked, I just got my knickers in a twist for some silly reason (scuse the pun) and then looked online and reinforced the idea by what I found out... Bit shocked to read just how many poor women this op DOES fail for, my heart goes out to them, not sure at this stage (week 2) that I could EVER contemplate another op if it hasnt worked, some poor things have had 2 or 3 now and still not right.

But fingers crossed mine has worked, no point getting worked up like that till after the post op check at week 6, I am so sorry I behaved like that, only you guys will understand that I can only cope with it all if I think its worked, so I am putting those neagtive thoughts away for now and concentrate on getting better.

Good luck and best wishes to all going in this week!

careful what you read on the net, there are some american sites full of horror stories, nearly made me cancel my op

I think Rect has some info on why - in the days gone by - the TVT op used to fail more than it does now

I have had exactly the same thing tho - I have had a few times when I think argh it hasn't worked!!! and I feel sick to my stomach

Not sure if this is any help - for the TVT op for example I know that by peeing so often for years that your bladder shrinks. So although I can go ages now, often I still go often, due to shrunk bladder. I did think about trying to hold on for ages but I think that was a bad idea, I mentioned it on the 6 week check and he said oh no don't do that. I think over time the bladder will grow to a bigger size again, but it's not going to be immediate.

So what I am getting at, even with all the stitchery things will take time to settle, inflamation to go down etc etc and all you have to do now is rest and think happy thoughts xxxx

jewellerymum Mon 09-May-11 22:40:39

How are you doing Meg? Let us know as soon as you are able!
Footle - What time are in tomorrow? Are you early on Wednesday? Is that why you are in for the night before?
Speak soon

Footle Tue 10-May-11 09:05:05

Just been told to ring back a bit later and probably don't have to be there till 4. No idea why they want me in overnight - I probably will get done early tomorrow because I have a minor problem with latex ,which means the theatre is supposed to be latex-free just in case I explode , but they didn't know that when they told me to come today. It just seems to be their procedure. I feel even more jangly now, was ready to leave at any minute.
Well at least they didn't cancel me !
How are you doing, Jewel ? Btw I'd love to see your jewellery but I suppose posting a website would spoil your privacy on here.

jewellerymum Tue 10-May-11 10:30:58

Hey Footle - Kepp those jangles under wraps - you can do it! (she says as she trembles slightly at the thought!) WE CAN DO THIS!!! LOL
I'm not sure that I'm too worried about my privacy! I was going to post my website earlier but actually thought it may be a bit low to 'advertie' myself on a thread about having our bits fixed!!! LOL. Can you PM on here? I could send you a link via a message!!!
Try not to stress too much today, I know it will be difficult so just keep yourself busy! Any last bits of shopping you need or maybe you could the iron out and reaquaint yourself with it! LOL LOL (or you could nip down here and do mine!!!!)
Best Best wishes for tomorrow - As I am hardly ever parted from my laptop or Iphone I imagine I will try and do a quick reply post-op on Thursday!!!

Footle Tue 10-May-11 10:58:05

Lovely stuff, Em , I'm tempted . Pretty site too.

jewellerymum Tue 10-May-11 11:53:14

Thank you - Now go get your Fou Fou sorted out!!! x x x x

Footle Tue 10-May-11 13:39:13

Still here, have to ring again at 2.30. Watch out Em, I'll be down to do the ironing all wrong any minute now.

jewellerymum Tue 10-May-11 14:02:12

On your way could you please pick up some milk and a loaf of bread - the ones with the seeds in!
Are they just waiting to turf someone else out to give you a bed??
"Mrs Jones I'm sorry that you are still having trouble with your BMs but we need your bed, we have Mrs F coming in at 4pm!!!"

Footle Tue 10-May-11 14:38:40

FINALLY. They still don't sound in any hurry to see me but Mrs Jones has presumably left the building, and I can't stand hanging around any longer.
Wish I had a smartphone. It says here Do not use mobile phones within the hospital. They have got to be joking. I shall be texting under the blankets. That greedy BT just wants us to use their equipment.
Jewel, good luck with yours, Meg I hope you're feeling reasonably well when you read this, see you all soon.

jewellerymum Tue 10-May-11 14:53:44

Big Hugs x See you on the other side!

Flowers40 Tue 10-May-11 19:48:14

Good luck Footle and Jewellerymum!

Wishing and hoping you have a pain free op and recovery!! xxx

Rectdownunder Wed 11-May-11 05:56:06

Good luck Footle and Jewel. Can't wait to hear from you both after you are home again. Wish you well.

Good luck ladies, fingers crossed all goes swimmingly xx

jewellerymum Wed 11-May-11 13:08:17

Cor the nerves have really set in!!!
All the cleaning is done, ironing, jewellery orders etc etc!!
Just a food shop left!
Would love to hear how Meg has got on before I go in! Also hoping I can use my mobile in hospital!
Footle - thinking of you and sending happy healthy vibes x x
ALL THE LADIES ON HERE - A huge thank you for all the support and well wishes in the lead up to my op. Your candid thoughts have meant so much to me! I will be back as soon as physically possible (or as soon as the hospital let me use my the internet on my phone) to let you know how it has all gone!
Happy Happy Healing to you all x x x x

Rectdownunder Wed 11-May-11 14:57:29

Footle, I just want to respond to your comment regarding ablation. I understand what you are saying in your opinion about life being better without a period. My flow has not been pleasant, slowed down in the last 6 months, so I am hoping menopause is in the near future.

I think with being in tune about where I am in my cycle is true, but only to a certain degree. I get total confirmation when my period arrives as to why I am a crazy girl. Even with that, prior to the actual bleeding, I for some reason always think I am going crazy. It is like my mind just is not convinced that my period can be the cause of it all. Many years ago, I actually did go into the psychiatric hospital several times because of this because I was suicidal. All their drugs would not help me in any way, for 8-9 years they tried to help me, but hormones are just nasty. I guess for the past 7 years now I have learned to deal with it better and completely psych. drug free. I guess the fear of not having absolute confirmation about it is quite scarey, I don't want to spend anymore time in the mental hospital, I am a completely normal highfunctioning individual and I am embarrassed by what it used to be like for me.

Best of wishes to you in your op. and recovery, I can't remember if it is today or tomorrow for you, but good luck!! xoxo

jewellerymum Wed 11-May-11 17:53:58

Meg was Monday, Footle today and I'm tomorrow!!! LOL

suzy75 Wed 11-May-11 21:05:57

Good luck ladies! hope all goes well for you! S x

Rectdownunder Thu 12-May-11 07:54:05

Wow it seems weid, three of you are going to be away for a bit until you are home and ready to tell all. I hope all is well for all three of you. I think you are 7 hours ahead of me, so that means jewel is going in fairly soon as it is already Thursday there. I will be in the same position next Thursday, starting to get a bit anxious now. Have lots to do to keep my mind off of it though.

Missing, glad you are still off work for a bit, that is great for you. Do you still think that the TVT might not have worked for the leakage? I want so bad for that procedure to work above everything else. The success rate is only 80% and of the 20% left, 10% feel some improvement, 5% feel slight improvement and 5% have absolutely no improvement. Out of 100 woman 1 will have a total disaster and end up with vaginal erosion which I understand is devastating. Thbese are factual stats I got from my doc and looked it up online with the company manufacturing the sling.

The horror stories regarding lawsuits were towards a manufacturer from 8-10 years ago. The tape was not designed with mesh type holes and this caused the tape to erode the urethra over time and left woman completely incontinent. It actually killed the tissues it rested against because it was a solid unbreathabble tape. The TVts designed now are breathable mesh, allowing tissues to adhere to it nad become part of it without causing tissue death.

Well that's all I know, sorry for the long post, just had a lot to get down, haven't been in touch always this past week.

MegGriffin Thu 12-May-11 10:00:13

Hello, i'm back!
I came home yesterday afternoon so only 2 nights in thank goodness.
I went in Monday at 7:30 and went down to theatre at about 10:15 (I was second on the list). When I saw the surgeon he told me I also had posterior and uterine prolapse but not as bad as cystocele. I tild him do what you need to even hysterectomy if necessary as I would prefer not to come back. In the end he only did the anterior repair as he said others not too bad.
I was put to sleep at 11am and woke up in recovery at 1pm. As my bleeding was not too much they did not pack me. I had a large sanitary pad which they left between my legs and checked and changed regularly.
I was severly uncomfortable with the catheter and needed lots of pain relief until I was comfortable. They removed that Tuesday morning and gave me a bed bath. later that day I walked gingerly to the toilet and sat on it, feeling like my insides might fall down it (they didn't!)
I was lucky in that I had no nausea and started to eat and drink so the drip was removed and felt much more comfortable and was able to move around a bit more in bed.
I came home with Lactulose, co-codamol and ibuprofen. I had a BM last night (it was like having a baby including labour before hand shock ) but didnt really hurt. I have heeded the warnings about the codeine and constipation so will only use them if in a lot of pain.
Need to lie down now as I am typing this laying on my side in bad and really tired already! Hope the others are going well and can't wait to hear their stories. It's funny, all the magazines and books, puzzle books I packed I didnt need in the end as I was too zonked to concentrate!
Im sure I will have more questions but im not thinking straight at the moment x

Flowers40 Thu 12-May-11 15:21:05

Well done Meg, glad its all over for you, now rest and take care of yourself xx

Rectdownunder Thu 12-May-11 15:43:30

Good for you Meg, I hope I am as brave as you were. Just reading your post got me very nervous for next week. I also plan to let the doctor know prior to surgery, to do whatever he feels is necessary to fix me. I am having the posterior repair and the TVT. I think that my cystocele is really a lot worse than he thinks, but then I don't really have any others to compare it to.

Keep us posted as you feel up to it, but you're recovery is #1 right now, so take it easy.

Glad to hear your story.

MegGriffin Thu 12-May-11 17:15:31

Rect sorry didn't want to make you nervous. I am glad I had it done even though it's early days. They take great care of you in hospital. Don't be afraid to tell them if you are in pain as they tend to start small (paracetamol) but are happy to give you more on top of it as required. I had more lots grin.

MegGriffin Thu 12-May-11 17:16:04

Thanks flowers

jewellerymum Thu 12-May-11 17:55:15

I told you I'd do this - woke up an hour ago and here I am with an update!!! LoL - they unfortunately couldn't surgically remove my iPhone!
I feel surprisingly well. Perhaps that's all thedrugs!
They just did a rectocele repair. Haven't spoken to surgeon yet but it all seems to have gone to plan.
My only discomfort is heartburn (which I'm sure is due to not eating for a while) and I hate the catheter. It doesn't hurt but is just 'odd'!!
So, so far so good!
Staying in tonight and then home tomorrow all being well
A little apprehensive about how I feel when the cocktail of drugs wears off but apart from that it's all fine!
Love to all x

MegGriffin Thu 12-May-11 19:16:50

Wow jewelry I bow down to you. I was totally away with the fairys for the first 24 hours! Glad it went well and keep us updated!

jewellerymum Thu 12-May-11 20:19:01

I know! I'm really surprised too! I'm wondering whether they've actually done anything! 4 hours since I woke up and I have a very light ache low down in my tummy a big like a mild period pain. Maybe he went in and didn't think it needed doing!!! If not for thd catheter I think I would've been happy going home but it's good for hubbie to have a nice quiet night!
One moan - I flipping hate plastic NHS beds! I'm so blinking hot and have to keep peeling myself off it despite the sheet between me and it!! Lol
Right book reading time
X x x x x

MegGriffin Thu 12-May-11 21:01:02

You are a good advert for surgery. Long may it continue. smile

Rectdownunder Fri 13-May-11 06:14:49

Wow! Jewel and Meg, you too are amazing, maybe I'll be so lucky too. So tell me, what drugs did you settle with in the Hosp.? Were you nervous just before going in? I think I am most nervous about having the spinal block, when they put the needle in my back, don't know what to expect.hmm Hope the sedatives are good!

The next most unnerving part is having the 1st and perhaps 2nd, 3rd , 4th, etc. BMs. shocksad

Well I have less than a week to wait Talk to you soon.

jewellerymum Fri 13-May-11 08:33:26

16 hours post op and still amazed at how well I feel!
I arrived yesterday at 12 but didn't go to anaesthetic until 3.15. By then I was a wreck but kept the tears back!!
Was chatting to one nurse while another injected into canula on back of my hand. My face went a little pin prickly and then I woke up in recovery. 4.20pm wasn't award of any tube - she said I spat it out!
For ten minutes I talked and talked to the recovery nurse like a nutcase as I was so glad I was alive! Had trouble keeping my eyes open bug was awake.
At 4.30 I was back on the ward all smiles and on the phone to my mum and dad!
Right - medication - one lot of Morphine, diclofenic and paracetamol to start with at 2pm
Then at 10pm last night had more diclo and para but refused codeine
Also blood thinner injection

This morning have just had para

Pretty much I have no pain!
The catheter was not fun to start with as I felt like I was erring myself but soon this sensation went and I wasn't aware of any fluids moving and it was wonderful to fill my body full of lpads of water and not have to keep weeing!
By 5 this morning I had had enough of it was achey and it was takenout at 6am. Ouch!!! Flippin heck. Glad it only took a second as it stung like merry hell!
Two and a bit hours and not been for wee yet. Passing wind (sorry TMI).
Virtually no bleeding - no packing - just a pad but only one while in bed.
I am being realistic I am sure I will have more pain and bleeding when I move round more but I am genuinely surprised at how well feel

Just waiting to see what the surgeon has to say and what he's actually done. Can't feel any perineal stitches so think it's all interior. Perhaps it only needed one or two?
I'll let you all know
Big kisses to all esp this weeks patients! Hope yours doing ok Meg and Footle

MegGriffin Fri 13-May-11 08:34:35

Rect, I has morphine in recovery room then on the ward had paracetamol and oral morphine and/or diclophenac (sp?) I dont know if having an anterior repair may be different with regards to BM but I did not have pain as such. It is difficult as you dont want to 'push' it out through fear of bursting stiches or pain. I sat there for ages, then stood up, then sat down, rubbed my back etc. I had a few fase alarms where I thought I was going to poo and instead did a massive fart blush. After, my stomach ached but not too terrible. I think the lactulose makes you windy but it is helping to soften things. I also had one dose of senocot in hospital.
I know it's easy to say but don't worry too much as they really do take good care of you.

jewellerymum Fri 13-May-11 08:38:55

Sorry for all the spelling mistakes. Predictive text is a pain! Hope you can figure out what I mean!

MegGriffin Fri 13-May-11 08:41:29

Jewel, my first wee was red with blood. No one warned me about that!

Rectdownunder Fri 13-May-11 16:22:12

Why is the first wee bloody? The BM issue is going to be so scarey, that I really don't know if I will eat until I am healed. I can remember postpartum how painful having a BM was. Probably for the first two months. I had it with all 6 of my children. It seemed like when the stool was entering the rectal area I could feel a horrible stabbing pain inside that would not pass until I passed the stool completely. It was horrible. It was probably due to intestines going back to their place after delivery and all the bruising feeling along the rectal muscle area. Knowing that they are now cutting the vaginal wall right along the rectal muscle and then sewing that back together, I am terrified for the pain afterwards during a BM. I almost passed out having a BM after my kids were born, this is going to be awful. I am not too wimpy, had children without pain med during labour. i guess there is nothing I can do about it, whatever happens, happens.

Keep healing ladies!

MegGriffin Fri 13-May-11 16:29:12

Rect, hopefully jewellerymum will have a positive story about post surgery BM as she has had the same exact procedure as you.
I had the blood I think fron the catheter. Each wee I had, had less in it until after about 4 or so wees it was fine except if blood dripped from my wound in to the toilet bowl. The first couple of wees you do after the procedure, you collect for them so they can make sure your bladder is not retaining urine. When I did the first one i was shocked as it had lots of blood (was totally red) but the nurse looked very casual about it and said that it didn't worry her. I assume it was from the catherter removal although she didn't say and I didn't ask.

MegGriffin Fri 13-May-11 18:03:54

For those ladies that have had this done - I have an ache from my waist down throughout my whole abdomen a bit like period pain. Can anyone tell me if this is normal please? I expect they pushed and pulled my insides about whilst they were in there?

Jewell - that is just what I did, I woke up from the op and was so glad to be alive I stroked the recovery nurses face saying "thank you, thank you" cos I was so happy - when I sobered up I was quite embarrassed...!

Rect, I think, I hope, the TVT has worked, sometimes I think argh no it hasnt then other times I don't go for ages and am sure its perfect, so I am at the moment refusing to think anything negative and let myself not worry for another 6 weeks. I am sure I have improvement but until I am back to normal activity levels I just can't really tell for sure. Even if I have some improvement but not 100% then I will still be happy. I refuse to be one of the 1%!!

What you have described there, the pre poo pain, that is the worst part of this for me BUT its only been when I have taken the codeine, so if you eat piles of veg, dates and so on, and skip the codeine as much as poss you might be ok. I am eating lots of salad, mushrooms etc at the mo and its very effective!

My first wee only had a bit of blood in it, I think everyone's different and as you pee in a bowl so they can check you are outputting properly, the nurse will be checking it and so will tell you if there's anything worrisome. After a catheter for a day, with me drinking everything I could, my first wees were HUGE it was great fun after tiny wees for the last 5 years

good recovery ladies, it's all onwards and upwards from here xx

MegGriffin Fri 13-May-11 18:16:25

Missing, did you get general abdominal ache like period pains during your recovery?

jewellerymum Fri 13-May-11 20:35:17

Meg - I have the same pain
From my waist downwards - including my lower back
I am little more uncomfortable today but am back home now and had to walk to the car etc etc.
I am already stressing about BMs - I feel that it is there low down in my bowel but I dont have a huge urge to go yet and so would only do it with straining! The slightest straining makes me bleed so I just avoiding it for now - taking lactulose, drinking as much as poss!
TBH I think the majority of my 'tummy' pain is that I need a poo!!!!
Hoping that some more lactulose tonight and a good sleep will lead to a movement in the morning!!!
Still feeling OK but the initial 'wow' has worn off a little now I am home and am realising it wont be easy with the healing and trying no to do stuff! My mum has told me to stay in my Pjs all weekend to remind people that I am ill!
Think I will!
Kisses to all

MegGriffin Fri 13-May-11 20:40:54

jewel, that's exactly the same I have got so must be normal. I found with the BM was to wait until the urge was strong, then it comes naturaly without too much pushing. I have been eating fruit/sultanas and drinking lots of liquids and with that and the lactlose have been ok. Don't get stressed about it as the more you realx the easier it will be!

jewellerymum Fri 13-May-11 21:33:02

Thanks Meg - I know it's just as much about mental as it is physical!!!!
When you worry about something it makes it worse! The fresh blood when I go for a wee makes it more scarey!!!

Footle??? Where are you? We need to hear from you to complete this weeks patient updates! Hope you are OK. Love to hear from you when you are able x x x

Re the abdominal pain I just cant remember. I took a lot of pain killers so think that probably masked it, then I suffered for that (the painkillers) later when I finally had BMs

to be honest all the abdominal pain was poo pain, and it was grim so eat that lettuce, that fruit, ladies!!

and yes, stay in your pjs for the first week and if poss, stay upstairs!! I was like a mad lady in the attic, didnt go downstairs till one week after op

have a good restful day ladies, and hope footle is ok xx

Rectdownunder Sat 14-May-11 13:07:26

Footle, I hope you are okay. Post when you can.

Well I was at my daughter's grad last night and her friend's mom told me about her surgery for cystocele repair from 12 years ago. I am thinking that a TVT sounds much better. She had her op done from the lower pelvic area. They stitched her ligaments that hold up the bladder and urethra back to their original spot. After she was done, she couldn't wee on her own, so they put the catheter back in and she went home with it and had it in for 2 weeks. Got an infection from it and felt rather housebound, she refused to go out with the bag hanging from her leg. Anyway, it did work for her, but now she told me she has to have it done again. I told her they have less invasive ways to fix it now. She wants a hysterectomy to stop bleeding, but they won't do one. I told her about endometrial ablation. Now she wants to go in and have both things done. She was really happy she fixed her bladder and would do it again. By the way, she had 4 kids and she does a lot of heavy lifting on the farm, that's why her repair has worn out. She is in her late 40s.

I am getting nervous I thinkconfused I can't seem to get a good nights sleep. I am tired, but keep getting up early in the morning and I hate mornings, would sleep in till 9 everyday if I could, but I have been getting up at 5:00 a.m. I feel kind of queazy and nervous a lot of the time. Oh I hope I don't chicken out at the last minute.

Happy healing!

jewellerymum Sun 15-May-11 00:31:20

A bit up and down today!
Was silly of me to think yesterday that I was 100% so soon!!
Slept really well after my first toilet traumas (sorry TMI). Tbh my main worries today have been BMs!! Once I started I was going every few hours! Have cut back on the lactulose!! It is just terrifying every time you feel the urge because of stressing the stitches. There has been fresh blood but only a little and none in-between toilet visits.
Was a bit teary this morning as I realised that I have a big row of stitches in my vagina!! And will have for a few weeks! Fortunately they are all internal so sitting is not a problem.
My round up for today is that I have been uncomfortable, like period pain and the second half of today have become aware that I am sore inside. Pain is only a 4 out of 10. My bowels have been gurgling gurgling gurgling all day and BMs are more worrying than painful!
Not sure how many days I can sit on the sofa for, but also realise that after 5 mins of puttering around the house I ache and gave to sit again!
Think my lovely husband is already over the novelty of having to look after me plus his hayfever has kicked in today so he is like a bear with a sore head! Looking forward to boys going to school on Monday as am finding the noise a bother! ( although they are trying hard to be angels)
I guess I spent so long worrying about the op and the general anaesthetic that I failed to think about having a few weeks of stitches in my you know what! It would be easier to have a broken leg, at least then you look like you should be sat on you'd bum all day!
But, for the ease of the op and the fact that the pain isn't too major I would recommend the op definitely. I even think it felt different going to the loo today, already (TMI warning) like it kind of shot out! It didn't go round any corners of get lost at a dead end so to speak!
Long way to go but I know it's do-able !!!
Much love x x

Rectdownunder Sun 15-May-11 08:18:04

Jewel, You sure have a good grasp on what and why you're feeling the way you are. I think I will feel quite depressed afterwards, I don't like feeling useless and I definitely like to feel more comfortable physically than I will after the surgery.
I am getting nervous now as my busy time with work and committments are done. Now I have to get the laundry done and clean the house and plant the gaarden and have three days to do that. What did you do to keep busy just before surgery?

Well I am going to bed. Keep me poster.


MegGriffin Sun 15-May-11 08:51:32

Hi girls. I'm on day 6 after surgery today. This time last week it was the day before my op.
I woulld say my pain is about 4 as well so long as I keep taking the pain killers. One thing i learned at my expense was to keep them going so the pain does not build up otherwise it's harder to keep under control. I am still alternating ibuprofen and paracetamol and save my co-codamol for bed time if I can. I am having 5ml of lactulose 3 times a day and that, with fresh orange juice and fruit etc so far has kept them soft enough to pass without too much trauma. Jewel, youre right about the gurgling and wind flying around your insides. Mine feel like there is something moving around in there sometimes. Must be the lactulose.
I still have some bleeding but only like that of the end of a period. I also have watered down blood when I wipe after a wee but it's slowly becoming less and less.
I have a period due in the next week or two so will have to contend with that using sanitary towels, nice!.
I am still lying down quite a lot but that is because I fing being upright quite uncomfortable, especially sitting. That is also slowly improving with time.
My mum and dad have visited every day and keep saying do you feel better yet? I think it's going to be hard for people to understand it will take weeks until we feel better although at least now I can report small improvements.
Jewel, my DH has so far been fab but I do wonder how long it will be before he feels the burden of being 'mum' and doing all the little things I would normally do.
Rect, you will be absolutely fine! This time next week it will all be over!
With regards to footle, I onder if they kept her in over the weekend? I overheard someone say in hospital that if you don't get discharged on the Friday you have to stay till Monday as there is no Consultant to discharge you over the weekend? Don't know if thats applicable in every hospital though.
Keep your chins up ladies xx

jewellerymum Sun 15-May-11 19:41:34

Rect, please try not to worry too much - Yes, I was terrified before I went in - sat in the ward waiting with my head in my hands asking why o why I was doing it! In the anasthetic room I was virtually in tears, shaking and questioning what I was doing, but it really really isnt that bad.
I would say that the whole process is more drawn out and long winded than anything. Recovery will take quite a long time but this will be at a low level of discomfort! My parents and Grandma visited today and I talked candidly to them about what is was like before and when I said that for the last three years I was having to manually 'help' with BMs, was worried every time I was intimate that I would have an 'accident' I realised why I had this done!
There is no guarantee that this will work but I cant be any worse than I was!
Your symptoms are not life threatening.
You CAN live without this operation.
It WILL be difficult for a few weeks.
It will be unfomfortable and be sore.
By by goodness Rect, don't you think you deserve a better quality of life?
As far as I am concerned you only get one go at all this - why spend all this time feeling so wretched!
Someone can fix this for you. Let them!
And do ANYTHING you can to keep busy for the next few days - regrout the bathroom, clean out your kitchen cupboards, wash the curtains! I loved coming home to an extraordinarily clean house!!! LOL
Hugs X X X X

jewellerymum Sun 15-May-11 19:46:59

Plus, Rect, please accept this as a very small virtual kick up the bum - you need to go into this with a positive attitude - It will go well. I will cope with the pain. I will heal quickly. My life will improve.
Stop thinking that you will be depressed otherwise you are plotting the outcome! No one likes to feel useless but get prepared with stuff to do afterwards that you can do sitting down. I am using my laptop a lot. Preparing new things for my website, making jewellery on a tray. Colouring in (yes I know its kids stuff but i love it!), doodling, reading, knitting, puzzles and you can sleep! If you're already lying down you may as well!

Rectdownunder Mon 16-May-11 03:47:11

Jewel, you're absolutely right. I will be more positive. I can work on many things sitting down. I am a photographer and am designing a new website as well. I do love to knit and have a project started. I will have plenty of things to do for sure. I just feel bad that it is not the things in particular that need to be done is all. I wait out every long winter to finally be able to go outside and garden and well it will be delayed this year and I won't be able to do the gardening I did last year. Gotta go, company at the door. talk soon!

Rectdownunder Mon 16-May-11 07:24:01

I'm back, company's left. Trying to remain in a better frame of mind. I just find myself feeling sickly and nervous in the stomach, I really can't control it. It might be partly premenstrual as I am close to my period, which doesn't help any under these circumstances. I know I will get to the hospital and act like nothing is bothering me, but inside I will be feeling rather beside myself emotionally. I am actually tired of waiting for the outcome, I just want to deal with it and get it over with. I know then I will feel better about things, even if I'm in pain. I am really hoping for my surgery to be booked in the early morning. I won't know until I phone in the night before. The biggest reason is I drink a lot of water and I find it really difficult to go that many hours without water, the later in the day I am the longer I feel thirsty. The other reason of course is feeling nervous while I wait out the day. I know I will deal with it, just want it to happen already.

Bye for now

jewellerymum Mon 16-May-11 09:09:24

Everything you are describing is completely normal! If you didn't feel thi way I'd be worried. Times flys and before you know it you'll be day 4 like me. It will go so fast! You cannot remove you nerves, I get that, just make sure you remain in control! You won't turn round and do a runner because you need this and you've waited for it! Nerves are a simple human reaction to the unknown. Now get those last seedlings planted, fill the freezer with yummy food and get yourself ready! I'm going back to bed! Because I can!

Rect, its so normal to feel like that, I think we all did. Mad cleaning is great. Imagine, you will be fixed and everything will be lovely...! but it will take time.

Rectdownunder Mon 16-May-11 14:27:25

Thanks jewel and missing! You guys would understand and I believe you. I will clean my house for the next couple of days as it needs it and it is a huge house, so lots to clean here. Wind has calmed down finally and so the garden can be done today. My husband has the greenhouse set up so I when I feel better I can go out and water the plants without lifting heavy water jugs. I am curious about how long it will take before I can make that walk out to the garden and greenhouse. I is about 100 meters from the house down a little hill. I can see it from my bedroom balcony, so that is nice too. I will not push myself though as hubby is totally capable of taking things while I'm laid up. So jewel, can I ask you what your website is? I would love to see your jewellery. Thanks again, you ladies are wonderful.


jewellerymum Mon 16-May-11 15:07:32

Hi Rect. You'll be able to walk short distances, but will need to sit down as soon as you get whereever you'e going! It will make you ache, like a heavy dragging feeling but it wont damage you as long as it is just a short potter. I am avoiding walk as much as possible but have been up and down stairs to the loo and around the house. I would be concerned about you lifting even little jusgs of water tho!!!!
A week or two of sitting seems like a long time but it will go quickly!
I know that it is really daughnting (sp?) but once you have decided that enough is eough you just have to grit your teeth and take the plunge!

I'll PM you my website as I wouldn't want anyone to think i was shamelessley advertising! There isn't that much stock on there, but enjoy your browsing!!!

Rectdownunder Mon 16-May-11 15:59:23

Thanks Em. re: website and info. I won't be lifting water jugs at all. He is putting large buckets of water in the greenhouse with an old well ladel in it. It holds about 2 cups of water and I will just scoop the water in the plant pots that are in the greenhouse. There is a lawn chair in there too, so I can sit when I get there. I like sitting in the greenhouse, smells so fresh and it is warm, makes me feel good. I believe that I have convinced myself that I will take it really easy for the first month for sure and just ease back into activity slowly. I don't want to end up overdoing it and setting myself back. I have a wedding to photograph on July 23rd. I must be ready for a big day by then, so I just have to take it easy and heal. Talk to you later.

Footle Mon 16-May-11 18:26:53

Here I am ! Just catching up on everything before I reply properly xxx

Rectdownunder Mon 16-May-11 19:26:21

Hi Footle, glad you are out there, was getting worried. Don't worry about us, just yet, but nice of you to brief yourself on the goings on. I have the nervous feeling pretty much every time I think about another three days, but I am dealing with everything the best way I can. I am not obsessed about it though. I have lots to do for now, so can't wait to hear from you soon.


jewellerymum Mon 16-May-11 19:31:20

Yey! Footle x x x

MegGriffin Mon 16-May-11 19:44:57

Hello Footle, glad you're back. xx

Hi Footle glad you're back, hope it all went well and you are ok.

Footle Mon 16-May-11 21:56:49

It went really well. I came home last night.I had a single room - just by luck - and felt calm once I was there. I was first on the list on Wed , surgeon and anaesthetist were reassuring and I walked down to theatre after a shower. The worst time was the first 24 hours after the op. I had a big vaginal pack which caused lots of pressure in my bladder so I didn't even feel the catheter , but it felt like desperately needing a pee for the whole time. But I had morphine and was able to drift through it , knowing it wasn't for long. I had a pad because the vaginal pack is wet with serous ? fluid which leaked. On Thurs morning the nurse started to take the pack out gently, but she stopped and gave me extra morphine as it felt too painful/weird - a long long strip of gauze. She said she couldn't even tell me how near the end we were because the theatre staff just pack in as much as they can and it's different for everyone. After that was over - maybe 4 or 5 minutes going slowly - she left the catheter in so I could lie still for an hour or so , not have to get up to pee, and sleep off the shock. Then she hoicked the catheter out, which hurt for a couple of seconds only.
The surgeon came and explained what he'd done. He excised the damaged tissue from a big episiotomy scar, and was able to stretch undamaged tissue to cover it. He sewed a seam as long as his thumb - a biggish man, I didn't measure his thumb - and anchored the repaired wall with stitches to the "perineal body" which the physio told me is the inside, upper part of the perineum. I have NO stitches on the outside, which must make healing easier.
I don't agree with whoever said she won't eat so she won't have to have a BM. It has to come , and the longer it waits the drier and harder it will be. I ate and drank and also took Movicol twice a day. On Sat morning I felt awful, was desperate to poo but it hurt too much, and I was told not to strain - not that I could bear to. I spent an hour or two walking up and down the corridor not knowing what to do with myself , and in the end I asked a nurse if she could help in any way. She was great , got me to lie down while she put two glycerine suppositories up my bum ( I'd never have been a nurse ) and told me to hang on as long as I could. I managed about 10 minutes and then shuffled to the loo where blissful release occurred. Praise the lord. It has been pretty much OK since.
This is getting awfully long, I'll post it and maybe carry on tomorrow.

Footle Mon 16-May-11 22:19:46

I'm home anyway and pretty comfortable, still taking 1g of paracetamol every 6 hours and 50mg Tramadol if I really need it. Meg I completely agree about not letting the pain break through, it's hard to get on top of it again. BMs are painful but not that bad, and like Jewel said, it feels so different that they come straight down and out. I have that period-pain feeling too,maybe it's just general swollen feeling from being messed about ?
Everyone had mobiles with them. The nurse said they try and stop people disturbing others with them, but in a single room I was fine. Jewel I should have asked for your number so we could have texted ( I haven't got a smartphone yet ), I was thinking about you and Meg. Glad it all went OK and DON"T overdo it. My daughter visited with big baby Joe - it was heavenly to see him , and heavenly not to have to look after him and his siblings. I don't know how you girls manage after these ops.
Rect, it will be OK you know ? I know you're having more done than me but you sound a strong, sensible woman - you'll get through this, it is NOT the end of the world. And stop reading about bad stuff - it's not going to happen to you ! I've describe the worst things that have happened to me : I was given drugs to help , and it was all bearable. I haven't had any codeine : Tramadol is a morphine derivative but it hasn't constipated me. In fact I seem to have verbal diahorrea so I shall stop.
night night.

MrsBonkers Mon 16-May-11 23:17:08

Ladies, you've all been so brave and done so well.
Rect, you will do well too. You have loads of positive vibes coming from us here.
Listening to your recovery stories has made my mind up for me; I'm not going to pursue the surgery route until my dd is older. She's only 10 months and there's no way I could rest the way you're meant to post op'.
Guess I'll have to find other ways of coping for a while.
I do find it heartening to know there is a solution out there though.x.

Rectdownunder Tue 17-May-11 06:14:08

Footle, sounds like things are going well, was concerned about what might have happened. So is it routine to stay in hospital as long as you had. I don't think here in Canada they let you stay in very long, which is fine by me as I feel more comfortable at home.
I spent the entire day cleaning, planting garden, organizing, hanging pictures and doing all those things I have procrastinated for so long. I feel great now for having done all that. I have a whole new list for tomorrow and Wednesday.
I am also trying to prepare my bowels for post-op, so I have been eating extra fiber and drinking extra water. I thought it might help for the first bowel movement.
I take tramadol when my fibromyalgia and arthritis are acting up. It is a pretty good drug and is less constipating, I will try to manage without them, but I know me, if it really hurts I'm begging for drugs.
A couple of questions for anyone, did they shave any of the area down there? How long after surgery did the first BM come?
MrsBonkers, sorry that you will have to put off surgery until later, but caring for your child is important. Perhaps we can advise you in some way on dealing with the difficulties until then. I have had my rectocele and cystocele for over 6 years now. I found ways to manage, but now I am definitely tired of it.

That's all for now, take care all.

MegGriffin Tue 17-May-11 09:22:37

Hello all hope you are ok this morning?
Can I start with a post op question please. It's a bit TMI i'm afraid.. My blood loss I have at them moment smells a bit funny but i'm not sure if it is meant to smell a bit or if i have an infection. Could anyone post op help me with this please?
Also I have been told I will need 6 - 8 weeks off work but the hospital only sighed me off for 2. Does anyone know if I have to see the doctor to get more sick notes or if can ring the surgery and not have an appointment. It all seems a bit of a waste of time when the consulltant tells me I need x amount off but then only signs me off for 2 weeks. I will ring and ask but just wondered what other peoples experience are. Also it seems i'm not going to get a follow up with the consultant according to the paper work??
MrsBonkers, 10 month olds are hard work and I understand why you would want to wait until they are a bit older. You can always change your mind at any time as well.
Footle so good to hear you are ok and home. Isn't it lovely to be in your own bed, with your own toilet etc..

Footle Tue 17-May-11 12:04:45

am leaning on my side so no capital letters etc today. rect, they don't shave in my hospital, don't think it's done any more. they count recovery days from the day after surgery as day 1. my first bm was on day 3 , and they said they would have started worrying if it had been any later. i also had lots of fibre and fluids beforehand, i'm sure it has for my long stay , i really don't know. i could have left on day 4 but wasn't feeling great and was glad to stay another day, felt safer.
meg, when i asked about how to spot infection, they said to be aware of a different smell as it's a sign.for that and for the question about sick notes, i think you should phone the ward. they'll probably tell you to phone the gp but do it anyway.
mrs b , good decision - just too much at this stage of your baby's life.

Footle Tue 17-May-11 12:05:53

and yes, it's lovely to be home exclamation mark

jewellerymum Tue 17-May-11 12:06:19

LOts of questions to answer........

Footle - SO lovely to hear from you and that you home and healing. Glad you didn't find it too bad! I had a dizzy day yesterday and felt very light headed. Not sure why. Perhaps I was tired, but feel better again today!

Rect - My first BM was about 30 hours post-op. I have what I call is an 'excitable bowel!!' - It doesnt take much to make it go! I spent most of the pre-op morning going and going and going - my reaction to stress so I guess there wasn't much in my body by the time I had my op! The first one WAS unpleasant...Very very hard (even though tI had drank 2 litres of water in hospital!) and i had to go up and down stairs a few times before I could bring myself to do it but (TMI) it was right there and I just had to go!!!
The next day I had lactulose which made my stomach gurgle ALL day which wasnt great (but not that bad) and I went A LOT! about 5 times! So now I am off the lactulose and will keep my eye on what my body does by itself. If I dont go for a day (im very regular!!!) I will take some more but it seems to give me lots of wind and be very loose (Sorry TMI AGAIN!!!) and its awful when you are sat there wondering if you have to 'trump' or if you are going to have an accident! - You cant go up stairs to the loo every time you think you have wind!!!!

Meg - hey sweets, sorry to hear you're worried. At the mo I have very little bleeding and it is a creamy pink colour. There isn't really a smell at all. And I only notice a small amount of watery blood when I strain. I dont need to change pads or anything - it's nothing like that. I can only suggest a trip to the GP because the worry will make you ill!
I was also told by surgeon that I wouldn't have a follow up :-( SO I have decided that I will visit my GP at 6 weeks. There is a lovely female GP who I saw with this originally (amd later piles) so she is knowledgable of my lady bits! SO I will go and see her for her to have a look (you nver know she may appreciate seeing the before and after!!! LOL)
Go and see the GP Meg. The surgeon told me if I had an infection I would feel ILL. But if you can get there I would go
Right ladies - I need to have a shower, I have girly friends coming over for lunch (my lovey hubbie is going out to buy us some baguettes!)

Footle Tue 17-May-11 12:25:24

hi jewel, hope it was a lovely lunch and you could forget all about the seamy side of life..
re post op check ups, we don't get them here either. it's reckoned to be a waste of money and time, on the grounds that if you a problem you'll go to your doctor, and if you don't, why bother with a check up question mark. it makes sense to me. except that the consultant doesn't get to see happy post op patients, which is a shame , and i think it would be good for them to have feedback.

Footle Tue 17-May-11 12:34:30

Rect, ( ooh look, capitals, I'm kind of slouching up in bed ) I can't remember where you live, is it BC ? I like to think of you in your greenhouse with your well-ladle .. What can you see from there ? Is it a nice view ?

Meg, re the smell I have been told that is a sign of infection so suggest you get to gp just in case.

re sick notes, I was signed off for 6 weeks, then rang gp who gave me another 2 weeks over the phone!! So suggest you ring surgery at 1.5 weeks, as you only have a 2 week sick note, and say you want to ask to be signed off because xxxx (whatever is the most compelling reason that they are unlikely to argue with) and ask if you need to come in for an appt for that. If you explain you are not able to drive at the moment then they are likely to say you dont need to come in, cos I doubt they would want to come out to you!!

Mrs Bonkers I waited to DD was 5, for just that reason, I couldn't have not lifted the kids if they were younger, but at 5 and 8 they are no bother.

Footle Tue 17-May-11 16:52:19

Missing, it seems a while since you gave us an update on how you are (unless I've missed noticing it ). Are you feeling back to better than normal and glad you had it done ?

jewellerymum Tue 17-May-11 20:35:10

Anyone any idea on how long the stitches take to disolve?!

Footle Tue 17-May-11 21:26:26

Yours itching too ? From the instructions I have , it looks as if the internal stitches may take up to 6 weeks to dissolve and "The occasional stitch that has done its work and dissolved may 'fall out' into the toilet or your underwear ; don't be alarmed " which is quite sweet isn't it ? Of course we know that from other people reporting sightings of spiders in the loo..

jewellerymum Wed 18-May-11 00:25:34

Gosh Footle. You have been given so much info compared to me!

Ok. We fixed your rectocele. It wasn't small it wasn't big. We don't need to see you again. Any problems go to your gp.

That was it! Nothing else at all. Oh sorry, don't lift anything!

Rect - when are in you in and exactly what for? Sorry for not remembering completely!

jackie62 Wed 18-May-11 01:38:57

Hello, I've found the new site at last! Not technical at all so this is a miracle!
I've got my appt for the gyny dept on 1st July, that's been a long wait. I am on a night shift the night before so I have said I will have to leave early and they are making a right fuss about it! No way am I working until 7am and going to the hospital at 9am. Anyway fingers crossed that the new gyny lady is the right one and has a solution?!!
Thanks for sorting out the new thread! X

Rectdownunder Wed 18-May-11 06:52:17

Footle, I live in rural Alberta, not as nice and warm as BC, but pretty good. I have a greenhouse in the middle of our yard on 10 acres. There is a beautiful cove of tall waving grass and trees on either side and a pond a few yards from there. The two vegetable gardens are situated on either side of the greenhouse. I love it out there! My husband built it for me last year, he's so nice! We actually built the our house together and we landscaped the yard to what it is now. It is a dream place really, just could have less mosquitoes and it would be perfect.

So i am going in on Thursday for a TVT and rectocele repair. I am frustrated right now because i got my period yesterday. With my period i get constipated and nothing seems to help it move. I usually just deal with it. I am worried that if I don't go before Thursday morning, I fear having a horrible BM post op. I decided to take some sennacot, I took some yesterday and took maximum dosage so far today 8 tablets and nothing will move. I am out in the garden planting and staying active, but my bowels are stubborn. I hope they move tomorrow. My period sure didn't help coming at this time, it is early, I wasn't expecting it until the 22nd at the earliest.

I haven't got long to wait now, getting anxious to get it over with and on the road to recovery.

Glad you are all still doing well smile
Take care wink

Rectdownunder Wed 18-May-11 06:56:25

Oh Em, nice jewellery. I especially love the silver rings. I wear silver all the time and actually have about 8 various types of silver rings. I wish I could wear them all the time, but I only have so many fingers. Keep up the good work. Make lots of new creations while you're recovering,

Keep up the healing work also.

good night!

MegGriffin Wed 18-May-11 09:02:47

Morning all!
jackie, the time wil fly by I expect. I hope your lady gynae can help you, i'm sure she can!
Rect, your garden sounds amazing! What are you growing at the moment? I have a small veg patch which has potatos,strawerries,tomatoes and cucumbers in at the moment. Im not very green fingered so grow things that you can plant then leave, except for water.
jewel, I got nothing on discharge. Everything I know about this, I have read on here. They came to see me and said any questions and all I could think of was can I bath which they said I could.

Morning ladies. Rect - 10 acres!!! omg how fantastic

Stitches, the two on my tummy for the TVT disappeared after 2 weeks. The posterier repair ones on the outside waited about 6 weeks, and on the 6 week check the doc said I still had some up the wazoo so the internal ones can take AGES...every one is different. You won't really notice them dropping out unless they happen to be on the loo paper or I had one land on the toilet seat and made me think it was a spider!! When I had my period I noticed more bits of stitch coming out so maybe that helps flush out bits of stitch that are lurking inside.

Footle, you are right I haven't put updates on here cos I have been fed up and didn't want to be negative while the ladies are getting ready for surgeries etc. I noticed that a lot of people having it all done before me were fine by 3 weeks. I am nearly 8 weeks and get pains whenever I do stuff, so I am currently full of fearful "OMG it's all gone horribly wrong!!!" thoughts, which I am trying to keep at bay. Being off work for 8 weeks probably isn't helping, I am an accountant and normally spend my days with my head full of spreadsheets and numbers, having my brain free floating for 8 weeks is probably part of what's getting me down. I had my whole pelvic floor put back together, I think this is why I get pains, and the doc at the 6 week check was very pleased with it all, and said it will probably be another 6 weeks before I feel ok. I don't want others to think that their recovery will take this long, it really shouldn't. I was supposed to be in theatre 1 hour, in the end it was 2.5 hours, cos of the extra damage they found inside. The TVT is still not comfy, well just down one side. I overdid it sunday am then had pains from sunday noon till tuesday, now I am scared to do anything. Also I am absolutely knackered. I don't sleep properly anyway, and I wake up a lot worried I am sleeping on the wrong position (no idea what the right position is tho) cos the TVT scares the pants off me, and I don't want to damage it, or stop it settling in.

I wonder if some of this is cos of fibromyalgia but I did ask about that pre surgery and he didnt think that would impact anything, just maybe leave me feeling very tired for longer than someone that doesn't have it.

Sorry this is so long, whinge whinge, moan moan. I think I am just fed up, lack of exercise, not able to get anything done round the house, and scared of going back to work next week. Plus my job has been offshored so I have to find a new job within the company, or I will be out on my ear. boo hiss. This is why I haven't posted, I don't want to bring anyone down...

Footle Wed 18-May-11 10:39:27

My consultant gave me a web page - hang on while I find it

Footle Wed 18-May-11 10:46:18

If I'd had any idea other people didn't have this, I'd have pointed you to it weeks ago - sorry !
womens' health
patient info
Recovering Well
pelvic floor ops

i mean, go to the first one, then follow the next ones to download the leaflet. He said some of the recovery times are a bit optimistic for some people ( for instance, he told me no sex for 8 to 12 weeks because of the particular procedure he did ) but it's a great leaflet. I might try and post a direct link if this doesn't work for people. What the hell is the point of these things if the doctors don't tell you where to look for the info ?
I have other leaflets too, such as the one I quoted above - the hospital gave me that as I left.
Hope this will help someone. I'm sure it will, in fact.

jewellerymum Wed 18-May-11 11:20:20

Al I seem to be able to find is the Roman Catholic Users Group!!! WIll they help me?!?!?! LOL

P.S. - I can't poo!
That is all

Footle Wed 18-May-11 11:30:21

Do a search for "recovering well pelvic floor" and you should find it. It's worth a read.
RC Users of what , I wonder ?
Going by the heavenly help I had in hospital, I'd say your best bet for poo assistance is to ask someone to buy you some glycerine suppositories from the chemist , and insert one yourself even if it feels as if nothing can fit in there. You moisten the end of the suppository first. Then hang on for 20 mins if you can, and it will have softened it so it should come - I was told not to strain.
Good luck.

jewellerymum Wed 18-May-11 12:22:39

Footle - that's a great leaflet - really informative!

Footle Wed 18-May-11 12:25:34

Rect , your place sounds wonderful. You must have great energy to have built it all up and to keep it all flourishing. Do you still have children at home ? We'll be thinking of you tomorrow and waiting to hear. Surely all that Sennokot must work before you go , it's a big dose. As well as Movicol ( think it's what you call GoLightly ?) I use milled/ground flaxseed which I sprinkle on yogurt and fruit or soup or veg , twice a day. It helps a lot and doesn't affect my blood sugar.

Missing, sorry you're having a grim time with work worries as well as the effects of such a big op. Is there any accountancy-type work you can be starting on before you officially go back ? You might feel more normal if you can focus on it for a bit each day. I'm pleased I took those homoeopathic remedies - I'm pretty convinced that the Arnica helped me , though I don't know how I'd have been without it. Fibromyalgia would make anything worse according to my friend who had it.
Do you ever have reflexology or other massage ? This would be a great moment to get someone round to give you a gentle treatment, preferably in the evening - it will be soothing and help you sleep. I'm going to do that next week , it always makes me feel better.
Is the TVT tape more comfortable than it was at first ? If so, that must be a good sign. And the doctor being pleased must be another good sign. You're allowed to whinge and it may help you and the rest of us - we're all recovering at our own pace .

Jackie, are you a nurse ? If so it's really bad that they're giving you a hard time about looking after your own health. Hope you get sorted.

Rectdownunder Wed 18-May-11 19:46:06

Missing, I feel so bad for you. Do post how you are doing and feeling. It might help you to be able to express your frustration, it is nice of you to consider the feelings of us whose surgeries are coming up, but I want to hear the good and bad, reallysmile

Meg, you sound like you have a nice variety of stuff growing. About my home and garden, rural Alberta is vast, not really many people here compared with other parts of the world and other provinces in Canada. I love to grow the typical veggies, tomatoes, corn, beets, onions, peas, beans, potatoes, etc. We have raspberries and strawberries every year and a variety of fresh herbs. Summer here is short and this is our winter stock up of food. A lot of the rural people have gardens. Mine is quite average I would think. I do a lot of home canning and have a cold storage for some veggies. I do have kids still at home a 12 year old daughter, my 16 year old son lives with my ex-husband his dad and my 18 year old daughter just graduated and is moving out in June. My other 3 live on their own.

Update on the BMs, well the sennacot finally worked. I know what you mean with the movicol. I had to use that for a colonoscopy prep. You are drink two doses of the stuff. The first time I took it, it took 10 hours to work, which is so unusual as for most people they are going after 20 mins. That is how I discovered that I had a big problem down there. All the stool was there at the rectal area, just couldn't get out. That is when I started using a manual as you call it splinting method to get the stools out. My bowels work better than they used to, but I really want them to work from now on, so I don't injure any of the repair in the long term. Well I should let someone else have a turn here, so for being so long.

Flowers40 Wed 18-May-11 20:54:02

Hi all, glad to hear you are all doing ok

I am fine, 3 weeks post op for me yesterday, not too much pain anymore and everything seems ok tho I do smell a bit 'off' so going GP in the morning.

I have only gone and booked a weeks hols in gran canaria, all inclusive so wont be doing anything hopefully except soaking up the sun, my daughters are coming too, hope I will be well enough by then to travel (7 weeks).. What do you all think (tho its too late anyway cos its booked now lol).

Anyway good to have something to look forward to, it has made me want to be 'good' more so that I am fit enough, even tho I am a bit scared re finances and will have to step up my job search so I get something for july/august, post op check is 11th july.

Quick question for those who have had infections, are there other symptoms beside a bad smell as I do feel ok in myself..

Hope you are all well and recovering nicely xx

MegGriffin Wed 18-May-11 21:21:20

Hi flowers. I will be interested to hear about how you get on as I have a bit of a smell as well but i'm not sure if it's normal. I am 9 days post op anterior repair and still bleeding although not heavy. I don't have a temperature or feel unwell. I do have a sore tummy on and off and a heavy feeling but I assume thats post op bruising/discomfort.
The holiday sounds fab, what a good idea.

Rectdownunder Thu 19-May-11 05:28:26

For those of you with off scent to put it mildly, I would think that it is caused by infection. If you let it go, then you might have other symptoms such as fever and more discomfort. I would get it looked at right away.

Well ladies this will be my last post until I get home. I am going in tomorrow morning. I don't pay for internet access on my cell phone, so I will have to wait till I get home before I let you know how it went. Thanks for all your support and I will talk to you soon.

Everyone take care,

Good luck Rect, thinking of you xx

Footle, yes I am doing some bits that are like my "normal" work, doing a friends accounts and spending a lot of time sending DH's CV out left right and centre (he gets out the army this summer after 22 years (erk!!)

I like hte idea of reflexology, I hadn't thought of that.. anything to reduce anxiety (I am a bit of a nut that way) is a great idea, I don't know why I didn't think of it (dur)

Yes the TVT is much more comfortable now than it was. It was achy all over, now its just down one side, and much less often so yes, it's improving it's just so bloody slow!

We have booked a cruise in August, we don't normally go on holiday at all, far too stingy, but this is to celebrate DH getting out of the Army - I am really looking forward to 2 weeks of lazing around. I think having a holiday to look forward to is a great idea for all recovering ladies ;)

jewellerymum Thu 19-May-11 09:34:06

Thinking of you Rect. You can do it!
See you on the other side
x x x x

MegGriffin Thu 19-May-11 10:22:25

Good luck Rect, will be thinking of you xxx

Flowers40 Thu 19-May-11 12:31:11

Good luck Rect! May the force be with you! (all our best wishes that is).. may all go to plan - and do accept all drugs offered!

Meg it went 'ok' at the docs (eezaman tho) , he said an infection unlikely after first 3 days, to which I replied that I had being going on womens forum and they report infections sometimes after weeks - so he sniggered a bit and then said its ok, he understands and then repeated that infection unlikely after 3 days..

I do have to go back 2moro and see the nurse for a swab just to check tho so all is good smile AND he agreed I can have longer on the sicknote when it runs out, even tho I havent got a job it will help my ESA keep paying out till after my post op check so thats a relief

Right gotta get on with jobhunting (sat on a cushion lol)

Love and light ladies! xx

Footle Thu 19-May-11 21:04:08

You get a post-op check ?

Flowers40 Fri 20-May-11 12:20:23

Hi Footle

Yes, aren't you?

Footle Fri 20-May-11 13:17:44

Nope. Round here they don't do them : the reasoning is that if you have problems you'll go to the GP and if you don't, the check up is a waste of everyone's time - and of course time is money. When I asked the consultant what the success rate is, he said "we don't do post op check ups so I don't really know, but I don't get many women coming back with problems". Hmph.

jewellerymum Fri 20-May-11 13:33:46

I have already decided to go and see my lovely lady GP at 6 weeks to get her to check!!!

How are you all doing?
I Made a little jewellery yesterday, had a short walk and was fine, although I did put my PJs back on at 5.30pm and have a lie on the sofa!
Feel a lot more normal the last day or two which I am happy with only 7 days post op. Still taking it very easy as I am aware that there is a tightness down there and a light 'ache' almost like I can feel that I am swollen inside.
Still havent sorted my bowels (but TBH they have always been unpredictable) I am taking lactulose (15ml) once a day which causes a lot of wind and gurgling but I think it is helping me go!
So all in all I am happy! - TBH I forget that I have a vag(sorry I wish there was a better word) full of stitches!!!
Hope you are all doing ok and taking it easy and recovering. If you havent read the leaflet that Footle linked to on the previous page, you should. It is reallu useful. It shows what you can try and do at what stage like pelvic floor excercises, walking, driving etc. Obvioulsy we are all different but things like getting up, washed and dressed every morning from day 2 or 3 so that you can feel good about yourself really is true!
Love to all

Footle Fri 20-May-11 15:11:03

Glad you found it useful, Jewel . As you say, it gives you some sort of framework for trying to move the recovery on.
Having said that, I'm feeling totally knackered today and I'm going to go back to bed for a while.

jewellerymum Sat 21-May-11 22:14:13

Meg, Footle, Are you still bleeding after BMs?

Rectdownunder Sat 21-May-11 23:53:48

Hi Ladies I'm back. smile Things went better than expected. I tell you a spinal block is the answer for this kind of surgery. I was awake for half of the procedure that I remember. It was really neat being aware of what was happening. When I got back to my room, I felt great!!! The spinal block pain relief lasts for about 24 hours, slowly wears off, so I went for half hour walk 6 hours after my surgery. I ended up having the posterior repair, the TVT and an anterior repair as well. So should be all fixed up. He said that there was unexpected damage off to one side of the posterior end, that took some extra stitching. I have been up and around quite a bit, but do tire easily, if I walk too much, then it is difficult to wee, from swelling that builds up I think? So I must remember to take it easy. I have not had a BM yet, very worried about that, I have taken all the stool softeners etc, but nothing yet. Doc gave me some suppositories to try if I don't go in a day or too. I had 4 doses of antibiotics in IV and was sent home with script for one weeks worth. Doc is very concerned about infection developing and he also said no bathing and no driving for 2-3 weeks. I am to see him for check up in two weeks. I also have low hemoglobin which is bad as i must take iron now which is constipating. Blood pressure is low 80/50 so I have to be careful ot to pass out somewhere. I feel remarkably well, but hubby is insisting I really take it easy. Doc told me not such long walks, only 5-10minute3s at a time and then sit down. Hospital was awesome, nurses were incredible. Two of the nurses were girls that my daughter went to school with and they are 4th year students, I knew them since they were toddlers adn there they were taking care of me.

Hope you are all still doing well and thank you so much for all the support. I will post again later,
Bye for now.

jewellerymum Sun 22-May-11 01:13:10

Yey!!!! So pleased it has all gone well. What a relief! Take it easy lady! Do not do much. It is so easy to feel well and then go and bugger it all up!
Will post more tomorrow as it is 1.15am here but just had to say a quick whoop whoop!
Rest rest rest
X x x x

Rectdownunder Sun 22-May-11 06:32:21

Thanks Jewel I will heed your advice regarding rest. Tonight my bowels were uncomfortable, so I took a suppository to get them moving and with great success, I had my first BM, Yipeeee!!! It was very loose and I would like to keep it that way.

I sure am tired though, my husband was playing cards with me in the hosp. and in the middle of playing, I was fast asleep. It is like I developed Narcolepsy from this. Lol..... I can't sit and concentrate on anything for more than 10 mins. and I am out like a light. I was taking percocet and ibruprofen in hosp. for pain and now at home ibruprofen and tramadol. Feeling rather comfortable really, not pain free, but good.

Hubby is taking excellent care of me, making awesome meals and helping me get around up and down the stairs, which are exhausting to climb BTW. I feel like a new woman already just knowing the bowel comes straight down now. I looked at the area to see how it is and there is some swelling and bruising on the perineum. I have two inscisions on each side of my groin from the TVT and the vagina is swollen, but no bulging top or bottom. I cuold just cry with relief about this, so far so good and so glad I did it!!wine celebrate! Well I have dozed off twice now writing this, so I must sign off. Talk again later. Meg, Footle and Jewel, how are you all getting along now, just a week post-op? Thanks for listening everyone!

Hoorya Rect,so glad you are out the other side and all looking good. Don't underestimate the fatigue and take it EASY, then you will get better quicker.

Re the TVT I have one stitch almost central and the right hand one is far right, so maybe I wasn't quite straight when they did it, sounds like yours are nice and symetrical. I have aches on the right side only so I think perhaps mine is too right side placed, if that makes sense.

I know now that things are getting better every day, it's just a slow old process, and at 7 weeks it seemed like I had plataued (sp?) and nothing was changing.

Back to work tomorrow, can't imagine it. I am lucky I have a sit on my arse kind of job, instead of teacher, nurse etc, erk that would be real work!

Love and light ladies, take it easy, you're still early days xx

Footle Sun 22-May-11 13:35:46

Rect, how good to see you back ! Have been thinking about you lots.

Jewel, not usually bleeding with BMs, just a couple of times, and making damn sure I have a BM each day. Oh, back later xxx

MegGriffin Sun 22-May-11 14:03:30

Welcome home Rect! So glad it went well Now take it easy!

jewel, I am still bleeding since the op so it's hard to tell if going to the toilet is agrivating it. I usually use tampons so i'm unfamiliar with the amount of blood coming out. I am due my period (I may well have it now confused) but it's hard to tell as I have had bleeding since the op. I am seeing the GP on wednesday so it will be quite reassuring to talk to her. I have had drops of blood in the toilet sometimes which I assume are coming from the wound ? It's so confusing confused

Footle Sun 22-May-11 16:25:29

Meg, I'm also confused because my periods finished 7 years ago so I'm not used to 'losing' anything , but I have a slightly bloody and quite smelly discharge which gets heavier the more I move around. I phoned the hospital ward because they'd said ring if any questions, and said I wasn't worried but I would like to know what the discharge is. The nurse said briskly "it's just what your body is getting rid of after the op " - hm, thanks.

My worst problem at the mo is a new sharp pain that seems to be near the entrance of my vagina, almost in one of the labia, making it much less comfortable to sit or to change position than it was for the first week. I can't see anything there apart from swelling, and I hope it's just part of the healing and will get better soon. Rect I totally agree with you about the relief of knowing the bowel goes straight down and not all round the houses...

Missing, you do sound as if you're feeling better - hope work is more fun than you're expecting,and you can rest when you get home. We just had a weekend of family, including 4 week old baby with a very loud and piercing cry which he uses most of the time when he's not on the breast. I'm horizontal and completely knackered now !

Rectdownunder Sun 22-May-11 16:40:51

Oh Missing, back to work, I feel for you, maybe because I don't know how I will feel in 7 weeks. When did it stop hurting when you sit? I can't imagine sitting at a desk right now. I try sitting and I am straining my back sitting in awkward positions off to the side and all crooked. I think lying down is best right now. Good luck at work tomorrow. Take it easy still when you are there and at home, I think healing goes on a lot longer than we think.

Footle, are you able to keep BMs regular and how? I sure want to.

I am taking it easy still even when I feel like I could run a marathon which does happen for about 5 mins. each day, it dwindles quickly though.

I lasted all night without pain relief, but paying for it today. The doctor said to take the pain relief every 4-6 hours no matter what for the first week as it will help me feel like walking and getting around. I got up in the night to go wee and should have taken them then, but thought I would be good. I have to play catch up on pain relief now. I decided to put an ice pack in the area and that has brought me a lot of relief to the ache. I have learned my lesson now about how my body fools me into thinking I am good when I'm not.

Another interesting thing to report is how full my bladder can get now. I can wee for a long time and am very surprised how much it holds now. I guess it always held that much, just didn't empty before. I don't know if the leaking issue is resolved and likely won't know that until i am jumping around, so I'll give it a month or so.

Take care ladies.


MegGriffin Sun 22-May-11 17:13:03

footle, I have sudden sharp pains at the entrance that make me say 'ouch' out loud. I also have a heavy pain around the labia/clitoris area, particularly when I sit on the toilet. I think it is bruised internally. I know that not all of you have had the anterior repair but i find my flow quite slow and I am still going to the toilet quite a lot and getting up around two times a night as well. I really hope that will improve as that was one of my complaints before the op, frequent urination.

Hello ladies, hope you are all feeling ok.

Footle - I can't comment on the bleeding as I don't think I had that much, but was warned by other earlier op ladies that there can be a discharge that is all the grot after the op (bits of skin and so on) making it's way out. Perhaps that is what you have?

Re the pain oh yes, the stabbing pain, its part of the healing I think. Rect I couldn't sit properly for a while (maybe 2 weeks?), either lying down or reclining is really the only way to go. It's having all the ops at once, if you just had the TVT you could sit one way, and if you just had the posterier repair, you could sit another way, and with the anterior repair as well, that must add a new set of discomforts to work around. For me its the nights that are the most tricky as I cannot get comfy whatever I do, but I am a rubbish sleeper anyway.

The constant pain fades down to occasional pain, which is where I am now, ie I overdo it then I get the odd stabbing pain, either TVT line or down below, which makes me realise I need to sit down for 15 minutes and calm it down.

I don't envy you the weekend with a newborn in the house, Footle, make sure you rest, you must be exhausted.

Meg, don't worry until the swelling has gone down, that was what I was told. Did you have TVT as well, sorry I cannot remember.

For all of you, if you have the courage, grab your mirror cos the bruising is SPECTACULAR.

Now all of you go to bed early and get your rest xx

Footle Sun 22-May-11 17:57:13

I'm reassured to hear that some of you have had these stabbing pains. I've had a lot of trouble with nerve damage after a foot operation and this feels similar, take-your-breathe-away sudden pain , and I'm scared that it could be here to stay - but that's silly, it's early days yet, and it sounds as if yours is receding, Missing. I suppose they use a speculum-type thing to hold the labia open for the op and maybe this is the recovery from that ?
Anyone been brave enough to look at the youTube clip of the surgery ?

that's exactly the type of pain that I had, its a take your breath away ouch

there is no way I am looking at the you tube clip, I dont think I would ever recover!!

Footle Sun 22-May-11 19:57:34

Rect, I'm doing what I did before to make sure I have a BM every day. I take Movicol night and morning - it's amazing what you can get used to if you know it's doing you good - and I sprinkle milled flaxseed /linseed on my food twice a day, usually on yogurt with blueberries which is a good low-carb treat (I'm type2 diabetic and control it with a lowish carb diet ). I eat a lot of salads and veg every day, eg just now I had fish with a big helping of shredded cabbage stir fried with mushrooms and onion. I drink a lot of water and herb tea, as well as a couple of cups of good coffee a day. Fruit would work , oranges, prunes etc, but I have to watch the sugars in them.
Hopefully without rectoceles we'll be in better working order, but I'm taking no chances.

Rectdownunder Sun 22-May-11 22:53:50

Sounds like you ladies are getting along pretty good with the exception of having some stabbing pains. I still ache and lay around, so I don't have that developing yet. I walk around for 10 minute walks and then lie down again. My legs ache like crazy especially in the groin area.
I watched the youtube video of the rectocele repair and also found the one on the monarch sling procedure and anterior repair. I watched them all before I went in.

When I was awake during surgery, I could feel the doctor doing things down there and my lower body was being moved and shaken when he was putting the packing in. Part of me wanted to watch the op, but there was a curtain between me and the dr. up above my stomach. It was really interestng to be awake and relaxed through it all. The coolest part was when I couldn't feel my lower body, but could still move my legs and all that. When they took the packing and catheter out it didn't hurt much as I think I still had residual effects of the spinal block left. If anyone out there is going in for future reference, ask about a spinal block, it is amazing. If you choose, you can be completely sedated and won't remember a thing just like being under general. You feel so great after surgery, no pain, wide awake and no nausea or other side affects you might get from gemeral. Also, I didn't even feel the needle going into my back at all. My room mate in hospital was scared to have the spinal and ended up in so much pain when she woke up and was vomitting for two days. I felt so bad for her. She had a hysterectomy.
Well just wanted to share that with you all as it was such a pleasant experience for me and I would wish that for everyone.

I think its definitely worth considering. I have been told the reason that I feel so rough (tired and so on) is cos the surgery was 2.5 hours, and that long under a general will whack your system for a long time. A spinal wasn't something anyone mentioned as an option but it might be something they consider if you ask for it.

Rectdownunder Mon 23-May-11 10:03:41

The spinal is an option for anyone having surgery below the umbilibcus. In fact, they use the spinal more often than general when doing replacement surgeries, like hip, knee, etc. It is less dangerous and especially better for the elderly. I was given a choice, as the anethesatist (sp) told me i was healthy enough to have either, but encouraged to have the spinal for pain control reasons.

MoKeisha Mon 23-May-11 18:18:52

Hi Lady's

My name is Keisha and i am 30 ... 2 days after i turn 31 i am scheduled to have an A/P Repair.... The Dr. told me that i would be off of work for a minimum of 6 weeks and will be staying in the hospital for 2 - 3 days after surgery.... but that is about it as for the info that i have..... so my question is when all is said and done will the bulge in my Vagina be gone?

for the lady's that have been post....... Does Sex feel the same or better .... I have lost some of the feeling in my vagina over the last 18 months....

Footle Mon 23-May-11 19:13:45

Hi Keisha , if you google "recovering well pelvic floor" you'll find a booklet that my consultant suggested I read - there's lots of info there. I'm not sure about A/P - does it mean Anterior and Posterior repair ? If so, I think the answer is that yes, the bulge/s should be gone, and if you don't overdo things as you recover from the op, it should stay that way. My op (posterior repair ) was 12 days ago so I can't tell you how sex will feel, but I can tell you that cuddling with my OH feels as good as ever , so it's looking good . But I didn't have any serious loss of feeling before.
The trouble with a forum like this is that not many people come back say a few months or a year later, to report on how they're feeling long-term.
Hope this helps. When is your op ?

jewellerymum Mon 23-May-11 22:44:48

Sorry haven't posted for a little while - I gave PMT and am grumpy!!!
Welcome to the forum Keisha.
The plan for all the ops is to get rid of any bulges, so as long as you take care after, no lifting etc afterwards
All in all I think the ladies (including me), who have had the op recently are surprised at how well we feel afterwards. We have all been up and about the day after (although very tentatively) and find that we can potter for 5 minutes or so for the first few days and then have to return to the sofa!!
I am now 11 days post op and am almost back to normal!
When I say normal, I am still spending a lot of time sat down but I have cooked dinner a couple of times and taken short walks to friends houses, done some tidying up etc. But I have not and will not lift anything or hoover for another few weeks as it is easy to think you feel well and then you could go and pop your stitches!!!
Everyones experience is different and I 'only' had a posterior repair.
My op was to cut through the skin in the wall between my vagina and bowel (going in through the vagina) and then stitching it tight, to put back the tightness that had gone due to the bulge. So now I have a row of stitches in my vagina from just inside, all the way up to my cervix, about 6 inches I guess. I'm sorry, we are very good at giving to much information (TMI) on here and saying it like it is! I hope you aren't easily offended!!
I was in for 24 hours. A one hour op. Within 10 minutes of waking up I was on the phone and facebook telling everyone how I was!!
The first day I felt great (I was lying in a hospital bed doing nothing!)
he second day I had to walk to the car and an hour car journey home.
I then spent the next 24 hours off my feet as I ached a lot (like period pain) and took paracetamol and ibruprofen and used a hot bag on the small of my back and on my tummy.
Day three I was quite tired but had visitors so was up and a bout a bit more.
Day 5 I had a dizzy day where my head didn't seem to be following the rest of my bosy but I was also ovulating so it could be due to that.
From then to now I have slowly built up how much I do and plan to walk my children home tomorrow after school (about half a mile) to see how that goes.
I stopped taking pain meds after about day 6 and now I occasionally get a twinge or an ache, depending on how much I do.
In my head I thought I would be lying in bed for a week drifting in and out of sleep and not be able to walk around for 2 or 3 weeks but I haven't found it like that at all!!!
I also can't feel that I have stitches inside, just a dull ache sometimes
Lastly and probably on most of us post op ladies is bowel movements, fondly referred to as BMs - They will become the focus of your thoughts post-op!
You have to do everything that you can to keep yourself regular and soft (sorry TMI again!!) My second night I had so much trouble going - I knew it was there but you are terrified of going as it has to push past the other side of the wall where the stitches are. And because of lack of food during the op and lack of movement it can become very shall we say, hard!!!
I am taking lactulose every day, 3 tsps in the morning. The only problem with this is that is makes you VERY windy and makes your stomach gurgle something chronic!!! I forgot this morning and took it only 3 hours ago, after dinner and boy have I got a tummy ache now! I know I have to keep taking it otherwise I will have BIG problems with not going!!!
Lastly, returning to work. I work at home, on my bum, making jewellery and have actually already made some post op jewellery but it was only for short periods of time. Depending on your job I would think you would need 3-4 weeks off, but again, everyone is different! It depends on what you are doing and how physical it is - you certainly wouldn't want to be nursing for example for 6 weeks. I would also suggest returning part-time to ease yourself in!
OK - I have written WAY too much so I will wrap it up (Hello by the way, I'm Emily, the talkative member of the group and I am 33 and live in the south of England!!!)

Footle Mon 23-May-11 22:55:30

Emily, sounds like you're recovering faster than me but not that much, and I'm 30 years older than you so not disappointed in my progress. I had a strange drifty sort of day today but am definitely coming back to life !

Rectdownunder Mon 23-May-11 23:16:56

ewel forgive me for being naive, but what does PMT stand for? Sounds like you are really doing well, same with you footle. Welcome Keisha you will likely find this forum really helpful to put your mind at ease.

I am recovering very well also. I am 45 and had 6 children and ended up having a cystocele and rectocele repair as well as a TVT. I am 4 days post op. I seem to be getting along fine without too much pain meds. I also walk pretty well, but do get tired easily. I am already forgetting abou tlifting things as I tried to carry a chair across the kitchen and my daughter quickly took it from me and then I recalled how I am not supposed to do those things just yet. My biggest problem right now is low blood pressure causing some dizziness and my bowels. I had a bowel movement 2 days post -op and it was very loose nad not very much in amount, so I was expecting to have more the next day. So far, nothing will help. I am taking so much fiber inj everything I eat plus a fiber supplement. I am also drinking water all day long. I take a stool softener 3X/day and a senna type laxitive to get the bowels moving, but I am not sure what will make it go. I have used glycerine suppositories 4 times and nothing. I thiink at this piont dynamite might be the only option. The dr. gave me a couple suppositories that are made to make you go. I am scared of them because he said they are pretty hard on yoru system. He also said if I dont have a bowel movement within 4 days I might need to go to the Emergency and see a dr. Oh help!sadshock and confused!!! Bye for now and talk to you all soon.

Rectdownunder Mon 23-May-11 23:17:35

Jewel not ewel sorry

jewellerymum Tue 24-May-11 00:32:49

PMT = Uk version of PMS! Pre-Mentrual Syndrome! (i.e. - I'm a grumpy, teary, lazy lump!!!!)

jewellerymum Tue 24-May-11 00:36:06

Rect - use the suppositries - better that than having a nurse manually remove it! (my friend is a midwife and had to do that once on a new mum who hadnt been for over a week - she had to glove up and remove it bit by bit!!!!!)

Rectdownunder Tue 24-May-11 05:19:18

jewel, sorry you have PMT. That never helps a woman feel better especially when you need to recover.
Well I am in luck, just when starting to write this post, things started to happen down there. I guess your last post scared me into a BM. Anyway, it happened and this time there was enough to make me satisfied with it actually being a real BM. And get this, it was somewhat formed, but not painful and it came out just like it was supposed to. I can't believe it! This is so awesome finally normal bathroom etiquettesmilegrinwink and celebrate for sure this timewine. I will continue to do as I am doing and hopefully all will go well. Hope all goes well for you ladies, especially in the bowel department. I don't know about all of you, but I always feel better when I know my body is functioning the way it's supposed to. Thanks jewel for your informative post, I think it helped!

jewellerymum Tue 24-May-11 09:56:12

Rect - Happy to be of service x

Rectdownunder Tue 24-May-11 09:58:12

It is 2:30am here and I can't sleep. My bottom just aches and my inner legs and groin just throb. I must have done too much walking or sitting today. I really don't know what causes what. I wish I could bath for relief, but the dr said not for at least two weeks. I wonder what the best thing to do is?confused I should really be more patient than I am, after all it is only going on 5 days post-op. Maybe I am just feeling sorry for myself. I know the pain could be worse, so I should be thankful and actually I am thankful for being fixed, I just need to gain more patience.
Thanks for listening, it is nice to be able to express myself at this hour.


MegGriffin Tue 24-May-11 10:29:31

Hello lovely ladies, I hope you are keeping well.

Mokeisha welcome! I hope we can help and reassure you. There is so much support on here smile. I am 41 and have two children 11 and 8.
I am two weeks, one day post op for an anterior repair. I am feeling fine in myself but frustrated at how l can't do stuff. I can't imagine driving any time soon and feel heavy and uncomfortable if i'm on my feet too long. Are you other ladies still bleeding? Also have any of you had a period and how did you know?

Rect, I have been bathing since I got home as I was told it was ok. It's amazing what conflicting advice there is!
Jewellry, i'm in the south as well,sussex.
I am off to the doctors tomorrow to get signed off some more and just ask some questions about my recovery to reassure me I am on track. I may even pop in to a shop if I feel up to it shock. How exciting!!!!
I am currently laying on my bed, legs akimbo airing my parts as I am getting sore having a pad there all the time, nice!

Footle Tue 24-May-11 10:46:21

Rect, do you mean you've been told not to WASH ? That's mediaeval ! I was in the shower less than 24 hours after my vaginal pack was removed ,ie 48 hours after my operation - totally routine in hospital. And I've had at least one shower every day since then. The nurses just said 'don't use any soap or shower gel that's heavily perfumed'. It would have been unbearable without that. The leaflet they gave me said mysteriously that a bath is even better than a shower, but I don't like baths.
Meg, another thing that's helped has been ice packs - if I'm really sore I have used one of those frozen-food cooling packs wrapped in a small towel and help firmly between the legs, and it helps a lot. There are also those frozen sanitary towel things , brand name Feme , but they are expensive and the ice pack works fine if you're lying down.
I'm going to have coffee with my friend, OH is dropping me in town while he does the food shop. I do need painkillers for this though, and have only a short distance to walk. But what a great thing to be able to do !

MegGriffin Tue 24-May-11 11:22:23

Ohh Footle how exciting! Look at you with your post op social life!! Have a wonderful time smile

jewellerymum Tue 24-May-11 13:55:27

I used hot bags for pain relief - the material ones filled with corn that you can microwave for a couple of minutes to warm up - I had one for the small of my back and one for my lower abdoman. (sp?)

I'm not really bleeding now, just a very light pink creamy colour and onlu using the really light liners.

Think I am recovering a bit quicker than others but that could be because I ended up with less work?! - Still have an ache deep inside, if I hadn't had this done I would say I had strained my stomach muscles or had period pain or a bit of both!

Just going for a short walk to a friends then am going to attempt the walk to school. Sure it will be fine but reckon I'll come back and get on the sofa!!
Worked a little in the office and think sitting in an upright chair felt more comfortable - think the sofa is giving me back ache!!!

LOL - Speak later

Footle Tue 24-May-11 14:02:49

Held between the legs even - not help. Freudian slip.
I'm back, lovely to go out and lovely to come home again. BTW being out and more mobile has made me bleed more, so if you're wondering if you're having a period, I don't have them any more but I'm still, at 2 weeks, losing a fair amount of blood. I'm hoping to spend the rest of the day in bed after all that excitement.
The friend I had coffee with is 60 and supposed to be having a cystocele/ anterior repair one of these days, but she lives alone and has to drive 30 mins each way to where she works ( self employed ) so doesn't know how she'd manage. I'd help as much as poss but I know I'd be finding this very difficult if I didn't have such a great husband.

MoKeisha Tue 24-May-11 15:02:04

Hi All,

I am 30 but have fallen apart after my 2 beautiful baby's Amanda is 3 and Emmalee is 15 months ..... I had a hysterectomy in August of 2010 and yes i have to have both the anterior and posterior repair and that is on June 13th 2 days after i turn 31 sad I live in Jackson Michigan in the US (i keep having to Google search for some of the things that you say so i know what you are talking about lol) does OH = Husband?

Thank you Footle i did the search and a lot of things came up so it looks like i have a bit of reading to do today smile

And i do not get Embarrassed easily

as for what i do at work i stand for 8 to 10 hrs a day and work on the production of steering wheels so i am lifting 8 lbs over and over and over all day long with 2 10 min breaks and 1 30 min lunch and they will not let me go back at part time it is all or nothing with them sad

from reading some of the post i am very blessed my husband is taking the first week off and my mom is going to come over and we have some girls from our church that have asked to help with my girls .......(God has Blessed me over and over) and the ladies of our church are making dinner for the 1st week i am off smile

sorry this was so long

Rectdownunder Tue 24-May-11 16:26:12

Footle and Meg, I was told not to bath as he is concerned about bacteria getting into the vagina while laying in dirty bath water, so showers only. I like to bath because it always helps get rid of my aches and pains. I had the TVT, so I do have external stitches on the groin and also he gave me a course of antibiotics because infection is so common with this particular procedure as there is a foreign substance in the body. He is wanting the skin on the surface and in the vagina to heal and seal shut before bathing.
I have also used an ice pack on the area and it does help numb the pain, but internally the ache is there and down my legs.
Footle glad you got out for a while, take it easy now. I don't have much bleeding now, but I will see after I am more active. You're right about having the support of a good husband, mine is vacuuming right now, he has been incredible. He made dinner last night for the family chicken, mashed potatoes, broccoli, salad and even gravy. Mmmmm. This morning he made home baked bran muffins for breakfast. I am blessed! Trouble is all his niceness makes him more attractive to me and now I can hardly wait to have sex, really.
It is nice that your friend has you to help her out and you will certianly understand what she is going to go through.
Jewel, don't overdo your activity, but enjoy your walk. I am going for a walk to our greenhouse in the yard, it is about 100 yards or so and then I will water some plants and look at the garden and then walk back to the house and lie down for a bit.
MoKeisha, don't worry about long posts, I enjoy reading them, as I'm sure the other ladies do as well. We all go on a long expression every now and then, especially me. Sounds like you have a good support network in place. Keep posting your thoughts and fears and we'll help you feel better.
Bye for now


MegGriffin Tue 24-May-11 16:40:47

Eew at dirty bath water shock! I have to say I don't stay in the bath long, only 5 minutes but have been having 2 baths a day as feel a bit dirty using the pads all the time blush

teedeeuk Tue 24-May-11 16:47:56

Hi Ladies, may I join in?
I'm 47, and went in for a small posterior repair last Thursday. I woke up with a small posterior repair a large anterior repair and some 'work' on my perineum. Unfortunately the day after surgery I had a massive bleed and ended up in theatre again! The surgeon was really surprised by this and hadn't seen it in over 20 years of doing these ops. I came home yesterday (day 5) and while I feel pretty weak and weedy I'm sure things will improve. The area I'm most anxious about is my perineum. It seems pretty sore and lumpy! I hope it won't cause intimacy problems in the future... Also I had a look with a mirror and like a former poster said, the bruising is most impressive ouch!

Footle Tue 24-May-11 19:20:45

Hello and welcome, Teedee. What a scary experience. Not surprising that you feel weak and weedy , I feel like that too with much less reason. There's a long way to go before your bits settle and the swelling goes down. I haven't explored very much except with a mirror but at first I thought I had no external stitches. 13 days post op it's all subsided a bit . I realize that the swelling was hiding some stitches on the outside , so that must mean the perineum was really lumpy and now it's less so.

Keisha, your job sounds as if it's almost designed to mess you up. Not that anyone can pick and choose their job if they are lucky enough to have one these days. Wonderful that you have plenty of help lined up at least for the first week.

OH means Other Half , though we are married and I'll sometimes say DH meaning Dear Husband - DH are his initials too. At the bottom of this page is a link to Acronyms which should show you what most of these initials stand for.

Rect I'm so glad to hear you can shower . The bowel thing ... you know you said that Jewel's story sent you running to the loo ? There's a family member we have a lot of problems with, though we love him very much , and I've often found that a call from him works faster on my bowels than any laxative ! Maybe you need to give yourself a good fright once a day ?

I liked you saying how attracted you feel to your husband because of all the work he's doing - have you seen the little book about that , where the man becomes irresistible to women simply by taking out the rubbish / garbage etc ? It's very funny and true.

I'm not apologizing for long posts , you can always skip them !

Flowers40 Tue 24-May-11 21:53:43

Hi everyone!

Wow I have missed a lot of posts! I am four weeks post op today and for the new ladies and those who missed it I had posterior / anterior repair and hysterectomy. For those who are recent post op / still to get done, I wanted you to know I feel sooo much better now! Didn't think I would ever feel better again at one stage but it just keeps improving a little day by day. I rarely get pain now, everything works ok and I can even have a BM without my hair going grey. Progress!

I still havent walked far, just to the shops or post box... but I worked 10 hours straight today fixing up my friends website (just sit on a cushion for stuff like this). Havent got my swab results yet but it seems a little better, getting swabbed wasnt nice tho and it did hurt!

For ladies who are further along than me, this is really trivial, but when does the jelly belly go down?? I have bought some new holiday gear and it just doesn't look right sad

For ladies with aches and pains, I have had a variety of them, in my back, my tummy, my side.. but all have gone now. Take painkillers when you need to and keep it up till it subsides.

This op sends you, your body and your emotions on a wild roller coaster ride and at times you may wonder what on earth you have done to yourself.. but it does ease and in no time at all you will feel like yourself again, just take it easy and rest rest rest

Sending everyone hugs xoxo

jewellerymum Tue 24-May-11 22:25:27

Ok, I think my biggest probem right now is PMT/PMS!! I could cry SO easily - you know when you get this ache at the back of your eyes like the tears are building up and it only takes one stubbed toe to make your hollar lke a baby!!

I am so blinkin fed up of not being able to do stuff! I think spendind time on the sofa is giving me back ache, but when I try and get on with normal stuff I get tummy ache and twinges in my you know what!

I'm not bothered that I cant lift anything but I want to be able to rush around and tiday up and hoover. I so desperatley want to hoover!!! I feel awful to ask hubbie when he gets home to hoover but I cant stand seeing bits of the garden sitting under my cupboards!!!

All in all I know I am doing well, but its coming up to two weeks and I'm fed upo of pottering! I know, it's my hormones, I normally feel wrotten at this time of the month anyway!

I'll be fine in a few days! Thank you for letting me vent!!!


Footle Tue 24-May-11 22:31:02

Thanks Flowers, lovely positive post !
Keisha , as you've already had a hysterectomy you might find the repair op is about the same, or maybe easier - hopefully someone else will be along to tell you how it compares.

LemonAda Tue 24-May-11 23:24:08

Hello, ladies. Room for another one?

I am seeing my GP in a couple of weeks. It has taken me a long time to pluck up the courage to go and I feel quite sick thinking about it (am very squeamish about strangers delving around where the sun don’t normally shine!) but I am pretty sure I have a cystocele - well I know I have as I can see it in the mirror, and probably a rectocele too, and my cervix often seems to be lurking around only just inside. The whole area feels as if it’s caved in. Oh the joys!

Can I ask you all what investigations did you have before being put on the list for surgery? Did you have to try physio first? I feel I am too far gone for that and have really tried with the old pelvic floor exercises but to no avail (probably a case of too little too late) and would much rather them take one look and agree it all needs fixing in one go. How long did you have to wait once it was agreed it needed doing?

Reading this thread and how well you all seem to be doing, I wish I had gone years ago tbh!

What's finally spurred me on to go is that I’ve been having nightmare heavy periods which are just getting worse so I am hoping to kill two birds with one stone!

Rectdownunder Wed 25-May-11 00:16:50

Welcome Teedee and Lemon ! Teedee, make sure you rest, rest, rest, your bloodloss would give your body quite a job now rejuvenating itself, glad you're okay. You went in same day as me, but I had no complications, I don't feel over energetic yet.
Footle that's funny about the good scare to egt my bowels going haha, but I think there is a lot of truth to that one. I have a couple of friends in the medical field who could keep me going. I am not familiar with the little book about the husband, but I would think it is pretty darn funny lol...If he keeps up the good work, it will be very difficult to resisit him for 6 weeks. I really love him very much and he is amazing though even when I'm not sickly.
Flowers so glad to hear from you and find out you're feeling well, I think after a month i will feel much the same way and for anyone out there who questions this, keep in mind, I was terrified and gave up 7 years of life quality out of fear of the unknown and now, I am so glad I did this, no regrets at all!
Jewel PMS is nasty, I go through it a lot myself, how long do your downer days usually last?
I am posting again right away for Lemon and those who haven't been to gyne consult yet.
Happy healing everyone.

Rectdownunder Wed 25-May-11 00:28:52

Lemon regarding seeing my gyne etc. for initail consult. I live in Canada and well my gyne, he just asked what my symptoms were and then had me do the usual for pap and swab, then he did the internal and fel that i had a cystocele and rectocele. He asked me to bear down when he had his hand just inside the vagina where the cystocelel and rectocele were. Then he had me standing up while doing the same thing, this was so he could tell how much stres was on them. He asked me to sqeeze my kegel muscles to see how good they were and told me they were really strong. I told him I went to a pelvic floor rehab clinic and they told me the same thing, infact that my muscles were too strong on one side causing more damage to that area. He totally agreed with that assessment. He suggested surgery to me right away because he knew kegels wouldn't help me at this point, but gave me alternatives to try like, a pessary, which didn't work. I went back to him two years later and he reasessed and explained to me exactly how he would fix the problem. He offered me an anterior, posterior repair, an endometrial ablation for bleeding because my uterus is too high and not loose enough to take out vaginally and he didn't want to do an incision through the stomach muscles as well as a TVT to fix bladder leakage. I was extremely frightened and remember feeling sick and hot like I was going to pass out when he was explaining it to me.
He could obviously see the terror on my face and asked me to go home and think about it for a while and come back later with a decision. He is great, very patient and very enthusiastic about helping woman have better lives. He is very homest about the surgery and it's sucess rate as well as the recovery. I came back to him agreeing only to the TVT. He still wanted me to think about it and if I changed my mind, I could still be booked for the others. I ended up calling back to have posterior repair and then day of surgery just before going in, I asked him to fix the cystocele as well. I have my own reasons for passing on the ablation though. Well I think that pretty much covers my experiemce with it. I did not feel embarrassed at all. Hope fully you have a good doc and that is half the battle. Good luck!

teedeeuk Wed 25-May-11 10:39:48

Thank you for the welcome, and the advice. It's very therapeutic to hear everyone else's stories :-) Still feeling low today, and to top it off I have toothache so will be dragging myself to the dentist this afternoon. I cant cope with pain anywhere else! Thank goodness for my amazing OH and this board.

MegGriffin Wed 25-May-11 12:50:04

Hello all. This thread is moving so fast, which is wonderful. Welcome to Teedee and Lemon!
I have just got back from the doctors and I have an infection It turns out that smell I mentioned a few days ago which I though was a bit off was a lot more offensive to the doctor blush I must have a very forgiving nose! I know a few of you will tell me off as I should have got this seen earlier and you did tell me to go!
She examined me with a speculum (ouch) and took a swab (ouch) She is sending it off but in the mean time I have been prescribed the most evil of all antibiotics Metronidazole. She said they make you feel grotty but are the man for the job so to speak. She said i must not take them until 48 hrs have passed since my last alcoholic drink. Unfortunately I had a smal glass of red last night so I cant start taking them till tomorrow evening. Oh joy!

jewellerymum Wed 25-May-11 13:33:07

Hello everyone - so lovely to see new people coming in.

Just a quick reply for Lemon as I am not sure if you are UK or US based and I thought my UK experience may be different to Rect in Canada

I knew I had a rectocele for two years and just ignored it, even though it was a nightmare going to the loo and sex was loosing it's sparkle!!
What made me go to the GP was the night I had sex and bled! Proper fresh blood and lots of it - obviously it totally freaked me out and all night I wondering if I had broken the wall between my bladder or bowel and vagina and I had all these horro thoughts of stuff leaking into my vagina!
Anyway, I went to the GP next day and she examined me and couldn't really see where the bleed cames from but confirmed a rectocele, and thought the blood must have come from the 'bulge'
I was refered to an obs and gynae consultant and saw him a few weeks later. His examine involved me lying on my side while he examines me and asked me to bare down.
He immediately offered surgery (even though it wasn't a huge bulge). He didn't suggest anything else, and to be honest I was hoping for surgery ust to get it all over and odne with. All he did say was that they prefered not to put the mess into someone my age (33) on a first go as it could lea to infections and as I am young (!!!) it was best to start without it.
Unfortunately I had to wait 6 months for an op and during that time I had times when I thought I was crazy for wanting to so it but then I would have bad days with what I call 'bowel retention' where I couldn't bring myself to have sex for fear of leaking!!
I am so pleased I had it done! Obviously I cant tell for sure yet (13 days post op) that it has worked completely but so far so good!!!!

I have a 'little' knowledge of all this from reading up etc but Lemon, it sounds to me like you may need an anterior (cystocele) and posterior (rectocele) repair but also it sounds as if you may have a wom prolapse too. I wouldn't be suprised if he suggested fixing all three and if so will probably suggest a hysterectomy (sp?). Until I read up about them it sounded such a horrific thing to o but actually the womb is so small that actually its's not much to lose (I understand that some people will be upset by the idea of loosing their reproductive organs of course) and if you still want children it would be a huge decision to make but it seems to me (having enough children) that it would end so many problems. Imagine having a designer vagina, no more bleeding, going to the loo normally!!! Wow!

Good luck with the doctor. Read up what you can on the subjsect so you go informed. Let us know how you get on x x

Footle Wed 25-May-11 14:27:25

I first went to my GP a long time ago , might be 20 years ,and told her that my BMs were getting stuck somehow, and I often had to use my hand to help it out. I was a bit hesitant about telling her but thought she's a doctor , she knows about these things. She looked horrified and said " You do what ? well I don't think you ought to be doing that ! If it won't come you should just wait till you're really ready". I left .

Cut to this year. Took myself to the GP ( a different one ! ) and told her I was getting badly constipated and could feel a bulge in the back wall of my vagina. She took a look and referred me to the consultant, saying "it's a mechanical problem and needs a mechanical solution". He examined me lying on my side , said it was a not particularly large rectocele , better to operate before it gets really big ( and before I get really old, I think he meant ). He said my pelvic floor seemed strong ( I've done the exercises for years ) and the pessary-ring-thing doesn't work very well for active women : operation is the only thing. I waited 5 months for the op - no, I could have done it earlier but wanted to keep April free for daughter's 3rd baby.

Like Jewel I kept wondering if I was doing the right thing - was it bad enough ? But then I'd have another bout of faecal impaction and I'd know I couldn't go on like that - laxatives helped but didn't always work. BTW I also tried taking Psyllium , a kind of fibre capsule , and that got really scary - it increased the bulk of the BM but it all kind of backed up and wouldn't come out.

That might be enough information ! I'm really glad I've done it. And still incredulous about that first doctor.

Footle Wed 25-May-11 15:26:29

ps The rectocele doesn't seem to have interfered with sex for us, but it's recently dawned on me that that's because we got into the habit of usually making love in a position where it didn't get in the way. I must be a bit thick : it never occurred to me that there was a reason why that was the most comfortable position. Well the sky's the limit now..

MoKeisha Wed 25-May-11 16:58:30

Footle my hysterectomy was done with a robot i have 5 little 1/2 inch scars on my belly and was up and about in 3 days smile that was a great experience for me i was so afraid because every one i know was saying how bad it was for them but come to find out they did not have the robotic one.....

and yes my job is not very nice to me lol .... when i was pregnant with Emmalee my body had not gone back to normal after having Amanda and so i had to come off of work early because Emmalee was so low in my pelvis that they could feel her head when thy did the exam sad and was put on bed rest..

I hope you all have a safe and happy recovery today and don't over do it :D

Footle Wed 25-May-11 17:19:56

Keisha, I don't know anything about robot surgery - can you explain what it means ?

Footle Wed 25-May-11 21:05:18

How long have others gone on needing pain killers ? Today was my first day without anything - since a Tramadol and a Paracetamol last night - and I made it till 6pm but was feeling pretty grim by then. 2 weeks now. I'm also losing some fresh blood and wonder where it's coming from.

quickchat Wed 25-May-11 21:11:47

Hmm, right out of nosiness I came onto this thread hoping it would just put me off having a third!

Now reading it im wondering if I have a rectocele issue.

After my second baby (first was C-section) I noticed my bowel movements seemed more sluggish and hard work. I did find out I had an under active thryroid which would expalin that but even on medication now, I still feel different in that department.

Inside my vagina everything seems to be lower, as in the top is bulging but I just thought that must be what happens after a natural birth?

Now im thinking there might be an issue? Or is it normal to expect the inside just to feel a little different.

I have no pain with sex or any other issue.

MoKeisha Wed 25-May-11 23:31:43

Footle i hope this helps!

da Vinci® Hysterectomy

One in three women in the U.S. will have a hysterectomy before she turns 60.1 While no woman wants to face surgery, today the vast majority of gynecologic conditions - from endometriosis to uterine fibroids, heavy menstrual bleeding to cancer - can now be treated effectively without a big incision. With da Vinci ® Surgery, a hysterectomy requires only a few small incisions, so you can get back to life faster - within days rather than the usual weeks required with traditional surgery.
da Vinci Surgery enables gynecologists to perform the most precise, minimally invasive hysterectomy available today. For most women, da Vinci® Hysterectomy offers numerous potential benefits over traditional open surgery, including:
Significantly less pain
Minimal blood loss and need for transfusion
Fewer complications
Shorter hospital stay
Quicker recovery and return to normal activities
Small incisions for minimal scarring
Better outcomes and patient satisfaction, in many cases
Surpassing the limits of conventional laparoscopic surgery, da Vinci is revolutionizing gynecologic surgery for women.

jewellerymum Wed 25-May-11 23:46:07

Footle, hun, I think you should perhaps have a quick check in with your GP if you are at all worried. I haven't had pain meds for a week now and have had no blood for 2 or 3 days and even then it was very very pale and watered down with the normal 'lady juices!!!!!'
I was wondering what ladies were talking about when they said - when will I know my period is here - well, I cant see how they wouldnt as my bleeding has never been close to a period style loss. I have only need to use panty liners (hate that name) and not even normal pads.
Again, perhaps I've been lucky and I'm the abnormal and your loss is normal, but wonder whather you are doing a bit too much and causing the stitches to pull but having said that I drove today (very short journey) and am pretty much back to normal minus the hoovering!!

Hopefully everyone else will shed some light on bleeding.........

MoKeisha Thu 26-May-11 03:46:20

Is Hoovering Vacuuming?

Rectdownunder Thu 26-May-11 09:36:20

Well today was certainly a good day. My husband took me out for a bit to visit with people. I lucked into getting a couple of those donut cushions from a friend of mine. Her husband Tuck, only 28 years old also a friend of mine, recently passed away from colon cancer and he used the donut cushions after his surgery, so she gave them to me. I find them so awesome, now I can sit at the dinner table and the car rides are more tolerable as well. I also like the fact that I have something that Tuck once had, I miss him, he was so much fun, could make anybody laugh. He hardly complained when he was dying and he was in a lot of pain, so I at times feel bad for feeling sorry for myself, after everything that Tuck went through. When he was alive he talked about how he couldn't have a BM at all because of a total blockage in the colon, how awful that must have been for the while he endured that. I would tell him about my BM problems which were so lame compared to his, but he would listen. RIP Tuck, thanks for the cushions.

To Footle regarding pain meds. I have cut back my pain meds in half and can go as long as 10 hours for the last couple of days. I do have discomfort for sure, but not bad. I am one week post-op. I also have not hardly any bleeding right from the time they took the packing out. I have way more bleeding with me period. I have a very slight pinkish/red colour discharge, so light that the entire week would not have even touched the absorbancy of a liner. The more I do, the more discharge, but still that is in the amount of 2 drops more. I feel so good it is hard to believe that I had surgery. Today I was up a lot and walking more and now I feel a bit more tired, but not bad and I do ache more than usual. I don't know how old you are or how healthy you were before the op, but everyone does heal at a different rate. If you can't get into your dr right away, perhaps call a nurse from the hospital ward you were in or a medicare Q&A line. I think I would be worried about the bleeding too if I were you. Hope all is okay.

P.S. ladies, bowels are stil working perfectly and all is coming straight out.

Hello ladies, welcome to all the new posters. Sorry in advance for long post, I have been back to work this week, so not able to come out to play with all my new best friends. It's horrible being at work with people and not being able to talk about BMs, stitches and all others sorts of TMI hee hee

Footle, my experience of bleeding was like Jewel, very light and no way could I be confused as to what was period and what was not. It would do no harm to perhaps make a quick call to either gp or ward to check if this is what is expected. Better to be safe than sorry...! I do recall being told by someone who had the op before me that fresh blood could be from a bleeding stitch indicating an infection. Please check it out just in case. I was still taking pain meds ant 2 weeks, kept coming off them then going back on them, thinking I was ok then being in bits evening/night time. Maybe just lower the doses slowly..?

Keisha, yes hoovering is vacuuming. And whether it makes sex any better, some of the posters on the old thread said yes yes yes, but I am still too scared to have a go, my recovery has been slower than most and at 9 weeks post op I still have osme pains. I can't imagine trying it till all the pains have gone away. Luckily, or unluckily, my DH is going away for 6 weeks in 2 weeks time, so I am anticipating a fun reunion ho ho ho as I just HAVE to be recovered by then. We are a forces family so we are used to no sex for months and months (when he goes off for his desert holidays) and then fab fab fab reunions, so that will be a nice way to start the summer holidays off.

Here is a link to the old post, new ladies, you will find a lot of useful info here.
I don't know how to make it a neat link, perhaps someone else on the thread is more techno than me, and knows how to do that...?

Rect re you midnight posting with the big aches, I had the same ops as you and the same aches. You feel ok, soyou potter about then ouch argh ouch. You really do have to take it easy (says Mrs Pot).

Emily, you have made me feel so much better, I am in a right funk and you just described perfectly it in your post from Tuesday... oh der, I am due on any day, so probably that is why I feel like this. I am a bit of a div and hadn't put two and two together till I read your post. I think these ops send us off on an emotional path, like Flowers said, so if you add that to PMT it can be a bit much. TBH this thread really really helps, as its the only place you can vent, seek reassurance. How many of your RL Friends can you have detailed conversations about fanny pain with, over and over again..?

I went to my gp over something else, and he has given me a antidepressant presecription but I haven't taken it to the chemist yet, I am hoping I can just snap out of it. Realising that half of this is just PMT is marvellous, and makes me confident that given a week away with the inlaws next week (they are lovely, I can't wait) I might be able to just be smiley shiny happy people again without the meds.

Also Emily you are doing so well! I didn't do the school run for 5 weeks. I think I have turned into a little old lady after having this op (I am 43 so only halfway there really).

I am also on the south coast, W sussex/ Hants border, so hello neighbours!

Love and light ladies, and hooray for long posts xxxx

MegGriffin Thu 26-May-11 10:49:29

Morning ladies!
Footle - I would also recommend you ring and check about the bleeding. I'm now speaking from experience as I have an infection which is the last thing you want.
Missing - I hope work has been ok? It must be so strange going back to work after being off all that time.
Rect I think going out and about is good for ones mood. Your friend Tuck sounded very brave!
Hello Quickchat I had a bladder prolapse so I'm not familiar with the posterior prolapse but I'm sure one of the other ladies will be along to advise.
My bladder prolapse was very low so that I could see it and I had no doubt of it's presence as I had to push it back in sometimes. I know there are different degrees to these prolapses and if it's affecting you it may be worth showing it to your GP.

I am really please as for the first time in a long time I slept all night without getting up to go to the toilet. I'm so thrilled as it proves my bladder is capable of doing this now!
I start taking my anti -biotics tonight for a week and I can't dring any alcohol for 48 hours after the last one so thats annoying. I am not a massive drinker but I do like a wine of an evening sometimes. I'm dreading taking these tablet as there is a lot of bad press re side affects. Have any of you ever taken them? They are called Metronidazole?
Anyway off to potter about for a while.

LemonAda Thu 26-May-11 11:14:01

Hello again, and thank you for the welcome.

Rect & Footle. I am intrigued to read that your pelvic muscles were strong. I had assumed that all these different prolapses were due to weak muscles down there, but apparently not. Quite reassuring to know that I am not necessarily in this situation due to not working them enough in the past!

Jewel. Yes, I am in the UK and will be depending on the good old NHS (unless I win the lottery in the meantime) so it’s good to hear how you got on. I am thinking, hmm, six months, might be sorted by Christmas if I am lucky, and, after putting up with it this long, that doesn’t sound too bad. In fact, if I time it right, it might be my perfect excuse to get out of cooking Christmas dinner - always look on the bright side!

I would be fine with a hysterectomy, if offered one, as I am definitely finished with babies and, after 30 years of periods (give or take a pregnancy or three!) which have been a nightmare since the word go, I’d be more than happy to see the back of them!

Footle. I definitely get constipated. It comes and goes and I find flaxseed oil capsules help a lot. It’s horrible though isn’t it. How awful that you battled on for so long thanks to that first doctor sad I am sure you have done the right thing and hope you feel better soon.

Meg. No personal experience with Metronidizole but, if it was me, I would have someone go buy me some probiotics from a health food shop. Acidophilus or similar. You need to kick the infection’s butt but the antibiotics will wipe out all your good buggs too so you need to replace them. Hope you feel better soon too.

MegGriffin Thu 26-May-11 11:21:47

Lemon, thanks for that advice, I hadn't thought of that x

Footle Thu 26-May-11 12:37:21

Don't forget the yogurt , Meg - in fact I trust it more than acidophilus which is a hell of a price , though I know many people find it helpful. I'd have the equivalent of a small pot of proper yogurt twice a day ( orally !)
Rect, I'm 63. Respect to your friend Tuck's memory.

I think I've been too active, though it's hard to believe. And my OH pointed out that I was crouching for a few minutes in the garden yesterday, just taking out two small plants that needed to be somewhere else. I often squat instead of sitting , and I just forgot to wonder whether it was a good idea - I now think it was what caused the fresh blood loss. I won't go to the Dr today, just take it even easier than before. I must have pulled a stitch - just hope it's not actually come out. And my discharge is less smelly so probably no infection , touch wood.

Lemon, the consultant commented that the rectocele was above the pelvic floor and not affected by the muscle tone there. I feel a bit of an idiot for having soldiered on so long without realizing what had happened - I wasn't constipated all the time as I had IBS , and my concept of Normal must have gone wrong.

Keisha thanks for the robot info, it's both scary and interesting. You don't sound as if you were worried though !

Quickchat, if you think there might be something going on, why not ask the doctor ? Don't worry , I can't believe there are any more like the one I saw first !

Missing, maybe you don't need antidepressants at all , just keep coming here to talk about the important stuff. You've got a lot on with your chap and his "desert holidays" , and having to go back to work too soon, not to mention life, the universe and everything.

BTW I found this in the leaflet the hospital gave me :
"Sexual arousal ( not only intercourse ) tends to have a stretching effect on the vagina, which could interfere with the healing process. Once this area is completely healed, sexual activity may be resumed without discomfort". See, we're not even supposed to THINK about it.

Footle, thank you, that has made me smile. MN as the cure instead of the happy pills. Actually I think I have just cured myself, I just ate a bag of maltesers, a bag of chocolate buttons and a blue riband (in less than a minute) - I feel much better now. grin I am sure I can fix this myself - I tried reading "The Astonishing Power of Emotions" or something like that, last night, but I fell asleep (7.30pm!!!) so am no more enlightened than I was before, but I shall give it a go again tonight.

Rect I am sorry to hear about your friend, he sounds amazing. It's people like him that make us realise just how lucky we are, warts and all.

Meg, yes I had those same antibiotics and didn't have any side effects (but I do have a cast iron stomach and good guts). I was also warned off the drink, as apparently its really bad to drink when you have them.

"Sexual arousal ( not only intercourse ) tends to have a stretching effect on the vagina, which could interfere with the healing process. Once this area is completely healed, sexual activity may be resumed without discomfort". See, we're not even supposed to THINK about it. oh dear I thought about it and ouch ouch ouch I have some shooting pains. Well I shan't be thinking about it again until the end of July when he gets back home, he will just have to tie a knot in it till then.

Sorry forgot to say, Meg, thank you for asking about work, it's tired me out working this week, and that is with my lazy arse, sit down all day and look at the computer kind of job. I cannot imagine doing Keisha's job or anything even vaguely physical.

I know I am slow to recover energy levels (fibromyalgia) I don't want others to worry that their recovery will be this slow (sorry Rect).

I have next week holiday, so am looking forward to going up north to see my outlaws, they are fab and we all get completely looked after. That cold northern air will be just the ticket.

Happy healing ladies xx

jewellerymum Thu 26-May-11 15:37:31

Footle - Your last comment has made me laugh - I had an experience that I wasn't sure about sharing but now you have broached the subject.......

Last week, feeling a little sorry for my hubbie (and his high sex drive) I instigated a little 'grown up play time' - My not being physically involved of course, but just 'playing' was enough to make it hurt like hell! I wasn't even being touched but Oh the pain! It ached SO much inside that I had to stop! Poor hubbie!!!! So, yes, I suggest avoiding any kind of 'sexual arousal' for a few weeks!

And Thank you - Way too much information - As always from me!!!

Missing - My advice would be to try a little longer off the antidepessants and lean more on your family and prolaspe repair friends!! Sometime you simply need to get something off your chest to feel better and we are always here to listen and not judge!

LemonAda - I think you should definately get the bal rolling on this - the majority of us here wish we hadn't waited so long!

Footle - promise you will go tomorrow is there isn't a vast improvement. I have no smell at all so don't let it go for long (you know what it's like to leave things!!!)

Meg - sorry havent heard of those antibiotics but if the doc recommended them..... if you are prepared for the worst i.e, them knocking you sideways then whats another week on the sofa! We're getting quite good at this when we need to!

Missing - I sometimes wish I could have 'hormone removal'!!! My mood swings, lethargy, Bms, headaches are all connected to my cycle. It's ridiculous. I have an iPhone App where I log my cycle and it does an average and predicts my next period, when I ovulate etc, I also log headaches and symptoms and it's amazing to see the paterns!!!

Off to watch my little boy play football now. Been a right lazy arse the last two days (I went back to bed this morning for three hours!!!) so am determined tomorrow to get up early and make the most of the day!!

Spk soon

Footle Thu 26-May-11 16:03:26

Em, I wasn't going to recount my amorous experience but it was much the same. Is this TMI from a grandma ? Mind you the things you know about me already.. Yes I will go to Doc tomorrow if I have to ,honest. It happens that I have a routine mammogram tomorrow ( was supposed to be before my op but when I got there the machine wasn't working ) and I hope that'll be enough medical activity for one day. Ouch , in advance.
Don't shout too loud for your little boy's team will you ? It could damage your health.

Missing, the cold northern air is just that , I've put the heating on today. Oh it's beautiful out there, all sparkly in bright sunshine after a heavy downpour , and clouds belting about over the fells. That's enough Nature Notes for now. For anyone not in UK , fells are hills and mountains ( small by international standards but quite serious ) in our part of the world. lakelandcam is a good site for pics.
Delightful to be reminded of the Astonishing Power of Chocolate .I don't do much of that these days but I'm a committed believer.

jewellerymum Thu 26-May-11 17:25:02

Ooo where did I put that block of Dairy Milk......

Rectdownunder Thu 26-May-11 18:46:54

Wow, so many posts to read this morning. I am always feeling behind because ! am, 7 hours in fact. An interesting thing I was reminded by Missing's post about fibromyalgia. Right after my surgery and for 4 days to follow, I had aches all over my body. The aches were more like when I touched any place on my body I felt bruised, but there was nothing there. I asked my dr about it and he said, it must be your fibromyalgia, as it can cause strange sensations in some people after surgery. Missing did you have anything like this? You are also right about doing too much and then feeling no so good. I woke up this morning very tired, very sore and kind of sickly feeling. I am committing myself to rest today.
You ladies are right about the sexual arousal, I didn't want to mention it, but because someone else did, I can talk about it now. phew! My husband was just rubbing my stomach and trying ot make me feel relaxed the day I got home from the hospital, but it aroused me and then, I said,"STOP!!!" it is hurting me, he didn't get what I was saying at first, then I explained it to him. He just read these posts with me and kind of laughed. I told him no more touching me for 6 weeks.
I am taking an antibiotic called ciproflaxacin,no side affects, but am waiting for the yeast infection to show up. I am eating yogurt for now, but we'll see.
Yes my friend Tuck was very brave and I see what got him through all his days and that was humour, so if we can laugh at ourselves, perhaps we can feel a bit better about things. Tuck was so funny that he was practiacally stand up comic material. He made all of us comfortable with the fact that he had cancer, by cracking a joke about it and opening up the subject. I think nobody really wants to talk about cancer as much as they don't want to talk about rectoceles, cystoceles and all those kinds of things we are meant to feel embarrassed about. Thank god for this site. TTYL

Em, thanks for that - lean lean lean. Will stash the script away, and just stick to choc and MN.

Oh no Footle, really...? Clouds? Rain? Heating....argh!! We are almost as south as we can get and its a right shock to the system driving up to the northeast in tshirts and shorts and needing our jumpers by the time we get there. We haven't had rain here for months, I have to water my plants, and the grass is going brown. We have rain forecast and the clouds sometimes come along, but they float over and don't water my garden boo. I have packed summer clothes with a couple of jumpers, guess I had better thrown in more jumpers, hey maybe gloves and scarves too while I am at it, we softy southerners will struggle with that fresh air. Mind you, that northern cooking yum yum.. grin

Rect re the phantom bruises all over, that's what I feel like in the mornings when I am not taking care of myself, I feel like I have been run over in the night. After the surgery I was too drugged up to notice for the first week or so, in fact I felt great cos I am not used to taking painkillers, so I was spinning TBH. But yes after dumping the painkillers I am back to aching, but not all the time. Foolishly went in the pool yesterday (they have a 2 kids per adult rule so I was needed as the 2nd adult) and tried not to do much but by 7.30 I was in bed, aching, feeling sick to my stomach and running a fever. Fab. I thought I was being clever by swimming arms only, ie letting my legs float and just using arms. Guess not. That is me (Mrs Pot) telling you (Mrs Kettle) to take it easy knowing that I did that yesterday har har blush

Night night ladies, thanks for all being so lovely x

jewellerymum Fri 27-May-11 00:26:50


Bloody Hell Fire Woman!!!!

Footle Fri 27-May-11 09:22:20

Missing, are you driving all the way up here ? Fire Woman x 2

Stardrops Fri 27-May-11 09:52:16

Hi Everyone, smile
Not sure really where to start but I'm so glad I've found you all.
I've been having trouble " down below" for years, never really knowing what the problem was, just thinking its one of those things we women have to put up with. Finally on a visit to the GP on a minor matter I mentioned in passing that I have trouble with my bowel movements, feel very uncomfortable and "not quite right". A quick exam later he decides that I need to visit a gyni consultant to get things sorted out as he thinks I have a rectocele.
My appointment is next wed and I'm starting to stress over it big time, my last experience hospital wise was for a hysterectomy 14yrs ago in a German hospital, translators, enema's and a general feeling of embarrassement. blush
I know I have to get this resolved and on the whole I'm pleased the process has started but I'm filled with such dread. Can i ask did/does anyone feel the same and how did you deal with it?

Emily yes I know. am ashamed. What a div. blush Saying that dont forget I am 9 weeks post op, I thought it might be ok...? it wasnt.

Footle, no DH is driving, he won't let me drive since I got pregnant and my attention span shrank significantly. that was 9 years ago. Now I take my pillow and am in charge of the bag of food - much better. 300 miles boo hiss I hate that drive.

Stardrops, yes everyone was full of trauma and worry beforehand. Stay with this thread we will cheer you up grin but you will need to put up with way way TMI shock

I am that stupid that I didn't notice anything was wrong, except I kept peeing myself all the time. I went in initially for a TVT to fix the peeing, but ended up with 3 ops instead. The doc told me I had a rectocele and seemed surprised I hadn't noticed. Now its fixed I can tell the difference but it didn't bother me before.

So far, everyone on this thread (I think) has been terrified to the point of cancelling, then gone ahead, then been glad of it. There is a long recovery time, and you really really need to take it easy afterwards, but after that, you get your life back. If you check out the link above somewhere, it goes to the old thread, and you can read about the ladies that had it done before, and their experiences too.

I am off to pack, have a great weekend ladies x o x o x

Flowers40 Fri 27-May-11 11:24:23

HI everyone

Missed lots of posts again, too many to comment on so will just say hope you are all doing fab x Welcome to all new ladies too x

Meg, I have my swab results back and am on the same anti biotics as you since yesterday, feel ok tho and think they are working already. The other night the pain was terrible in my (erm) 'wound area', have not felt pain like that since got it done but thankfully it is eased right off again now. Plus my tooth abssess recurred, as it does when I am low.

My rollercoaster ride has crashed back downward this week, from feeling so positive and good at the start of the week to in the depths of misery and despair weds and yesterday sad

Think all the upset weakened my immune system and caused the infection to worsen causing the pains, was crying my eyes out at the poor docs yesterday and went to high street to get my prescription looking and feeling awful. So awful in fact that 2 old ladies asked if I was ok and patted me.... made me cry

Having big problems with finance and the inland revenue refusing to pay up child credits for my daughter. It has been 8 weeks since I lost my job and 4 since I had my op. I have not been unemployed for more than 10 years and have always worked/studied to raise my girls. Feels like the whole system wants to kick you when your'e down. It was this govt that made me redundant from my job in april. and now they wont help me

Feel jealous of all ladies with loving DH/DP's. I really wanted some strong arms round me this week telling me it will all be ok. Thankfully my DD aged 23 has come straight over and stayed a few days to look after me. What an angel she is.

Had to laugh re the rude stuff you girls wrote.. That happened to me when I had a horny dream.. haha - learned not to think about it too cos it hurt lol. Me and my DD have been watching the True Blood series and perving over vampire Eric. What a dish, cant perv too much tho

Haha my post is long. Thank god for this site and you lovely ladies.

And thank god this week is nrly over. So much has gone wrong. I have never cried so much in years than since I had this op. It must be hormones even tho my bits are gone. Stupid doc says its cos I dont feel 'like a woman' anymore. I keep wanting to punch him. He doesnt understand at all. That is nothing to do with it lol

Al least I have all of you. Have a great weekend all xxx

Footle Fri 27-May-11 13:43:42

Flowers, what a rough time for you. Yes, every time I or someone else writes about our lovely Other Halves, I keep thinking there must be plenty of people here without that support . Great that you have such a lovely daughter - that's a better kind of support than you'd get from a not-very-caring husband. And what a huge worry about the loss of your job : not the sort of thing you can put on the back burner till you feel stronger. Hope the child credits come through ok. That doctor's a prat - was that something he was told at medical school ? Hang on , isn't that the doctor who told you you couldn't have an infection because they only occur within 3 days of the op ?

Missing, I'm so glad you're not driving all that way. I had misread your earlier post and thought your DH was already away. Have a great half-term.

Stardrops, no enemas here and no shaving - at least no-one in UK has mentioned having them. We've got rid of our embarrassment by sharing our Too Much Information with each other on here - it really helps ! Do read this thread and also follow the link back to the original thread - it may take a couple of days but it's worth it to realize how we've all shared the same feelings.
How old are you ? I'm 63 and as far as I know I'm the oldest in the group at the moment, but there were one or two older women in the first thread. I had my rectocele repair / posterior repair at Lancaster ,16 days ago. I'm doing well but it's easy to overdo it ; I'm telling anyone who asks a bit about the op because SO many women have similar problems but do they talk about it ? No they damn well don't , there's a conspiracy of silence which stops us finding out that there is an operation that works. Well, as far as I can tell it's worked anyway. Do ask questions , we're happy to tell you our experiences and hear yours.

I just had my mammogram and it wasn't very nice. I took a sneaky Tramadol before I went .

jewellerymum Fri 27-May-11 14:36:22

Off to collect my 10yr old, he's been away on a school activity week in Devon for FIVE days! I have missed talking to him!!! So excited!!! LOL

Flowers, I wish I knew the best thing to say to you to make you feel better :-( TImes can be very tough and I am the first to admit that I consider myself lucky in life! Try and keep your chin up and vent as much as you need honey x x x

Rectdownunder Fri 27-May-11 15:21:39

Welcome Stardrops glad you found us also. Take time to read our experiences and I think you will find that you will feel better about things.
Missing have a great weekend, I'm like you, hate the long drive and I wouldn't drive myself either, I would fall asleep, happens every time.
Flowers your daughters sound very kind, you abviously did a great job raising them. So sorry about your troubles, how disappointing at this time in your life. I am very blessed with my husband for support. My parents are both dead and my kids are at a rather selfish phase in their lives, I believe it is called teenager. My older daughters live an hour away and work full-time, so I don't see them much. I do have my Emily though, she is 12 and has been so kind offereing her help around the house. Anyway, I do hope you have a better
Footle I love to hear your honest words of wisdom, You are like a mom figure to us. I not having a mom for quite some time, surely needs to hear the advice of a wiser woman. I think you're cool.wink Don't blame you for sneaking a tramadol before the mamogram, they can be painful when they squish your boob into a pancake. I have only had one mamo in my life nad I wondered what would happen if you just suddenly passed out whie your boob was caught in a vice?shock
Jewel I like that you consider yourself lucky in life, not all are so aware of the blessings they have, even if it is just having life go smoothly. I have had really hard times in life and it does seem that when it rains it pours and that is one of those times for poor Flowers right now. The storm will end and in the meantime, Flowers, just lean on us for emotional support.

Rectdownunder Fri 27-May-11 15:27:43

Forgot about my question for you all, I get reading your posts and I want nothing more than to comment on how amazing you all are.
I took it easy yesterday, hoping to avoid the pain that I suffered for my superhero moves the day before. Much to my surprize, I woke up feeling worse that the day before. I am not as tired, but that is the only difference. Why did this happen? Has it happened to any of you? Also yesterday I was out for a walk and when trying to wipe a bit of mud from my shoe, out of nowhere, my groin just shot pain right down my leg, just about knocked me off my feet. I am assuming this is from the TVT. Any thoughts? This kept me aching in that area for the entire day and it is still here. OUCHY

jewellerymum Fri 27-May-11 16:09:58

Rect - I get the odd niggle, like when I ironed today for 20 minues there was the odd pain, not as bad as a shooting pain but a shapr pain but I haven't had anything as bad as you described which makes me think it is not related to the posterior repair but somehting else you had done. When you all talk about TVT do you mean mesh that is built into the wall? Lots of you talk about it and I dont really know what it is!!!!

Flowers40 Fri 27-May-11 16:33:56

Thank you everyone, you are all so kind and lovely smile

I called hmrc again today and got a much nicer lady than the horrid man the other day, she said my payment is being held back incase I go back to work in future and they will reassess it at the end of the tax year (April 2012) and if I am still entitled I will get it then!! Incredulously, I said well I need it now, not in 2012, so she has requested I be given it on hardship grounds, the request goes to head office who will call me with their 'decision'...

Yes Rect, oldest daughter is very sweet, she is nrly 23 tho, my 18 yr old has been a big let down since my op and has gone to stay at her bf's now for a while as her not helping around the house, not contributing money even tho she was working etc has caused 2 arguments in recent weeks, my youngest is 15 and stressed with her gcse's right now but generally ok and a comfort to me.

That sounds terrible re your pain, I didnt have TVT so cant offer any thoughts other than take it easy and hope it wears off soon, have you taken any painkillers?

Yes - we are all amazing, and that includes you too xx

Footle Fri 27-May-11 17:38:37

See Jewel , housework is dangerous... Wise Old Woman of the Fells has spoken. If the good Lord had meant our clothes to be smooth he would have made us flat ..
Sorry I think I'm delirious , boob squashing can have that effect.

Rectdownunder Fri 27-May-11 17:41:37

Well a TVT is basically a mesh tape. Transobturator tape technically and is only about 1/4 inch wide and 10 iches long until they cut the length to fit after insertion. I have the Monarc sling (brand name). I watched the op on their website and what they do is, cut a small incision in your upper vaginal wall to expose the urethra. They also make an incision about 1/2 inch on each side of your area, the groin. They slip a hook through the groin incisions and come out at the vaginal incision and put the mesh tape on and pull it through on each side and then sew you up. Viola! you should be fixed for urine leakage. This is why infection is risky, foriegn object in the body. CHeck ou tthe Monarc sling video op, it is interesting. Just google monarc sling and teh video should show up.

I have taken pain meds to dull the ache in the groin and as long as I don't move too quickly the wrong way, the pain is tolerable. Trouble is "the wrong way" is not obvious until you've done it.

Well i must get of my but and do some activity today, I will go out to my herb garden and do a bit of pottering. Then I will come back in and kint.

Have a great evening ladies!

jewellerymum Fri 27-May-11 18:40:31

Well now I can see why I have had such less pain than a lot of you! A posterior repair is no where near as invasive as a TVT!!!! I can imagine weeks of pain with that!!!

Footle Fri 27-May-11 20:22:00

I think TVT is sometimes used for posterior repair as well ?

Rectdownunder Fri 27-May-11 21:09:37

So I hope you don't think what I am about to say is too weird, but every day after my shower, I like to look down there to see if everything is healing well. The trouble is, my vagina is so swollen, that I don't see much opening. I only see bruising and a couple of stitches on the perineum. I have the two groin incisions as well, but one side came out and opened up, so it is too late to close it. It will heal with a gap. I am hoping sex goes good, I am worried because I had both top and bottom fixed, that could narrow things up quite a bit. He did warn me because of the lack of tissue to sew to, that sex will be painful for the first while.

Jewel, did you watch the video?

Footle, I have heard they use mesh on some posterior repairs, but I don't know what it looks like. The dr. showed me the tape he put around my urethra.

Regarding my groin pain, my husband said that the dr. mentioned while I was in hospital that groin pain is uncommon. The dr. asked me if my groin hurt at all and I said yes but not too bad. He said I would be his first patient to have it. I don't remember this conversation, when he explained this to my husband, but there is a muscle that is inside of the groin area and they try very hard not to touch that muscle. If you poke through it, he said it would be excruciating. In my case he may have just bruised it a bit when threading the TVT through. So I guess that may be my problem. Funny thing my memory is not all intact from my stay in hospital. I remember some things, but not all. Mmmmconfused

Rectdownunder Sat 28-May-11 10:33:00

It is nearly 3:30 am and I haven't been sleeping. Today, I overdid it. I went out to the garden and pulled weeds for 1/2 hour, then rested. I cleaned the bathroom and the kitchen, then rested. I got a call from my husband that his truck broke down and he really needed me to come pick him up, so I drove to go get him. I know i am not supposed to drive, but I didn't know what else to do. I had to wait for hubby to get his truck running before I could drive back home, so I was worn out by the time it was all done, drove home and started dinner, then I was sore. Serves me right. I just don't know what i am supposed to do as far as activity goes and how much really. I didn't do anything straining at all, just up and moving mostly. I feel guilty because I think my husband wants me to do things as he is always telling me to get up and go for a walk or do something for a few minutes. He wakes me up if I am sleeping to give me breakfast. These things are all nice, but I would rather sleep and wait for breakfast. I also would rather just rest in bed sometimes and not have to go for a walk or what ever. I don't know what to do? I think when hubby goes back to work next week, I will get more rest. Am I wrong to just take is easy sometimes? I know I have to walk etc., but i don't want to make a schedule out of it. i am just grumpy about it I guess. I shouldn't complain, but I am frustrated.Any sound advice out there?

blue11 Sat 28-May-11 11:26:35

Well over the past few months I have been folllowing this site - the help and info has been great. I am one week post op! posterior repair with large rectocele. I endured years of suffering in silence, perhaps because I lived with the condition for so long I didnt realise there was anything wrong and the sheer embarrassment of discussing it! I had had a terrible delivery over 20 years ago my gynae said pre-op ''everything was in the wrong place''
I stayed in one night and first few days were rough but then a speedy recovery. I have come to work (office) as I cannot rest at home I keep finding jobs that need doing! I have been so lucky, I came home thinking my teenage daughters would help but after a day they lost interest and left me to fend for myself - ummm I didnt really have anyone else to help me so had to force myself to the kitchen for essentials.
I need advice from you experienced girls -
I am very sore but this is from the stitches rubbing, sitting/walking - how long do they take to disolve? if I have healed can I snip the ends of them? also as my biggest problem was with BMs, whilst thankfully I have not experienced any constipation I still am unable to empty in full and have to assist, very difficult with so many stitches down there - is this normal? will it improve?

Footle Sat 28-May-11 12:27:16

Blue, welcome and well done ! So sorry I have visitors and don't have time to say much at the mo, but DON'T snip anything yourself , you might infect the wound.
Phone the ward where you were .
More soon, hope you rest a lot,sorry youhaven't got help at home

blue11 Sat 28-May-11 15:32:22

Footle, I have read and learnt so much from your threads, and all these other lovely ladies, we are all so brave - some have been through so much more, but your strengths made me go and get the help I needed although I was so terrified. I am sure I did too much too soon, but try hard to listen to my body - I was so scared at the stories I had read knowing I would not manage if I couldnt drive after a few days, because I was on my own, if I was at home I would see the chores that needed doing and would attack them, getting into work (office) meant I would not abuse myself at home. ( I shouldve been sedated more!) I lowered the car seat and had a really soft thickish cushion and it worked - I had to be soo careful though. I was never told not to drive, most likely it is just expected it would not be possible with the pain/discomfort. Now a week on and back to a level of acceptable sanity even I realise how foolish it was to even attempt to drive so soon. I was on my own though and clearly delusional. I found other way to do chores that kept looking at me and know you would all see the funny side! - I was so nauseous until day 6 but I had to get into work, I was not able to sit upright for long lengths so lay on the floor when I needed to and found a way to perch on the edge of a stool-and I only stayed for a few hours at a time at first. I am not sure what signs to look out for? pain on walking/standing for too long? - thankfully I stocked up on the heavier main shopping so don't need to venture into shops, I know I would not manage to stand and of course carry anything.
Just so sore with the stitches - am happy there is no infection but the ends are so sharp and causing unneccesary blistering... when do they dissolve?

Footle Sat 28-May-11 17:28:56

Blue, thanks for the nice comments , it's good to know that even people we're not aware of have been getting help from our conversations.

I'm a bit worried about you though. I can't find it at the moment but I recently found a youTube piece with an Australian physio explaining about the importance of rest after these ops - she's had a rectocele repair herself. The main point was that the repair needs plenty of time with no pressure from above, ie you need to be lying down quite a lot of the time in the early days and weeks . You are only a week in and already saying that you've had a 'speedy recovery' , but it doesn't sound as if you are really feeling recovered just yet. The stitches take 4 to 6 weeks to dissolve fully. Think about the job the stitches are doing - the itching and pulling are something we have to put up with while the stitches hold the edges of the wound together and make sure the scar tissue will be strong enough to allow BMs and sex. It's not good that the stitches are so uncomfortable - maybe you are still very swollen around them ?

Also you say you aren't constipated but the BM is still getting stuck. I wonder if that's because you are still too swollen for it to come out properly ? I take this laxative stuff every day because I've been told not to strain. And if you are "splinting" to help it come out ( and I can't imagine how painful it must be , doing that at the moment ) , it may be that you're making it more swollen... I was told to ring the ward if I had any questions in the first week or so as the average GP won't be as well-informed about how you should be progressing. If no joy from the hospital, go to the GP, and if no help there , get the number of your consultant's secretary and explain that you are having problems.

I'm sorry, I don't want to be alarmist and remember, I don't have enough knowledge to know if what I'm saying is right . But this is MAJOR SURGERY , not just a bit of a tweak - not so long ago the NHS would have sent you off to a convalescent home if you had no-one to look after you properly. Yes maybe you should have been sedated more ! Honestly, I think your body is telling you in various ways that it needs more of a break to deal with all this : you're not delusional now but you are still in shock from the op, we all are , it takes a while. I just wish I could suggest a way that you could take it easy at least for a couple more weeks. Had 4 teenagers, bought the T shirt. Well, 4 T shirts.

You will keep in touch won't you ?

Flowers40 Sat 28-May-11 18:08:21

HI everyone, hope you are all having a good saturday

Rect, you asked 'am I wrong to just take it easy sometimes?' - the answer is NO!! A big fat 'no' too!! You are SUPPOSED to take it easy!! For 6 weeks, minimum!

Yes it is sweet of hubby to bring you breakfast, but let him bring you it when you are ready to wake up! My first couple of weeks post op I was lucky if I woke up before 10am every day. Your body needs rest, think of all your energy going to heal your insides, that is why we are so wiped out in the early weeks, there's a lot going on inside, cant see it but your body is working 100% and then overtime to mend itself! You are not supposed to be doing anything! No housework, no walks, just REST REST REST! If you want to stay in bed then just stay there! Listen to your body, do activity only when you are totally comfortable and don't push yourself to do more. I know its hard (pot, kettle anyone) and it especially hard when people cant 'see' how ill you are as there isnt anything to see, but you have basically had your insides moved around and rearranged!!

And Blue, welcome, but your post made me shiver!! In fact I ran right upstairs from where I was on my sofa reading on my mobile to log onto pc to say this to you! STOP what you are doing!! 1 week post op and you are doing housework, and going to work! I am flabbergasted by what you wrote! PLEASE stop now and give yourself some time to heal! You say you have suffered in silence so long, but we are all here! And we like to support each other on here cos we all know what it's like! Yes its hard to see the place become like a tip but seriously WHO CARES!? It doesn't matter, you should be at 1 week after your op basically resting.. leave the chores alone!! The dust in my front room is 3 inches deep now but I am not touching it till I can be bothered!!

AND you should NOT be driving so soon! Are you in the UK? Do your shopping online via Asda, its only £3 for delivery.. Write a note with your order that they have to bring it right in to your kitchen worktop and they will! Jeez woman what are you doing?? And where do you have to go?? I understand re the teenage daughters, I have one like that and it hurts, but you have to try and get through to them that you are ill and you need them.. please tell me you are not still trying to pick up after them etc, if you are then stop it! You should be doing nothing for at least 3-4 weeks, then gentle activity with lots of breaks but absolutely no lifting or heavy work like hoovering/ironing. Yes I said nothing, that means zero, nowt, not anything at all, zilch, nada, naught, diddly squat, sweet FA!

Now please listen to footle and get medical advice from your ward asap. Don't try and snip anything, you could injure yourself! And no, you should not be trying to help yourself go, you could get an infection, please please see your GP or phone your ward, promise me you will... Oh poor love, we are here for you and you should of piped up sooner, this is a difficult op to get through on so many levels, and even if you feel alone in your RL you can at least come on here when you need to and offload, we don't mind! Get some books you have been meaning to read, magazines (as trashy as you like), DVD's (I recommend True Blood for a bit of excitement/escapism) and put your feet up! Let the place go to wrack and ruin if it has to! Take care of yourself!

Sorry for moaning at you like this but please do not try and be superwoman and get yourself some advise and then some rest.. even if you dont 'want' to rest you have to.. you have had the courage to have this op to fix your problem so give yourself a chance to heal so you can avoid these problems in future.. it will be worth it in the end, a few weeks rest is nothing tho it feels sooo hard, I am sure you deserve a rest and if no one is around to pamper you then just do it for yourself, sending you hugs xoxoxo

Flowers40 Sat 28-May-11 18:15:00

Ohhh my post crossed with footle's and she has been much more gentle and diplomatic than me, I am sorry, I didnt want to alarm you or scare you off, its because I know exactly how you feel that I wanted to get through to you cos you sound a lot like me, headstrong and used to surviving and doing what you gotta do, pls accept my apologies if my post is too strong but also listen to footle's wise words x

Rectdownunder Sat 28-May-11 18:28:24

Welcome Blue. Okay, Just going to share with you what i believe to be cause and effect in my own experience. I am also one week post op. I had rectocele, cystocele and TVT. My bowels work as normal as ever, no splinting. I use docusate and massive amounts of fiber and water, the stools just fall out of me, no use of that bowel muscle at all. When I stand too long or walk to much, I have trouble peeing this is because of swelling building up from pressure down there. You had rectocele, but that would swell just the same as the wee parts and cause difficulting with a lot of things. I have been told from my nurse friends, that just because you are out of the hospital doesn't mean you're better and you don't heal any fater today than you did in 1950s. All the medical advancement we have and not one thing can increase the speed of recovery except good old fashoined rest.
I would hate to see you jeopardize the healing process and possibly reverse the work done by surgery, but the reality is, it could happen if you are not careful. Oh I hope I am not seeming judgemental, I am just giving you a wake-up call. I hope to hear from you again, I feel really bad for your situation, but ultimately you must control your urge to work all the time. Try to look at this like a bit of a holiday in a way, be selfish damn it you deserve it. I would also question how well the surgery worked if you are splinting, but try some major laxatives and see how it goes.

Happy healing my dear.

Rectdownunder Sat 28-May-11 18:29:08

Faster not fater, sorry for the typos.

Footle Sat 28-May-11 18:38:47

Thanks Flowers and Rect ! Blue, I've been worried that you'd feel you were being told off but I actually agree with everything they've said .. only telling you off because we're worried for you.
It would be another Bank Hol weekend wouldn't it - but please don't delay.

Flowers40 Sat 28-May-11 18:56:00

I think ladies, it is much easier to 'see it' and be kind to others than it is to be to ourselves, it's how we are conditioned, we are all guilty of it, those naughty thoughts.. no one's looking so I'll just do this or that... well, that is why we need each other and why we should be as kind and good to ourselves as we recommend for each other

Rectdownunder Sun 29-May-11 04:12:03

You're right Flowers, we tend to advise on stuff we should do, but not necessarily do we practice our own advice. I have been guilty there. I realise that I need to take care of myself and I will do my best to rest. Hubby is going back to work next week and he told me, to rest and really get myself better. I told him I wanted to do one daily activity and that was cook dinner, nothing complicated that would cause me to stand for a long period of time, just some simple meals. He told me that if I was up to it, then yes, but if dinner wasn't made when he gets home, he will make it. He wants me to get better and stay fixed up too.
Well I must go now, take care everyone and Blue hope you post again of your progress, would love to hear from you.


blue11 Sun 29-May-11 12:12:30

Well where can I begin, if I was with you all I would give you all a big hug - you are all the friends I didnt know I had, you are all so kind, you are right and I know with what I have been through already that I would tell anyone else new exactly wht you have told me. I am self employed, and could not dare begin to tell you how hard ive worked, I am also divorced and have no family around me apart from the girls.
I was so upset last night with one of my daughters I drove off and rested in a car park for a few hours as it hurt physically to cry - I feel ashamed as she is my responsibility and I clearly have failed to teach her to be the person I expect her to be. I know she will improve and its an age thing but I also know I would have helped so much more had it been my mother and I was my daughter's age...silly little things are getting to me and I am emotional. I feel better already, and thank you for listening!
I got home from work yesterday and the dog had not been out for a walkies, since pre-op, I have a good sized garden but he is more help than the girls, and the guilt when he got my boots out ready was too much - I took him out in the car, he does not need a lead and he is does everything I ask. ( wish he would hang the washing up!) By the time I got to the first gate I had to sit down, I knew I could not walk any further and left him to entertain himself. I was weak and quite light headed. Even I didn't think I would be that bad. No real pain just a bit of pressure and the soreness from the stitches, which after all this I have not touched! :-)
I never did ask if they put any mesh in, however it feels like a razor blade bulging through the perinium stitches, (presumably as you have said swelling)and I do need to apply a little pressure there whilst attempting the BM. I have increased my fluid intake and will try some mild laxatives but do have to assist or would be even more uncomfortable. I did leave some medication on the ward so will try have a chat when I go to collect it.
I know I will one day become an expert on this topic and hope I can welcome, support and advise those girls like me that have lived with this condition in silence for so long. You really have helped me more than you will ever know already. X

Stardrops Sun 29-May-11 12:18:34

Hello again, Thanks for the warm welcome.

I've been slowly working my way through your older posts and boy you're right, way way too much info! shock but it does help and its amazing that in just 2 days i feel so much more comfortable discussing whats going on with my body. I felt for so long it was just me so thanks again!grin

I'm 45 and never considered myself prudish but I guess its just the part of the body we're dealing with, if it was a broken arm, lungs or even an in growing toenail I probably wouldn't feel quite so awkward. You ladies dont mince your words and its FAB!

Have been chatting to DH about it and he's going to come to the hospital with me, sit outside while I chat to the Dr and then come if when he tells me whats going on and what if anything they can do. I'm not so sure if I'm more worried they will offer surgery and all that that entails of if they decide to leave things alone and I have to carry on as I am which I think would be the worse option.

I shall continue to work through your posts, its so encouraging to hear from others who felt the same and have come out the other side. Have a lovely bank holiday, rest and thanks again. xXx

Footle Sun 29-May-11 12:22:21

Hello Rect, thank you too for the nice things you said . I'm no wiser than anyone else , but no-one minds being told they're cool! I was going to say that you seemed to be overdoing it yesterday, though obviously you had to help your husband in that situation, but Flowers said it for me. No-one can accuse me of overdoing it at the moment, I'm quick to give up and lie down if I get uncomfortable. BTW, the doughnut cushion is a big help and I'm glad I bought it. I couldn't find a sensibly-priced one online but the local chemist got me one for £16 and it's been worth it even for these few weeks. I'll have it to lend out if it's needed. I'm starting to do some easy cooking too , making sure I don't stand around and don't have to do it in a hurry.

Flowers, how are you today ? and Blue, hope you are feeling less and not more stressed after posting ?

Footle Sun 29-May-11 12:23:25

Oops, posting while Stardrops and Blue were at it too !

blue11 Sun 29-May-11 12:40:13

Hi Stardrops and welcome! like you I am a newbie here although admit I have been ''stalking'' the site for several months. like you I was never the type to discuss any problems ''down there'' and this will make you laugh probably 5 years ago when attending my female GP with something else I blurted out a little about this condition.....too embarrassed to discuss the real horror stories but she referred me to a consultant general surgeon. I looked him up on the internet and that was enough quite simply there was no-way I was going to talk to ''him'' about my ''private life'' and that was that! I never went and continued to suffer in silence. Scared, ashamed embarrassed and terrified I would have to face so many strangers with my deepest secrets! I know my condition has progressively got worse but this site has helped me so much and the kindness and dignity shown by the staff at hospital has restored my faith in the health service. Be strong, take each hurdle one at a time and when you get through it you will be soo proud of yourself. I know everyone here will support you and those silly little questions that mean so much to you can easily be answered here.

Footle Sun 29-May-11 12:45:31

Stardrops, I think most of us felt a bit stunned by all the info here but now look at us, getting a whole lot off our chests , so to speak, and feeling so much more able to cope. It's too soon for me to be sure it has all worked properly but it seems like it , and I've got no regrets about having done it.

Blue, I hope that car park is somewhere safe and that the dog came too. Re the daughters : you haven't said how old they are but it is NOT your fault if they are not (yet) the people you hoped they would be. There are huge pressures on them, both internal from all those hormones that transform them from our darlings into alien life-forms and eventually to recognizable and lovable adults ; and external , from a big and often bad world that shapes them in ways we parents aren't fully aware of. And can't do anything about.

Rect this is all your fault, now I'm trying to sound like a wise old woman. Picture me as Yoda with a sore fanny, OK ?

Rectdownunder Sun 29-May-11 14:16:51

Footle not only are you wise, but you're funny too lol...hahah, I can picture the expression on Yoda's face.
Blue so glad to hear from you. I have 4 daughters and I understand all too well about age related issues. My two oldest daughters are 25 and going to 22 and I have one that just turned 18 so many fresh memories there and a 12 year old who would like to think she is 18. My sons were not the same as the girls, really the were easier to deal with. They do change for the better. I remember when my daughter Alixandra was 16, we got a call from the police she and her two friends were in jail. They were caught stealing. I was horrified at the thought of her doing this. As it turned out the police officer told us he was not going to charge them, as he has seen a lot of these cases and these girls are not criminals, they are just teenage girls who have lost their brains and they will get them back sometime in the next 5 years. He was right, Alix and her friend Abby are good now, they needed to grow up! Well I hope you are able to take it easy for bit, it will help you emotionally as welll, if you rest.
Well have any of you ladies ever developed a yeast infection during your recovery? I think I have one and it is quite bothersome, very itchy and it burns. ouch. After the antibiotics I guess that is what can happen. I can't imagine putting cream in there, I doubt it would be a good idea, I hope I can hang on till Friday when I see the dr.

MegGriffin Sun 29-May-11 16:32:31

Hello everyone, just a quick hello. I will come back later for a proper post.
Blue sorry you are having such a hard time at the moment, be kind to yourself!
I hope everyone is healing well.

I am on day 4 of my anti biotics and have not had any bad side affects fingers crossed. Today my bleeding has almost stopped and I am feeling pretty good for the first time since my op. I am now nearly 3 weeks. Today I dared to think about my return to work as a posibility once my 6 weeks are up so I must be feeling good. I am a nursery nurse in a pre-school so it's very physical so I will have to be very careful when I go back. Anyway, little steps,little steps.
Speak soon xx

Footle Sun 29-May-11 19:56:47

Oh not thrush as well , that's too much ! Hope it doesn't develop , Rect and Meg and anyone else including me.

jewellerymum Sun 29-May-11 21:55:39

Hi All, another one of those 'done to much' days! I don't feel bad, ust exhausted. TBH I think I am getting a cold - my throat feels tight, I feel a bit spacey and I have a headache!!
I am also waiting impatiently for my period (day 32 now!) - I think the surgery has frightened it off although I have had my snappy PMT head on for a week! Am wondering if that also explains my spaciness and the ache in my tummy!
Drovean hour and back today to drop my boys off with their grandparents for a few days. The driving was no problem and my OH came with me incase I couldn't manage!!!
I am slowly doing more and the only negative from it is getting tired easily. I ache a little toady where my stitches are but I was think that after 16 days the healing process should be well under way and so the stotches will be pulling at healing skin and so may hurt more now than when they were just done (??)
Rect - Over here we can get a tablet/cream combo for thrush - that may be an option for you and just put the cream on the outside? Although make sure that is what it is and nothing else?!
Right, I'm having a sofa moment now, so I'll catch up again tomorrow

jewellerymum Mon 30-May-11 01:00:51

P.S - sorry for spellings - I was never one to check back over my work!!

Rectdownunder Mon 30-May-11 04:09:59

Well the thrush is not bothering me as much as yesterday, so I will see if I can wait it out till I see the dr, just in case it happens to be something else. My husband figures a does of diflucan (oral yeast med.) couldn't hurt anything. I have to get into town or the city to get some meds though.

I took it super easy today. I was tired and sore and felt unsteady and lightheaded, so I spent most of the day in bed resting and knitting. I almost have completed a long sweater for myself since surgery.

Hubby goes back to work tomorrow, so I will fend for myself. I think I will be fine, I am not going to overdo any activity and supper is really the onlly task at hand.

Well must go now and be in touch tomorrow.

Hello, all, hello new ladies. So many posts!!

Re the razor blade feeling YES I had the same it felt like razors - its the stitches and the swelling and it goes away. Very slowly.... Just take it easy - I know it goes against the grain but imagine how you felt if you overdid it, went back to the doc and they said well the whole thing needs to be redone cos you didn't rest..

For ages it has felt like razor blades in my perineum (my new double the old size perieneum) when I wiped after a wee, but either that has gone away now or I have gotten so used to it I don't notice it, hmmm, I will have to check.

Rect re the TVT yes to groin pain, oh dear, this isn't good. At 9 weeks post op its still bothering me but only on one side. Guess that muscle got poked. It is easing off, it is getting better but almost imperceptibly. However I don't recall having the pain shoot down my leg, but shooting grin pain, oh yes, many times in the last couple of months. I also get it at what I imagine is the bit where the urethra is, but not that often and that is a sharp pain, not the big deep pain that I get along the side, where I guess the TVT goes. But hey so far its worth it to be peeing properly, nice big wees instead of the constant micro wees I used to do.

Flowers I am sorry you have all this to deal with, and also Blue, I do hope things settle down and that you get that cash Flowers. Love and light ladies xx

Flowers40 Mon 30-May-11 14:34:23

HI everyone

Thanks missing, Im not too hopeful I will but feel much better and even jumped up at 8am today and had fired off a job app by noon, sooo pleases with myself and hope to get back in the job seeking groove.. dont wanna be on stupid benefits anyway

Rect. so glad you are taking it easy.. sounds much better and keep knitting away, once you've finished your own sweater you can make us all one ;)

Jewel, hope you manage to ward the cold off, take it easy wont you x

Blue and stardrops, hope yr both ok x

I feel alive again today instead of half corpse-like after a relaxing all wknd, my eldest girl has been here cooking and cleaning like an angel, only tiny niggle is my tooth infection aint budgin despite being on anti-b's, was hoping it would kill it aswell

Hope your all doin well

Footle Mon 30-May-11 18:44:21

Miserable today, barbed-wire feeling on one side telling me to lie flat or on my side , and back to the Tramadol and Paracetamol . No words of wisdom, just FED UP. Hello all you lovely people xx

jewellerymum Mon 30-May-11 18:58:53

The Ups and Downs we all have!!!
Just keep it in mind that downs are followed by ups!!!!
We are all in the dumps a bit (except for Flowers who is doing her damnest to keep her chin up!)!!
I have a really sore throat!! Also been really tired and achey today! Althought sitting on the sofa all day has made me feel lazy and bored and now I'm stir-crazy!!!
Moan moan moan !!!!!
Nothing else to report just sending you vibes to make it through the crappy bits!!
Much Love

Footle Mon 30-May-11 20:25:26

Thanks for the vibes. Combined with the drugs I'm sure they'll do the trick. Hope everyone has a good Bank Hol evening and we all feel loads better tomorrow.

jewellerymum Tue 31-May-11 11:19:12


teedeeuk Tue 31-May-11 12:02:11

Hell everyone, wow this thread has taken off! I'm ten or eleven days post op and can totally empathise with the 'barbed wire perineum'. I cannot 'sit' on it so am still lounging in bed. Had to use frozen peas last night wrapped in a towel - there is no dignity with this is there?? Also have a tooth prob Flowers40. I went to see the dentist last week and she prescribed me a 3 day course of anti b's, seemed to sort it but back with a vengeance this morning. OH went and spoke to her at the surgery and persuaded her to give me another course, 5 days this time which hopefully will do the job.
May I send a hug to anyone who needs one? Although I have fantastic support now, I know exactly what its like to have none. My heart goes out to anyone struggling. Look after yourselves ladies :-)

blue11 Tue 31-May-11 15:48:16

Hi Teedee, sorry about the tooth and Flowers, that is something you dont deserve on top of everything else - was one of my fears before I went in needing the dentist. I think I am a day ahead of you post surgery and wondering if the razor blade I am sitting on will rip open any second now.
Rect, Missing and Footle, I did need a wake up call - thank you, I am so independant and never ask for any help before I certainly could not go through this again so I am slowing down - my body has made sure I do by giving me some horrible bug overnight. have still come into work though to sit behind the desk or I know the vacuum will come out! by the time I get home I know I wont manage it but what will the ASDA delivery man say? I wonder if he will stay and help when I tell him what awful daughters I have!
I will blame you all if he doesnt as I am only following your instructions..... smile

Footle Tue 31-May-11 15:48:28

Teedee, nice to know you're miserable too .. oh you know what I mean ! Yesterday I walked round to the cafe to meet a friend and had a nice time but was sitting awkwardly on a sofa as I hadn't taken my cushion. It had a bad effect and I still feel a bit the worse for wear. Yes, frozen peas or ice pack are very useful. I'm THREE weeks tomorrow for goodness sake. Thankes for my share of the hug. Have one yourself.

blue11 Tue 31-May-11 16:02:19

Ouch! I sneezed!! soooo painful - I am seeing stars - that was not supposed to happen! shock

Footle Tue 31-May-11 16:48:58

Blue, isn't there a Special Instructions bit on the order form ? Disabled is the word you need to use - it's true at the moment. No need to mention daughters.
sneezing is bad.
Rect, tell me about the sweater you've made - I like to know these things. Is it a free pattern from Ravelry or Knitty ? What yarn ? And how did you manage to sit upright enough for long enough to knit so much ? I've managed about 3/4 of a large sock so far.

Oh no, sneezing isn't allowed...! On one of the pamphlets it said no sneezing of coughing for 6 weeks, so I spent the first 6 weeks terrified of catching a cold.

Sorry to hear that everyone is having the downs right now, and yes of course that means everyone due an up, any minute now grin

What is it with these ops and teeth - the 2nd week after my op, my front teeth went black (too many prunes!) and I broke a back tooth eating a date... I have never been to the dentist so much in my life.

Re the Asda delivery man, if you go with Ocado (big debate there I know) they bring the bags into your kitchen (or wherever you ask them to) as a matter of course. If you do a late night shop its free/cheaper.

Barbed wire is a great description, that's just what it's like. Don't worry it does get better, but don't sit on it or stand on it too much, give it all a chance to heal. When I went to my doc at 6 weeks he gave me some estrogen gel, as apparently it can "beef up" the tissues in that area.

Re the CVs, I know how frustrating it is. DH and I are both working at the mo, but he is out of the army in the summer, and my job is ending in June, so I am spending most of my time sending out CVs for him, looking for a civvie job, and CVs for me looking for another role within the company I work at. So we're lucky we are both still working, but it's horrible not knowing what we will be doing by the autumn. If it was just one of us it would be easier, but unfortunately it's both at once. I guess some would say, how exciting, new things for both of us, but this kind of excitement I could do without right now... argh.

Anyway, we are up north and it's rained almost constantly. We had been missing rain, not having seen any for months at home, but now I am bored of it. The sun came out today and my SIL advised me that this (brief glimpse of sun, FREEZING winds, is the middlesbrough summer. Ouch.

Flowers40 Tue 31-May-11 18:45:31

Hi everyone, thanks for the giggles you lot give me as always.. Well, guess what I have gone and done now.... (drum roll...) - bought a MOLLY TROLLEY!! Yep them old lady things you pull along with your shopping in, only mine's black with cerise spots and damn fine if I do say so myself!! You just have to do the uber cool walk when your'e walking with it as if its the trendiest thing on the planet, I Love it!!

I had went high street for a flea collar for my cat, then bought a few extra items in the pound shop like you do and even with only 5-6 things in my basket I could feel the dreaded 'pull' begin, so headed to a shop where I knew they sold them and hey ho they were on sale for only £7.50. A great investment I say and before you all cry 'never!' - let me tell you it fitted in all my pound shop bits, some clothes I got my DD for the holiday AND some food shopping! It has big white wheels and a little stand for when your'e just browsing, what's not to love!

I was only out a couple of hours (oh the excitement of being 'out' instead of the mad lady locked in the attic) but now I feel totally exhausted, tho I did do another job app this morning before I went so a busy day.. my eyes are sooo heavy and might have to lie down lol, tooth no better so phoning dentist is on tomorrows list of things to do

Hope you are all well and you TVT ladies not having any more problems with the barbed wire, take it easy all, lets all hope this will be a better week xoxox

Stardrops Tue 31-May-11 18:55:37

Hi Ladies,
Oh what a cheerful lot we all are. I've my appointment tmrw at the hospital (to find out what if anything they can do for me or if its all in my mind hmm) and I'm a teary, stressy mess so I am thinking of you all and sympathising. Hope everyone feels brighter tmrw, maybe the sun will even shine.... ok maybe not! Off to Fat Club (Skinny School my DH calls it) in a mo, thats bound to be a big non event the way I've been feeling. Still at least when I get home I can have a wine or 2 and not have to worry about the syns till next Tues! Keep your chins up everyone. xXx

Stardrops Tue 31-May-11 18:58:25

Loving the image of Flowers with her trolley!! That's bought a smile to my face! grin

Rectdownunder Tue 31-May-11 19:11:38

Missing sorry that you too have the groin pain, but like you I am glad I had it done. I don't know for sure if it worked for the leakage problems, but I know I hold my bladder longer than before. Good luck with the job search.
Blue glad you are not upset with our harsh honesty. You are important and need to feel that way too, I don't give heck unless it is necessary and because I care.
Footle I have been knitting while lounging in bed just sitting up very slightly leaning on several pillows. It is comfortable that way, no pressure on the bottom. I am knitting a long sweater from a pattern that I bought on line and they send it to you in a PDF file. It is rather retro, probably from the 70s, but I love it. It was supposed to made out of buffalo wool, but I am using acrylic instead as I planned not to line it, I don't care for the itch of wool. I just made my hubby a wool sweater and lined it, he loves it. I will look up the site I bought it from and you can go there and check it out. If I lived in the UK close by you all, I would totally knit you all sweaters.
Flowers the "Molly Tolley" sounds cool, it will be a big help to you for sure.
Jewel a cold??? how awful for you, that is enough to put anyone in the dumps, but worse while trying to recover. Take it easy, and be lazy, no shame in that right now. Do you feel up to creating some jewelery pieces?
I have been feeling alright really. I get a bit light headed at times, don't know why. I think I might have some kind of infection happening, might be yeast, not sure, but going to dr on Friday. We went to visit a friend last night and I think I was standing too long, I started to throb and ache down there and then had to lie on the couch for a bit. After lying on my side with my knees slightly bent, when I went to get up, my knee was so stiff I could hardly bend it. My arthritis is kicking in now and the fact that I notice it, means the other pain I was having is going away.

I have to say it is really nice to hear about your lives and get to know you all on a more personal level and not just talk about our surgeries.

Well that is all for now.

teedeeuk Tue 31-May-11 19:29:58

blue thanks for the good wishes, but please will you lie down?! You're making me anxious. I'd hate to thing you would do some damage..
Footle I'm very impressed at you going out to a cafe - would you recommend one of those cushions? I have a feeling (HA) it will be a while before sitting down will be comfortable!
Missing so glad to hear that it gets better from someone who has had the 'barbed wire experience'
Flowers your trolley sounds fab! If I ever leave the house again I could be tempted.
In other news I have done an online Asda shop today, about the extent of my capabilties I think.
Oh and by the way I'm in Sussex, I believe not the only one on this board?

Rectdownunder Tue 31-May-11 19:47:32

teedee forgot about you in my last post, I am sorry. Glad to hear you are getting along day by day.
Stardrops good luck at your appt, I am sure there is something they can do for you. If not there, you will find someone who can.
Footle if you are interested in seeing the sweater I am making, it is at it is Cowichan 14 long coat with hood #3345 I am making it in black and grey. The one I knitted my hubby is White Buffalo 6104 cardigan #707. I made his out of sheeps wool in a two tone brown and oatmeal colours. What kind of things do you like to knit, you mentioned socks, which I think are a challenge, especially the heels. Do you have a pattern you like for the socks? Well I am spent already sitting at the computer, so I am off to lie slouch in bed and finish my sweater, very close to done.
Thanks again ladies for being so awesome, a big highlight of my day is to read all your posts and express myself when I need to. I must admit I am disappointed when I find that no one has posted as I check periodically throughout the day. I know because you are all sleeping when I am up in the evening and you are all posting when I am sleeping, so it is a bit awkward in that respect, but never the less it has been great!smile

Rectdownunder Tue 31-May-11 19:48:23

Woops #7070 not 707

MegGriffin Tue 31-May-11 20:15:25

Hello everyone!
teedee i'm in West Sussex.

Sorry to hear about the tooth problems ladies. That's all you need on top of everything else.
stardrops good luck tomorrow.
flowers i'm loving the sound of your trolley, what a good idea!
missing good luck with the job hunting. You know what they say, when a door closes, a window opens (or something like that)
blue rest!
rect your knitting sounds amazing. I would love to be able to knit but never quite got the hang of it unfortunately. I am left handed and got in a muddle when people showed me what to do.
I've got one more day on the anti-biotics and they seem to have done the job. The doctor confirmed it was an anaerobic infection and that I was on the right meds so I'm pleased with that. Looking forward to a glass of wine this weekend to celebrate!

Rectdownunder Tue 31-May-11 22:08:39

Meg glad your infection is clearing and yes have a wonderful glass of wine. I love wine and I had half a glass last night, you'll enjoy it. You're right about the left handed thing, one of my daughters is left handed and wanted to learn how to knit, but it was very difficult to teach her. I tried to do it left handed myself thinking that would be the way to teach her, but I see why doing it right handed when your left handed is hard now. My hubby taught me most of what I know about knitting, he knits, I don't know if he wants too many to know that being a man and all, but I think it is fabulous. He is such a masculine type and that's why it is kind of funny that he knits. Well I will read all your wonderful thoughts again tomorrow.

Footle Tue 31-May-11 22:44:11

There are plenty of male knitters who blog and design. Sounds like he doesn't want to know though ! Those Cowichan sweaters are wonderful things. I haven't made any yet but have a great book about them. I have 6 grandchildren aged 1 month to nearly 9 years so most of my knitting is small these days, but I like knitting socks and can turn heels no problem. I also spin some of the yarn I use, which I definitely can't do at the moment .

jewellerymum Tue 31-May-11 22:57:08

Hello everyone!
I have had quite a few laughs today, my spirits see a little higher (despite my STILL mising period! Day 34!)
Actually wanted to ask all post-ops if YOU had any delay to your first post-op period? I had mine mid cycle and wondering if for some reason my body decided it would be best not to ovulate?!?!
I have a stinking cold - Missing you said sneezing was not allowed....I counted, yes counted (due to the pain) seven sneezes in the first two weeks....well, I have been sneezing every hour for the last two days!!!
Flowers - I nearly wet myself (no cystocle here) reading about your trolley. HOW FUNNY ARE YOU?!?! God bless you and your shopping aid! x
I have been thinking about my 'fast' recovery and I think a lot of it is due to me not having any external stitches. I haven't had any pain sitting down and so I can see that those of you who have had perineal stitches would have much more trouble getting about!
I have a day planned shopping tomorrow! We'll have to see how that goes! I feel up to it but have warned that I may have to be left in coffee shops if it gets too much and we have planned a nice long ladies lunch in the middle!!!
Rect I have been making a little bit of jewellery and today made myself a necklace and earring set to wear to a wedding on Saturday (another little adventure for me to cope with!) so I have been pootling! This week the children are off school and it is quite a hectic week so I am looking forward to next Tuesday when hubbie and boys are both back to normal and I will have the house to myself to get back to normal 'work' (sitting in my office, surrounded by beautiful sparkly things, playing!!!).
I will let you all know how a day shopping tomorrow goes!!
Keep smiling beautiful ladies - it could be worse - I think I have put 7 pounds in since my op! Damn this sofa!!!
Em xxxxxxxxxxxxx
P.S. - I think we need a field trip to Canada!!!! I think some R&R there would be just the thing.......!!!!!

Rectdownunder Wed 01-Jun-11 02:37:37

Yes everyone come to Canada for some R&R. You can all stay at my house.
Jewel be careful tomorrow when shopping. I think you will be okay for a stint, then you will suddenly feel the need to sit down. That is how I have been these past couple of days. So be sure not to overdo it! When you go to the wedding, I can imagine it will be quite exhausting, at least that is how I think I would feel at this point. Glad you are making some jewelery for yourself, it must be handy to just need a few items and get creative and "viola" there they are, you're awesome!
Footle Wow 6 grandchildren, you can keep yourself in knitting projects for quite some time. About turning the heel, whenever I try to do that, I tend to get holes on the angle for some reason, I must be doing something wrong, but really don't know what it is, it is like I am missing a stitch and you eventually see little misses all the way up the angle.
In regards to weight gain, I have com-batted it by drinking my fiber drinks before each meal and that helps me to get full and gives me great fiber intake as well. I lost 5-10 pounds so far. Depends what time of day I weigh myself, so I hope to keep it up. My clothes are a bit looser and friends have noticed I am slimmer. Try the fiber thing until you can get more active.

Gotta go, supper time.
Take care all!

blue11 Wed 01-Jun-11 12:16:25

Hi all,
well teedee how was your asda shop? - mine arrived, i never managed to entice the chap to stay and do a few jobs but he kindly brought everything in for me. It was my first experience with a shop online, great for the heavy items but not sure I would do the fresh on a regular basis -
I cannot knit so pretty envious of Footle and Rect, just think how many balls you could get in your trolly Flowers, we should all get one now or better still they should be issued when leaving hospital!
OK today I am aching so much, I am limping with pain in both hips - perhaps too much sitting at the desk and not enough lying down....or was it the sneezing? my legs have had the shooting pains since the op which I dose up with painkillers and trust will disperse over time, however now I have thrush and need to know what you ladies find the best for treating it? Ive not had it for years and think all the showering is not helping, disturbing the natural bateria balance. Just out of interest what instructions have we all had for bathing/showering? I was told to have as many showers as I like but certainly no baths for at least two weeks post op. I ache so much I would love to lay back and soak for an hour, but I have coped.
Watch out for the wine if taking anti biotics! - I made that mistake recently
Thinking of you all, and hugs to those that feel sore and low xx

Footle Wed 01-Jun-11 13:29:24

Jewel, I find sitting down doesn't do it for me. I can be out for a couple of hours but then I need to lie down. I did find that I have some external stitches, maybe only one , can't see properly but can feel , so maybe that's slowing me down.
So many new posts on here, will write more later on, just taking my lunch up to bed. Want to put the heating on, it's cold in these hills.

MegGriffin Wed 01-Jun-11 15:11:43

blue I am counting down until I can have some wine (Friday night) which will be 48 hours after my last tablet. With regards to bathing and showering I was told it was ok straight away which is what I have been doing. However I have had a infection so who knows??
jewellery My last period was end of April so mine is also missing. I am pretty sure I have not had it although I did have bleeding up until recently so it could have maybe sneaked in there. I don't think so though!

Rectdownunder Wed 01-Jun-11 16:44:59

Hi All, just got up this morning and I feel exhausted, I can't believe how tired I am and I feel aching down there. I have a couple of areas that are very tender. If I am sitting on the toilet weeing, afterwards whenI have to wipe, if I lean to the side at all on the seat, it sends pains down teh groin and bum. It also happens if I try to use my leg in anyway. I am frustrated with the odd pull and pinch here and there and shooting pains and exhaustion, but I really have no choice in the matter, I just wish I understood what was happenig and I would feel better, I also discovered a stitch of mine broke and came out. It did not dissolve, so I hope the area stays together, it was the final stitch on my perineum. I am back at falling asleep in the middle of things. I am trying to post this, but have fallen asleep three times all ready, only for a minute at a time, but it's weird. When knitting last night I kwpt falling asleep and waking up, I finally just had to sleep.
Blue the doctor told me showering is fine, but no bathing for at least 2 weeks. I love baths and especially when I'm feeling like this, just soak away the aches and pains.
Well I'm tired I will post later.

jewellerymum Wed 01-Jun-11 17:52:45

Ok. SO I had a lovely day shopping but 5 hours was too much! I'm not in pain but I can feel that inside my 'woohoo' is swollen! It's feels like I have packing in there!!! -
I am going to go and have a soak in the bath (first one sice op) and put my PJs on!
I have cheated and bought ready made pasta for dinner so at least hubbie can bung it in the overn when he gets back!
SO shopping was ok overall but now I have freaked myself out a little bit knowing that I can swell up like this!! LOL
Off to relax
x x x x x x x

teedeeuk Wed 01-Jun-11 18:38:21

blue my shopping isn't due until tomorrow, but I have ordered in the past and haven't had a problem.

Re baths, my consultant told me I could have baths of 5 mins or less, otherwise showers. Guessing this is so the stitches don't dissolve too quickly?

All you 'crafty' ladies - I'm so impressed. I would love to be good at knitting or make my own jewellery, sadly not my forte..

I have a question for anyone who had the anterior and posterior repair together. My consultant told me to very gently insert two fingers in my 'woohoo' (thanks jewel) to make sure there's no adhesions, every two weeks. This is scary! Anyone else had both repairs and had to do this??

Hoping everyone's teeth, barbed wire, swellings and general knackeredness are feeling better this evening, maybe aided by wine for the non antibiotics crew!

Rectdownunder Wed 01-Jun-11 18:51:41

Jewelglad you got out shopping, but you must be so uncomfortable. I would be freaked out too. I get the swelling too, but it is mostly noticable in the frontal area down there, where I wee. Rest up for a couple days, the good news is you have found new limits at this point. I'm jealous about the bath, I am really hoping to be able to get the okay for that on Friday.

I think I am bound to bed for most of the day. I was up and about quite a bit yesterday, but had intermittant rests. The big trip was to town to deliver pictures to clients and then got home and toured the garden, that was a total of 3 hours and I guess that is still too much for me, hard to believe a person can get knocked down so much from this surgery. I guess I can try knitting in between naps. I also think I really have an infection, yuck. I have a slightly offish smelling discharge and it has changed colour from cream to yellowy green. see dr Friday.

Have good days ladies and rest up lots!

Rectdownunder Wed 01-Jun-11 18:58:23

teedee I had both anterior and posterior done. The dr did not mention anything of the sort to me. I think he was wanting me to leave all alone down there to not cause infection. Touching the woohoo with hands that may have bacteria on them could open make you susceptable to infection. Now that you mention this, I do wonder if it is possible for the top to heal to the bottom????? I will ask my dr questions when I see him on Friday.

Happy healing!smile

teedeeuk Wed 01-Jun-11 19:16:16

Rect I should say he was extremely clear that my hands should be tscrupulously clean first! And that yes to stop adhesions. I do trust him as he is well known in this field, I'm just scared (of what I might feel?) and hadn't heard of anyone being told this before. I guess though that we've all had different advice depending on the opinion of each caregiver. Would be interested to hear what your doc says smile

Flowers40 Wed 01-Jun-11 20:19:51

HI All

Teedee I had both ops and that was not told to me.. I am four weeks post op this week and notice the swelling inside has gone down a bit now. I sometimes have a poke around when in the bath and noticed it today

I am doing ok but oh so tired, did 2 apps today and saw a potential client re some editing work for an hour this afternoon, have that to do now by end of week but energy for today is all gone. Lay on sofa last night after posting on here, closed eyes and next thing I knew it was 10pm!!

Oh well, hope everyone is comfortable, sofa is calling me.. xoxo

teedeeuk Wed 01-Jun-11 20:25:31

Flowers thanks for your input. I'm glad to hear you are able to have 'a poke around' I think I'm a bit terrified it will all heal up with no 'room' any more!!
Guess I will have to bite the bullet and see....

jewellerymum Wed 01-Jun-11 20:52:23

Lovely bath and dyed my hair while I was at it. Feel ok, swelling a lot better (felt like a tampon was in but too low down - sorry TMI.) A little achey now but all good really!
STILL no period and I'm starting to think I may not get one! Going to google it on a mo! Thd good thing is that my pmt has eased off a little!!!
Teedee I only had a posterior repair and can't see any stitches from the outside. A couple of times I have tried to feel inside but to be honest it all seems quite snug in there and when I finally touched a stitch the thought made me feel a bit sick so now I'm leaving it alone in there!!!

Footle Wed 01-Jun-11 21:22:12

Woohoo everyone ! No I mean whahae...

Rect ( I wish we had a prettier name to call you by , especially as you are now unwrecked ) if your socks work fine with little holes and you like the effect, it's not a mistake but a design feature. If you want to get rid of the holes , knit into the BACK of those stitches next time, and even twist them as you knit into them if they don't behave. There is no knitting inspector. Buffalo wool - they don't mean qiviut ? They would be very expensive sweaters indeed ! Have you looked at Ravelry ? You need to register -free- and if you search you will find loads of free patterns, groups who meet , all sorts of interesting things.

This tooth thing - I'm having toothache as well but I'm in denial about it which is why I haven't mentioned it till now. It's a crown which came off and was stuck back on just before my op, but now it doesn't feel right despite the root canal work that was done there years ago. I wonder if at least some of these problems have been caused by the anaesthetic equipment bashing our teeth ?

I don't feel ready to put anything inside me yet - not that I'm likely to have adhesions from just the rectocele repair. The thought makes me cringe. Who was asking about the doughnut cushion ? I love it and take it everywhere ; it really helps.

Footle Wed 01-Jun-11 21:25:14

Rect, I just did a search for Cowichan on Ravelry - there are two groups of people knitting them around your area. Some amazing pictures !

Rectdownunder Wed 01-Jun-11 22:00:00

Well Footle you're right I am unwrecked now, I actually thought of that just before the op and wondered if I should change my nickname, but you can call me Dawn my given name. I am going to check out Ravelry and see what they have, thanks for the heal turning tip.
I am feeling better now after some rest and just had a tour out to the garden and teh greenhouse. All is growing nicely, but I find it hard to control my urge to start digging dirt with the spade and transplanting. That is too heavy of work right now, so I must avoid! I tried pulling a big weed and it wouldn't comeout of the dry ground and that was even too straining for the area. I will stick to knitting for now, as I love it and it is safe.

Have a good night!

Rectdownunder Thu 02-Jun-11 00:25:54

Footle I forgot to mention before as it slipped my mind, so cool that you spun your own wool. My husband would like to do that. Is it messy? I checked out Ravelry and there is a lot of cool things on there. I think I will share some of mine also. Something else I tried that was neat is felting. It is pricey as well because you have to use so much wool. So far I made two handbags, you make them exrta extra large and then shrink them down and tehy become felted and you don't see the knit look anymore. Well thansk for sharing your knowledge, talk tomorrow.

Footle Thu 02-Jun-11 09:26:55

Dawn, sorry not to share my name as well but I know if I do, I shall stop feeling easy about sharing my Too Much Information on this site ! I will PM you . Spinning from the fleece is messy but I usually spin tops, which are nice clean ready-combed things.There are two kinds of felting ..
Oops must go, more later.

Stardrops Thu 02-Jun-11 10:04:24

Morning Ladies, well I went and I dont know what I was expecting but the Dr's ( I saw 2) were both really nice. They even had a ready supply of tissues to hand when I got a bit tearfull. Not a translator in sight which after my experience's last time was bliss!! smile
The out look is still a little unclear, they say I have a cystocele - not what i was expecting - the top of the vagina is prolapsing a little too and I'm to see a bowel surgeon as she couldn't really see a rectocele although everything i described was consistent with having one. They also talking about doing a TVT and I've to see someone at the urinary clinic to get some pelvic floor exercises. Then in 3 months I'm to go back and we'll take it from there.
I cant believe they couldn't see the problem I have with my bowel,confused that was the main reason for going, the thing that causes most discomfort and stress but at least it wasn't dismissed and they are taking it further. I think I was expecting them to say "you have A B C and we can do X Y Z and the problem will be solved" if only life was that easy!
Its lovely to think of you all out there knowing how I feel, Flowers with her trolley, Dawn & Footle knitting, Blue & Teedee with their Asda shopping & Jewels busy with her sparkly bits wink Have a lovely restfull day & thanks for letting me ramble on. xXx

Rectdownunder Thu 02-Jun-11 10:25:34

Stardrops well it must be a relief to you at the very least that you have something started on the road to fixing some issues. In regards to the rectocele, was one of the doctors a gynecologist that you saw? I went to pelvic floor rehab because of my urine leakage all the time, but they couldn't help me because my kegel muscles were really strong already, so that is when I was referred to the gynecologist. I know that I saw two other GPs with my troubles and described them and they did not know what I had, in fact I ended up having a colonoscopy and I was diagnosed with IBS. An emergency room dr told me I was just constipated and needed to get my bowels moving. I had an ultra sound done on my female parts and the technician told me she couldn't see anything because my bowel was full down at the bottom and getting in the way. You would think after all that, they might catch on to some kind of a problem. Finally after 3 years of this I got a referral to a gynecologist and he knew what the problem was right away. You may want to suggest asking for a defacatography test to determine what happens to your stools as they are passing. That should clear up what is going on. Best of luck with all of this, but don't give up till you get an answer.

blue11 Thu 02-Jun-11 11:56:40

Stardrops I am really proud of you - the main thing is you are now in the system I do hope you will get to see as Rect has said the gynaecologist. I did get sent around the houses at first, had colonoscopy, and the dreaded xray where they squirt a liquid up your BP and xray you as it is expelled but really sounds worse than it is and you was treated with the up most kindness and dignity. I was shown the xray actually once dressed and you could see the rectocele. It was only then I was referred to a gynaecologist, and seen pretty fast. Of course I am assuming you are in the UK - go and treat yourself now you have been good.

blue11 Thu 02-Jun-11 14:41:12

Rect sorry we have nearly done a double act with Stardrops, but yours is far better....... I took so long finishing, having to muti task at the same time didn't think to check for any more replies. Still getting to know the site myself.
Dare I admit I have sat at home all day, I am not at work! - they can cope until tomorrow. Just so tired, but have been doing work via the laptop so don't feel as guilty. If only I had some chocolate -

Rectdownunder Thu 02-Jun-11 17:49:56

Blue so glad you are at home and resting. I know it is difficult feeling like you are lazy, when you are really not allowed to be doing certain things. Working from your laptop is good, I did that a bit yesterday and that helped me feel useful. Chocolate, MMMmmmmmm. I broke down the other day when in town with my husband and bought myself a chocolate bar. I can't keep chocolate here or I will eat it.

I am feeling pretty good today, just tired, but pain wise pretty good. Even though I feel good, I am still going to rest and not overdo it.

Have a great day everyone!smile

teedeeuk Thu 02-Jun-11 18:16:48

stardrops well done for getting yourself through that. I hope now you're in the system you'll get sorted very soon!
Blue very happy to hear you are home todaysmile
My Asda shopping has been delivered, all present and correct.

A funny for all of you: The other night when I was in terrible discomfort with my barbed wire I asked OH if we had any frozen peas. After going to have a look OH came back with "yes, how many do you need?" LOL!!

Footle Thu 02-Jun-11 19:10:11

Hope you told him 53, each individually wrapped.

By the way has anyone seen my last remaining brain cell ? I can't remember how to post a private message , nor can I find Help to remind me.

Had not a very good day after feeling my perineum and it seems to be all rigid in a weird way. Is that just the swelling ? There's still a bit of fresh blood most days - why ? 3 weeks in I thought I'd feel more normal. But BMs are great, as long as I take my Movicol - usually one dose a day does it , plus all the greenery and flaxseed I eat. So i'm not sorry I had it done, just wish I was healing faster. I don't want to go to the GP because I don't think she'll know what's going on any better than I do.

Footle Thu 02-Jun-11 20:53:19

Oh , I regained the use of my brain cell and did send a private message.