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anyone had posterior repair/ rectocele repair

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flourybaps Wed 04-Feb-09 10:51:00

Hi, got to have surgery at the end of the month, rectocele repair and posterior repair. Have done a search in the archives but found very little about this prob.......

surely I cant be the only person with this problem? Anyone out there? Just wanted to know a little about the recovery. I have an 8 month old dd to look after so im a bit concerened as my Dr said avoid lifting, well thats easier said than done!

EldonAve Wed 04-Feb-09 11:14:16

did you search for prolapse?

Sawyer64 Wed 04-Feb-09 11:20:03

have you seen this one? here?

I'm due to have one next Tuesday (Posterior repair)

flourybaps Wed 04-Feb-09 11:39:11

hi. thanks for replying, ill check the thread out, best of luck for your surgery, im dreading mine to say the least. Due to have my pre-op assessment tomorrow.

Sawyer64 Wed 04-Feb-09 11:47:13

Hope it all goes well.

I've got to return to work 1 week after!! Not looking forward to that!

flourybaps Wed 04-Feb-09 11:50:07

1 week after!!! How come? I was told to book at least 6 weeks off work sick. tbh im a bit worried about recovery post op, lifting my dd etc, but maybe its not as bad as I thought?......

Sawyer64 Wed 04-Feb-09 12:42:52

Very silly I know( I am a nurse,but we are reknown for not following our own advicewink)

But have just started a new job,and won't get sick pay,so have booked a weeks holiday,sedentary job,so will take things really easy.Just hoping I won't be in pain hmm

Looking at the other threads,I would be able to resume driving after 2 weeks,so am hoping I will be ok after 1 week.I can avoid lifting my DD2 like I did after my C-section (made a game of standing on boxes to climb onto seat and into cot etc.)

nanasam Wed 04-Feb-09 18:32:16

I had a rectocele operation 3 years ago. Before I left hospital I was told in no uncertain terms that I was to do NOTHING AT ALL for 6 weeks. I was then allowed to drive (as long as it didn't cause pain) but had to refrain from lifting for 3 months. I had a grandson of 9 months old so had to either have him put in my arms or I propped him up on a cusion on the sofa and knelt in front of him for cuddles.

Poor you, baps, you could do with someone to help out. The worst thing is, after a couple of weeks you feel really fit and could be tempted to think you're back to normal but do try to follow the instructions or it could pull your stitches. Make the most of any help offered. Good luck!

PS (sorry if this is a bit TMI) I wasn't given an enema before the operation (I queried this 3 times!) and spent the first 24 hours in a soiled bed (I didn't know until they got me up the next day). It was the most embarrassing thing that's happened to me and I made a complaint to the hospital - after all, if they are operating for that condition, you'd think they'd clear the decks first, so to speak! I'd recommend you ask for an enema to avoid this.

flourybaps Wed 04-Feb-09 20:53:21

thanks for getting back to me, im not sure if its not a very common procedure but there dosent seem to be many of us about that have had it.

My dp is taking 4 days off work to look after dd while im in hospital then my mum is coming for 3 days. After that though Ill be on my own, not much I can do about that really.

All i can think of is too stay indoors, not lug pram or carseat about but I will have to pick dd up to put her in and out of cot and into highchair etc, she weighs 21 lbs........

Sawyer64 Wed 04-Feb-09 22:46:12

I'd try to change things a bit,maybe not bother with the highchair,you didn't mention DD's age,would she sit on the floor and have a "picnic" instead,or have you a small chair and table she could sit at.

The Cot is tricky,but try to think of other solutions,maybe do it in stages,if you have a stool/furniture nearby that is slightly lower,and then "roll" her in maybe???hmm

flourybaps Thu 05-Feb-09 15:26:14

hi, my dd is 8 months old. Just been to hosp for my pre-op check, they re-iterated about the no lifting. Mum has said she will be able to help me for 2 weeks now, mon-fri and my partner has weekends off work so thats a relief.

The leaflet from the hospital said no ironing or hoovering for 6 weeks, so I have it in writing grin. Been told Ill have to have 3 months off work, was thinking about you actually, hope youll be ok going back to work so quick and you make a speedy recovery, let me know how you get on.

Sawyer64 Thu 05-Feb-09 16:53:21

I will Floury.Good news that your Mum can help out
At least I can give you some info afterwards.

Sawyer64 Wed 11-Feb-09 16:54:38

Hi Flourybaps, I don't know if you are still watching this thread...
I had my Op yesterday at 12.00 midday,went into recovery at 1.30pm.I felt uncomfortable and was given some painkiller intravenously,but apparently had Voltarol and local anaesthetic in theatre.

I had a Vaginal pack and Catheter,the pack being the uncomfortable bit,felt like I'd been sitting on a bike for hours is the only way I could describe it.

Given plenty of painkillers on the ward in tablets,felt achy and throbbing.

This morning I had the pack out,and the Catheter,this gave me great relief.I then started "loosing" blood as expected a little.

They said I could go at lunchtime today,and so now I'm at home with my feet up.I have booked a further week off from work.

Hope that helps,not as bad as I thought it was going to be.Hope yours goes as well.

flourybaps Wed 11-Feb-09 17:51:38

Hi sawyer64, thanks for the update, glad your op went well, sounds painful afterwards but glad your getting some rest and got the extra week off work. Def time to put your feet up and plenty of mumsnet and treats!

Hope your recovery continues to go well. look after yourself and thanks for the well wishes.

Sawyer64 Wed 11-Feb-09 20:02:24


katykk Sun 15-Feb-09 16:53:22


Thank god I,ve found someone else who is having the same thing. Since having my 3rd child 18 months ago I have had a 'moderate' rectocele. I don't have any major bowel problems or discomfort as a result but mentally feel very uncomfortable about it. I have had 6 months under the physio which has improved things slightly but was told if i wanted things to resolve completely I would need surgery. I had a an appointment with the consultant on thursday who advised me to think very carefully before proceeding with surgery as it is a major operation and can cause discomfort when having sex afterwards. I was advised that I would need 6 weeks off work and no lifting of children etc for 6 weeks afterwards. I have been researching the net for more info and am concerned about when I will be able to drive and how robust I will be after surgery to look after my children. My surgery has been booked for the 23 rd of March as they said this would give me plenty of time to consider the options and cancel if I do not want to proceed. Any advice or sharing of experiences would be really helpful as I just dont know what to do for the best.

veryembarrassedmummy Sun 15-Feb-09 17:46:54

katykkThere are a few threads about his- one about a week back if you search.

Ihad a post and ant. repair 17 yrs ago after DC 2.

I had 2 DCs aged 2 and 4. I had mymum come to stay for 2 weeks then DH worked from home for 4 weeks.

It is REALLY important not to do too much after the op- or youwill simply undo the internal work that has been done- you want it to last years- not a few months!!

I had no pain at all, and no packing. I did have a catheter for aweek which was the worst part- they allowed me home with it after 5 days and then I had to go back in daily to see if i could wee normally- bladder opening etc was swollen and shut!

I felt fine physically, but you have to remember that you will feel a bit tired- you can't see it, but your body is using energy to repair the wounds inside you.

I think I drove after about 3 weeks. I was told never to lift anything over 1 stone- about 6 kgs - ever again in my life.

You can do things to adapt at first- use a cup or jug to fill kettles and pans, kneel down to hug your DCs and not pick them up ot get them to climb up to you if you are sitting down- and so on.

I am surprised your consultant was negative- mine was happy to do it then or in 10 years time- whenever I wanted to. (I went privately.)

Sex was okay but a bit tight fit to start- he assured me he wouldn't make me too small- you do need to be honest about this stuff!!!
I was worried that sex would make it come loose again, and that took a while for me to get over.

Good luck. I haven't regretted it.

flourybaps Mon 16-Feb-09 18:38:11

Hi katykk sorry not replied earlier my 'threads im on' dosent seem to be working properly.

Anyhow, I know how you feel, Im stressed out about the recovery too. Tbh im a bit worried by veryembarrasedmummy's docs advice about not lifting anything heavier than a stone ever again as I simply cant do that! My dd weighs 24lbs now, she is only 8 months and not walking or crawling so will have to lift her, mind you I did note that advice was given after a posterior and anterior reapir wheras mine will only be a posterior repair, so perhaps not so complicated.

Im scheduled to have the op at the end of the month, my mum will be arround to help for to weeks and then it will just be me as my dp works quite long hours.

My job is physically demanding so I have been advised to take 3 months off work and told not to drive for about 3 to 4 weeks ish.

Sawyer64 who was on this thread earlier had this op done last week and she seems to be making a good recovery, if you look on the fistula support thread she has wrote a bit about her recovery on there (just skip to the last couple of pages, its a very long thread!)

I suppose the descion to have the op depends on how bad your symptoms are, I have pain when having sex and have an obvious lump at the entrance to my vagina (tmi I know) blush. I also have trouble with my bowels due to the rectocele.

I dont have any urinary symptoms luckily. I ummed and ahhd about having the op and was driving myself mad so I phoned my consultants secetary and made annother app to see my doc, I wrote all my questions down and felt very reassured once I spoke to her again, maybe you could do this? She said its a very common procedure.

I only have one dd and may have another baby in the future, she said this was fine but I would need a c section. I also have to go for biofeedback therapy after my op as pelvic floor seems to be knacered, hey ho.

Anything else I can help with let me know.

Sawyer64 Mon 16-Feb-09 18:54:47

Hi Katykk as Florybaps has said I had the Op done last Tuesday at 12.00pm.I was back on the ward by 2.30pm,in Recovery they topped up my painrelief and I was quite comfortable surprisingly!

I had a Catheter and Vaginal Pack.The Nurses were very good and gave me my own painkillers which were locked up in my locker,for me to self administer,although during the first 24 hours they got me some stronger ones.

At the following day they removed the pack and Catheter,which was "uncomfortable",but the relief was great as it felt like I was sitting on a hard ball.

I was allowed to come home on Wednesday lunchtime,and am now recovering at home.The discomfort is minimal,and I just take the painkillers I had been given.Salt Baths are also helping.
Blood loss is lessening daily,much less than after Childbirth really.

I had a Posterior Repair only (Rectocele).
I went out to Tesco today with DH,but feel a little sore now,so you do have to take it easy.

Although initially you have to be careful about lifting,I'm sure if you lift correctly ie. bending knees etc it wouldn't be a problem later.I think we all tend to bend over to pick our DC's up,but after all this I'm sure I never will again.

Sawyer64 Mon 16-Feb-09 19:00:43

Ooh yes FlouryBaps,by the way,that bit about Nanasams "Bowels" etc. didn't happen to me I'm glad to say.

I think if you ease back on eating the day before,and then you'll be fasted for 6 hours or more (I was 12 hours) your bowel will be pretty empty anyway.

Think I worried more about going again afterwards!

Everything in its own good time though,I think applies.Took 2-3 days for me.

flourybaps Mon 16-Feb-09 19:14:55

Cheers Sawyer, sounds like good advice, mind you I get chronic constipation so Im a bit worried about first bowel movement post op and have got some lactulose to take with me!

Sawyer64 Mon 16-Feb-09 19:51:32

.....and drink loads of water wink

katykk Mon 16-Feb-09 19:52:49

Thanks to you all for getting back to me, its good to know that others out there have been through or are going through the same. Flourybaps, I think I may do the same as you and try to make another app with the consultant as since my first consultation on Friday i now have more questions than before. I'm particularly worried about driving as really I would need to be able to do this after about 1 week as DH will be back at work and will need to get my DD to school and the boys to nursery.
Sawyer- How tired do you feel afterwards is the pain and recovery any worse than after a difficult childbirth?

Sawyer64 Mon 16-Feb-09 20:12:06

No not really.If you have had an Episiotomy,then the discomfort is similar.

Yes you feel tired,ready to nap,maybe a couple of times a day.

The Driving isn't advisable really for 2 weeks really.I thought I would go back to work after 1 week,and drive.But in reality,I can honestly say,I would be in extreme discomfort if I drove this week, and I had to book an extra week off work.

My DH has taken another week off,and my mum has looked after DD2(2) this week for me.

Try to explore other forms of support.Perhaps a friend could take your DD to school,and another one to Nursery.

I imagine I could take a gentle unhurried walk to school,as its only 10 mins each way.

Maybe DH could take extra time off,or a friend or relative could come over or stay.
Alternatively,suggest to your Consultant that you'd need it done in the school holidays.Maybe Easter,as my DC's are off from 4/04/09-21/04/09 I think.

I think you could manage at home maybe,but driving will be very uncomfortable before 2 weeks IME.

katykk Fri 27-Feb-09 17:55:00

flourybaps? have you had your op yet? I havnt been online since last monday as the hard drive on the computer died. Sawyer thanks for your info, I have decided to go ahead with my surgery date at end of March and have now told work ect. My mum will help me get DC's to school and nursery for about a week then its the school hols. Have been into town today to try and find a nightie ( taking advice re catheter) all seem to be made for pensioners or really short, never mind will keep trying.

flourybaps Sat 28-Feb-09 13:17:42

Hiya Katykk, I had my op on monday, it really was better than I thought. Had a general anaesthetic so just remember drifting off to sleep then woke in recovery, had been given some pain relief so felt ok, no pain.

Back on the ward was given some oromorph and tea and taost!

Had catheter and vaginal pack taken out next morning and was just waiting to have bowels open! Felt very nervous about that as have an anal fissure so knew it was going to be painfull. Had lactulose, movicol and in the end suppositories! Finally went, what a relief!

Had a shower the day after op and was managing to potter about by myself.

All in all was much better than I thought it would be, not nearly as horrid as after I had my dd.

Im 5 days after my op today and taking regular painkillers and movicol to help with the bowels!

I have needed help as cant lift my dd but feel ok in myself, think it will be hard to carry on being good and not doing too much!

Good luck with everytning katykk and let me know how you get on.

Ps hope you find a nightie, I used the ones I bought from mothercare for having my dd and was in p'j's day after op. You should only have catheter in one night.

kentmumtj Tue 10-Mar-09 11:23:21

Hi everyone
It is interesting reading everyones comments especially in terms of how everyone experience is so different.
I am 2 weeks post op for a laerge rectocele.
I had the op done under sedation and a local anasthetic. I was very groggy and felt really sick whilst in recovery.
I had no packs or catheter.
I was suprised how much bleeding there was after the op, very similar to how you are after giving birth.
the first 3 hours post op were uncomfortable, thats is until the local wore off then it was very painful (in my opinion).
I was in as a day surgey patient and left hospital 4 hours after my op.
That night was agony as was the next 3/4 days. I was taking lots of painkillers and genrally found it painful to move and even walk to the toilet.
Going to wee was stinging and i dreaded opening my bowels.
I never took any stool softeners. I just drank loads of water and ate lots of fruit, veg and fibre.
Opening my bowels has been very uncomfortable not sure if painful is the right word as im sure pyschologically it was my mind was telling my body not to 'go'.
My hubby took the first week off work he is now back to work but working less hours.
I am not able to drive at this 2 week stage as i simply can not sit down on my 'bum' area yet.
Pain is not to bad now.
Bleeding stopped after 5 days but i did start to bleed suddenly after 10 days. Hospital belive i have an infection so an now on anitbiotics.
I have been to see my Gp today who has signed me off work for another 2 weeks.
Hope this helps people who are going in to have the op as i remeber before i went in i read sooooo many bad stories that i was petrified.

kentmumtj Tue 10-Mar-09 11:29:02

i forgot to say i have been told i may also need a anterior repair at a later date.
Must say the way i feel now i am not looking forward to it although my doc assures me the posterior is the most painful of the 2.

pobletsmum Sun 15-Mar-09 10:06:10

Just wanted to join in - I will be having a posterior repair for a rectocele and perineal revision (for old episiotomy scar causing ongoing pain) at the same time, in a couple of months. It's already bringing back bad memories for me of my 2 awful childbirth experiences & the awful recovery, but I'm hopeful that this will be better as it's planned, I'll have antibiotics automatically, and set up as much support as poss for the 1st few weeks. I have 2 wonderful but demanding children (1 and 3yrs old) so like the rest of you, will have to stop myself doing too much too soon. I'm determined to get it right this time. I just can't believe I'm going to have all those stitches AGAIN & willingly too!

I'm so happy to have found people going through similar experiences. Thank goodness for mumsnet as always!

pobletsmum Sun 15-Mar-09 10:08:16

Just for the record, the childbirth was planned (!), I just didn't plan to have long, horribe labours, epidurals and lots of stitches both times! So this time, I'll be ready for the stitches and plan accordingly. Hope that makes sense.

2ndtimeround Sun 15-Mar-09 14:49:20

Hi Ladies
Just wanted to join in as I have had this done. Well done for those of you who are Post op and good luck tot he pre-ops. I had a rectocele repair along with some stitches around my episiotomy scar and a TVT bladder repair and hysterectomy last May. I was up and about and looking after my 3 year old and 9 month old after about 10 weeks. I am not sure what the recovery is for pelvic floor repair only, but I imagine no lifting or straining for a bit. They told me the more I rested the better the long term outcome would be. But it takes 6 months for all yout tissues to fully knit together. I couldn't run for 6 months they said...still don't want to but thats because I am lazy!
I would advise investing in laxatives as you really don't want to strain anything. It all made a massive difference though...I am like a new woman down below!

kentmumtj Mon 16-Mar-09 09:04:30

well im nearly 3 weeks post op now and can sit down properly for a short time only still not able to drive but am pottering around the house ok now. 'pobletsmum' if u have a surgeon as skilled as mine it will be sore but follow their advice and you will heal fine.

I too agree you wont need laxatives providing you drink lots of water and eat lots of fibre and fruit and veg, i agree you dont want to strain or push in fact your body and mind wont let you haha

I to have 4 awful births but have ended up with 4 wonderful children.

good luck keep us updated, when are you going in?

pobletsmum Fri 20-Mar-09 20:33:51

I'm not sure when I'll be going in, I haven't got a date yet. I'm on the waiting list, but expect the op to be about June. 2ndtimeround - sounds like you had a lot of work done. Good to hear your positive comments though, thanks.

All you post-op people sound as though you're doing really well - keep up the good (lack of) work!

pobletsmum Mon 23-Mar-09 20:44:39

I wonder if any of you can help...

What did you say to your children about the operation? 'Mummy's having her bottom fixed'????!!!!!!!! My 3 year old son is full of questions and will need to be told something, but I'm not sure what!

What do you do if your period is due around the time of the op or just after?

How are you all doing now?

bubblerock Mon 23-Mar-09 21:17:31

Thank god for this thread grin I saw the consultant this morning and have been put on the list for a posterior repair, hysteroscopy, D&C & Mirena coil - should be within 3 months but I've stated that I can take a cancellation. V scared to be honest, they reckon 3-4 days in hospital which is my worst fear as I have agorophobia/social phobia. She took a sample from my womb this morning and that hurt like hell!!

Will let you know how I get on - please keep adding positive stories and thanks to those who have already posted - It's great to hear your experiences, get better soon smile

ladybug40 Wed 25-Mar-09 03:21:22

Hi Flourybaps

I just had my anterior & posterior repair on the 12th. I had my checkup today. I am still having discomfort in the hiny but it is controlled by motrin (800 mg). I have not had a pain pill in over a week. The dr released me to drive today. I have two children ages 3 & 4 and I am still not able to pick them up. Just rest as much as possible and NO lifting. The dr. should give you a stool softener. My dr has me on them for a month. You are supposed to avoid constipation after surgery. My first bowel movement post op was painful but after that first one it got easier. Good luck with your surgery.

kentmumtj Wed 25-Mar-09 09:17:08

hi guys just updating you all
i am still off work 4 weeks post op and doc has signed me off for 2 more weeks. Am on my 2nd lot of antibiotics as have an infection which is hindering the healing.

I am so incredibly sore sitting down and avoid it as much as possible hence i cant drive still. Doc says its the infection which is causing most of this as i should be able to sit by now.

heres hoping this course of anti will get me on the proper road to recovery.

suzisuzi Wed 01-Apr-09 00:17:02

Hi all, just done a search for this rectocele thingy as I have been told today I need one. I have read all the posts about recovery etc..but not many people have said anything about whether things "down there" change much after, my consultant made a joke about a narrowing of the vagina being a good result, but how much narrowing is he talking about? will it affect my sex life (which is very good at the moment!) do you have to be more gentle sexually afterwards? for a short while or forever?

I've not suffered any pain from the problem, just awful discomfort and problems with BMs.

I work for the NHS so time off work isn't a problem and my children are old enough to get themselves to/from school etc, so resting to recover is not a problem, I'm just worried having the op is going to result in more problems afterwards than the initialy problem actually is giving me.

kentmumtj Wed 01-Apr-09 17:56:59

Hi suzi
well i am 5 weeks post op and to be honest i havent even thought about sex lol its tooo sore
do you know when u gotta have op

flourybaps Thu 02-Apr-09 01:10:56

Hi all, sorry for not getting on sooner, this dosent come up on my threads im on for some reason.

Anyway I should be asleepso just a quick update. Im 6 weeks post op now and had my final visit to gynae for my postop check up and all is well! horay!

Stiches have healed up and rectocele gone. Im trying to be good as far as I can with lifting but not so easy with a hefty baby to lug about, as for the sex question, cant answer that as havent tried it yet but going too loo so much easier as far as im concerened its been worth it just for that!

Anyway good luck everyone with your ops, I have had a positive experience really. Needed rest and painkillers and laxatives and lots of patience but overall not been too bad at all.

flourybaps Thu 02-Apr-09 01:10:57

Hi all, sorry for not getting on sooner, this dosent come up on my threads im on for some reason.

Anyway I should be asleepso just a quick update. Im 6 weeks post op now and had my final visit to gynae for my postop check up and all is well! horay!

Stiches have healed up and rectocele gone. Im trying to be good as far as I can with lifting but not so easy with a hefty baby to lug about, as for the sex question, cant answer that as havent tried it yet but going too loo so much easier as far as im concerened its been worth it just for that!

Anyway good luck everyone with your ops, I have had a positive experience really. Needed rest and painkillers and laxatives and lots of patience but overall not been too bad at all.

flourybaps Thu 02-Apr-09 01:10:59

Hi all, sorry for not getting on sooner, this dosent come up on my threads im on for some reason.

Anyway I should be asleepso just a quick update. Im 6 weeks post op now and had my final visit to gynae for my postop check up and all is well! horay!

Stiches have healed up and rectocele gone. Im trying to be good as far as I can with lifting but not so easy with a hefty baby to lug about, as for the sex question, cant answer that as havent tried it yet but going too loo so much easier as far as im concerened its been worth it just for that!

Anyway good luck everyone with your ops, I have had a positive experience really. Needed rest and painkillers and laxatives and lots of patience but overall not been too bad at all.

flourybaps Thu 02-Apr-09 01:11:57

sorry blush

kentmumtj Thu 02-Apr-09 12:22:31

lol flourybaps lol 3 x lol

Well i am just over 5 weeks post op now infection has gone thank goodness and im able to now drive coz i can sit down finally. Those infections can be nasty. Anyways i am feeling much much better.

Got my check up next wek so heres hoping its all ok.

As for sexual activity im still unable to comment

denise21 Thu 14-May-09 14:34:29

I have had anterior and posterior vaginal repair and a TVT - 3 in 1 operation. for those of you about to udertake here's some of my experiences.... also have some questions for those of you who have already had....

operation on 29th april, that day and next felt tired bit uncompfratble but surprisingly well - however that was the morphine and other drugs I was on - took a downturn day 3 when swapped onto other drugs. Also catherter was removed but had too much residual fluid in bladder everytime i went to the loo so kept having to have bladder drained several times a day. this has been the main issue post op for me to date. i ended up going home with a catherter which i could open and shut a tap duirng the day and then attach to a bag during the night - this didn't work i kept weeing through my vagina as well as the tap - so had to go back in and have catherter replaced. that didnt work same problems so ended up having to be attached to the bag day and night for another 6 days. HOWEVER, went into hospital for a TWOC (trial wothout catheter) as a day admission, and after a couple of bladder drains finally got a poinbt where the residual fluid was low enough after weeing for me to be discharged. So dont get disheartened if this happens to you it does get better in time. I am a bit sore down below and obviously get frustrated with all the things you cant do but apart from that its not so bad. now just over two weeks post op, very slight discharge from op, no drugs now, and next stage is to go back early june for 6 week post op consultation with consultant and two weeks after an appointment with a gyne physio.

denise21 Thu 14-May-09 14:45:14

hi ran out of space on my first post for a few questions below:

- any of you been told whehter you should shower or bath - i've only been showering to date and unsure when to venutre into bath (i've had TVT, anterior and posterior vaginal repairs)

anyone been able and signed off to drive before 6 weeks?

know about not lifting, driving etc but what about bending stretching?

a more personal question for those who've had vaginal repairs - does everything still work in the same way - e.g. self lubricating, orgasms etc? how wwas sex the first time and did you try after your post op consultation or leave for much longer?

ouchitreallyhurts Thu 14-May-09 18:34:28

Hi Denise

I'm 4 weeks post anterior repair and had similar prob's with my wee (residuals too high)

oh is asking me if I can hurry up and drive now so I think I will ask the insurance co if I'm covered.

you can bath as soon as you want to.

not sure what kind of stretching you have in mind but if it helps, I've been cobweb dusting from very high ceilings with no problems.

just still feel very tired mid afternoon otherwise feel quite good so far

denise21 Sat 16-May-09 17:53:57

Hi thanks for the info - good luck with the driving sign off.

I'm tired too in the afternoons if i've done anything slightly active in the mornings - although this could also be down to getting up several times in the night to pee!

getting better each day though....

keep well

tootolpops Wed 20-May-09 23:58:13

hi i had a anterior repair and also got tvt tape done on th 13 th of feb which is about 14 weeks ago ,was wondering if anyone can help me figure out some symptoms . we have tryed sex about a week ago and that was a no go there is large sharp and i mean sharp stitches that stops us for been sexualy active. these stitches hurt me when i walk or on my feet for an hour is this normal did anyone else have ths proplem . tvt tape has been a bit annoying too i sting every time i pass urine the flow hesitates and i can be there for ages just passing urine and ai also have to move about on the toilet to get a good flow . i dont see my consaltant till end of july 5 mnths after surgery which i think is too long but i have been bck and forwar to my own doctor for support . can anyone let me know how you felt after this op
many thanks ali x

Kristina50 Thu 21-May-09 10:17:05

Hi!I had TVT and prolapse repair (anterior -and posterior for a rectocele) 2 weeks ago on May 5th. How I wish I had found this website and thread before I'd had the surgery! I searched the net when I was deciding whether or not to go ahead with it all and all I found were horror stories of what could go wrong! Consequently, when I went into hospital I was very anxious and unsure. For this reason I thought I would add my experince to everyone else's in the hope it would reassure anyone thinking of having these procedures done. Like everyone else, I woke up from the general anaesthetic with a vaginal pack and catheter but both were taken out the next day and there weren't any problems. Pain relief was good -they gave me a kind of morphine which is basically heroin and very effective!! I was lucky and after a few attempts to pee was managing fine with quite low residuals. I was terrified of the first bowel movement as I had a lot of stitches as my old episiotomy had been re-done and it took 3 days, Movicol, Lactulose and finally an enema for anything to happen!! However it really wasn't bad at all and what joy, after a rectocele, to actually be able to have a bowel movement normally!! That has already hugely improved my quality of life! My body is taking a while to get used to the tape - feels odd towards the end as I pee and a bit uncomfortable and I have a lump on each side of my groin where the tape goes in and out. They say this will calm down. They discovered during the cystoscopy that I have severe trigonitis (inflammation of the bladder) which has caused and is causing more pain than anything else. I will be on antibiotics for weeks to try and treat this but it is a real relief because the mystery of my constant pre-op bladder pain and blood in urine had finally been explained. So, if you are hesitating about these procedures I would say ... go for it! It really will improve your quality of life. Obviously, as you can see from my nickname, I am older than a lot of people who have posted messages here and my son is 16 so there is no issue about me not being able to rest. I have been very lucky as friends have taken it in turn to care for me and I would not have been able to cope without that support. However, I am sorry I waited so long to have it done. Despite the tiredness and pain (most of mine is from the trigonitis and the trauma an already inflamed bladder recived from various procedures)it is worth it in the long run. A friend of mine had it all done a year ago and has never looked back. If anyone else out there has been diagnosed with trigonitis I would love to hear from you!

Bluesunflower Sun 24-May-09 22:39:41

Thank you for your reassuring words Kristina50. I've been looking at various threads on mumsnet for a while now and found it a few months after I first discovered my rectocele.

I've been told that I've got a 'moderate' rectocele and have a rectocele repair operation booked for early July. I had 3 pages of questions to ask the consultant at the hospital - since I discovered the rectocele I've been so worried and scared. For example, I still want to breastfeed my one year old - will I still be able to do that? How will I cope through 12 weeks of not being able to lift at all especially when I have 2 small children? I think I've got answers to the above (although I'd be interested to hear about anybody else's experiences with this) but...

One thing that really worries me though is whether or not I can, or indeed, should ever lift the children (especially when they are so young) after the operation (even after the 12 week no lifting ban) ever again. Does anyone have any knowledge or experience of this in reality and in practice? If I do lift them after the 12 week no lifting ban, do I risk another prolapse?

ouchitreallyhurts Mon 25-May-09 19:31:03

I've had a repair to a cystocele and was told no lifting for 6 weeks. I'm now 5 weeks post op and blush have to admit to lifting my 2 year old more than once since the op. She fell over and I automatically lifted her back up and on another occasion a car was coming along the unpaved part of our road and again I lifted her up.
You do get used to not lifting too much in that recovery time and things like shopping bags, hoovering etc are easier to not do than the automatic lifting of a child in the above circumstances.
My elder lo's were very good at lifting their youngest sister onto my lap for cuddles in the early days too. I think its a case of adapting

My dd was breastfed up until the op and I could have continued after coming home day 2 post op but chose to use this time to give up (she is 2)

good luck with it all! if its any consolation, my surgery was so much easier than I expected. I was up and mobile within a couple of hours and home 2 days later. Bit tired in the afternoons but that soon passed and the end result is worth it too.

Bluesunflower Tue 26-May-09 11:28:42

Thank you for your reassuring words 'ouchitreally hurts'. I'll let you know how it goes and would be very interested in reading about other people's experiences in the meantime.

denise21 Fri 29-May-09 16:46:49

hi sory to hear you're still having stinging problems and sharp pains. i def think you shoud ask to see consultant earlier than when you're booked...... it may be that you need to have the tape adjusted?

kentmumtj Wed 24-Jun-09 14:14:40

hi just wondered how everyone is as its a while since everyone had their ops

vampirejude Fri 26-Jun-09 22:22:05

Hi all, i have a moderatley large rectocele and I am due my posterior repair op on 23rd sep. At consultant appointment she said i would be off work for around 3-4 weeks but didn't say alot about lifting or resting for 6 weeks, i wish now that i had asked more questions. hopefully I can find out more info at pre op assesment. After reading your threads im feeling a little less anxious but i am dreading the opening bowel/peeing afterwards!! I am looking into getting a rubber ring for my tushy for added comfort.
I really need to consider getting help with my boys (1+6) as my partner will be running our new shop by then so can't really afford to have time off.

Is anyone else awaiting the same op?

kentmumtj Sat 27-Jun-09 01:23:26

ive had the op that your waiting to have, i was off work for 6 weeks i am 4 months post op now, yes the ring will be a very good idea

georgiegirl2 Wed 01-Jul-09 08:10:30

Hi there everyone

I had a posterior repair five days ago. I don't feel too bad physically, still quite sore but managing with paracetamol and ibuprofen. I had a four night stay in hospital, and had a vaginal pack and catheter for the first 24 hours which was very uncomfortable.

Having had two large episiotomies when I had my DDs and remembering that experience I was terrified of having a bowel movement. I got really dreadful bloating and constipation on the 3rd day and after trying suppositories ending up being given an enema - one of the worst experiences of my life, humiliating but more than that terribly painful! Things seem to be calming down a bit now but I am worried about infection - I have not had any significant bleeding despite three days of clexane, but I do have some discharge from the sutured areas which looks alarmingly pus-like (sorry, tmi I know).

The only follow up I have scheduled now is with the gynae surgeon on 4th August. I'm pleased to be home and trying not to do too much, but feel very anxious about being 'on my own' with it now. I could have stayed in hospital another night, I discharged myself a day early partly because there was loads of building work going on and it was terribly noisy. I haven't had a decent night's sleep since the op and feel extremely teary all the time.

I sound such a weed! I suppose I could hardly expect to feel chipper at this stage. I'm feeling crazy for having it done in the first place. I had a mild rectocele and a badly weakened back wall. This gave me problems with BMs. Also according to my surgeon I had no muscle left in my perineum at all as a consequence of a huge and badly stitched episiotomy following the very swift birth of my 5kg DD. I have felt for years (DD now 6) that nothing was at all like the way it was before and I partly went for the op to increase my sexual confidence which diminished to the point that my DH and I were hardly ever intimate. He has always said it felt no different for him, but it did for me, less snug and it made me feel very unsexy and 'damaged'.

I've had a section removed from the back wall, the muscles reattached underneath and a further layer of stitches in the tissues above the muscle. He's also rebuilt my perineum. No tape or mesh.

I'd love to hear from anyone a bit further down the road, just for a bit of reassurance really. Did anyone have an infection, and if I am worried about this what should I do? I want to hear that it's all been worth it too I guess!



flourybaps Fri 03-Jul-09 11:25:18

Hi GG, sorry for delay in writing, I had my op back in Feb and I can honestly say hang on in there it gets better, I was worried about infections too, even went back to Gp for a swab but none materialised.

I had an uncomfortable stich but when that was snipped my recovery was much better.

So Im 4 months on from you and Im so glad I had the op, I can open my bowels normaly and have sex again! Its comforable, no pain at all and I feel more 'normal' down there again.

Im glad I had it done and it was worth it. Hang on in there it will get easier.

Good luck with your recovery just be patient and kind to yourself, these things take time both emotionally and physically to recover from

georgiegirl2 Fri 03-Jul-09 14:32:07

Hey, thanks so much for that. I had a not so good day yesterday, but feel a lot better today. The pattern has been that every couple of days I can appreciate some improvement.

I'm less worried about infection now too. My surgeon said I may have blood or bloody discharge for several weeks, but it seems to be lessening now. Such a relief to be beyond the first awful few days.:-)

MangoJuggler Fri 03-Jul-09 19:10:22

Hi guys, can I direct you to a lady needing support here

Thank you


kentmumtj Sat 04-Jul-09 06:59:04

i to am 4 months post op and had 2 infections sadly i am not in the same place as flourybaps as i am not able to have sexual relations with dh as they have sewed me up to tight, i am still uncomfortable on a daily basis and at the moment am regretting having it done at all as i may need antoher smaller op .......hopefully one day i will be glad i had it done smile

georgiegirl2 Mon 06-Jul-09 22:23:55

What are the symptoms of an infection?

CAPE Mon 06-Jul-09 23:11:23

Hello, have been reading your posts and thought I would ask a couple of questions. I'm set to have the rectocele posterior repair in one week's time. I was told I could go back to work in two weeks' time. I'm more than a little apprehensive about this, although I definitely need the posoterior rectocele repair.

My OB did a bladder repair ten years ago and I was never very happy with that...he cut me open! However, he is obviously more experienced now and is operating with a urologist. Is this the normal routine, i.e., an OB and a Urologist? I had to do the Urodynamics test to check out my bladder. The Urologist didn't think I had a current bladder problem, but OB is saying they don't know what they will find when they get in there. So, my paperwork that I signed gives permission for these procedures: anterior repair and posterior repair with grafts, transobterator sling.

Did any of you sign paperwork for surgery you did NOT receive? Any input appreciated!

bubblerock Mon 06-Jul-09 23:41:55

Wow - the time off work really differs between NHS trusts doesn't it? I'm 5 weeks post op (posterior repair) and we were told 12 weeks off work and housework, 4 weeks off driving due to insurance issues! I feel absolutely fine, the op was much better than I thought, no real pain, stayed in 4 nights, no follow up booked other than physio for pelvic floor. Keep meaning to update on the new thread!! Haven't had sex yet - waiting for 6 weeks, can't wait to be honest!blush

kentmumtj Tue 07-Jul-09 06:56:40

georgiegirl - the signs of my infection was a foul smelling discharge and a lot of pain and soreness which seemed to last about 5 weeks.

cape - i too was told to sign off work for 2 weeks and ended up having 6 weeks off work think this was due to the recurrent infections i got.

bubblerock - i glad your feeling so well its fantastic news, i too didnt drive for about 5 weeks as to be honest i couldnt sit on my bottom aread for that long and after 5 weeks it was very gentle sittign down.

As for the sex department sadly for me there is no action there 3 failed and painful attempts and i mean really painful i went back to docs. Turns out ive been sewed up too tight.......great am now waiting to see surgeon again and may need another smaller op

you were told 12 weeks off wow what area is that im south east

CAPE Tue 07-Jul-09 20:45:36

Soooo.....I may be a bit too optimistic in 2 weeks off work, if I read correctly! The nurses in doc's office told me that they had women calling in ONE week wanting to know when they could have sex, go back to work, etc. etc. I'm pretty sure I won't spend but one night in hospital, though, because that is probably all insurance will pay!

Doc told me to expect the foul smelling discharge as normal. When I asked what it was, he said it was dead tissue "sloughing off".....

bubblerock Tue 07-Jul-09 20:56:47

I'm in Lancashire, kentmumtj - sorry things aren't going to well in the sex dept, must be annoying! Discharge wasn't very pleasant for a while and I worried about infection but I spoke to the practice nurse on the phone and she said it was normal and just give it time. Just make sure you take it really easy after the op, I felt quite well but you need to give the tissue inside time to heal otherwise you'll be back in the same place in a few years

The physio at the hospital said something I hadn't really thought about before, how our bodies are designed for us to walk on all fours so that our insides are kept in place by our strong stomach muscles but with evolution our poxy pelvic floor muscles can't cope with all our organs bearing down on it because it's not what it was designed for!

georgiegirl2 Wed 08-Jul-09 23:26:11

Cape, I am now 12 days post-op and cannot imagine how anyone would be thinking about sex after a week. I still feel a bit sore and tired, though it's getting better each day. I have times now where I can forget about it. But the idea of sex appals me right now (ditto cycling!)

I don't think a week off work sounds like long, nor does a night in hospital. I was scheduled to stay in for 5 nights, and came home after 4 but would have felt unready before then. If you're coming out after a night or two, make sure you have plenty of help at home, don't be on your own. I felt like s* for the first couple of days and was on 4 different painkillers including morphine.

It seems to be healing OK now. It's much less sore and I'm mad enough to keep looking with a mirror. It looks less 'angry' and I even had a feel inside - it does feel tight, but not in a bad way, just much more like it was before I had the girls, kind of familiar. That said, it's pretty sore still and I'm hoping that some of the tight feeling will diminish when the stitches go and it's all a bit more flexible.

I bled very little in hospital until the day before I came out when I had an alarming show of bright red blood. But I was assured this was normal, particularly since I was given clexane, a blood thinner, to guard against DVT. I had a creamy/pinkish discharge which has lessened a lot in the last couple of days. It didn't smell really horrible, but it did smell - a kind of bloody smell, a bit like menstrual odour. Sorry if this is tmi, but I wanted to know as much as possible what to expect so thought I'd share!

One of my friends bought me a doughnut cushion from some medical website. It's made from visco-elastic material, like Tempur mattresses and it's been absolutely brilliant. It's made a huge difference to how comfortable I've been.

Good luck with yours, let us know how you get on :-)

CAPE Thu 09-Jul-09 22:22:39

Georgiegirl2 - thanks much for your input! It really makes me think that I've signed up for more than I know. In looking at my paperwork, I consented for rectocele repair, bladder rpair and if my brain were down there, I'm sure they would tunnel around in that also!
This doc is not big on pain meds...he gave morphine for one night in hospital when he did former surgery, then percocet next day and sent me home with a mild painkiller. Am wondering if you might be located in Canada, if that is an "ok" question.

Thanks for info about cushion; I'll look into that prior to surgery as I have been wondering if it is uncomfortable to sit down.

kentmumtj Thu 09-Jul-09 22:55:59

well i think your doing very well being onyl 12 days post op and youve been able to have a feel inside ...........i couldnt do that for at least 10 weeks and even then it hurt to touch the area

cape GOOD LUCK Am just glad im not going through it all again

georgiegirl2 Fri 10-Jul-09 16:13:41

I'm in Hertfordshire. I went private for the op but don't have insurance, so it was on a pay as you go basis. It was 3560 if anyone's interested - eek. I had a sign on my door saying 'premium care'. I guess I got stitched up in more ways than one! I could have done it on the NHS but I'm starting a university course in September and I didn't want it to interfere with that. Plus once I'd decided to go ahead I just wanted to get it out of the way asap.

Re pain relief, I had morphine twice but wasn't in real agony, it was partly to help me sleep.

They gave me codeine daily, as well as paracetamol, and something called ketoprofen that they shoved up my bottom (nice). I had to ASK them to shut the curtains when they did this, even though there were a load of builders outside (so much for 'premium care').

I think the codeine was a bad idea really, because it causes constipation, which is the last thing you want after this procedure, believe me (see my earlier post...)

Yesterday I got my husband to drop me in town and I did a bit of pottering around. I've been for the odd 10-15 minute walk. And last night I went to the pub with two girlfriends and got absolutely trashed!! I can't even remember how I got home. Not advisable of course, I guess my alcohol tolerance must have gone down...

No driving yet, but I've been out with friends in their cars and it's not that uncomfortable.

Discharge has completely gone now, and smell is well, pleasant.

I think it has been OK so far really. I'm so sorry kentmum that you have had a hard time with it.

The first few days were pretty awful though, and I was a real cry-baby!! I can't imagine now how anyone gets addicted to plastic surgery - this is the first time I've had an operation and it's a simply ghastly experience!!

Boredom is my main problem now, not to mention bankruptcy - internet shopping has been my distraction, with fairly extreme consequences!!

maturestudentlikegoodwine Wed 15-Jul-09 00:03:42

I am due to go in on Friday for a rectocele repair and perinium repair plus removal of skin tag, I am feeling physically sick and panicky. Is it really that bad, I am getting to the point where I want to cancel I'm that scared. I had the op booked last year in March and chickened out because of my phobia of general anethstetic but they have told me they will do it under spinal and sedation this time, and Im still freaking out

CAPE Thu 16-Jul-09 19:14:22

This is about 48 hours post op for me and it has been ROUGH! In the hospital, they gave me morphine in drip, oral pain med AND shot to control the pain. Rectocele repair was "larger than normal"...whatever that means. Came home with only a mild painkiller and it doesn't do much good. I spent yesterday and last night urinating continuously, so haven't had any undisturbed sleep. Very difficult to sit even though doc said it wouldn't be. Haven't experienced the first post-op BM but am not looking forward to it. They also did bladder repair, but not as major as rectocele.

I know it had to be done and am glad it's over, but I didn't expect this much pain. Was told I could drive in a week and go back to work in two weeks. We'll of the very worst things for me was the packing of the gauze upinside after surgery.

Oh, well, maybe tomorrow will be better as I'm not moving around too much today. What have others of you experienced regarding lessening of pain?

denise21 Fri 17-Jul-09 01:23:18

Hi just an update for those of you who are about to have ops or only recently had them. Now 10 weeks post op - anterior repair, posterior repair and TVT tape. I am now so much better, the pain goes, can drive comfortably even over speed bumps, sex is fine. healing good according to the consultant at 6 week check. second visit to gyne physio next tuesday then that should be me finished with the hospital. first 2-4 weeks post op are def the wors. dealing with catherter, pain, discharge etc and boredom from not being able to do much - but its so much better getting past the 6 weeks. was worried about sex and how my vagina would be after the 3 ops but its fine, def tighter prob feels shorter than before which consultant explained would be the case. Hope that helps - now glad had done.

kentmumtj Fri 17-Jul-09 07:17:25

cape - for my pain relief i took tramadol to be honest i really dont know if it eased the pain i felt but i guess we are all different.

hope your recovery goes well, as for the sitting down i was not able to sit down without any pain or discomfort for about a good 6-8 weeks but i guess thats because i had many infections.

georgiegirl2 Fri 17-Jul-09 18:27:58

Hey Cape

Well done - you are out the other side. As I said before, the projections you were given for recovery, returning to work etc, seemed wildly optimistic. Don't worry that you feel worse than expected, what you describes sounds normal compared with my own experience, and others on here.

This is a major procedure. I buried my head in the sand about it a bit, focused on the result I wanted and tried not to think too much about what it would be like. I thought the recovery would be similar to after the birth of my children (two rough experiences with big episiotomies, hence the need for repair now). But it is tougher than postpartum healing, no doubt about it. But easier having no screaming baby to feed!

For the first few days I felt very shaky, very sore, very worried about how it would all heal and a lot of trepidation re BMs. I'm glad I was in hospital, it must be tough at home. I hope you have lots of help.

I am now three weeks to the day post-op, and feel good. Not taking pain relief any more at all, bit itchy with the healing, especially when I wake up. Stitches all still in place, but seems less swollen/tight inside, and looks neater/drier on outside. Redness gone. I had my period from Saturday morning until Weds, which was unnerving, as I don't really monitor my cycle and couldn't remember for the life of me when the last one was. So I wasn't certain it was my period rather than a sudden alarming bleed. Also because I normally use tampons on the heavier days I have no idea really how much bleeding I have when I've got my period. It was quite unsettling and upsetting to see so much blood dripping out and I couldn't help freaking out a bit and wondering if something had gone wrong! But it's completely stopped on cue.

Yesterday I drove again for the first time, 20 days post-op. It was absolutely fine. But I got carried away and did too much - was out and about most of the day, then had to take DDs swimming five miles from home. I was shattered and got really teary in the evening. This has happened a few times, I've overestimated what I can do and completely wiped myself out. Sitting on the sofa becomes incredibly boring, no matter how nice it was initially to be able to sit and read books I'd never get round to reading normally. I've been dropping off during the day for an hour or two quite a bit. The healing uses up a lot of energy.

If you are having problems with pain, I would be inclined to call the hospital on the number they've hopefully given you, and ask them to write you up for something else (something stronger). Failing this, get a 'phone consultation with your GP and ask for some better pain relief on prescription. Get someone to go and pick it up for you. You shouldn't have to suffer in this day and age. Psychologically you will feel so much better about what you've had done if you are not struggling with pain.

Another thing - I don't normally go for anything alternative, but one of my friends brought me arnica round. I took it religiously every three hours and it really seemed to accelerate the healing process.

maturestudentlikegoodwine, I am so sorry you are so fearful but I would urge you to go ahead with the procedure and get it out of the way. What you are having done is exactly the same as me - posterior repair and perineal rebuild. It's really not that bad. I'm so glad I took the plunge. It's only been three weeks and I'm getting my life back and so glad I've had it done, got it out of the way. I already feel more like the woman I was, which is quite exciting really. The state of 'down there' was always in the back of my mind and it made me feel rubbish about myself. Plus the daily issue with BMs. I feel that in doing this now, I might spare myself a more serious procedure later on too, when I'm older and and less quick to recover.

Good luck and best wishes to you both.

georgiegirl2 Fri 17-Jul-09 18:42:42

Oh Cape, forgot to mention, despite the length of my last post, I didn't have a decent night's sleep for about ten days after the op. I woke up a lot in the night, maybe it was the after effects of the anaesthetic. Completely normal sleep pattern now. Plus I am having BATHS now, which is great. I didn't for the first 2 and a half weeks, I was too scared about stitches/infection. But it's lovely to have a bath now. Give it a fortnight and you will feel a load better than you do now. smile

27yorkshiregirl Sat 18-Jul-09 10:56:59

Im 27 years old with 2 children and im due to have a rectocele on wednesday. I am hoping someone can give me some idea of what to expect afterwards. I havent have much info from the hospital. I just want to know how im going to feel afterwards. Am i going to be able to walk/sit/lay down etc, or am i just going to be layed in bed for the first few days. I know everyones experience will be different but im getting quite nervous now and think i might feel better if i know whats coming!

bubblerock Sat 18-Jul-09 12:15:30

The experiences on here are really varied yorkshiregirl, I can only say what mine was like - same procedure as you + D&C, Mirena Coil and hysteroscopy. I'm almost 7 weeks post op and it has been so much better than I thought it would be!

Immediately after the op I had no pain at all - guess it was the painkillers, but I was feeling sick with the stronger pain killers and ended up just taking paracetamol and voltorol whilst in hospital and just paracetamol when I came home. My coccyx was the most painful for some reason but I had no pain where the stitches were, they are high enough up that it doesn't hurt to wee!

When I came home I just felt pretty tired, some period type cramps - but probably due to my other procedures. I'd sit on the sofa and get up and about, then sit back down again, have a nap in the afternoon and just chill really, I wasn't bedridden. As time has gone on I've had to remind myself not to do too much as I felt normal (ish) fairly quickly!

You will be absolutely fine - you're 5 years younger than me too grin

27yorkshiregirl Sat 18-Jul-09 13:16:52

Thanks that helps alot, especially hearing the stitches are high up as i expected them to be low down and was quite worried about it stinging! Could you walk around straight away unaided?

bubblerock Sat 18-Jul-09 14:03:59

Yep, once I'd recovered from the anaesthetic I was up and about - pretty wobbly but that's normal. We found it quite funny in our bay that we were told not to carry anything heavy for weeks, yet we had to lug our huge catheter bags around for the first 24 hours!! grin

27yorkshiregirl Sat 18-Jul-09 16:33:12

Thats good, was panicking at the thought of being bed ridden!! One more question ( until i think of something else anyway lol), what happens if im menstruating? will the op still go ahead? Something i forgot to ask the doc but nothing has been mentioned.

bubblerock Sat 18-Jul-09 18:36:49

Yes it will still go ahead, I was bleeding slightly after having nothing for 3 months - sods law!! I think they are used to it, lots of people on gynae are in for ops because of persistant bleeding. I'll keep an eye on the thread so if you think of any questions before Wednesday just give me a shout. smile

kentmumtj Sun 19-Jul-09 10:43:10

good luck yorkshiregirl im sure will all go well and remeber to get plenty of rest and accept any offer of help

27yorkshiregirl Sun 19-Jul-09 11:30:38

Thanks very much for your advice, feeling far less anxious about the whole thing now!!

maturestudentlikegoodwine Sun 19-Jul-09 21:07:01

Hello well I am two days post op and at the moment things are not as bad as I thought they would be, Infact had I not had the skin tags on my butt removed, I dont think I would be in any pain at all!!
I ended up with bladder and rectal repair and skin tags removed.The packing they use in your vagina is mighty uncomfortable and makes you feel like you want a BM but once that comes out everything eases off. The pain in my bottom can only be likened to the crowning sensation and pressure when giving birth, but like I say If i hadnt had those tags off, I dont think I would be in any pain at all x

georgiegirl2 Sun 19-Jul-09 21:44:43

That's great, bet you are glad you went for it now, you were so apprehensive weren't you? So glad to hear all has gone well x

stayc Mon 20-Jul-09 20:56:46


I am now three weeks post Op, had an anterior and posterior repair. Im 33 and have one daughter and would still like more children. I had the surgery to improve my quality of life as BM had become virtually impossible.

I am getting over the surgery very slowly, I have had an infection and got Swine Flu last week. I have been very tearful and tired and am getting really fed up with the constant need to wear pads . Every time i think i can do a bit more walk for a bit longer I feel like I overdo it.

Am quite emotional at the moment and worried that I have caused myself more problems by having the Surgery.

kentmumtj Tue 21-Jul-09 07:20:05

stayc i too felt very much like you my recovery was not as quick and as smooth as some peoples i had 2 infections and couldnt sit down properly or drive for at leaast 6 weeks.
stay with it and rest as much as you can. I had my op on 24th feb so it was a while ago now but sadly i do have a complication which will hopefully be sorted out soon. They think i have been sewn to tight as sex with my dh is impossible and very painful as the area is still so very sore although since being left well alone it is feeling heaps better.

stick with it and you will be fine. its the infections that wera you down as the stop the healing process.

maturestudentlikegoodwine Thu 23-Jul-09 17:23:48

hello all, hope everyone post op is still progressing well.
I am feeling pretty much fine, I have found that when I wake in the morning its fantastic but as the day goes on I start to get a little uncomfortable. Also ( and sorry if tmi )when my rectum becomes fuller the pressure hurts and so I try to have a BM as often as I possibly can!!! ( lactulose at night and a fybogel in the day!!)I think the volterol anti inflammatory has helped heaps.
I have noticed that I do get breathless after walking but this is a more an over breathing thing really like hyperventillating, not actual breathlessness.Am sooooo glad I had it done, but obviously cant comment yet on sex after the op wink

27yorkshiregirl Sun 26-Jul-09 09:17:47

I am 4 days post op after posterior repair, and on waking from surgery, was surprised at how well i felt. I was also surprised to find i didnt have a pack inserted. I needed oxygen for 3 hours post op but unsure why. After catheter was removed a doctor (not my consultant) came and asked if i could pass urine and wind ok then said i could go home, less than 24hrs after surgery!! I was quite surprised but glad i could go home. When i arrived home i examinined myself only to find id only been cut from my perinium into the entrance of my vagina! No cut or stitching inside my vagina and posterior bulge was still there!! Very upset i went back to the hospital to question why theyd not done what id expected, the consultant who'd done it wasnt there but another doctor who said she was present during surgery said theyd done it! when i questioned further she said theyd discussed during surgery about them not going far enough because my prolapse was not a prolapse it was due to nerve damage which cant be fixed with surgery and said i was going to be given a scan and physio!!! I responded by asking why they didnt tell me this before i was discharged. She couldnt answer my question and said it would be best for me tospeak to the person who did it but as she wasnt there today they would call me tomorrow to go and see her. I got a call from a nurse the next day who said the consultant who did it will see me on the 3rd of august!! so i now have to wait almost 2 weeks post op to find out what they have and havent done to me!! Sorry this is so long but im feeling hugely let down and sorry for myself. Does anyone have any advice? How far inside me should they have gone to fix a rectocele?

georgiegirl2 Sun 26-Jul-09 19:46:37

Hi yorkshire girl

I don't know what to say because I'm not medically qualified, but I can understand why you are upset if you thought that you were having a certain procedure and it has not been done as you had expected it would.

I had a posterior repair and perineorrhaphy at the end of June. I had my perineum rebuilt and was cut up the back wall. My surgeon said he had removed an elliptical section of my back wall and restitched the fascia underneath and then stitched up the back wall again. I had a pack/catheter etc and was in 5 days, and it was pretty grim. I'd say the stitches inside go up a couple of inches at least. But that's me, and was based on my anatomy; I imagine it's a bit different for everyone based on how things are. I think rectoceles vary a lot in severity so there probably isn't one answer to how to fix them.

If you don't mind me asking, what were your symptoms and diagnosis initially, and what were you told the procedure would involve before you went in?

I am assuming you went to an NHS hospital? In your position I wouldn't have been too happy to have been discharged without seeing the consultant who did the op, I can understand why you feel upset. I wanted to speak to my surgeon asap to find out exactly what had been done, and how he thought things had gone. I dare say according to their standards 3rd August is soon, but not yours, you are naturally preoccupied and want some answers asap.

I'm so sorry you are so fed up. I think in your position I would ask if the consultant could call me on the telephone before then.

Good luck, and let us know how it goes. xx

maturestudentlikegoodwine Tue 28-Jul-09 09:08:00

hello. Sorry to trivialise things... but did anyone put on any weight? I have put on nearly 3/4 stone in ten days sad just through sitting around and resting. Have stopped smoking too which doesn't help.
just wondered if it does come off again once we are able to resume normal activity hmm

georgiegirl2 Tue 28-Jul-09 13:21:38

Yeah I put on a few pounds, but I probably needed to. It's dropping off again now I'm active again.

pam10 Tue 28-Jul-09 15:34:24

I would share my experience of having a posterior repair (with mesh). I had my op on 9th July (Thursday). I opened my bowels on the Friday evening (it was very loose). I was discharged from hospital on Saturday morning; the doctor said that my consultant liked to keep his patients in for at least 5 days but, because of shortage of beds and I was feeling fine I cold go home.
I expected to be a bit sore, but I did not expect the pain I was feeling – I could not sit down, the pain was agony (even on the toilet) in addition to this I had not had any bowel movement since Friday, so on Sunday evening I took 1 Dulcolax tablet, ate prunes and sipped water all day – result: from nothing to diarrhoea.
On the Tuesday my GP came to visit and prescribed tablets for inflammation (by this time I could only lay on my side) and told me to phone him in the morning if I was not feeling better.
The next day I phoned GP who advised me to go to A&E at same hospital who performed surgery. By the time I got there I was very tacky cardiac, had x-rays taken (which showed nothing), bloods taken (again nothing), had internal examination (agony), but gynaecologist said she could not see anything amiss, but that she had phoned a senior doctor and he wanted me to see a member of the surgical team to rule out a fissure. Gynaecologist said she felt that he pain I was in was due the fact that I had a short bout of diarrhoea/constipation, but I was adamant that the pain I was feeling was not to do with this.
I waited 10 hours to see a member of the surgical team who asked me that same questions as gynaecologist (but did not examine me) and then said that he tended to agree with gynaecologist and prescribed me Lactulose & Fibregel – again I told him that I disagreed with this as I was in a considerable amount of pain; he told me that this operation is painful and that I shold expect pain.
The pain continued for a further week, during which time I could not sit in ANY postion, so I went once again to see my GP, he told me that some of his paitents were of work for 3 months!! He precribed anti-inflammatory tablets and more Lactulose & Fibregel. He also told me that there was a danger of nerve damage after this operation and this could be why I was in pain. I told him that whilst I respected the medical profession, I knew my own body and I did ot feel right, but once again I was reminded that his is a painful proceedure.
2 days later (Friday evening, 15 days after op) I was lying on sofa and went to get up when there was a gush from between my legs and there was blood pouring from me. I was rushed to hospital where it was confirmed that I had a large haematoma. The releif from the pain was immediate as the clot dispersed. I asked why this was not picked up on before, but I was told that a haematoma is immpossible to detect until it “comes away”. I’m just glad that the pain has gone, but mad that no one listened to me before.

georgiegirl2 Tue 28-Jul-09 18:58:26

pam10, I am so sorry to hear about your experience, which sounds absolutely awful. Thank goodness you have some relief from the pain now. I know how you feel about not being listened to, when I was in hospital a couple of days after my op I was in a lot of pain both near the repair and abdominal pain, because I was constipated but a very bossy nurse kept insisting I didn't need a bowel movement. I didn't dare try too hard to 'go' because of the proximity of the repair. I was on all the painkillers they could give me and all they could offer was peppermint tea.

It became unbearable and using suppositories didn't help. In the end they gave me an enema which was a horrible, painful, humiliating experience but a huge relief. TMI I know - sorry everyone - but it transpired that my lower bowel was totally congested. I felt so much better afterwards. It's irritating - I think patients should be given more credit for knowing what's going on with their own bodies sometimes.

Hope your recovery from here on in goes smoothly, that there are no further complications and you get well soon smile I am doing OK myself now, 4.5 weeks post-op, but am amazed at how low my energy levels are. I'm fed up with feeling so tired all the time, it's a bit depressing really. The only other thing I'm worried about is sex - I don't feel quite the same. Physically I think the op went well, but I have completely lost interest in sex. It's not on the agenda until after six weeks anyway, but what I am talking about is not fear of pain, it's more that I'm worried my sexual response will have been affected. It just feels like everything 'down there' is a bit numb, it's as if something is missing. It's hard to describe, but it's as if I can't get aroused any more, if that makes sense...thinking erotic thoughts doesn't seem to produce any physical sensations. Maybe that's because it's all still healing up. Sorry to be so graphic.

Has anyone else got any experience of this?

CAPE Tue 28-Jul-09 21:23:08

Hello ladies, it's CAPE checking in; today is 14 days after surgery and I am back at work!! Do I feel terrific? No, but I am managing. When I went to see doc for 10 day checkup, he told me not to mess up "his good work". I have stitches protruding from the vagina and inquired about this. He made light of it and said it would eventually "flatten out" and it was a skin tag or a small hemmorhoid. Also said he would remove it later if it didn't disappear.

I am very sore in my lower abdomen, but really haven't had very many problems. Certainly sorry to hear about some of your experiences! This message is coming from Dallas, Texas so I can certainly see a difference in length of hospital stay, etc. depending on your location. I spent one night only in hosital and was told I could drive in one week, but did not do so.

My rectocele repair was "much larger" than anticipated and I also had a bladder suspension. Am just glad it is behind me that I am on the mend. Just hope I can continue working.

My best to all! Hang in there!

kentmumtj Wed 29-Jul-09 18:36:46

hi guys
cape back to work wow you take it easy i was off for 6 weeks and could have possibly doen with longer. There was no way i was even able to sit down 14 days after op. Take it easy.

pam i know exactly how you feel i too was in terrible pain and bled about 6 days post op. it also turned out i had an infection, then got another one a few weeks later. Keep going and you will get to a place where the pain is gone.

geordiegirl sex lol what is that???? im 5 months post op and penetration is impossible. Ive been told the problem is most likley the entrance sewn a bit to tight as the vaginal canal is quite normal apparently. Im sure i will get there soon. As for havin any sex drive again i find im getting it back but certainly didnt have it for many weeks.

27yorkshiregirl Fri 31-Jul-09 09:25:21

Everything everyone is saying adds fuel to the fact that i think the doctors have made a mistake with me. I came home from hospital the day after my op and continued as if nothing had happened, bleeding but no pain really, driving, shopping, sorting the kids out, housework all as normal!!
My rectocele was diagnosed in feb, my main problems were having to push back into place to do BM, tampons not staying in, and the general hatred of the bulge that was constantly there. I only have a few stitches in the entrance of my vagina and feel very little has been done to me!! The bulge is still there if not worse, i have no idea what they did to me. I didnt get and explanation of the procedure before or afterwards. I am seriously confused now. Maybe i never needed it in the first place? I feel so let down by the NHS right now.
My recovery was far to quick for them to have done what they were supposed to do, i had more pain when i had teeth out!! Also, did anyone else have oxygen when they woke up from anesthetic? I was kept on oxygen for 3 hours as instructed by my surgeon, i find this strange as ive been put to sleep before and never had oxygen

vickysue Fri 31-Jul-09 15:25:57

I came home last night following surgery on Tuesday. Self diagnosed a rectocele (as GP couldn't) but discovered from Consultant that in fact I had 3 types of treatable prolapses, and this would also sort out incontinence problems - hallelujah! I ended up having a rectocele repair, bladder sling fitted and a hysterectomy. I also had oxygen for many hours, which is now common practice. I am also pleased at how little pain I am experiencing despite how much I have had done. The main pain is due to gurgling wind as I can't go to the loo yet, but am on Lactulose, and I'm not worried. After the first night (which was unbearable, as I was in agony the whole night due to only being given paracetamol just hours after surgery) I am quite comfortable. I think that these days, surgery is so less invasive than it used to be. There is so much less tissue damage, and new techniques are more efficient, that recovery is a lot quicker and less troublesome. I do know that there are many options for treatments, so please bear with your Consultant and give it a go. I am still to go on long term medication regarding incontinence and pelvic floor exercises. You may well find that the combination of treatments you have been given will be just right for you, and it sounds like your pain levels are right too. Let me know how you get on.

GEORGE55 Sat 01-Aug-09 23:42:35

I'm in my mid-50's, having had 2 prolapse ops b4 and now just had my 3rd posterior/vagina with mesh. Someone tell me that this pain will pass. I know its only been one week, but I can't sit, even lying down can be uncomfortable. I'm bleeding, pink not red, more heavier now since my dog jumped up on me and put his heavy paw on my pubic bone! I'm frightened to do anything because of the 'don't carry anything heavy' quote. I'm being cautious particularly as its my 3rd but even carrying my dinner to the table's proving too heavy and causes pain. I googled hoping I'd find something and found this site with others talking about the same type of operations. Am I being foolish thinking I can go back to work in 4 weeks? I'm also a singer and although I realise I can't carry my equipment, I'm frightened that I won't get better in time to do a 2-3 hour shows that I have booked. Is there someone out there that can offer any advice?

cazzarank Sun 02-Aug-09 06:47:49

Has anyone had laser vaginal rejuvenation and/or rectocele repair using sutures? Interested to know if it can hamper or increase enjoyment in sex life afterwards??

kentmumtj Sun 02-Aug-09 10:08:36

hi guys im very upset my rectocele is back plain and clear to gutted

kentmumap Sun 02-Aug-09 11:29:19

Hi, Had surgery for cystocle and rectocele repair at Easter. Not a great time, as had two infections and a catheter for 4 weeks. But thought that at least all done. Saw consultant at 6 weeks and told him that I thought that the rectocele was not resolved, even though before surgery told him MANY times that this was the biggest problem. He said that he didnt do more as he was concerened that sex would be a problem with more stitches.In fact he has just stiched the base of the vagina on the back wall. Sex is still painful, but not impossible. But the consequence of his repair is that the bowel problems and rectocele much, much worse. I am seeing GP tommorrow, as consultant says he can do a further repair! Certainly need something to be done and cant just leave it. Distressed to see other Kent Mum is in similar situation, Im sure your devastated, we dont go through these things lightly. Does anyone know of these ops being successful? The only people I know with no problems are the ones who have had abdominal surgery.

kentmumtj Sun 02-Aug-09 11:48:07

hi kent mum im guessing you had your op in kent as well would it have been at the PRUH

georgiegirl2 Sun 02-Aug-09 19:53:49

kentmumtj I'm horrified at your post. Are you sure it's back again? How do you think that happened? If you don't mind me asking, how did that present itself? Did you feel it had been a success apart from the over-tightness and now you've got problems with BMs again? I am so so sorry given that your recovery has been so troublesome, no wonder you are upset sad

I don't know what to suggest, I'm assuming you haven't been to see anyone about this yet, since you've posted on a Sunday.

I have done a lot of googling since I had my own operation - I've been very anxious and obsessed at times. I went to a well-respected local gynae surgeon where I am but one site that came up on my searches was this one:

This place in Croydon, Mayday hospital, has a dedicated unit for prolapse/repairs. The surgeons there have a special interest in the subject and have written research papers. In an ideal world, I think this would be the place to go. Their NHS site is here:

I'm impressed by the fact that the surgeon's email address is published on the site.

If you think your own repair has been wrongly done, or has not held, I wouldn't be inclined to go back for more to the same person. I would look for another surgeon however inconvenient (if you understandably couldn't face more surgery in the near future it might just be worth getting another expert opinion).

I wish you luck anyway smile

I have my follow up on Tuesday, which will be five and a half weeks post-op. I'm going to have a few questions for my surgeon. On the whole it seems OK, but there are definitely some knobbly stitched bits near the posterior entrance that I'm worried about (skin tags? - I hope this won't require more surgery). This area also bleeds slightly when I have a BM. Only other problem is the one I mentioned earlier - it feels dead down there, like it's just any old hole, which is a bit concerning. I dare say I'm just being impatient, but the idea that this might be a permanent state of affairs is horrifying.sad

kentmumap Sun 02-Aug-09 22:26:15

Hi Kentmumtj, No I didnt have op at the PRUH, I had mine done privately at Fawkham. I will talk to my GP tomorrow and let you know what he suggests.

georgiegirl2, thanks for that info. the Mayday hospital does look as if they have a more comprehensive team. As for your problems, I think it really is early days and you need to give yourself more time to recover. I know I didnt rest as I should have, and regret it now.

27yorkshiregirl Mon 03-Aug-09 11:22:57

7 days post surgery and my "bulge" is still there. Ive just seen my consultant to find out why they hadnt done what i was expecting and she said that when she got in there, there was no obvious bulge so she just repaired the perinium and the entrance! She said any bulging i have further up needs to be looked at with an xray which involves me being xrayed whilst having a BM! Im still confused as to why they didnt give me this information upon being discharged as they had discussed it during my surgery, rather than only giving me it once id complained? And shouldnt any xrays to find out the actual cause, be done before any sort of surgery??

kentmumtj Mon 03-Aug-09 17:46:51

blimey we are a sorry ole lot at the moment aent we.

Yes mine is def back i had a coplposcopy which was done very gently last Wednesday and on Friday morning when in the bath i was washing myself like you do and i felt a lump down there which felt just like it used to, i got out of the bath and looked in the mirror and it is there plain and clear to see.

BM are pretty much like they used to be and im really really Pi**ed off, i have an appoitnment with consultant on 4 Sep. Fat lot of good it will be anyway what they gonna offer me the op all over again.

Im just so upset and angry after everything i went through it feels for me that it was all for nothing and most other people i know have benn successful.................why me???

kentmumtj Mon 03-Aug-09 17:52:39

georgiegirl i too had 2 nobbly bits at the entrance before it all fell apart, wish i still had only the 2 nobbly bits now.When i queried them i was told it was normal to have these.

I did feel as though it had been a success apart from the tight opening which has prevented me from having sexual intercourse with DH but i felt this would be addressed and all would be ok and all functions and feelings were back to normal pretty much.

georgiegirl2 Tue 04-Aug-09 09:59:20

Just had my follow up. Surgeon v pleased and says I can resume normal activities. He was reassuring about the knobbly bits, said that bit is healing (it still bleeds) and they will go, if not (unlikely) can be removed.

He said full healing is 3 months, seemed a bit perplexed about my fears re sexual response and seems to think it's a) partly psychological and b) related to the fact that I am only 5 weeks post-op. So I must remain optimistic

Looks like I can avoid sex for a bit longer, which won't be much of a hardship.

kentmumap Tue 04-Aug-09 23:53:27

Had appointment with GP who was horrified that my rectocle was made worse by the surgery [by what lots of you are saying I think that these surgeons dont understand the rules of gravity, and when your lying down, with legs in the air, the problems dont show, and they dont repair them properly!!]I told him about the team at the Mayday hospital {thanks Georgiegirl2]and he felt that I should definately not go back to original consultant and try these. Amazingly, Mr Sultan could see me today,{very lucky have BUPA] had to pay to see him. But worth every penny. He was very thorough, sensitive and took a different approach to others Ive seen.He even examined me standing up! Going next week for Barium function test[not nice]seeing specialist nurse, who helps you manage BMs and he does 3D ultrasound of whole pelvic area to fully understand everything thats happening. As he does research I will be monitored for 10 years, and any surgery is done by both him, gyne conultant and colo-rectal surgeon.I dont think many places offer such treatment, but it seems really worth trying to find one. I feel that at last someone will understand the full extent of the problem and very lucky to have seen him. Other Kentmumtj..... Im sure your GP would refer you to him, as the Mayday hosptal cant be that far from you.
Georgiegirl2...I am really grateful and hope knobbly bits arnt too knobbly for much longer!!

georgiegirl2 Wed 05-Aug-09 17:36:31

Hi there, kentmumap
You are so welcome, I am glad to have been of some help. I don't know the place personally, but it looked impressively focused on these problems and your experience sounds very encouraging!! Good luck. My surgeon examined me standing up too.

Am trying to leave knobbly bits alone to heal now, but immediate problem today is that I was so keen to have a nice clean fanjo for my appointment yesterday that I used far too much soap and now have thrush!! TMI I know, but oh dear...shock

27yorkshiregirl Thu 06-Aug-09 09:52:55

I totally agree with whats been said about the gravity thing. My consultant said she couldnt see a bulge when she looked, but of course i was lying down. And 2 weeks post op my rectocele seems worse. I now have to go for a defacating proctogram to find out whats happening during BM. What the doctors dont seem to understand is, BM is not the only problem this causes, i cant use tampons as the either get pushed out or are really uncomfortable, and at only 27, cosmetically, i just want a normal vagina!! Also my stitches are all still in place, my husband says it looks as though theyve stitched the sides together. Its hard to explain but its like if you stitched 2 of your fingers together, side by side, the stitches would hold them in place but they wouldnt bond with each other. Does anyone know what i mean?

kentmumap Thu 06-Aug-09 14:47:31

Hi 27yorkshiregirl. I joined this site when I found it because I was upset with what I have been through, distressed at the thought of more sugery, but so very angry that this is clearly happening to lots of other women. Im sure we are the tip of a very big problem! I feel so sorry for you, being so young, Im 56. [Dont usually do things like this on the internet...Dont do facebook etc!!!]
My poblem was a large cystocele which I think masked the rectocele bulge! Now where I had a gentle bulge,I now have large loop in the bowel, from him stitching the base of the vagina. The only way of BM is with colonic irrigation!! As my GP says that I would be better off if he hadn't done anything.
Im glad that your having the proctogram, It really is a pity that the consultants dont consider all this before surgery...Good luck.

27yorkshiregirl Thu 06-Aug-09 16:29:51

Yeah i think it should have come first really. They dont seem dont understand how upsetting this is for me but it really is nice to have a place like this where you can find support and ask questions from people with similar experiences. Ive also just noticed that my stitches are blue? was told they would dissolve but im pretty sure the blue ones need to be removed. Does anyone know.

georgiegirl2 Fri 07-Aug-09 20:19:12

Hey yorkie
My stitches were blue and they dissolved. They changed colour over time, went sort of more greeny/yellowy/grey as they got older. I don't know where they all went tbh - there were quite a few! - I found a couple of bits on the paper when I wiped and the odd bit in the bath. The outside ones went first, then the inside ones, nearly five weeks post-op.
I agree with some of the things people have said. I am very happy with how my surgery seems to have gone, and the results. I'm glad I had it done, assuming sexual feelings all return to normal eventually. I had a surgeon who is very well thought of and feel lucky. But I don't think these problems are well understood in general, and for myself I struggled a bit with the idea that a man would be doing the op, however competent, or that he would be able to advise me how I would feel afterwards, because he doesn't even know what it is like to have the same anatomy.
Good luck to everyone who has unresolved problems. I am off to Italy for a fortnight tomorrow and it's going to be so nice to have a break after a fairly grim summer so

maturestudentlikegoodwine Tue 11-Aug-09 09:58:39

Does anybody have any clear guidance on when you can drive following vaginal repair?
My hospital said 6 weeks my nurse practitioner said around now 3.5 weeks, my insurance company doesnt care, websites are saying anywhere between 3 days and 8 weeks. Its bonkers and all I want to do is drive sad

georgiegirl2 Sun 23-Aug-09 20:47:52

I drove after about 3.5 weeks and it felt OK. My consultant/surgeon said 3 to 4 weeks

sweetiepie6377 Mon 07-Sep-09 03:01:48

I have ready all the messages and it has been helpful for me. I had my rectocele repair on July 20--I still get really sore-and the stitches itch and pull like crazy. I had my post-op visit on day 12--cried during exam--was having a discharge--felt as if a packing was inside of me internally-was told by urologist that everything looked well and it will get better as the weeks go on. I am off work for 6 weeks. No one could have ever prepared me for the agony of post-op healing. I do have a regular bowel movement now and it comes out normally--

sweetiepie6377 Mon 07-Sep-09 03:09:07

I am able to sit for extended periods of time now. I use dermaplast spray regularly to soothe the stitiches. Cleanse my perineum area with half water and peroxide while sitting on the commode. Iwas also prescribed a topical cream anesthetic four times a day-this numbs the area and takes away the pain. It is a hassle to void throughout the day with the above rituals but they are so also had a abdominal hysterectomy 6 weeks before I had the rectocele repair--I did not have the mesh repair--my physician used my own tissues/skin she felt that it would be a better reapir and would last longer--I do still have external stitches posteriorly and internal stitches--I am hoping that these dissolve soon--I was so in the dark about recovery time and what to expect--these blogs have been helpful

JanJanJanJan Thu 17-Sep-09 20:28:19

getting nervous.....going in for surgery on weds.....any good advice to give?

JanJanJanJan Thu 17-Sep-09 20:29:15

what is the cause? is it through having children? I wonder as I was in a car accident and my problems have commenced since.

kildare34 Thu 17-Sep-09 21:58:25

Hello JanJanJanJan! I am also having surgery, posterior repair next Wednesday and I am starting to feel really nervous as well.

I have 2 ds and both were big babies. I had failed ventous and forceps on ds1 and ventous on ds2.

I have found this thread a godsend as it is a relief to hear other peoples experiences.

Best of luck on Wednesday, hope everything goes well. smile

kentmumtj Fri 18-Sep-09 09:01:26

janjanjan and kildare34 good luck guys hope it all goes well

ballsintheair Fri 18-Sep-09 13:32:42

Hello Girls,

been reading the threads. Great help, but I can't help but wonder if those post- op mum's without any post - op complications bother to write anything, therefore, the threads are possibly negatively biased?

Well; I'm 9 days post posterior repair for a large rectocele. I Had a pack and catheter in situ for 24 hours. Lactlose helped me to pooh, and I was discharged home 5 days later. Very little pain at all ( most was wind, from the anaesthetic)

I expected to feel polaxed but I feel fantastic. Had some thick yellow non- offensive discharge and lost a suture, down the plug already (not sure from where). Started antibiotics and the discharge has almost vanished.

I'm probably doing too much... can't walk for over 30 mins until a dragging sensation internally starts, so I just listen to my body and rest when I'm tired.

I hope I haven't undone anything internally, I'm not lifting anything heavy, but don;t seem to have a problem moving bending or stretching. I practised yoga for years and wonder if this is because I'm quite bendy naturally? Does anyone have any stories of a recovery like mine, where the work was undone unknowingly perhaps, by feeling better than I am ?

Bit worried now lol!

kentmumtj Fri 18-Sep-09 19:41:58

Hi ballsintheair love the name made me chuckle.

Sounds like you are having a fab recovery which is brilliant, i guess as humans we are all different which explains why we al have different stories to tell.

kildare34 Sat 19-Sep-09 09:55:53

Thats great news ballsintheair about your recovery! Positive feedback is great to hear back,especially as I have 4 days to go till operation, not that I am counting or anything wink

kentmumtj, I have read your story in the threads and how are you feeling now? Did you get to see your original consultant?

I tell ye its a mans world and I am surrounded by 3 of them!!! grin

ballsintheair Sat 19-Sep-09 12:10:10

Me too Kildaire! 3 in my house too. If I had chosen the size of my original more carefully (6ft 2" Neanderthal)My babies may have been of a modest enough size, for us not to be even having this conversation!

Good luck with your surgery, Don't worry, the worst thing for me is the boredom.

Kentmumtj, I hope I haven't offended you, I didn't mean to imply that mum's who've had negative experiences are moaning. I do genuinely believe that those without complications, concentrate on getting back to normal and don't spend time stumbling across threads like ours.
My excuse is that I'm from a medical background, so I need to know EVERYTHING lol!

We are all different but I also think that some approaches to the surgery are obviously more successful and less complex than others. These forums are a brilliant research tool for sorting the wood from the chaff surgeon -wise

I do hope that you're on the mend soon.
Nice to make acquaintance with you all.

kentmumtj Sat 19-Sep-09 19:10:36

Hi Guys

im not offended at all grin just glad that there is a good mix of ops that go fantastic ops that go so so and ops that go not so well.

its good to hear others experiences as it seems to be a bit of a taboo subject in real life

well i am still awaiting my appointment, i have one next week but really want to see my original consultant as he s the one i saw from begining to operation to end.

So how am i now well its been 7 months since my operation. i wasnt able to resume sexual activites for i would say 5 1/2 months but think that was due to repeated infections then the problem with it being too tight if you get my drift wink

since my very gentle colposcopy whereby i felt it fell apart for want of a better word i have been able to resume sexual activities much to dh delight

have only managed it 4 times but its a start. Dh says it feels tighter, he can not feel any scar tissue or ridges or anything different so he tells me.
i must say that i do still have a slightly uncomfortable feeling around the back part of the vaginal entrance and it fels slightly tender although more tender following 'nookie' lol
occassionally if i touch the area i get a pain that seems to shoot up through my body and do wonder if theres a nerve or something exposed [hmmm] although if that were the case i would have thought i would have felt it more i dont know.

DH has had a very close examination of down there and tells me that he thinks the rectocele is back but much smaller. he thinks the size of it now has reduced by 60%. Im sad its back but glad i still work relatively normal if you get my drift.

I occassinally have to place pressure on my perinium when having a BM, i wonder if it will get bigger as time goes by.

Anyway good luck with you op.

And i agree to be a man ....................

georgiegirl2 Sat 19-Sep-09 23:20:11

Hello everyone

I am about thirteen weeks post-op now. BMs normal which is good. Have resumed relations with husband - we don't have much of a sex life because of marriage problems, but we have done it twice. He says it's tighter and feels better for him. I have a small knobbly area at the back of the entrance which is still a bit sore. It was sore for several days after having sex. I'm not happy about it so have an appointment to see my surgeon on Tuesday. He might suggest a minor revisionary procedure. I will post on here after I've seen him.

I posted on here a few weeks ago worried I had lost normal sexual feelings. That feels less of a problem now, but I still don't feel as interested in sex as I did before the op. It's hard to describe but if I think about arousing things it doesn't seem to have much of an effect. I don't know if this is because it's not healed up properly, if it's a psychological consequence of having had surgery 'down there', or if nerves etc were damaged by the surgery. It's complicated because I haven't felt sexually interested in my husband for ages and we are not happy in our marriage, so this probably doesn't help matters. I had hoped that the operation would give me more confidence in that department, but I sometimes feel it has given me less confidence and wish I hadn't had it done. I have hated having to discuss all of it with my husband as well, it feels private and none of his business. He didn't want me to go ahead in the first place (he is insecure and was worried I wanted to get it all fixed so I could go off and ** someone else). This meant I had to explain in more detail than I would wish about the rectocele and the problems it caused me. He kind of had an attitude that my vagina belongs to him and if he thought it was OK then he couldn't understand why I wanted anything changed.

Anyway, all that probably belongs on another thread. I suppose in general I had hoped that having the operation would make me feel good about my body again, like before I had the babies, and it is better since, but I still feel 'damaged'. Whether or not I need another procedure I am thinking of having some acupuncture to try to restore normal sexual feeling and help me feel more confident. Good luck to anyone who has had or is about to have this procedure.

kildare34 Mon 21-Sep-09 10:40:13

Hello Ladies

Should be doing a mountain of ironing but decided to come on to MN instead... very boldgrin

kentmumtj - Best of luck with your next appointment, hopefully it will be resolved once and for all. You've been through the mill but coming out the other side. Fingers crossed you will be seen by your original consultant and he can explain himself!

Georgiegirl2 - Have read your thread as well. I am sorry to hear you are still having a few problems. Good luck with your next appointment.

Plus tell your consultant exactly how you feel i.e. feelings of being damaged/not the same before babies etc. They need to know so that they can be more sympathetic to these type of injuries and help you heal physically and mentally. Best of luck.

Right I think I have said enough! Wheres the ironing

oxob Tue 22-Sep-09 12:39:13

Hello there..I have been grateful of reading these letters before my Rectocele repair, so now i am 1 week post-op i thought i could add a few tips + info of my own to anyone facing this op.
My op took half hour + i was back on ward within 2hrs Packing + cathetar were taken out next am and i had my 1st wobbly walk to the loo(to wee was not painful..just strange)MY WORST PAIN was from trapped wind(partly due to air pumped in you during op,and to eating for the 1st time again) I was very grateful for the wind relief tablets i took in with me.MY WORST MOMENT was doing a poo 2 days after op. I almost fainted...maybe ask for suppositories to help, they offered me them too late! WORST FEAR was that i had got rectocele back after doing 1st poo-but DR examined me(ouch!)and reassured me that hard lump at top of my perinneum were the clump of stitches beneath(so dont panic if you get this) ALSO my Consultant told me NOT to do any pelvic floor exercises until 6 weeks were up as stitches need time to rest and heal! This makes good sense but the physio leaflet i was given in hospital said start them a.s.a.p....a bit misleading!
A few other tips of useful advice : shave fully before i went in (if youd prefer to do it than a nurse) 2.To borrow a donut air cushion...invaluable for the smooth car journey home and i can now sit on a soft chair with comfort! 3.Take a loose nightshirt for each day in hospital. 4.My mobile phone was great to have in hospital(texts from + to friends.) 5Also i took in:Wind relief tablets,Arnica tablets,stool softners, prunes,fruit(DONT get constipated after op and drink LOTS of water)
I came home after 4 days, + i can climb stairs slowly,have short baths,and rest a lot. Luckily my children are at school all day but i would advise anyone to take all help that is offered.My pain is mainly backache now.I am expecting a slow, fragile long recovery but a small price to pay for normality in the bathroom and a life without these problems. Good Luck to anyone pre or post op!

oxob Tue 22-Sep-09 12:49:16

Hello there..I have been grateful of reading these letters before my Rectocele repair, so now i am 1 week post-op i thought i could add a few tips + info of my own to anyone facing this op.
My op took half hour + i was back on ward within 2hrs Packing + cathetar were taken out next am and i had my 1st wobbly walk to the loo(to wee was not painful..just strange)MY WORST PAIN was from trapped wind(partly due to air pumped in you during op,and to eating for the 1st time again) I was very grateful for the wind relief tablets i took in with me.MY WORST MOMENT was doing a poo 2 days after op. I almost fainted...maybe ask for suppositories to help, they offered me them too late! WORST FEAR was that i had got rectocele back after doing 1st poo-but DR examined me(ouch!)and reassured me that hard lump at top of my perinneum were the clump of stitches beneath(so dont panic if you get this) ALSO my Consultant told me NOT to do any pelvic floor exercises until 6 weeks were up as stitches need time to rest and heal! This makes good sense but the physio leaflet i was given in hospital said start them a.s.a.p....a bit misleading!
A few other tips of useful advice : shave fully before i went in (if youd prefer to do it than a nurse) 2.To borrow a donut air cushion...invaluable for the smooth car journey home and i can now sit on a soft chair with comfort! 3.Take a loose nightshirt for each day in hospital. 4.My mobile phone was great to have in hospital(texts from + to friends.) 5Also i took in:Wind relief tablets,Arnica tablets,stool softners, prunes,fruit(DONT get constipated after op and drink LOTS of water)
I came home after 4 days, + i can climb stairs slowly,have short baths,and rest a lot. Luckily my children are at school all day but i would advise anyone to take all help that is offered.My pain is mainly backache now.I am expecting a slow, fragile long recovery but a small price to pay for normality in the bathroom and a life without these problems. Good Luck to anyone pre or post op!

georgiegirl2 Wed 23-Sep-09 16:48:32

I had another meeting with my surgeon yesterday. He examined me and said that the small knobbly area which still feels sore to me doesn't look inflamed. He can't understand why it hasn't healed properly yet (it's been 3 months). He suggested two options...

1)wait and see; in another couple of months it might have settled down and no longer be causing problems.

2)have a minor revisionary procedure where the tags are excised. I could have this under a light general, a local with sedation or a local without sedation, and go home the next day. He reckons recovery time would be minimal in comparison with the procedure I had and I would be 'comfortable within a week'.

I guess there are pros and cons to both options. I want my result to be as good as possible and can't help feeling if I don't get the revisionary procedure done I won't be happy with the result, even if the soreness diminishes. That said, I don't fancy having to recover from another procedure again so soon and I simply can't fit it in right now. I start a full time university course on Monday. Also it will cost about another thousand pounds.

So I am going to wait and see :-(

fijay73 Wed 23-Sep-09 17:37:12

Hi there
I am 6 days post op following repair of rectocele and repair of slight womb prolapse. I am recovering slowly finally managaged to move my bowels today - woo hoo! Thought I was going to need some dynamite!! I am 36 and ended up having to get op done privately as NHS said I would be better off living with the symptoms for a few more years (luckily my DH's job comes with medical insurance). My question is really about the discharge following the op - I'm concerned that I might have an infection but not sure if what I am experiencing is perfectly normal. The first couple of days post op I just had some spotting of fresh blood but when I got home on day 3 it changed to more a liquid type discharge with old blood and a slight smell - which to me, as a nurse, just smelt like old blood. Dont know if it is my imagination or not but I am convinced that the smell has got worse and it is a little gungier looking (sorry for being so descriptive)is this normal or should I contact my GP?
Fiona x

oxob Thu 24-Sep-09 14:51:45

Hi discharge was very similar and i was told in hospital quite usual....i am now day 10 post op but have my period so all has changed. Hope you are healing well...

JanJanJanJan Sun 27-Sep-09 21:45:26

Hi, did anyone have any problems going to the loo after their op. i had mine on Weds and came home today. Feel bloated, been taking lactulose and mevicol but no signs of anything yet. Am frightened of it hurting and straining the stitches. If anyone can advise of their situations please... thanks

oxob Mon 28-Sep-09 11:30:04

Hello janjanjanjan...hope youve managed to go by now....i think however many laxatives you take now do not really help with that initial first BM I find a warm bath then sitting on a cushion for a short while(if you can bear to) or walking around can help get things moving, but i think all of us in hospital after this op were suffering from fear of doing the first BM Have some hospital style gloves and lubrication ready just incase you need them, but hopefully you wont! Once first BM is over you will feel so relieved...though a bit bruised. After that,well i am living off endless fruits+fibre with no "rubbish" food whatsoever....with plenty of lactalose,prune juice,figs,and ground flax seed (linseed) determined not to get constipated whilst the stitches are healing.It is working so far...Hooray!
Good Luck

JanJanJanJan Mon 28-Sep-09 13:58:08

Still not able to go yet. I am on my 6th day now....stomach aching like mad..

oxob Mon 28-Sep-09 14:33:56

Poor you ! I was 6 days before i could go after one of my difficult births.Because that was so awful i stayed in hospital until I had BM after this that suppositries or enema could be available if needed. If it goes on too long I would call your Doctor. I got scared and 'made' myself go in the end..with gloves (dont ask..i was desparate! )I did survive to tell the tale...but it was a bit like childbirth all over again. Keep up with good painkillers for when it happens. I did not harm my stitches, so its amazing what the body can cope with. Good luck again.

kildare34 Mon 28-Sep-09 17:43:16

Hi everyone,

Well, I had my posterior repair done last Wednesday and I got home from hospital yesterday. The operation was very straight forward and a success according to my consultant.

I was very nervous beforehand and I have to say the nurses and doctors were brilliant. Luckily I was first up on the operating table at 8.30 a.m, so no hanging around. I had a general anesthetic and all I remember is waking up in the recovery room and then being brought back to the ward around 10ish(according to the nurse) Spent the first day in and out of sleeping, hooked up to a drip and a catherar. Felt ok but that was the morphene injection working.

The next day, got the drip and the vaginal pack out, I was dreading that part but in fairness to the nurse she was very gentle and it wasn't bad at all. I had the catherar in for 2 days so it was Friday morning before that was taken out and again the nurse was great. I had no problems passing urine and it was great to be able to have a shower.

I also did a little walking to the hospital shop and that was fine - a little tiring but grand. I also wasn't in too much pain due to all the pain killers i was taking. So far so good you may say.... Except I hadn't done a BM yet!

So on Saturday evening I was given a little concoction to get things moving. Didn't work. So the nurse said she would give me some cooled boiled water in the morning for me to drink to get things moving. Didn't happen!! At this stage I am starting to get really anxious because I was dreading the 1st post op BM.

I then requested a suppositry(excuse spelling!) which I was given. Things started to gurgle and move and I made my way to the toilets which were empty. Even to sit on the toilet bowl was pure agony and I could not get comfy and then someone else came into the second cubicle and so for want of a better phrase, my bowel shut up shop!!! I practically shuffled back to my bed and bawled crying like a baby. I got myself into a right state about having a BM. The nurse came down to me and really comforted me and said to relax and that my consultant said that I could go home and that I could do a BM in the comfort of my home!!!!!

So I was delighted I didn't have to hang around hospital trying to do a BM in peace! Anyway my DH and 2 DS came and collected me just before lunchtime yesterday and I was never so happy to see them. However at this stage I was in agony but held it together. By the way I told my 2 DS that mammy was getting a knee operation!

On the way home, DH stopped at the chemist and got all my drugs! We were due to go to my MIL for dinner but I felt too sore so DH dropped kids to her house and came back with me to our house (she lives nereby and we get on great) When we got home, I have to say I had a total meltdown. I was crying like a baby because I was in pain, the drugs weren't working fast enough and I was scared.

Anyway, I did manage to do a BM and it did hurt but it didn't kill me! I think the thoughts of it was far worse than the actual reality. I had a good sleep last night and feel on the road to recovery. Today so far, I have had a lot of rest and all the family are being very supportive especially DH.

I have being reading this thread for the last couple of months and it has been a great help but for some reason, I didn't think I would be so tired and sore. I know its only day 6 post op. Anyway sorry for writing a novel and the TMI but its cheaper than therapy! Take care everyone and I'll post soon. smile

kentmumtj Mon 28-Sep-09 19:44:47

hey guys well your all post op now.

i remeber that bowel movement and it wasnt the first i dreaded but the 2nd 3rd 4th 5th etc etc, must say im ok now though. What i did at the time was wrapped loads of toilet paper around my hand and supported my perinuim as i was convinced i was going to split open which i didnt but it offered me comfort.

I sadly missed my hospital appoitnmetn as the stupid hospital resehduled my appointment with another consultant and i received the letter the day after my new appointment so will probably have to wait weeks again.

you all have to take it easy and rest and take the pain killers if you need them.

I found i drank loads of water to keep my stools soft and it worked

Laine4kids Mon 28-Sep-09 20:33:30

thank you all so much for posting your post op details
I am waiting for my op on 6th jan and have no-one to ask any of this.I'm having a rectocele repair,cystocele repair and vaginal hysterectomy because my womb is heading south too.
Thankfully i have finished my family but istill find it upsetting.
I was wondering if anyone has any idea how long after the op I could go abroad?I really need something to look forward to.
hope you are all recovering well and I think kentmums hospital needs a firework up its neather regions!!

kentmumtj Tue 29-Sep-09 06:52:39

laine4kids hear hear i would say thats what they need to perhaps then they would understand how sore muy neither regions have been grin

well i had my op in Feb i had booked to go paris disney at easter but had t cancel as i was still to sore to join in all the fun rides but did go abraod in August on a lovely relaxing holiday
i guess it depends on your rate of healing as we are all different
how soon would you be wanting to go?

JanJanJanJan Tue 29-Sep-09 09:16:53

Finally managed to go at 5am this morning. Took more lactulose than prescribed and also had a curry for tea. Felt so uch better afterwards. Went again at 8 too. Although it did hurt passing the motion it wasnt as painful as it could have been. Aprehension and nerves can get the better of you I suppose, as time goes can only think its going to be worse than ever. To say I am releived is an understatement.

kildare34 Tue 29-Sep-09 15:18:01

Hi All,

Jan,Jan,Jan,Jan - I am delighted you finally had the 1st BM. It is such a relief to say the least grin. You are right, nerves can get the better of us.

Laine4kids - It is very upsetting thinking of the surgery, but just think of how good you will feel when you are fully recovered. I am heading off on holidays in 6 weeks time and the doctors have said that is perfectly fine for the type of operation I had. Ask the doctor to give you a time frame before you book?

Anyway off to take some painkillers and a cheeky nap! My mother is minding the kids, so brilliant smile

oxob Wed 30-Sep-09 10:42:57

you must feel relieved JanJanJan. I am 2 weeks post-op now and still have an incredible thirst...i know it is good to drink lots of water but i am also waking through the night with such a dry mouth and guzzling bottles of water...has anyone else got such a thirst...maybe its all the lactalose + prunes? Apart from a few headaches i am pain free now...but still taking things slowly. Hope you are all doing o.k. out there.

kildare34 Fri 02-Oct-09 14:06:42

Afternoon everone.

Today I don't feel great. I am still sore and I am getting obsessed with my BMs again. Haven't gone since Tuesday evening. I have started taking laxose since yesterday and drinking plenty of fluids and fruit etc. I am breaking wind and I feel the urge to go but I know I am mentally stopping myself going(if that makes sense) because I know its going to hurt. Can someone tell me when the soreness goes? My doctor told me that it takes 2 weeks. I guess I am just feeling very impatient and teary at the moment. I was doing great during the week and now I feel I am going backwards. sad Please cheer me up! Hope everyone else is feeling well.

oxob Sat 03-Oct-09 15:29:26

Kildare34...sorry you are feeling bad...sometimes i think when you need a bm but cant go it makes the bruising and healing up inside feel worse...keep on top of painkillers...i also found diclofenac tablets good which you can now buy over the counter and my nurse said they were a good painkiller.(but check what you can take them with 1st) Be kind to yourself, rest lots, and good luck

kildare34 Sat 03-Oct-09 21:11:59

Thanks oxob! Feel much better today. The BM's happened a lot today, so much relief! I think the trick is to not allow myself get constipated as that adds to the soreness. I went for a walk with my ds2 and that gave me a boost as a few days ago I wouldn't have been able to do that. Hope everyone is having a lovely and painless

ballsintheair Wed 07-Oct-09 02:45:46

Hello ladies,

Glad your surgeries went well. I'm 4 weeks post rectocele op today and feel great.

Started driving already. Lower the seat of your car ladies it helps reduce the lower belly strain when you raise your toes to work the pedals.
Stitches show no sign of dissolving though, bummer- no nookie for me in two weeks at this rate!

Roary the racing car rubber ring came in to his own for the 1st 2 weks

Oxob, if you're still really thirsty you should get your blood sugar checked by your practice nurse.

Kildare, Keep drinking loads and short walks, prune juice and lactulose twice daily have sorted me out. I've been prone to one Bowel movement per week if I'm lucky prior to my surgery but since my new found paranoia, and regime, i've been at least every other day ! Yeay! Also found it helpful, to do the man thing- just take a magazine, sit on the loo and relax... don't push at all and see if things don't just descend.
FyI I 'm just beginning to sleep less in the afternoons and can concentrate on a whole film this week. Isn't it funny , how the stress affects concentration for so long?

JanJanJanJan Thu 08-Oct-09 12:07:58

Hi, I am two weeks post op now. I am managing to have a BM daily, however I have now been prescribed codeine which can make you constipated so I need to be extra careful with what I eat etc. I have a concern now however, that when I have been to the loo and emptied my bladder and then go to sit down or bend forward slightl I always leak with a rather very offensive smell. Has anyone had the same problem? I attended my GP on Tuesday who said I didnt have any infection.

kildare34 Thu 08-Oct-09 12:47:37

Hello everyone.

Ballsintheair- Glad to hear you are doing so well. It takes time doesn't it! Thanks for the tip regarding driving, that will be me in 2 weeks time,hopefully!

Jan,Jan,Jan - I don't have that problem at the moment but if it continues, maybe ring up the hospital where you had the op and see what they say?

I think I did too much the last fews days as I was feeling good and lured myself into a false sense of security, ie, went shopping,making dinners, collecting kids from school, not resting and then not taking painkillers as I thought I didn't need them as I could start feeling my stiches to itch blush I am an eejit! So yesterday I was totally wrecked.

I know I am stating the total bleedin' obvious!!!! but I can't wait to feel back to normal. It is so frustrating!!

Ok,rant over! Its a lovely sunny day over in Ireland, hope everyone is experiencing the same. smile

oxob Thu 08-Oct-09 13:03:23

Hello JanJanJanJan...I have had a similar problem, and I find I sit on the loo for a while emptying my bladder and having to lean in all different directions to do so.Sometimes I leak a little more as i stand up, but that is getting less and less and i've not had any leakage otherwise. I think a different smelling discharge is quite normal as its all healing up....I am 3 weeks post op now and keep wondering when the stitches start dissolving...i've not noticed any yet.Just enjoyed a nice short walk in the mind wanted to walk for miles, but my body told me not to !
I'm a bit less thirsty now...and managed to sleep my first full night without waking for a wee ..hooray ! Take care everyone x

JanJanJanJan Thu 08-Oct-09 21:57:58

Hi all,
Just to update on my earlier problem. I contacted the hospital where I had my surgery. The nurse I spoke to said it definitely sounded like an infection, to contact my GP again to get some antibiotics which I have now started taking. Hopefully the next few days will show a sign of improvement. Not wanting ti disappoint anyone - I understand that the stitches can take about 4 weeks to disolve. I tried to feel my inside but it is totally impossible at this present time - I can only feel a mass of sticthes at the entrance so will leave that for a while longer I think.
Whilst writing, I would like to thank all people who have posted comments on this site and answered questions I have had. Its great to talk to people who have been through the same as yourself because they know and understand the experience. Thanks again and Take Care.xx

Sawyer64 Thu 08-Oct-09 22:08:14

My stitches seemed to take forever.I had a couple of infections,and still have a slight discharge(TMI?) but GP said this is normal.

I noticed about 3 stitches come away,or part of them anyway,the rest?? who knows.Think mine started at about 3.5 weeks.When I was a Theatre Nurse,I'm sure I remember Vicryl(a mauve linen type stitch material) supposedly taking 21 days plus to be "reabsorbed" or break down and break off.Vicry was commonly used for Gynae ops.

I used a mirror and felt around once I was a month or so Post op.

I had mine done in Feb 09,and feel back to normal now.BM are fine.Sex is ok,although things are tighter and smaller,which is no bad thing,but makes you a little anxious initially.

Glad to hear things are

rosie12 Fri 09-Oct-09 08:57:22

hi im new to this site, i had a cyctocele and rectocele repair on tue 6/10/2009 and so far all is well, i have been waiting 11 months for the op after being refered by my gpthey put my in to physio first for 3 months which did nothing , but now its all done but i havent had any pain from it yet i have had a little feel and i can feel lots of stitches by havent poked too far, it is nice to read the information and advice on this as it s not the thing most people want to talk about

kildare34 Fri 09-Oct-09 09:38:40

Morning everyone

Enjoying a nice bowl of branflakes and a glass of orange juice grin. Regarding the stiches, I am too much of a scaredy cat to have an explore! However, its good to hear when they roughly should dissolve from other people.

Hi Rosie12, its great to hear from other people about their experiences, good,bad or indifferent. That is brilliant you are managing your pain!

By the way is everyone doing their pelvic floor excercises? I am but its hard to remember. I nearly have to write a note to myself to remember!

Anyway have a good day ladies. smile

oxob Fri 09-Oct-09 14:09:29

Hello again..I am leaving doing my pelvic floor exercises until after the 6 weeks are up.This was the advice I had from my trusted Gynae who did my rectocele repair. I did tell him the leaflet we were given from the physio in hospital said to do them, but he insisted I must not exercise the area until the stitches have healed, and they need rest to recover not exercise. Well that is only how he told me but it does make sense...just that i must make sure I do them eventually. I will bring this issue up at my 6 week check, as if it is good advice then its confusing to get a leaflet that says otherwise.
Has anyone else got views on this?
Also does anyone else seem to have a clump of stitches making a slight lump at the start of perrineum near vaginal entrance?
If anyone is having short baths instead of shower I recommend a few drops of tea-tree oil in it to guard against infections.

Keep eating the prunes and sipping that prune juice !!

rosie12 Fri 09-Oct-09 16:04:47

hi i have got the clump of stitches. i havent been told when to resume pelvic floor exercises. i will have to have a good read of my paperwork they gave me. i have been told not to have baths only showers.i will have to get some prune juice too the lactulose is disgusting.

ballsintheair Sat 10-Oct-09 13:15:09

Morning ladies,

Isn't the internet wonderful? What would we do without each other?

I've had hardly any post rectocele op advice at all, I'm not actually sure how extensive my surgery was. On examination I was told I had a small enterocele, that didn't really need too much doing at present ( but I'm a nurse so he agreed that he would do me a service and sort it out sooner rather than later.) Having had the op, he told me on passing, that I actually had a huge rectocele and he didn't know how I had so few symptoms. I can't help but wonder how my huge rectocele was missed on examination by the gynae consultant until I was anaesthetised? I do yoga and have worked hard on my pelvic floor muscles, Maybe that is testomy to how effective they can be and it only showed up after the muscle relaxants? Has anyone else had a similar experience?

Any advice that I did receive was contradicting any leaflets that I'd been issued with. ( Wonder If I got less advice co's I'm a nurse , but gynae is not my speciality) Pelvic floor exercises were too sore initially anyhow, so I started on day one and then stopped pronto lol!

Yesterday I got an appointment through the post for my 6 week check IN 3 MONTHS TIME!!!!

I've been told verbally by the nurses that I need 12 weeks off work as my job can be quite physical! Has anyone else been told this? Hope so ;-D!

How long is it until I can get back to exercise and what type am I allowed to do ? As I'm not being followed up for so long I need all the guidance you've been offered please ladies ;)

Also I was told not to bath for 2 weeks but haven't wallowed yet, only showered, I also have all my stitches firmly in place still and its 5 weeks on Tuesday.

Still feel fine, just worried that I may have undone some of the work due to over doing it as I felt so able! Nothing symptom wise to alert me yet!

We all seem to be having such differing recoveries don't we?

Have a lovely pain free, free flowing bowel of a weekend.

Look forward to hearing from you

JanJanJanJan Sat 10-Oct-09 13:41:12

Hi.......I have a clump of stitches. It felt like the BM was still trying to protrude so I tried to feel. I was advised to do the pelvic floor excercies by both my consultant and physio, however it is difficult due to still being quite painful. Feel rather disorientated today like I have done to much movement. Yesterday, I walked down to the shop and had to sit down on the way back. It took about thirty minutes when normally it would take 5. Just having a coffee then its back to bed for a good rest for me.

loujay44 Sat 10-Oct-09 14:09:52

hi everyone-hav just signed on as i found this message thread when trying to research my op on 16 nov. can't seem to get any info from nhs and the internet ranges from the downright horrifying to stomach churning. hav been told my op will be done as a day case-prev op was to be 22/7 but canx as my BP too high-now on tabs for that-but was booked in for at least one night then. this time they just sent me a leaflet all about their private rooms for hire at £80 per nite! been told mine is not a bad case but not sure how long b4 i can drive again or work-do 3 eves at supermarket with really heavy lifting! can anyone help me with any of this info please

loujay44 Sat 10-Oct-09 14:11:41

hi everyone-hav just signed on as i found this message thread when trying to research my op on 16 nov. can't seem to get any info from nhs and the internet ranges from the downright horrifying to stomach churning. hav been told my op will be done as a day case-prev op was to be 22/7 but canx as my BP too high-now on tabs for that-but was booked in for at least one night then. this time they just sent me a leaflet all about their private rooms for hire at £80 per nite! been told mine is not a bad case but not sure how long b4 i can drive again or work-do 3 eves at supermarket with really heavy lifting! can anyone help me with any of this info please

kildare34 Sat 10-Oct-09 18:54:07

Hi Loujay44/ladies - Welcome to the ever increasing club! Regarding driving, I was told by the hospital not to drive for 4 weeks and it also stated the same in the physio leaflet. No hovvering for 6 weeks (yay!) No sex for 6 weeks(boo/yay - depending on how you are feeling!) No lifting anything more heavy than 1.5 litres or 1 kg in the first 2 weeks and than you can increase lifting to 3 kilos say in 3 weeks. My physio also said if you are doing any lifting/coughing/stretching do a pelvic floor excercise whilst you are at it. I agree there seems to be an awful lot of conflicting advice re when to do your pelvic floor excercies.

Good day today, had a totally painless BM for the 1st time since the op - hurrah!!! The prune juice is the way to go.

Everyone take it easy, I am off to watch strictly come dancing, tape x-factor and watch Ireland v Italy in between! Plus have a few well deserved cheeky glasses of vinosmile

oxob Sat 10-Oct-09 19:13:00

loujay44 hello there..not quite sure if it is a rectocele repair you are having done? I also found this website so useful before and women SO like to talk! I was told at my pre-op to take 6 weeks off for Rectocele op, but that you are entitled to up to 3 months off and might need it...I guess it depends what your job is.
janjanjanjan i also had thought my clump of stitches were bm bulging, but DR convinced me it wasnt...but it is still reassuring to know others have the same result from surgery.
I do not have a shower available at my house, although i was also told showers are best, but they said it is ok to have short, quick baths as a long soak might dissolve the stitches too soon (and i would NOT want that to happen aaarghh)
I also have to walk so slowly on my walks...and have to concentrate so hard to NOT trip up....this is very us all a taste of what life will be like in old age. I also felt very cold out walking, so wrap up warm...cos you cant walk faster to keep you warm!
If you have still got op to come....then feel reassured by most of these messages, I was really nervous, but once you are on the ward the nurses are so nice and it is good to see that there are usually a few of you having the same op that day. You will soon be writing your op story and giving tips to others...good luck x

rosie12 Sat 10-Oct-09 21:14:52

hi all, i am a dental nurse so spend a lot of time on my feet there is also alot of running up and down stairs between surgeries so i have been signed off work for 8 weeks havent been out to get the prune juice yet as i live 3 miles away from the nearest shop and not allowed to drive at present so relying on husband for lifts.I requested an epidural for my op which worked well for me the packing and catheter werent too bad a bit uncomfortable coming out but the nurse did it quite quickly so it was over and done with . i has to have 3 big wees and 3 clear empty bladder scans before they would let me go home i was in for 2 nights which was fine. still no pain im worried i will over do something and not feel it

Sawyer64 Sat 10-Oct-09 21:46:46

Think you mostly get advised to never lift more than 25lbs post op,or in the future.

After a month I think you mostly feel "recovered" just depends if you have to lift at work.I think using the stairs etc. would be fine.

jillycoop Sun 11-Oct-09 02:30:24

I am 9 weeks post op from rectocele reapir with a graft in the posterior section. My privates still feel different, like the inside is still swollen or just not right yet. I feel pelvic pressure that I have not ever really felt before. Like my privates are dragging a little. The surgery went well and the recovery is going okay, but i am surprised it is taking so long to boince back. Did it take anyone else a long time to feel normal (down there) again?

loujay44 Mon 12-Oct-09 17:01:14

thanx all for your replies.

i find it really sad/upsetting that there are so many of us out there and yet it is still such a taboo subject-even with my closest friends.

has anyone else had theirs (rectocele repair) done as a day case? this is my main concern at present although the list is quite long as my date gets nearer.

JMCW Tue 13-Oct-09 10:30:33

Hi Loujay44, had cystocele and rectocele repair last Monday 5th October as a day case. As I am 63 I was a bit worried, but everything was fine. Tip to help with BM, blow your nose when trying to go, works for me along with the lactulose. Best of luck for your op.

JanJanJanJan Tue 13-Oct-09 12:09:23

Hi, as at tomorrow I will be 3 weeks post op. I had a bath earlier and felt a large clump at the entrance so had a look afterwards with a mirror. I have a large ball of sticthes hanging that appear to have desolved leaving a string waiting the final desolve. I did feel a little uncomfortable yesterday which must have been the clump trying to release so to speak. I do still feel quite a dragging sensation but am managing to do a BM quite easily now.

oxob Tue 13-Oct-09 12:17:22

I would be interested to know when they take packing and catheter out if you go home the same day? Usually they do that the next morning, and they asked me to lay flat and still for 1 hour after packing was pulled out to minimise risk of haemmorage. Rectocele repair is still classed as major surgery so i am surprised they will send you home the same day. Is it the hospitals advice or your choice?( as i know some really dislike hospitals.) I felt very safe whilst in hospital, and although you do not get a lot of sleep it felt the right place to be for the first few days. At least you know if you go home you can always phone the ward for any worries or advice....and no doubt use mumsnet !!

JMCW Tue 13-Oct-09 13:41:37

Hi Oxbob, I live near Edinburgh and had my op in local hospital in Haddington, East Lothian. There were no problems with me having packing removed same day, think it was about 4 hours after op. Am going on fine at the moment, don't expect much sleep your first night home, I was going for a wee every 2 hours, but now maybe just once which is quite good. Hope you go on okay.

kildare34 Tue 13-Oct-09 14:59:20

Just as a matter of interest or nosiness! *What were peoples initial symptoms regarding a posterior repair and how long did you wait to go to your GP?*

My symptoms were a heaviness/dragging sensation in my nether regions. I waited about 2 weeks to go to my GP, just because I was a bit embarressed as to what to say! Also I was hoping it would all magically go away! My GP said it was a slight prolapse and if I was an older lady say in my 70's she would just leave it but because I am in my 30's she referred me back to the maternity hospital. This was back in April, got seen by hospital in July and operated late September. Also my 2ds are 6 and 3, so it wasn't like it happened straight after my ds2 birth.

I would love to hear and compare other people's pre-op stories. smile

rosie12 Tue 13-Oct-09 18:36:59

it had been 1 week since my repair andI am feeling good , only had 2 bm since though even with the lactulose but i think it is all in my mind as im afraid im going to split the stitches, i have had a little feel and it seems to be shrinking back which i think is good?. the only thing i have noticed is a smell a bit like sour milk(TMI I know)I dont know if this means its getting infected? but i havent got any pain,i stayed in for 3 days the first day i wasnt even allowed out of bed they said we had to rest so i dont know about day surgery, but even though its not nice to stay in hospital it was good for the rest and reassurance.

rosie12 Tue 13-Oct-09 18:45:48

kildare 34- i am 38 and my childre are 15 and 13 i have been suffering with back ache for years and the doctors didnt really pin down what it was i had problems having bm and had to push with my finger on my perimeum( i think that is how you spell it) to go , my cyctocele was picked up by a the practice nurse during a smear test and the rectocele by the hospital i had a grade 2 cystocele and a grade 3 rectocele the physio said it could be causing my back ache. it has been 1 week since my op and so far havent had any back ache fingers crossed it has sorted that out too

JanJanJanJan Tue 13-Oct-09 21:02:59

Hi, I had my surgery on a Weds and had my pack and cathetar removed on the Saturday morning. My surgeon said they needed to stay in at least 48 hours.
Rosie12- I had a terrible odour last week, went to doctor Tues who said there was no infection showing in my water so spoke to the hospital who said it sounded like I definitely had or was getting one so I contacted GP again who prescribed me with some antibiotics last thurs. The smell has now gone but I still have quite a bit of blood in my urine along with some slight discharge.
Kildare34- I had the dragging sensation and could now go to the loo without assistance as my prolapse was pushing through my vagina. Mine was a severe grade 2. My Ds are 23 and 13. My consultant said they are normally caused with childbirth and with myself being tall I had more pressure on my muscles. Personally I am not convinced as I had never heard of this prior to mine but had a car accident in 2007 where I received a severe back injury and I think this injury caused the onset of mine. I didnt realise how long it had taken me to visit my GP but would advise anyone having problems to go immediately as surgery is avoidable if diagnosed early enough. I was advised 6 weeks no lifting or driving and a further 6 weeks of something else but cant remember what - does anyone know?

LH04 Tue 13-Oct-09 22:10:00

I am new here. I was wondering if anyone had any experience like mine and if anyone had advice.

I had my DD on 4th May after being induced at 39 weeks. She got in distress and was eventually born after failed vacuum with forceps. I then suffered an infection in my tear (was told 2nd degree initially) and episiotomy and was readmitted after 5 days for IV antibiotics. I went to theatre 1 week after DD was born and had all stitches removed to clear infection (wound left open). Had 10 days antibiotics IV and suffered temps of 40 degrees before getting home. Since then in Aug dispite physio for bowel problem (only occured after going back to theatre)have suffered a cytsocele and now last week rectocele. Also went for rectal scan and found have bad 3rd degree tear needing eventual surgery there. Although symptoms there better (now just jet propelled).

I am fed up as seem to be getting worse and wondered if anyone had similar time and also if another baby would be mad. To see private consultant who delivered DD tomorrow. Do not know what best thing is re treatment but will be standing all day when go back to work causes problems at the moment.


loujay44 Wed 14-Oct-09 10:15:50

Hi Oxob,

No, it definitely was not my choice to have day surgery. op originally arranged for july but was cancelled cos my blood pressure too high (stress maybe???) have had lots of trouble getting a new date and when they finally contacted me it was to offer me day surgery-with the option of paying for a "private" room if i wanted to stay. i have been assured that if i am not well afterwards then they will keep me in, so we will see. part of me thinks it will be nicer to be home again that night.

kildare34 Wed 14-Oct-09 10:28:35

Hello LH04 - I am very sorry to hear you are having such a bad time of it. You have been through the mill. Regarding having another baby, no your not mad! I imagine the hospital would suggest a c-section as if you go ahead with the repair surgery they won't want to mess up the good work. Glad to hear you are seeing your consultant tomorrow. Write down all your questions and concerns beforehand, and ask him does he think your labour was managed properly? And he will probably try to wriggle out of that question and say to him would he want his wife/daughter to have these injuries. Absolutely disgraceful.angry No woman should have the injuries that you had after childbirth. Unfortunately since coming on to this thread it seems to be more common place than we would want.

Now its not all doom and gloom I am post op 3 weeks (posterior repair)and I feel I really have turned a corner. Just look after yourself first and be kind to yourself. We are all here for each other but its better to this sorted sooner rather than later.

Hi Jan,Jan,Jan & Rosie12 - Thanks for posting your pre-op stories. Its very interesting to hear about other peoples experiences. Jan- I was told I would drive 4 weeks post op. Its very annoying that we are all told different times regarding certain activites!

Right off to make cup of tea before I combust (I am a bit pmt at the moment) You would never have guessed grin

ballsintheair Wed 14-Oct-09 10:46:11

Morning Ladies,

LHO4 you have had a traumatic time...Hope it gets resolved. I would be concerned if offered day case surgery. I had a posterior repair pack and catheter initially and was an in patient for 5 days. Not too painful post op, managed with IV paracetamol. Make sure you insist on stool softeners, I'm not sure from reading the threads if the nurses appreciate how important they are. As they are prescribed on the ad hoc page, they aren't given unless you ask in my experience.

Kildare, My symptoms :

10lb baby 11 years ago resulted in urgency, when needing to move bowels and an inability to keep tampons in place for about a year. I discussed these symptoms with my GP, and was told that lots of women can't hang on to tampons after child birth !!!

Resigned, I started yoga , pelvic floor exercises and brought some pelvic floor cones.

My symptoms, gradually improved. Except for chronic constipation. I was able to hang on to super plus tampons and eventually subscribed to the benefits of a Moon cup.
(Environmentally friendly menstrual cup)
I found that my internal anatomy differed greatly from the moon cup suggested, route for insertion and I had to post it an awful lot further up , in order to hang on to it at all.

I'm 43 now, hormones are diminishing and I began to notice that during sex I was taking in more air and having more difficulty, maintaining the vaginal tension required to get the best out of the experience (if you get my drift)

Incidentally I have had 3 lovers over the past 10 years ( with my husbands consent and knowledge) He went off sex and I felt damaged and useless. He assured me there was nothing wrong with me and that the problem was him, not me, he is still asexual. I however have had the benefit of my self esteem , being restored pre- op, by lovers who didn't notice a thing and this made me feel less of a freak.

I did towards the end have difficulty evacuating my bowels, as the stool would sit in my rectum, bulge into my vagina and I wasn't able to expel it without pressing on the vaginal wall against the lump.

I'm 5 weeks post op today,had a small infection, that responded to antibiotics and I'm feeling great.
Stitches still all in place (bit disconcerting as my long term lover and I have a weekend away booked soon to christen the repairs )

I have a really physical job, was signed off work for 6 weeks by the hospital, but told my the nurses and physio I would need 12 weeks off as unable to lift before this time. My GP won't sign another certificate until, my Surgeon confirms that I need this time off. Don't even know if he remembers what I do for a living, Occy Health say I need a doctors note. I'm quite disgusted really, I've worked for 25 years for the NHS and now I'm having to beg for sufficient recovery time off, when I'm entitled to it !

Sorry, rant over.
Also sorry for being rather graphic, I think we've all got over the stigma now though surely?

Good luck everyone

oxob Wed 14-Oct-09 10:51:22

loujay44..yes, they will keep you in if needed but make sure you insist to if you do not feel ready to go home. At least there are others on this link who have gone home the same day and all seems ok.
I've had prolapse problems for 11 years, since a difficult back to back delivery and have put up with symptoms for a long time now(lower backache,heavy dragging feelings and assisted bowel movements) I did have another child in between but was advised to have caesarian so as not to make problems worse. I had put off having repair surgery for years, but so glad i finally had rectocele repair, as it just got bigger over the years and i started to realise that once i go through the menopause it could possibly get worse. I have not solved my womb prolapse but have been told i might well need a hysterectomy in about 10 years time. For now i am just relieved to have normal bowel movements!
LH04 ... I hope your appointment went ok today, sounds like you are having a tough time but i hope they offer some reassuring advice/surgery. Good Luck

JMCW Wed 14-Oct-09 14:21:59

Hi Loujay 44 and ladies. Not sure where to begin, my problems started age 35 had to have a hysteroctomy, yes very young I know. Asked my surgeon was this the reason I had got a prolapse, he said no, possibly the delivery of my son did for me. I had anterior repair 3 years ago, I though something was trying to get out of me via the vagina, gave me a fright. This op was again day surgery and lucky for me I had no problems was working at that time and went back to work after 3 weeks. This time the bulge was back bigger and was told this time it was the posterior wall ie, bowel bulging out. After my op I was told he had done a small repair again to the front, but more was done to the back. I am now 10 days post op doing well, BMs fine using the magic liquid and blowing my nose. Good luck to all those who are waiting to have their ops. Personally I was glad to get back to my own home and all home comforts provided by caring husband.

alivewithfive Wed 14-Oct-09 22:07:25

am 19days post op..had both posterior and rectocele repair.....had packing and catheter for 24 hours.stayed 3 nights .
was uncomfortable but not painful. could see stitches externally about five ..
have rested and today managed two dog walks ..also had a d and c and have just finished the worst period i have had in years ,,unexpected. BM ok eating bran flakes prunes and apricots and walnuts .immediately BM were easier and backache has gone.Have rather odd discharge but told normal.I can drive after 3 weeks but no heavy lifting for 3 months.
I am not completely comfy yet but am pleased with the results so far ....... i can toilet eith ease, pee with out showering everywhere and look so tidy again (even with the stitchwork), my back ache has gone and as i had some muscle repair too i can feel my pelvic floor excercises again!! only regret i waited 17 years to brave sorting it out!!!!! i am 46!!!!!

jo1958 Thu 15-Oct-09 13:03:44

I'm a week post repair of rectocele, perineal rebuild and sacrohysteropexy. Most of the pain I have is related to my bowels: I get a severe bruised sort of pain felt deep in my buttocks if i feel like a BM (which are very sluggish despite lactulose and fybogel). The Gp thinks its related to the sacral bit of the op.Has anyone else had this and if so, how long does it last. I ususally have BM daily (but before it was with 'help' from pushing on vaginal wall etc): does all this improve?

kildare34 Thu 15-Oct-09 14:07:07

Hello Jo1958

I had a posterior repair just over 3 weeks ago. I had the exact same type of pain that you describe. It feels like your bum cheek has been used as a punching bag by Mike Tyson! Sorry, thats the only way I can describe it grin According to my consultant and my mil who is a retired nurse its all to do with the bowel/muscles being very bruised after the op. My consultant said it takes that type of pain about 2 weeks to go(which was about right). So don't worry all normal. Keep taking your pain killers regularly. Drink prune juice/water. Eat plenty of fibre/fruit and veg. The BMs will come(pardon the pun) Be good to yourself and well done, you are week post op! smile

rosie12 Thu 15-Oct-09 14:27:46

hi to all , i am now 9 days post op stil stuggling with bm, i am on lactulose, prune juice, activia yoghurt, and now glycerine suppositories, only been 3 times since the op , i still think it is me being afraid of undoing all the work that has been done but i dont have any pain and havent throughout, i am managing to walk about a mile with the dog ( although my dog is very old and slow)a day but i am not doing any lifting,

ballsintheair Thu 15-Oct-09 15:30:46

Well ladies,
It's official, my consultant was finally tracked down by my GP, who said I'm OK to go back to work after my 6 weeks is up!
So I'm following my leaflet religiously in week 6 , not lifting anything heavier than a half full kettle of water etc, blah blah. And in week 7 I'll be officially OK to push patients around on trolleys, lift 12 stone men's limbs during examinations and plastering, bending and crouching to examine ankle injuries and carrying buckets of water around for plaster of paris application.!!!

I'm a little anxious that I may pop something, has anyone survived this level of activity so soon?

Help I feel that I'm being a whuss !

oxob Thu 15-Oct-09 16:08:28 crazy....if they insist you go back and you cant avoid some of these lifts then just try your 1st week and if you are still worried see a different DR and turn on the tears,worries + pain to explain the situation...someone else might be more sympathetic, and at least you can say you've tried. I also go back in a couple of weeks(then will be 6 weeks) but i am hoping to take it easy to start with. I worry about just being on my feet a lot...lots of early nights in bed i think!
jo1958...I also felt that bruised throbbing after BM but that has gone now(4 weeks )
Hope other recoveries are going ok

JanJanJanJan Thu 15-Oct-09 19:45:25

Hi, I am 3 weeks post op.....taking 10m lactulose daily, eating quite sensibly and having 1-2 BM each morning. Cant walk far without being shattered. Still leaking quite a bit with blood through my uretha although the odour has now disappeared with taking the anti biotics. Have a dragging sensation below and feel so much more comfortable sitting/lying. My job is desk based but wouldnt like to imagine having to sit in the same position constantly in the next few weeks.

jo1958 Fri 16-Oct-09 17:03:53

Ballsintheair, i cant imagine how you would go back to nursing so soon: could you see another GP? otherwise you'll have to think about going back then signing yourself off if its too much. I have colleagues who had 8 weeks off (also NHS). My consultant initially said I MUST take off 3 months but in hospital he said 2-3: he gave me a certificate for 3 months so i only need to see GP if i want to go back earlier. Thanks,ladies, for reassurance about pain and BMs.On the up side, I could now do a mid stream urine without doubling up: so the prolapse repair working!!

rosie12 Sat 17-Oct-09 09:53:33

i am an NHS dental nurse and i have been given 8 weeks off by my consultant due to being on my feet alot through the day and i am doing any heavy lifting, i was told the normal time is 6 weeks but i would of thought if you are involved in lifting patients it should be longer, if you go back too soon you could end up back at the beginning needing even more time off.

patches2 Sun 18-Oct-09 23:07:38

Hi. I am nearly 3 weeks post op but am still really sore and very tired. I wondered if any of you are still bleeding as I am - not just a discharge but bright fresh red blood. Is this right after 3 weeks? Or should I call the doc? I was told to be off work 10 weeks - 6 weeks no driving and I only have a check up scheduled in 5 weeks time from now. Really appreciate your comments if this is normal. Thanks!

ballsintheair Mon 19-Oct-09 08:06:12

Hello Ladies,

Thanks for all your advice. I'm trying to increase my activity levels now, (6 weeks tomorrow) I can do most things Vaccuming and mopping OK but lifting buckets, shopping and ironing, still make for a dragging soreness in my lower abdomen. I'm going to make an appointment with GP to explain that I need a little more time.

Have now had nookie, a little bit of a squeeze, but managed to relax and everything was very enjoyable. I actually feel a lot less tight and uncomfortable down there now, I think the stretch may have snapped the remaining sutures into submission, I can't seem to feel them now, Think the ends may have retracted into the wound to dissolve.

Patches, I don't think fresh blood is normal this far on, though you didn't say what your surgery was. I think it's best to get checked out today, rather than wait for appointment.

Have a good week Ladies

LH04 Mon 19-Oct-09 11:27:45

Hi all. I went to the consultant last week and he said taht I should do nothing until I have another baby. (or not have more kids and have the surgery when DD not needing lifted so much) Says that rectocele and cystocele not too bad but I am confused as by afternoon rectocele will hang out. Not sure if this is because I never had my tear restitched after perineal infection.

He said no reason not to have another with the prolapses but worried that they will get worse. Hard to make my mind up.

Has anyone carried a child with a rectocele and cystocele and how was it? If they both totally start to hang out does this do any harm?

Would appreciate advice as do not know what to do surgery or baby (but long for another). sad

patches2 Mon 19-Oct-09 15:40:29

Thanks ballsintheair - I will go get it checked out!
I had a rectocele with mesh op 29/09(through back wall of vagina) - when the packing came out out I bled an awful lot and had huge clots. The gynae said that it might not work as my pelvic floor was very high. I am battling with BM as even though soft(TMI?)they still bulge and are extremely sore. I hope this works as I really don't want to do this again!!!
It is encouraging to hear that many are getting back to normality. Well done!!

rosie12 Tue 20-Oct-09 10:53:31

hi to all , it has been 2 weeks now and everything seems to be getting back to normal i have noticed the stitches coming away but i hope that is just the disolving process. i have had a little feel and everything seems to be holding, still only managing a bm every other day or so but that is better than i had before, and so far i havent had any back ache so thats a bonus too , hoping to start driving next week. or the kids will drive me mad in half term not being able to go anywhere. have a good day to all

JanJanJanJan Tue 20-Oct-09 17:46:46

Hi all, i am 4 weeks post op tomorrow. I wonder if anyone has had a lump to the side of the perenial wall. I noticed more soreness and when touching felt a hard lump beneath the skin - its not like a spot or anything though. I dont know if it could be the mesh that was used. Has anyone any suggestions? I feel uncomfortable with it. If I put little pressure at all it absolutele kills. Other than that, I feel quite normal down below, still unable to feel inside as there are still stiches there. Thanks. Hope everyone else is recovering fine.

kildare34 Tue 20-Oct-09 21:31:24

Hi Ladies

I am 4 weeks post op tomorrow and I am allowed to drive so I can't wait!

Jan,Jan,Jan- Haven't a clue about the lump but you are a braver woman than me. I still haven't had a root around (pardon the expression!!!) I wouldn't have made a good nurse-too squemish!
I am pretty sure it is just part of your anatomy, as I remember when I went to my GP about the prolape, I also had looked/checked myself and found a small lump where you have described. I asked her about and she said it was perfectly normal. When is your check up?

I still have a slight discharge still, nothing offensive but I was just wondering when does it finish. Is it part of the healing process and the stiches getting ready to dissolve?

Ballsintheair- Fair play to ye! Glad to hear that the bedroom department went well for you.wink

Regarding the ironing, have you tried sitting down and lowering the ironing board? My physio told me that was the way to go. Anyway glad to hear you are doing so well.

Thank god for this thread where we can ask and answer questions that we would be afraid/embarrassed in RL.

Hope everybody is doing well. smile

JanJanJanJan Wed 21-Oct-09 08:50:40

Hi Kildaire34,
My check up is on 6th Nov. This lump has only recently appeared. Also, I have already lost 3 stitches. Still since my op. I have a discharge but it is coming from the uretha. I am going to make a GP appointment to get things checked out as I dont think this lump should be there or as sore as it is. Will update later.
Take care everyone.x

oxob Wed 21-Oct-09 16:01:49

janjanjanjan I also have a lump on perrineum, near to vaginal entrance. I am 5 weeks post op but have noticed this lump since the surgery.I was told by my Gynae it is fine,just part of the stitching up....I imagine that cutting away a rectocele is a bit like cutting off an inside out sock...and maybe the sewing up has caused a lump where it has been gathered together...if you know what i mean!!!! anyway men never were the best at sewing!!
My lump is tender to touch,but i've not put pressure on it as i feel it is still healing. I have read of others with this,one who said her lump got sore after sex.Has anyone had this lump that has gone away in time, or is it here to stay?

JanJanJanJan Wed 21-Oct-09 21:34:10

Oxob, Not wishing to alarm you at all but I would get yours checked again. I have been to the treatment room at the hospital today as I couldnt get an appointment to see my GP. I am sorry to say that my lump is an abcess. The on call doctor has taken a swab (get the results Friday hopefully) and I need to attend the hospital on Friday to see my surgeon and have it lanced if necessary. I have also been given some more antibiotics to take....I am so glad I called now and at the same time releived at finding out what the problem is.Take care everyone.xx

oxob Thu 22-Oct-09 13:57:01

janjanjanjan Glad you are getting yours sorted,mine is maybe different as it has been the same since surgery and is not bothering me, but i will keep an eye on it thanks.
Hope everyones recovery is going o.k. Im off for my 1st full-on day out in London tomorrow so hope i cope o.k.(having a restful day today in preparation) smile

ballsintheair Sat 24-Oct-09 09:38:05

Morning ladies,

I have news... having been told by my consultant, who isn't scheduled to see me until 4 months post op, that I would be OK to return to my job, I visited my GP. Actually not mine, she was an elderly locum. She read my notes and I explained that I didn't feel that my consultant appreciated the full physical impact of my job, She laughed, looked over her glasses and said "clearly, he doesn't have a vagina does he?"

Her daughter had the same op a year ago, she told me that she took a good 3 months to begin to feel normal and that she has recently gone back to running and cycling!

I'm now reprieved and signed off for another month yeay!!!Was feeling a whuss there for a while.

I am mostly able bodied now, thanks for the seated ironing advise Kildare, I've got an ironing stool somewhere.

Nookie is fully operational ( and enhanced), bowels, need lactulose and prune juice, but possibly always will, no poking and pushing required any longer. My sutures have vanished into the abyss, they didn't drop out as I had expected but I'm almost unaware of any trace of surgery down the nethers now!

I think the surgical route was definitely the way to go, and would recommend it to anyone.

Thank you for all your support ladies, you've been a godsend

JanJanJanJan Sun 25-Oct-09 05:27:09

Hi all,
Went to see my Consultant/Surgeon on Friday. On examination he advised the abscess was clearing with the antibiotics and there was some inflammation most probably due to the mesh and my body adapting to it being there. A lot of stitches are still in place (4 weeks post op), time will allow them to disolve. Was advised not to have a root and not to resume intercourse for at least another month, (to wait until he re-examines me). I was due to have my follow up on 6th Nov but he has asked me to knock this back a few weeks due to my recent knock backs/problems. He asked when I was thinking of returning to work which I replied when he said it was OK to do so. I am not to return until I have seen him again which is on 27th Nov and he re-examines me to ensure all is well etc. He doesnt want his hard work being undone for the sake of a month, neither do I. I have started bleeding a little where one of my stitches was so think I must have overdone something so need to take further rest. I am still a little sore when having BM but things are getting better. The operation has been so successful as far as BM and the prolapse feelings are. I am so glad I had it done. Take care all. xx

JanJanJanJan Sun 25-Oct-09 05:34:34

Hi all,
Went to see my Consultant/Surgeon on Friday. On examination he advised the abscess was clearing with the antibiotics and there was some inflammation most probably due to the mesh and my body adapting to it being there. A lot of stitches are still in place (4 weeks post op), time will allow them to disolve. Was advised not to have a root and not to resume intercourse for at least another month, (to wait until he re-examines me). I was due to have my follow up on 6th Nov but he has asked me to knock this back a few weeks due to my recent knock backs/problems. He asked when I was thinking of returning to work which I replied when he said it was OK to do so. I am not to return until I have seen him again which is on 27th Nov and he re-examines me to ensure all is well etc. He doesnt want his hard work being undone for the sake of a month, neither do I. I have started bleeding a little where one of my stitches was so think I must have overdone something so need to take further rest. I am still a little sore when having BM but things are getting better. The operation has been so successful as far as BM and the prolapse feelings are. I am so glad I had it done. Take care all. xx

StickyFloorsHappyChildren Mon 26-Oct-09 22:24:08

Man, this thread is godsend lol! I am seven days post op and still have so many questions.

I am 33, given birth to three big babies and have done heavy lifting all my life. Had a posterior repair done publicly (in Australia). Catheter and pack removed second day, no probs. A few probs with first BM but all ok now. Had bad probs with low blood pressure, worsened by the pain relief given to me which mean t an extra day in hospital. Home now (YAY!) but still so sore!

In fact, my pain seems to have increased with a new stabbing pain on one side of my labia. I am also worried my discharge is smelly. Pardon the frankness, it smells like old period (like an old pad/napkin). Light brown in colour. Do ppl think this is normal? With that and this new pain I am worried I may have an infection.

Not doing much, hurts too much to move around and to sit! With six kids everyone is telling me to enjoy teh forced rest!

Was given so little information on recovery (just what I gleaned from the net really) that stumbling on this forum is just wonderful. SO may ladies willing to share their stories. Being so young (well according to all the specialists I am lol!) i don;t have many friends etc with stories to share!

Thanks for any advice and good luck to all those still in ther post op!


StickyFloorsHappyChildren Mon 26-Oct-09 22:25:14

Man, this thread is godsend lol! I am seven days post op and still have so many questions.

I am 33, given birth to three big babies and have done heavy lifting all my life. Had a posterior repair done publicly (in Australia). Catheter and pack removed second day, no probs. A few probs with first BM but all ok now. Had bad probs with low blood pressure, worsened by the pain relief given to me which mean t an extra day in hospital. Home now (YAY!) but still so sore!

In fact, my pain seems to have increased with a new stabbing pain on one side of my labia. I am also worried my discharge is smelly. Pardon the frankness, it smells like old period (like an old pad/napkin). Light brown in colour. Do ppl think this is normal? With that and this new pain I am worried I may have an infection.

Not doing much, hurts too much to move around and to sit! With six kids everyone is telling me to enjoy teh forced rest!

Was given so little information on recovery (just what I gleaned from the net really) that stumbling on this forum is just wonderful. SO may ladies willing to share their stories. Being so young (well according to all the specialists I am lol!) i don;t have many friends etc with stories to share!

Thanks for any advice and good luck to all those still in ther post op!


JanJanJanJan Tue 27-Oct-09 07:32:51

From my experience it could be that you have the early stages of an infection. I had similar symptoms a couple of weeks ago and was prescribed antibiotics.Last week, I had an abscess which I am taking further antibiotics for. I am 5 weeks post op tomorrow, still get tired and can only manage a 15-20 minute walk. Have as much rest as possible. Good Luck.

rosie12 Tue 27-Oct-09 08:21:32

hi to all
i am 3 weeks post op today and feel great i am managing an hours walk and i am hoping to start running again next week, i have noticed quite a few stitches comming away but everything is still holding, and my back hasnt been aching either , things seem to have settled in the bm department, and i am driving again.i feel a bit of a fraud as i still have 5 weeks left off work and feel fine,i have my post op appointment on 19 th november, i think i have been quite lucky though as i havent had any pain from the surgery at all, but i did have a funny smell to start with but that went after a couple of days. i bought some feminine wash with cammomile in it and a soft baby sponge just to wash that area and it seems to have kept every thing ok ,

RuinedandUpset Wed 28-Oct-09 09:36:32

I have lots of damge from a forceps delivery. All my pelvic organs have fallen and I have a rectocle and a mild cystocle. I have been told that I'm not bad enough for a repair, they go on about failure rates and painful sex problems from the procedure.

Has anyone with these issues had pain in that general area, it is worse if I stand for a long time? If so has the surgery helped or hopefully cured that? Also a TMI question now- did anyone feel really big inside and was that helped by the corrective surgery.

BotoxQueen1 Wed 28-Oct-09 10:28:37

Am 41 with three children and have been diagnosed with a rectocele. My surgery is booked but i am really worried about post op pain and painful sex afterwards. Does it hurt forever?

BotoxQueen1 Wed 28-Oct-09 10:29:51

Hi there, how re you feeling now? My surgery is booked for January and am relly scared.

BotoxQueen1 Wed 28-Oct-09 10:35:10

Your message was sooo positive , i have to tell you that it has inspired me to almost definitley (still very scared) go ahead with surgery. Due rectocele repair in Jan, but the painful sex issue has really worried me. Do they mean painful forever? I've only just remarried and don't want more issues after op.

BotoxQueen1 Wed 28-Oct-09 10:38:51

Hi Ruinedandupset, my Gynaecologist described my vagina as BAGGY after she examined me. I was mortified! lol.x

JanJanJanJan Thu 29-Oct-09 07:17:49

Ruinedandupset - I was first diagnosed with a Cystocele & Rectocele and booked in for Physio where I was taught a different pelvic floor excersise different than the normal one used after given birth. These helped tremendously withmy bladder resulting in me not requiring surgery for the cystocele however I must continue with them.

BotoxQueen1 - I am 6 weeks post op today. I havent had sex yet as my consultant advised to wait until my next examination which is end Nov....I don't feel it would hurt at all to be honest, it's just I still have quite a lot of stitches in place and for obvious reasons do not want them disturbed. From readind as many posts as I could find I too was pretty scared of the after pain but having had the operation, I would descrbe it as uncomfortable not painful.

I felt a large bulge of excess skin inside before hand but cannot feel this whatsoever now. I am so glad I had the surgery and if I was to have it again I wouldnt be scared at all.

Good Luck.

RuinedandUpset Thu 29-Oct-09 09:58:34

Does anyone feel like this woman in this programme? I'm not as bad as this woman, I don't have the leaking issues but her emotional reaction and how "it" feels to he is the same for me. I can't find the follow up consultant with her. Obviously I hope it went great. I was told that it could be painful forever. /

savanskisan Thu 29-Oct-09 10:39:48

Hello, I have just joined Mumsnet although I am now a 62 year old Grandmother! I had a posterior repair on the 19th Oct. Before I had the operation, I had no problems with my bowels, but plenty with my waterworks. Got cystitis frequently and wee`d a lot!! I also had a bulge on the right hand side in the cleft of my leg near my vagina. This was my bowel (I think). The whole point of having the op` was for the bowel to be pushed back. However, I can still feel the `lump` there, and am terrified that it hasn`t been done properly. Anyone else got the same problem?

ballsintheair Thu 29-Oct-09 11:05:03

Hello ladies, read my threaded bits from further down. Lots of TMI!!! Like Rosie's they should reassure you.
No pain, no sutures, no problems. Feel fantastic, sex is amazing.
I'm now7 weeks post posterior (rectocele) repair.
My advise is to go for it - get your lives back.
In my experience we put up with the symptoms for so long that we forget what normal feels like.
Good Luck

rosie12 Thu 29-Oct-09 17:24:26

i am 3 weeks and 2 days post op i havent had sex yet waiting til after my post op but i dont think it wil be painful as it doesnt hurt at all when i have had a poke about to feel if there are any stitches still there i am so glad i had the operation and would have it done again without hesitation if needed.there was a ridge where the rectocele was repaired but that seems to be shrinking too.

kildare34 Fri 30-Oct-09 18:08:13

Evening Ladies

Just checking in to see how everyone is doing. I am just over 5 weeks post op and I have to say I feel great(touch wood). I am back driving now which is great and don't feel tired anymore. Bowel movements are much improved. Haven't had sex yet but another week or so to wait. I expect to feel like a born again virgin grin Sorry, TMI!!!

Moving on swiftly!!!, I would recommend this type of surgery. Get your life back, to echo Ballintheairs sentiments. My tips/advice for pre op ladies is (in no particular order)
1) Make sure you drink plenty of water/prune juice to keep your bowels going. Do not let yourself get constipated.
2) Take any help that is offered to you. You will feel tired after the op.
3) Be kind to yourself.
4)Do not be afraid to have a bowel motion after the op.(see my earlier posts!) You will not burst the stiches!

Anyway have a good weekend smile

totallyawesome Fri 30-Oct-09 19:50:32

with apologies in advance for a thread hijack, but....

at what point did the docs decide for you that it was time to operate?

I ask because I was told a few months back that I have a cystocele. I was sent away with a leaflet on pelvic floor exercises. A few months down the line I feel no improvement. In fact, I feel even more uncomfortable - for want of a better word, I feel "full". I've got another appt at the docs on Monday to see if I can get any sense out of them.

I have no idea if the cystocele I have is serious. Can any of you ladies help me out?

JanJanJanJan Sat 31-Oct-09 06:03:04

Hi Totallyawesome,
I was first diagnosed with both a cystocele and a rectocele. Attended physio and was given pelvic floor exercises but different than the normal ones you do when you have given birth. Me doing these resulted in me not requiring surgery for the bladder but still needed it for the bowel. Ask the GP what stage your Cystocele is at as I understand there are different grades depending on how bad it is, I dont however think it is serious. Good Luck.

KKIER Sun 01-Nov-09 19:25:06

I'm 48 on Wednesday. Had vaginal hysterectomy and pelvic floor repair (front wall) 3 yrs ago which cured stress incontinence probs.
Problems with BM since. Need to assist or use enema to evacuate. Feel tired and achy lots of the time.
Having op on 25 November to repair large rectocele and entroceles. Hopefully I'll begin to get my life back. Have been reading other posts and it helps to know I'm not alone.
Will post re progress.

JanJanJanJan Sun 01-Nov-09 20:49:59

Pardon my ignorance but what is an entrocele?
Good luck re your surgery. Today - I feel great. Hope everyone else is doing fine...

StickyFloorsHappyChildren Sun 01-Nov-09 21:33:09

Hi All,

How is everyone going. I am two weeks post op today. Woun dup back in hospital for a few hours last week with a mild viral infection which some rehydration and anti nausea drugs helped with.

Was feeling good over weekend but pain increasing again this morning. Feels like my knickers are caught or a pubic hair is pulling. Did anyone else have that sensation?

Got adventurous this morning and went exploring so to speak, it feels like I have this lump on my vaginal wall, firmer than the original rectocele and smaller. But it is very distinct. If it is just eth stitchinng then I am seriously deformed and sex is gonna be an issue! Worried it may be an abcess like someone else had on here (Janjan was it?).

STill have discharge, SOOOO over wearing pads/sanitary napkins/whatevr you call them where you are from lol. When did most people 'dry up'?

Hope everyone is on the mend or looking forward to being on the mend!


JanJanJanJan Mon 02-Nov-09 06:26:35

Hi Em,

The pulling sensation you have is probably the stitches tightening up. I did have a lump that was an was very tender to touch and I mean tender. The area was inflamed also. There is also another lump in the same area which I think is part of the internal stitching but this has shrunk quite a bit now. I still have a lot of stiches inside (had a little feel yesterday). My discharge stopped at about 5 weeks post op but expect everyone to be different. Bearing in mind, we don't really know what the surgeons have done inside us, there may be a lot of swelling that needs to settle.

rosie12 Mon 02-Nov-09 10:23:45

morning ladies, i am 4 weeks post op tomorrow, i didnt have a lump but a sort of ridge it felt like it had been very roughly sewn together but it was painless. i wondered at the time if it would always be like that but i am glad to say it has all shrunk back there is only a little ridge there now but it has only been 4 weeks, my discharge stopped after a week and it has been fine

oxob Mon 02-Nov-09 11:26:28

Hi there I am almost 7 weeks post op and now feel great. Still get quite tired but i am so glad i had repair done for a big rectocele. I still try hard not to get constipated, and sometimes sitting on the loo i have to remind myself not to assist my BM When slightly constipated it would be so easy to fall back into old habits and i do not want to do anything to encourage a new rectocele back.
I also had a lump where stitches were, but it has reduced loads, although i can still feel it when i am sitting on the loo, but it does not bother me.
I would encourage anyone to go ahead with this repair. I spent all summer dreading it but that was probably the worst bit, the op and recovery have all been straightforward and i think this thread helps any of our recoveries a lot...just to know you are not alone! Good Luck xx

KKIER Tue 03-Nov-09 22:11:02

Hi Jan Jan Jan Jan
Entrocele is a prolapse of the small bowel. Try googling for more info.

smegc Wed 04-Nov-09 13:48:05

HI Ladies, has been very reassuring to read these posts and wish I had read them ages ago. I had surgery for a rectocele 5 weeks ago. Was so worried about getting it done as had read so many scare stories. I have been fine and pain has been pretty minimal. I have had infection and have been on 3x antibiotics but apart from that it has been fine. I can identify with the pain and pulling some of you have talked about but my Doctor reassured me after checking that is is just the stiches tightening up the muscle (does feel like someone is slowing trying to pull a hair out in the same place one at time!! - only lasted 4-5 days 3 weeks post op). Dr has been fantastic and been able to contact her on her moby anytime I am concerned! Not sure how things will feel in a month or so but all ok so far....

ballsintheair Wed 04-Nov-09 23:30:13

Hello Girls,

I am now , hmmm! just over 9 weeks post op rectocele repair.

Fully recovered, I don't feel worried about lifting or stretching, but crouching for long periods is still a no. Bowels are even thinking about spontaneous expulsion these days ! (not in an incontinent way, in a normal un- assisted by physical or chemical intervention way).
Have a deep scar like ridge internally, but it all works like a teenager , from what I remember ;)

Over the last two days and without having had sex, to aggravate anything, I have one small sore area that has developed around my vaginal opening over an area of incision. It looks like it may not be fully healed and yet it was initially.
Has anyone else had similar, I wonder if it could be my body ejecting some suture material it can't digest but it seems strange to develop problems this far down the line?

Glad your all doing well

JanJanJanJan Thu 05-Nov-09 06:46:33

How has everyone got their energies back? I was allowed to drive yesterday as was 6 weeks post op. Drove to GP's which is literally two miles down the road, by the time I got back I was absolutely shattered so ended up back in bed sleeping until late afternoon. I feel fine most days, still have loads of stiches inside that havent desolved yet. Has everyone else thats over 6 weeks post op lost their stitches now? What happens if they don't desolve? Am managing to to BM quite easily each morning and its great not having to aide this. Hope everyone else is doing fine.

jo1958 Fri 06-Nov-09 08:46:41

well, I'm 4 1/2 wks post op and only lost 1 stitch so far!. I've got one just inside my perineum which looks like it might be healing around it which will leave a hole. I keep thinking about taking it out but as i had perineal rebuild as well as post repair and abdominal uterine prolapse surgery, I don't want anything to unravel!!I've still got quite a lot of aching between my vagina and buttock after BM and if standing or walking for more than 40-50 mins. Dunno which bit of the surgery caused that though.
On the up side everything is working well, lots of fibre in diet and fybogel still ( so maybe some of the discomfort is gas!)

septemberbabe Mon 09-Nov-09 16:57:58

Hi, had posterior repair surgery nearly 4 weeks ago. The procedure went fine and I was only in hospital for 2 nights. Pretty sore and sorry for myself on discharge, but luckily have lots of help at home. Told to take Paracetamol and Ibuprofen as needed, but had to ask GP for something stronger. Given Co-codamol, good for pain but made me badly constipated - which you don't want!
Started to bleed really heavily 10 days post op, but then stopped as quickly as it started. Still feel tired and soon know if I have overdone it. Back to GP this week and will ask for another sicknote for 2 -3 weeks. My job is physically and emotionally tiring and I want to recover properly before going back. We are all so different, but its reassuring to know there are so many of us out there!

poodlelover Tue 10-Nov-09 17:45:58

I am so happy to read that some other ladies are still sore 4 weeks after their posterior repairs. Not that i would wish pain on anyone but I was begining to get worried as i am 4 wks post op today and i am still sore, so I am glad that this is normal for most of us.
I also had a vaginal hysterectomy and anterior repair on June 23rd 09, my doctor said he was going to do all three repairs as i call them the front middle and back. But he decided not to go ahead with the posterior repair during my operation because he said I was too small. I was devastated as this was my major complaint. However at my 6 week check up he decided as my rectocele was so bad he had no choice but to operate again on October 13th 09.I have been out of action for so long now, as both recovery periods are so long. I am back to see my doctor next Wed Nov 18th, I can not wait to get my life going again. There is a possibility I wont be able to ride again after having these 2 operation, it is a big price to pay. But I am getting on a bit now so I can live with it I hope. Best of Luck to all you other ladies out there going through this, thank you all for taking the time to write here, as i do not feel worried anymore..........

JMCW Thu 12-Nov-09 18:31:39

Hi all, am now 5 weeks post op and am really one of the lucky ones, no real problems. Still get twinges and pulling inside when I am in my bed but apart from that getting on fine. I have been advised by my GP not to look after my grandsons until the 8 week mark, as they are only 18 months and 23 months old, so there will be quite a bit of lifting. I help out 2 days a week, but I know it will be tiring, husband helps out on one of the days. Oh to win the lottery so my daughter need not work, oh well. Nice to hear that most of you are goin on fine.

JanJanJanJan Fri 13-Nov-09 05:05:35

Hi all,
I am 7 weeks post op now and feel fine. Still get tired pretty easily but am improving day by day. BM seem normal now too. Taking a glass of prune juice 2-3 times a day along with the lactulose has definitely helped. A number of stitches are still to desolve. The "dragging" sensation I had when standing for a longer period has now gone too. Take care. xx

septemberbabe Fri 13-Nov-09 10:02:27

Hi, GP gave me a sick note for another 4 weeks (will be 8 weeks post op by then), but I don't think I'll need that long. Feeling stronger each day. Haven't driven yet, but think I will give it a go in the next couple of days.
Lost first stitch yesterday. Tempted to frame it, but if the reaction from my significant other is anything to go by...... perhaps not!
Still got the 'dragging' feeling if I stand too long, but glad to hear that goes eventually. Still taking paracetamol and ibuprofen morning and evening, but nothing for BM which is all fine. Making sure I get my 5 a day though.
Sympathy with JMCW. My 2 grand daughters 3 years and 13 months are having to get used to nanna getting down to them and not lifting them up.
I'm sure it will all be worthwhile though and I can't wait to get active again and walk, cycle etc!

JMCW Fri 13-Nov-09 17:21:10

Hi all, thanks to septemberbabe. Am I the only one never to have seen any stitches, never seen a one, is that good or bad anybody know.

JanJanJanJan Sat 14-Nov-09 08:30:59

JMCW - I could only see one stitch at the beginning which was at the perenial repair area. All the others were inside.

jacqs62 Sat 14-Nov-09 09:35:48

I am just over 2 weeks post op.

I have alot of pain in the backside area and some nights it wakes me up or i can't sleep and get comfortable.

The stitches don't bother me and i don't know i have them it is the BM even when soft it is soooo painful, it makes me feel like screaming or passing out.

I have paracetamol and anti inflamotories, i try not to take the codeine as they can make you constipated - i also take movicol twice a day still due to the pain.

It hurts in my buttock area (i think) when i walk or sit.

is this normal?

JanJanJanJan Sat 14-Nov-09 19:10:57

Hi, your symptoms do seem normal. I suggest you ask your GP for some lactulose too as this sort of "greases" your insides and makes it easier for the motion to pass. On the plus side, it does get easier and less painful. Also, ensure you take plenty of rest. I understand the bowel doesnt like being intefered with and can go into spasm during surgery so takes a little time to re-adjust. Good luck.

jo1958 Sun 15-Nov-09 09:53:55

Hi jacqs62, I had exactly your pain: could have done with Entonox! ur at the worst: it'll start to get better soon. I took lactulose, fybogel and movicol and ate loads of hi fibre stuff, loads of water (as advised on this thread, thankyou).The pain slowly improved- don't miss any pain killers. I'm 5 1/2 weeks now and pretty comfy tho still fixated with soft motions!! Hang on in there asnd good luck.

jacqs62 Sun 15-Nov-09 12:34:27

Thank you for your replies.

I am off to the docs tomorrow for more painkillers and also more movicol - i will see if they will let me have the other stuff too.
It seems to be worst later in the day and then into the night.

Walking is a bit easier, but the aching in the buttock area is a bit scarey

thanks again

brainfog Sun 15-Nov-09 12:55:48

Hi Jacqs62, i am 12days post op for anterior repair and im having the same pain(discomfort) my buttocks & bottom of my back are killing me at the min im just taking paracetamol & ibruprofen but i feel like crap. It started last week but though it was due to the fact me period would have been due but it came back with avengenous(sp) today along with few stomach cramps and leg ache. I too was thinking of seeing gp justto get some other painkiller. Let me know how you get on with yours. I was thinking about having a walk to the school tomorrow(10mins) but am really having second thoughts now.

jo1958 Sun 15-Nov-09 16:23:50

jacqueline, i presume you had a posterior repair: if you think how far up your vaginal wall the rectocele was and that this area has now been been cut and stitched big time any bruising will be pressing directly where you are getting the pain (if its the same as mine). I assumed I probably had a haemotoma which takes ages to absorb but it always throbbed for ages after a BM and when i'd been stood up for any length of time.It seemed to go quite suddenly at 4-5 weeks although it had been improving steadily from 2-3. hope this helps. jo

jacqs62 Sun 15-Nov-09 17:59:35


I have had a few short walks out now. I take it gentley, with no rushing. I overdid it one day, by going for a short walk then to the supermarket. I had to stop and rest on a wall for a while and I paid for it later. The pain comes on though with just sitting. I sort of think it's when my BM are starting to "work" - they haven't done that for years and years, so it must be a shock to the system.
I also didn't really realise how big an operation it was - and what it involves
thank you for all you support

RisiM Sun 15-Nov-09 19:20:02

what a great place this is, had posterior prolapse repair and tvt almost 3 weeks ago, can anyone tell me when the need for pant liners will go, and what about the dragging feeling - I'm fine in the mornings, but gravity seems to get the better of me as the day goes on. The lack of energy and ability is amazing - how the body can change after an hour in theatre! I could sleep for England.

KKIER Sun 15-Nov-09 19:33:58

Hi Ladies
Had my pre op assessment on Tuesday for op on 25 Nov. I'm terrified. Previous op 2006 and aftermath still fresh in my mind. Good to express my fears on this site.

jacqs62 Sun 15-Nov-09 21:04:39

best wishes for 25 november - you've done it once and can do it again. The worst bit is the waiting for the operation I found....I can handle the pain and discomfort and finding sites like this certainly helps

rosie12 Mon 16-Nov-09 10:46:36

morning ladies
i am 6 weeks post op tomorrow i feel really lucky after reading some of your experiences i had a grade 2 cystocele and grade 3 rectocele repair and i have had no pain or discomfort at all since the op i have been walking the dog since week 2 and i am now back to the gym and running a 2 miles 3 times a week i still have 2 weeks left off work i have been told by my employer that i cant go back before the 8 weeks i was signed off for by the consultant as there insurance wouldnt cover me. BM are getting there slowly but surley and i have had sex which was fine not painful at all. i hope this reassures some of you ladies that are awaiting surgery,i have my 6 weeks post op check on thursday.

JMCW Mon 16-Nov-09 12:03:33

Hi ladies I am now 6weeks post op and everything good. To Kkier best of luck, I know how you feel I had anterior repair also in 2006, am sure you will be fine remember and not eat much the day before that worked for me. I have stopped lactulose and now on half a sachet a day of fibogel, seems to be working ok. Best of luck to all who are still recovering.

kildare34 Mon 16-Nov-09 19:53:23

Hello Ladies

I am nearly 8 weeks post op (posterior repair)this Wednesday. I had my post op checkup with my consultant in the hospital today and he is very pleased with the results. So, I am absolutely delighted and relieved! Best of luck to everybody pre and post op. It is worth in the

jacqs62 Tue 17-Nov-09 15:22:05

I am so pleased to read that it has all been worth while. I am sure mine will be too - I go for my check up at the end of Decemeber.

I went to the doctors yesterday and got some stronger pain killers and some lactulose?

After a BM I am still in pain, but i'm sure it will improve.

I have Still got 3 weeks off work (if i take the full 6 weeks~)

kildare34 Tue 17-Nov-09 17:56:44

Hi Jacqs62

I've just re-read your posts on the thread and I am glad you went to your GP and got stronger painkillers and most importantly the stool softner! I had the exact same type of pain as you and you will definitely see a change in week 3/4. Best of luck and it does get better! Don't miss any painkillers and don't let yourself get constipated!!!

KKIER Tue 17-Nov-09 21:05:37

Thanks ladies for your words of support.
I am having op outwith my local NHS Trust by consultant gynaecologist (very highly recommended) and colorectal surgeon (also highly recommended).
I would advise anyone else to ask to be referred to joined up uro/colorectal/gyn team.
Finishing work on Friday and won't be thinking about returning until March. My sister doing Christmas dinner.I usually do New Year but may just get a carry oot this year!
Can't wait to be rid of bowel problems, piles, pain and general low self esteem.
Will keep all posted on my experiences. Hope your recoveries continue to be positive.

KKIER Tue 17-Nov-09 21:07:17

Thanks ladies for your words of support.
I am having op outwith my local NHS Trust by consultant gynaecologist (very highly recommended) and colorectal surgeon (also highly recommended).
I would advise anyone else to ask to be referred to joined up uro/colorectal/gyn team.
Finishing work on Friday and won't be thinking about returning until March. My sister doing Christmas dinner.I usually do New Year but may just get a carry oot this year!
Can't wait to be rid of bowel problems, piles, pain and general low self esteem.
Will keep all posted on my experiences. Hope your recoveries continue to be positive.

septemberbabe Wed 18-Nov-09 11:41:51

Hi all,
I now realise at one day short of 5 weeks post op, that it is easy to become impatient and expect too much too quickly.
I am definately getting better, but I still take painkillers when I need them. My consultant said it would take 6-8 weeks for the aches and pains to go and a full 3 months before I got my previous energy levels back. I know when I have done too much because I get that stabbing pain in the perineal area.
It's great to read the positive messages from everyone though. I don't think I fully appreciated how much this rectocele was affecting my life, so definately worth having the op!

jo1958 Thu 19-Nov-09 11:34:35

well, i've seen my consultant and he's cleared me back to work mid december when i'll be almost 10 weeks (had abdo prolapse repair as well as rectocele). Initially gutted as thought i was off for xmas(1) but TBH will be fine. If i didnt have a heavy job I could go back now. Luckily, work for NHS so am doing staged return for which I'm grateful AND get christmas off. It's all definitely been worthwhile: all working well, sex is fine and all that horrible buttock ache all gone so hang on in there and good luck for those with it all to come!!

jo1958 Thu 19-Nov-09 11:37:51

oops, that's meant to be ! after christmas not 1

rampoozle Thu 19-Nov-09 22:29:10

Hi everyone. I'm new to this forum, although I did check this thread out before my op. It's 3 weeks today since I had a rectocele and cystocele sorted out. I'm still getting fresh blood, as well as less fresh, and the discharge is a bit smelly. Not sure if I'm being over-sensitive about this or if it is something that needs sorting...?!?!

Also surprised at how doing so little can still make me feel shattered. I'm normally a very active and fairly fit person, which makes it even harder. My consultant gave me a 6 week sick note which I'm hoping to extend to run up to Christmas when I've got leave booked anyway.

One last thing - I've been told I don't need a follow up appointmnet - has anyone lese been told the same?

This forum was great when preparing for my op, so thanks to all!

RisiM Fri 20-Nov-09 14:43:49

Hi rampoozle, I had pp repair on 27 Oct, also like you get little bit of blood, discharge getting me down but seems to be easing in the last couple of days - maybe because I have done less. Have got follow up appt but it's at 8 weeks. Hope to be back at work b4 that (sick pay is not enuf).
Can't imagine being able to walk dogs yet, glad I'm not the only knackered one, putting on weight not helping - sitting about drinking hot chocolate with a bikkie.

JMCW Fri 20-Nov-09 19:14:41

Hi rampoozle, I had first cystocele op 3 years ago and like you bleeding for around 3 weeks, went to GP and was given antibiotics that did the trick. I was not offered a follow up appointment either, so went to my own GP as I had a few questions to ask him. Best of luck

JMCW Fri 20-Nov-09 19:15:03

Hi rampoozle, I had first cystocele op 3 years ago and like you bleeding for around 3 weeks, went to GP and was given antibiotics that did the trick. I was not offered a follow up appointment either, so went to my own GP as I had a few questions to ask him. Best of luck

loujay44 Sat 21-Nov-09 14:13:57

hi everyone-not been on here for a while as was too scared right b4 op to read anymore about it all!! had 2nd degree rectocele done on 16 nov and all ok at moment. BM seems fine after 3 days and fibogel (didnt get on with lactulose) felt a bit like i was gonna get thrush last night which panicked me. no follow up given but seeing gp nxt wk-mainly to sort out my sick notes. consultant told me immediately b4 op that i wld not be able to do my job again-only wrk p-time 3 eves stacking shelves but wiv cheese/butter-real heavy stuff! not sure how i'm suppose to deal with work on this-will talk to gp. also-ever since op have had heart racing palpitations-thought it was pain killers but not had one since last night and still like it??? there needs to be more info-at pre-op they were still telling me i was coming home on same day-then consultant said wld need catheter and wld be in over night which was fine but could have panicked me! dont know how much to do or not to do-sorry, don't mean to moan on-fine really but husband is not the sort to discuss this kind of thing!

KKIER Sat 21-Nov-09 14:49:41

Hi Loujay
Read your post and feel for you. Re' work - it may be useful to contact citizens advice about your rights.
You may consider also contacting your HR department to inquire about taking on a role within work which wouldn't require heavy lifting.
I'm so glad I'm not in this position, just worrying about not being able to cope with my garden and housework. Also being able to lift my granddaughter.
My op on Wednesday. This is the second for me and the posts have helped give me some hope re bowel function returning to normality.
I hope to stay signed off work for three months post op. I'm a teacher so heavy lifting at work will not be an issue.
Stay positive and keep posting re' your work situation.

loujay44 Sun 22-Nov-09 19:06:59

hi kkier,

thanks for your comments. things still going ok today-good luck for yours-i suppose you know what to expect at least. will be interesting to see what happens with work-it's a big supermarket and they are not the best with their personnel. take care.

jacqs62 Sun 22-Nov-09 20:17:38

I am now almost 4 weeks post op and was starting to go out for short walks and do a little more around the house. But the other evening I had to turn back from a short walk as I was in so much pain whilst walking.
I use movicol and lactulose and even though my BM is very loose, it is still excruiating and I have to hold my buttock. It is also very painful passing wind. Like a burning, dragging aching feeling. I feel like I could scream and almost pass out.
Sorry if this is a bit yuck.
I can walk less now than I could when I first came out of hospital as it causes more pain.
I have been trying to keep ontop of my pain relief more lately - so seem to be taking more of those now.

brainfog Sun 22-Nov-09 22:38:34

Hi all, im 2 and half wks post op for anterior repair and started to try little walks but i went out to shop i ended up suffering later with my back/buttocks and stomach ache and started bleeding again. not sure if thats normal. I think im gona go and see dr this week to get it checked anyway.

JanJanJanJan Mon 23-Nov-09 08:39:09

Jacqs62/Brainfog. It sounds like you have been overdoing things. Jacqs62 - what pain releif are you taking? I am just over 8 weeks post op now and feel almost back to normal. I think because we cannot see our actual problem we think we willl manage. Make sure you take plenty of r est. I read stories of people being back to normal pretty quick so I posted a link asking where they got their energies from because I was absolutely shattered. Being honest, I would say I got to my 7th week before feeling more energetic. I still get tired if I overdo things. I went to the Trafford Centre yesterday but could only cope for 2 hours as was so drained. The only problem I have is that my BM are still a little hard. Take lactulose, movicol day and night and 3 small glasses (250ml) prune juice each day. I trust this will get easier in time. Hope everyone else is doing fine. Take care.

jacqs62 Mon 23-Nov-09 18:56:32

Hi JanJanJan

I am taking paracetamol, and tramadol which the doctor gave to me which i take 3 times a day. I sometimes take an anti-inflamatory which a doctor prescribed. I have run out of buscapan.

I have rested alot over the weekend and feel a little better today. Scared to walk out too far now though.

savanskisan Mon 23-Nov-09 21:28:18

I think I have had the same problems as you with my rectocele repair which I had on the 19th October. It is now five weeks and I am still sore - I had an anterior and posterior prolapse, but the Surgeon in his wisdom, decided not to repair the anterior prolapse which bothered me the most. I can still feel a `lump` in the cleft at the top of my right leg, which I had before the op`. I keep thinking he hasn`t done it properly!! The op` only took 20 mins apparently. Regarding the riding, I presume you mean horse riding? The Physio told me that horse riding is very good for exercising the pelvic floor muscles, which is good, because I love riding my daughter`s horse, so hopefully you will be able to start riding again. I am 62 and I gather from your post that you are "of an age" I think you said. I hope you see this post so that we can exchange symptoms to put each others minds at rest!

rosie12 Mon 23-Nov-09 21:30:32

hi ladies
i am now 7 weeks post op i had my post op check with the consultant last thursday and it was all good she told me to enjoy my next 2 weeks off so i am rested before i go back to work .i am lucky that i too work for nhs so i am on full pay and can have a staggered return. i have been lucky with my op aswell i have felt fine throughout no pain and no bleeding after week 1. only problem with taking it easy is an extra stone in weight that has gone on.watching films in the afternoon with tea and biscuits. i am nearly back to full fitness now so hopefully i can lose it before christmas ready for all the choccies. good luck on your recoveries

JMCW Tue 24-Nov-09 15:39:48

HI, I am now 7 weeks post op, and am surprised you are still in so much pain. Maybe an idea to see your gp and request anti-inflammatories worth a try. Best of luck.

poodlelover Thu 26-Nov-09 01:27:20

Ì am Now 6 Weeks post op. I seen my doctor last week at week five as he was going away. I am not healing as quickly as he would have liked, so i have another 4 weeks of taking things easy. I had healed great by six weeks after my hysterectomy and anterior repair so this is a bit of a blow. I had only 16 weeks between both operations so I think this might be the reason I am slow healing this time, I have been put on a HRT treatment that I insert to help the Healing process. It is only for a month. So fingers crossed this will work. Mind you the good news is I will be able to get back to all my sports gradually after Christmas, so by next June 2010 I should be flying. Horse riding no problem, Step class no problem, I can wait to get my life back! So everyone give yourself time, plenty of time to heal fully. Mind you I still have a discharge, and I feel lumpy some times, I even get stabbing sensations inside, so I know I am not healed yet. I was told to allow 3 months and I think it will take 3 months at least. Hi to everyone, I hope most of you are feeling a lot better since I last wrote. Talk soon

jacqs62 Thu 26-Nov-09 14:35:39

Hi ladies
I am now 4 weeks post op of a posterior, rectocele repair.
I was able to go for short walks and walk around the house fairly ok at firstbut sitting and sleeping was painful, then last week I seemed to have a relapse and the pain was excruitiating whilst out walking. It was all in the rectum/buttock area. I haven't seen or felt the stitches and I don't know I have them, so they are not a problem.
I have my post op assessment on the 29 december.
I have now rested for almost a week and walked to the library today , which was uncomfortable but ok.
I am still taking pain relief. BM's are painful and i am taking movicol and lactulose.
The thing that is also bothering me, is just before my op I was told that my job is being made redundant and I have to apply for my post again sometime in December. I have been looking for other jobs and getting my CV uptodate. I have an interview on Monday whilst I am off sick, but I am going to go as I am worried about my future.
This hasn't really helped my recovery as my meeting about redundancy was the day before I went in for the operation
I go back to my GP tomorrow for (hopefully) another doctors note and more medication.

septemberbabe Thu 26-Nov-09 17:33:17

Hi jacqs,
keep thinking positive - you certainly don't need employment worries whilst recovering from major surgery.
I am now 6 weeks post op posterior repair and the last couple of days have seen a huge improvement in my energy levels. The pain in my buttocks and rectal area disappeared overnight following a painful few days when it all seemed to be coming back. It is so difficult to know what is going on 'down there'!
Good luck for Monday!

RisiM Thu 26-Nov-09 19:27:21

hi girls
does anyone know the recommended time for being off work, I am 4 weeks post op - repair, and one day I think great I'll go back next week and next day it's I can't get to buy a paper without effort. Glad it's not only me that's putting on weight, don't see consultant till xmas eve, no sign of stitches and big bulge still - bike riding not an option!

debsjd Thu 26-Nov-09 22:22:20

Hi, i am new to this, and am booked in for op on 8th dec. Bit nervous, but wanted to say how useful its been reading this, thanks

jacqs62 Sat 28-Nov-09 14:31:32

when I had first saw the conultant I asked her how long I would be expected to be off work and she said around 6 weeks.

As I was having my check up before I left the hospital after the op, I asked the doctor how long I would be off - and she said two weeks!

The doctor who gave me a sick note signed me off for 4 weeks and I have just been back to my local doctor and got another 2 weeks.
He said I should be feeling normal by now, but walking feels hard work (like a weight in my buttock area) and i still get a dull aching pain.
It is better than it was last week, so I am presuming it is getting better, but he said if i am still in disoomfort this week coming I beed to make an appointment and get checked out.

I am still taking movicol and lactulose and occassionally a pain killer.

KKIER Sat 28-Nov-09 21:10:35

Dear ladies
I underwent my posterior repair op on Wednesday morning.
Was terrified in anaesthetic room before going into theatre - shaking all over. The guy asked if I was cold and I said NO just terrified. He said its okay you'll be fine. I asked did he want to swap places. That shut him up! Anyway he was very gentle with me.

Op went well by all accounts. No need for mesh as they were able to use my own tissue to rebuild pelvic floor. Pain has been severe at times but hospital staff keen to keep you pain free. So for anyone still to get op DO NOT LIE and SUFFER just ask and ask again if not enough to relieve pain.

Physically I feel weak but in better shape. My below the waist body moving better. Was even able to sit cross legged on bed and was able to bend easily.

Post op low blood pressure so had to remain in bed until yesterday morning. They took out catheter also and I was able to pee successfully which was a huge relief as I couldn't pee properly for nearly five weeks after previous anterior repair and vaginal hysterectomy three years ago.

Buttock pain in the morning controlled by drugs! Got home this evening when BP began to register to near normal. Have had a salt bath which was recommended by GP who has had this op too and very supportive.

Haven't had a BM yet but passing wind. A bit scared about this but trying to let nature take its course. Discharge minimal.

So I'm feeling positive about op so far. Re' time off work I have been told by surgeon 3 months minimal. No lifting for 6 weeks then gradually build up to sensible lifting.

Thanks for this thread it has really helped and I'll keep posting. Glass of champers when my bowels move!!!!

KKIER Sat 28-Nov-09 21:14:12

Dear poodlelover
Re' surgeon not operating on both. As far as I'm led to believe they prefer to leave some time between repairs so don't despair.

savanskisan Sun 29-Nov-09 10:59:26

Hi Risim,
I was so relieved to hear you have still got a bulge - I have too and I am nearly six weeks post op. I am still ` aware` of myself `down there`. Don`t know why this should be
just hope everything will return to norma, althought it`s been nearly two years since I was `normal down there`, that I`ve forgotten what normal is!! Go for my check up on 4th Dec. Also I have been stitched up rather `tightly` it seems, something else that worries me!

jacqs62 Sun 29-Nov-09 17:42:53

How do people know if the bulge is still there?
When I go for a BM it feels like something is potruding and feels alot tighter.
This morning I had something awful happen - stess incontinence..made me cry

although for the first time today i have felt almost back to normal in the buttock/rectum area

kentmumtj Sun 29-Nov-09 18:22:49

hi guys im guessing not all of you will remeber me as i had my op back in Feb with quite a few complications that followed anyway here i am all these months later.

im glad i feel normal again. BM are mostly fine, sex is good and bad, good because it is tighter down there bad because i do have an extra sensitive area right on the back part of the entrance and i have no idea what it is as i cant see anything.

Im not sure mine is compltetly gone as if i look insde TMI i can still see a bulge but i guess not many people are going to be looking as closely as i did lol

Glad everyone else is doing well

KKIER Mon 30-Nov-09 22:11:47

Dear ladies
Post op 6 days and still feeling good. First BM was traumatic but things getting easier. Some nippiness when I pee but hopefully that'll go soon.

RisiM Tue 01-Dec-09 17:32:27

hello savanskisan
bulge seems to have gone a bit, couple of threads of stitches been lost now, no idea how many more are up there! Looking in mirror everything seems quite tidy, but now got large scar like episiotomy ones. what happens at post op check - don't fancy being poked down there at the min. found a bit of something like a red pea when I wiped myself not a clot though, losing bits of fresh blood but don't know if it's cos i have done too much or it's start of period - got bit of tummy ache. BM can still be difficult, am sure that's what caused first stitch to come out - felt a 'pop', don't want to risk straining now. good luck to all

jacqs62 Tue 01-Dec-09 17:59:16

I am almost 5 weeks post op now

I am starting to feel almost normal now - the buttock pain has gone and BM this morning wasn't painful.
Been waking up most mornings with a headache and nausea the past week though.
I still have until the 14 december until I go back to work (all being well) - that will take me up to 6 weeks off work (with one and a bit weeks in work then finish for christmas). Redundancies in the near future, so am not looking forward to going back, and this hasn't helped with me getting better as I'v woken up worrying everyday I'v been off.

No sign of any stitches coming away. Got my post op on the 29 december

JanJanJanJan Tue 01-Dec-09 18:07:41

Hi all, Well its come to the time that I return to work tomorrow....10 weeks post op. Feel good in myself and had a root around this morning and I feel perfectly normal again. The swelling has totally gone, the lump has totally gone but most important of all my prolapse has gone. Can easily do a BM now also. I got two bills from the hospital one said entrocele repair and the other posterior repair. I didn't know that I had had both repaired but it doesnt matter now that I am mended. The best advice I can give to anyone having this op is to ensure the BM's are kept soft. I have actually lost some weight in recent weeks and think this is down to not eating as much as didnt want to have to suffer on the loo more. I take 10ml lactulose morning and night with a glass of prune juice through out the day and a sachet of movicol morning and night. Just aprehensive at returning to work now...I wish to thank everyone who has taken their time writing on this post as it has helped me through tremendously and wish any new mumsnetters viewing this operations effects etc the very best of luck and least amount of worry beforehand as it really is not an op to worry about. I will keep an eye on this post and help anyone where possible. Good luck, take care and thanks again. xx

jacqs62 Tue 01-Dec-09 20:42:06

Hi Jan Jan Jan
what type of work do you do?
do you find having movicol twice a day, lactulose and prune juice causes wind?

..i work in a small quiet office and this is something that is worrying me when i go back to work

savanskisan Tue 01-Dec-09 21:55:01

Hi RisiM,
Got my post op` examination on Friday (4th Dec), today I wee`d myself again. The surgeon did not do my anterior repair, even though he said I had a posterior and anterior! He has said nothing about having the anterior done, and this is what bothers me most (constantly wanting to wee and sometimes weeing myself). I went privately and really wish I hadn`t now - the reason I went privately was because our Hospital has got MRSA and I am terrified of getting that! Anyway glad you seem to be getton on better, I just hope I don`t re-start my bladder problems again. Thank goodness for this great site though, it does help to talk to people who have the same problems. Best of luck to all who are facing the op` it`s not that bad really, it`s the waiting that`s the worst.

savanskisan Wed 02-Dec-09 10:28:08

Hello JanJanJan, You say your lump has totally gone after 10 weeks. I am nearly seven weeks and can still feel it - I can also feel it when I am walking. Were you the same? It really is worrying me - I keep thinking it hasn`t been done properly, but then I think, surely it has!! But why do I still have a lump there? Cannot understand it.

RisiM Wed 02-Dec-09 16:01:35

hello ladies
glad to know it wasn't only me that was fine waiting on the ward, and then dreadful panic once I was wheeled to theatre, heart was so loud thought everyone could hear it.
Lactolose does what it says on the bottle, but it give you dreadful wind, and tastes so sweet it's disgusting, used to put it in porridge instead of sugar. glad bleeding has stopped think I over did it! hoping to go back to work next week but starting at 3 hours a day, till I get my get up and go back.

jacqs62 Wed 02-Dec-09 17:20:25

RisiM, how long have you had off work? What type of job do you do?

I am tempted to try to get some more time off to take me up to christmas and just go back full recovered in the new year, as I have an hour driving each way to work and the roads are pretty awful.

Feel tired (am into my 5th week now) and not had a feel or a look but just recently got over the pain of the op.

oh..I got down to theatre and had a panick attack and they gave me 10 minutes to make a choice of having it done or not...

RisiM Thu 03-Dec-09 15:26:18

Hi Jacqs62, had op 27 Oct, so been off almost 6 weeks, work as p.o. clerk, although won't be lifting any xmas parcels etc, boss said could take another week if necessary - but SSP doesn't help buy presents does it. Just hoping the soreness goes otherwise won't know whether to sit or stand. Still getting plenty of sleep especially if I have a 'busy' day - that means walking to get a paper or trip to the chemist! wink

jacqs62 Thu 03-Dec-09 16:24:18

HI RisiM
I had mine done around the same time and suppose I am lucky that I am getting full pay and can for 3 months.
Had a bit of blood , last night (not period as I have a marina coil) and feel quite tender around that area.
Not tried driving yet, but done a bit of walking (around 30 mins) most days.
Done some online christmas shopping, and may go to the trafford centre next week - at least it's warm and dry and has plenty of cafe's and seating.

rosie12 Fri 04-Dec-09 10:01:20

morning ladies
i was 8 weeks post op on tuesday and all is back to normal went back to work yesterday i wasnt apprehensive about going back as i work in a health centre with gps and dentists so they were really understanding.only using lactulose occasionally if i dont think things are moving properly, i also found glycerin supposotries helpful they stimulate the bowel and make it easier to go as it sort of greases the way to put it in the nicest way i can, but now fighting fit and ready to enjoy the party season. so good luck to all who are waiting/recovering operations. and you may be as fortunate as i was and had no pain and no problems. merry christmas to all

ash75 Fri 04-Dec-09 15:05:23

hi i am 3 weeks post op for a cycstocile and rectocile repair can someone tell me when does the swelling go down? the stiches are healing and bowels and bladder ok but i find if i do to much which isint a lot i find the area where i had surgery still swells any ides?

savanskisan Fri 04-Dec-09 16:43:07

Hi Ash
I have just had my post op` examination today. I am nearly seven weeks post op` and the Doc said that there was still some swelling around the operation site (I have felt a lump there) - this is what the swelling is, so don`t be too worried. He also said there were still some stitches to come away (I haven`t seen any at all as yet) - apart from that he said everything looked OK. He also said that it takes around 3 months for everything to heal up inside - so be patient, all will be well!!Merry Christmas to one and all.

jacqs62 Fri 04-Dec-09 17:01:30

the only swelling i have noticed is from the rectum (similar to hemmoroids) when I am having to strain with BM's. I did cut down on the movicol and lactulose as i hate the taste, but it looks like i'm going to have to carry on as walking was slightly uncomfortable today.
I am almost 6 weeks post op - do you think i would be pushing it to get another 2 weeks doctors note to take me over christmas?
This would give me around 7- 8 weeks off on sick leave.
Haven't seen any stitches and haven't had a feel either (scared to)
The buttock area is feeling a bit tender again today.

RisiM Fri 04-Dec-09 18:23:36

hi jacqs62
I haven't tried proper driving, all i have done is take hubby's car which is auto out of the drive, turn it round and put it back. mine is manual so will give it another week or so, got belly ache today, think i over did it again, had to change sheets etc for my mum this morning. I think maybe a couple of glasses of rose this evening will definately help, although no sign of bm today, can't seem to get regular

jacqs62 Fri 04-Dec-09 18:30:51

Hi RisiM
I have had BM's everyday (that's probably due to the movicol and lactulose) but todays has made me feel sore again.
Not driven either. Tummy feels a bit "heavy" - but I am starting to wonder if it's all in my mind as I am here on my own almost all the time, have the worry of redundancy looming. (starting to feel a bit depressed)
My daughter who lives with me has spent more time at her dads since I had this op than ever before

feeling a bit sorry for myself

JanJanJanJan Sat 05-Dec-09 15:06:23

Hi Jaqs2, I too work in an office. I take one sachet of Movicol about 7.45 in the morning with a small glass of prune juice and 10ml lactulose. I take one sachet of movicol with 10ml lactulose around 7.30 each night. I have been doing this over the last few weeks and wake up about 7.00am ready for a BM. (I won't go at work) so I needed to ensure I went before taking my shower etc before going to work. I do not have any wind whatsoever. I eat very little during the day though - fruit and yoghurt with a sensible meal at t time. You say you're thinking of going trafford centre. Take it easy as I was there last week and it really knackered me out.
Savanskian - I did have a lump for quite a while which I could feel pressing more when walking which was worrying at the time. I think your BM need to get readjusted. I found I wasn't emptying completely which worried me but since seeing my consultant on 20th Nov and changing my dose of medications etc I have been absolutely fine. I cannot even tell I have had any surgery at all. I cannot feel any scarring or anything.

jacqs62 Sat 05-Dec-09 17:04:41

Hi JanJanJanJan
I see you went back to work around 10 weeks and work in an office too.
Next week will be 6 weeks post op, so think I will go to the doctors to get some more time to recover fully and go back in the new year.
I have had 2 accidents with BM's now (quite upsetting) and still get twinges in the rectum area/buttock area.
Took the dog for a walk today and had to rest whilst out, but made some sausage rolls this afternoon.
Got my post op on the 29th December

septemberbabe Sun 06-Dec-09 12:16:45

Hi all,
I will be 8 weeks post op this Thurs and going back to work same day. I am mainly office based, but manage a split site team (25 miles apart). Not ready before now, and still haven't got anywhere near my usual energy levels, but things will be slowing down a bit at work as we get nearer Christmas so should be able to keep up! Also fortunate to have a very understanding manager and the option of odd days working from home if it all gets too much. No probs with BM's and painfree in buttocks/rectal area, but get low abdominal discomfort a bit like a period pain if I overdo it. This is new for me, so slightly concerned. Anyone else experienced this?

JMCW Mon 07-Dec-09 10:44:10

Hi ladies, am now 8 weeks post op after posterior and anterior repair and feeling good. Jacqs62 I sympathise this has also happened to me. I have found using either a teaspoon sometimes even less of fibogel every day better for me than lactulose. Did anyone find after op peeing all over the place, my aim now is a lot better, spoke to GP who said should be aiming fine by the 3 month slot. I think a lot of us dont realise what the after effects of this kind of procedure are. I had a look at an internet site that showed the actual op, my goodness now I know why we were so very sore. The op hasnt really helped with the IBS, but I dont tend to have to run so much to the loo now. Best of luck to everyone.

jacqs62 Mon 07-Dec-09 12:35:11

I have read lots about the post recovery times on the net, and they vary from 2 weeks to 10 - 12 weeks.
I come to the end of my 6 weeks post op this week and am really not sure if I should go back to work next week or take more time off.

I get fed up here on my own, but my work is miles away (office based usually) and I still feel tired with twinges in the buttock area , rectum area.

I don't want them to think I am prolonging my recovery time, but I want to do what's best for my recovery. It's bothering me quite abit as I feel guilty being off.

JanJanJanJan Mon 07-Dec-09 21:08:35

Jacqs, take more time off. You need to be fully recovered before you return to work. I went back last Weds at 10 weeks post op. Think of your own dont want to risk undoing what the surgeon has done and if you get paid whilst being off an extra week or two wont make any difference. You can always offer to do some work from home if possible.

KKIER Tue 08-Dec-09 09:37:34

Please take some more time off. I was recommended to take 12 weeks off and intend to do just that!
Went back to work at 10 weeks after previous anterior repair and hysterectomy and that was just too soon.
Do what's best for your body - it's telling you it is not fully healed!

KKIER Tue 08-Dec-09 09:47:36

Dear ladies
Tomorrow I will be two weeks post op.
Have had highs when I felt everything good but also lows where I have felt the need to pee a lot especially during the night.
BM's seem to be once daily but feel I'm not evacuating fully and this results in uncomfortable back passage particularly during the night which disturbs sleep. Have had nights when things have felt better.
Good to read your comments and see that others have had similar experiences but which have got better.
Early days but I'm so desperate to be better.
Considering getting a cross trainer to build up my fitness levels. My GP also says to begin sit ups and light exercise after week three.
What have other ladies done to keep fit?
I'm fearful of undoing things!

savanskisan Tue 08-Dec-09 16:44:54

My doctor told me not to use my cross trainer for at least 10 weeks after op` as it would cause your op` site to "rub together", so on this advice I wouldn`t use a cross trainer yet!

jacqs62 Tue 08-Dec-09 18:34:31

Hi KKier
I feel exactly like you with the bladder and the emptying of the bowel too.
I have started to use a gyletine pessary but have had a couple of accidents (not nice).
I also use the movicol and lactulose once or twice a day.
For exercise I have just walked. I don't think a cross trainer will be any good for you yet (too much too soon).
I am still getting sharp pains in the buttock area

KKIER Tue 08-Dec-09 21:57:16

Hi Ladies
Thanks for your advice and reassurance - I think I'll just continue to take it very easy.
Jacqu: What did doc say to you post op about bladder and bowel problems?

jacqs62 Tue 08-Dec-09 22:30:52

Hi, not been for my post op yet - that is the 29th december.
I am seeing my local gp on thursday, but i have read it can take a while for the bladder to settle down after the op.
I have only had the posterior - rectocele repair, but had noticed before i went in for the op i had started to leak from the bladder, but am going to do kegal exercises to try to strengthen that once i'm fitter

brainfog Tue 08-Dec-09 22:42:29

I am now 5 weeks post op for anterior repair. I have started to fell lots better this last week but i am now getting very frustrated with myself because i cant do the things i need to, like shopping for a new dress for my christmas party this weekend arrrrh. Went on a short shopping trip yesterday and boy did i feel it and still am feeling it. I am returning to work next wk just for 2 days and then break up for 2 weeks for xmas anyway so Dr eventually agreed to let me return with certain provisions. If i have overdone it i struggle puttingone step in front of another it takes far too much effort and energy. Dr said i cant start swimming at 6 weeks post op.

ByThePowerOfGreyskull Tue 08-Dec-09 23:03:59

so ladies can I describe my bits to you and you can tell me how likely it is I will need surgery and also can you guide me my gp has suggested I should loose some weight before seeing the consultant as she thinks that is the first thing he will suggest I do.
I am a size 16 and although I am overweight I am fit and really quite healthy.

so undercarriage..

my stitches didn't hold after DS1 &DS2 there is a very small amount of perineum left about half my index finger tip, in the split I can feel that the back wall of my vagina has a (healed) split going up about 2-3 inches and in that split I have what feels like a large rectocele.
My cervix sits less than a fingertip inside my vaginal opening and when I need to have a poo both the rectocele and cervix battle for space to come out of my vagina (although they don't actually hang out)

I have emotional baggage which means I really dont want to show anyone unless it seems like something could be done to help. The GP and I have talked in general about it but I haven't described it in as much detail as above.

What do you think?

ByThePowerOfGreyskull Wed 09-Dec-09 09:29:39

The other thing I find is that I constantly feel like I need a bowel movement because my cervix pushes down.

Sorry if TMI!!

savanskisan Wed 09-Dec-09 11:50:33

Hi jacqs,
I had the posterior rectocele done , although I have got an anterior prolapse too. When I first went to the Docs they told me I had an anterior and posterior prolapse. I wasn`t bothered at all by the posterior one, but was always desperate for the loo, and leaking a lot. Anyway the surgeon only did the rectocele one, and now nearly 8 weeks post op` I have started to leak again. I went privately and paid for both ops, so am a bit annoyed as I feel as though he should have done them both,because really I am back to square one. Now, I may have to go back again. The reason he says he didn`t do the anterior one, was because he didn`t think it was necessary!! I am going to start doing my kegel exercises (have got one of those that you insert and it does it electrically) but surgeon says not to do it for at least another six weeks, as my op` site hasn`t fully healed yet.

jacqs62 Wed 09-Dec-09 14:25:46

I never knew I had anything wrong with me ie a rectocele until i saw the programme on tv.
Whenever I had a smear test or a coil fitted they struggled as my cervix seemed to lean to the side (i think) and when I manually excavated using my finger inside the vigina i just thought i was pushing a BM down, I didn't realise I was "sagging".
I always felt like I hadn't emptied properly.

I told my female gp and she sent me for an examination at the local hospital. I had lots of tests.
I eventually got sent to Wythenshawe, which is 120 miles away where I saw the specialist and had to have another test sitting on a bedpan and being xrayed as I did a BM....
I had to have eneymas, and drink strong laxatives.... then I had the op.

I am now 6 weeks post op. Had alot of discomfort for the first 3-4 weeks, but starting to feel almost normal, although I am still not sure I empty properly and I need to urinate alot more and leak.

I would go back to your doctor and get examined

jacqs62 Wed 09-Dec-09 18:49:27

hi Savan

it doesn't seem right paying for 2 ops when they only did one...
I think my surgeon specalises in posterior repair, so don't really know about the anterior but I have read about other women having them both done at the same time.

I don't know if i have an anterior prolapse but i do leak if desperate and sometimes when i sneeze- and i need to go more now at bedtime after my posterior repair than i did before

savanskisan Wed 09-Dec-09 20:33:26

Thank you jacqs. I just hope that by doing pelvic floor exercises that it will get better. There are so many conflicting reports about pelvic floor exercises. Some sites say they are useless and others that they are very good, so I suppose it`s just a matter of finding out for myself. I am not going to go back to see the Consultant, because a) I do not want to have another operation, and b) I can`t afford to go privately again - He has said that I have an "open appointment" to go anytime I want - I should have asked if I have to pay again, which I suspect I will.!!!Going to try not drinking too many cups of tea and see if that helps a bit.

jacqs62 Wed 09-Dec-09 22:06:18

there was something on tv about those things you can use (put inside your vigina to do kegal exercise) and they seemed to work, but i suppose it depends on how bad the prolapse is and how long you have had it.

i wouldn't want another op either so am going to look into what else is on offer.
...there is something too which they can implant into your lower back which sends a signal (like a tens machine, i think ) but that would be an op too

ByThePowerOfGreyskull Thu 10-Dec-09 09:01:44

<puts on high visability jacket>

Sorry to be so needy ladies but what did you think? If there is little that can be done I don;t really want to show anyone iykwim smile

AboardtheAxiom Thu 10-Dec-09 13:02:28

Hi everyone, I am hoping onboard this thread too as I now have my date for op to repair cystocele and rectocele. 19th Jan. Gulp. Reading this thread has been quite overwhelming, it is comforting in one way to know I am not alone, but also sad that so many of us are going through, or have been through this.
I am feeling very apprehensive about the op in terms of actual procedure, recovery time, how long will have to be in hospital, and being inspected and having to bare all. I find these things very upsetting, my bladder test was awful! I am so glad I will be under GA for op. hmm I am also worried about how I will manage as am newly single. I am going to have to be very forward about asking people fo help and company or I know I struggle both physically and emotionally.

Bythepowerofgreyskull: I would go for it and get yourself checked out, I know it is embarassing and unpleasant, but I do think getting it sorted is worth it in the end (or at least that's what I'm hoping!)

jacqs62 Thu 10-Dec-09 14:04:15

Bythepowerofgreyskull - doctors are here to see these things - I know it's embarrassing, but don't be - they have seen it all before and more... once the op is done it's all back in place.

AboardtheAxiom - I'v not had a cystocele repair, so can't help with that,but re the posterior repair I went in on the tues, had the op on the wednesday, had the packing and cathetor out on thursday, then out of bed...had a small BM on the Sat morning so was discharged Saturday afternoon, with painkillers, movicol. I had a 2 hour journey in the car, which was uncomfortable and I had pain (managed by painkillers) for 2 - 3 weeks.
Slight pain for 4- 5 weeks. I am now 6 weeks post op with the odd twinge and still tired.