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Charting our nemesis

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lonelyplanetmum Fri 19-Oct-18 07:12:07

Which chart encapsulates this nightmare for you?

This is the pie chart that I showed my FIL when he was repeating Farage’s drivel. The government’s own 2016 figures showed how statistically insignificant our EU budget percentage contribution always was.

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lonelyplanetmum Fri 19-Oct-18 07:16:31

This is another favourite chart from the FT. This information was always available.

The FT commented that economists' consensus was that EU membership directly raised UK prosperity by about 10 per cent.

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lonelyplanetmum Fri 19-Oct-18 07:19:10

Then we have the charts that document the last two years...

What's your favourite?

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Mrsr8 Fri 19-Oct-18 07:27:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lonelyplanetmum Fri 19-Oct-18 07:32:21

I think even the ERG cabal think catharsis is 50 years away.

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lonelyplanetmum Sat 20-Oct-18 06:28:20

Here’s another good chart as a quick reference.

The overwhelming consensus is that leaving is bad for the UK.This is taking into account any free trade elsewhere.(From the FT.)

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lonelyplanetmum Sat 20-Oct-18 08:08:47


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lonelyplanetmum Sat 20-Oct-18 08:16:19

A picture speaks a thousand words.

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lonelyplanetmum Sat 20-Oct-18 08:22:07

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YeOldeTrout Mon 22-Oct-18 11:24:11

love your charts, OP. Happy to see some more!

lonelyplanetmum Mon 22-Oct-18 13:07:06

As you asked Yeoldetrout .

Here's a good one! A classic chart that was contradicted by Farage and co and their fictional propaganda.

EU Migrants contributed approximately £2,300 more each per annum to UK public finances (including NHS funding and adult social care etc) than other U.K. residents.

For EU13+ migrants their contribution is £3,700 per capita higher each per annum to the public finances than the average UK adult. ( EU13+ are the EU members before 2004 plus EEA members plus Switzerland. )

Non-EEA migrants contributed around £840 less..

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prettybird Mon 22-Oct-18 13:26:45

So essentially EEA immigrants subsidise the UK citizens! grin

Mistigri Mon 22-Oct-18 15:40:36

So essentially EEA immigrants subsidise the UK citizens!

Pretty much inevitable due to the different age profiles alone. Retired people consume more resources than people of working age, and also pay less tax.

lonelyplanetmum Mon 22-Oct-18 16:05:28

And also use the NHS less.

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lonelyplanetmum Mon 22-Oct-18 16:08:30

I know this is old news to most but I'm collecting a quick reference chart guide!

•Contrary to popular belief migrant groups report much better levels of good health than UK natives.

•We are more likely to report suffering from a long-lasting health problem than immigrants who are Seven percentage points less likely to report a long-lasting condition, and 3 percentage points less likely to state that this condition affects working .

•NHS expenditure on EEA migrants was not significant and was lower than average expenditure on non-EEA migrants

Regarding the effects of immigration on NHS waiting times. Immigration reduced waiting times for outpatients.

Fell free to add a chart!

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prettybird Mon 22-Oct-18 16:11:27

It's also why the Scottish Government said in its White Paper "Scotland's Future" (who know wink, the one that was produced in advance of the Indyref shock) said that it would be encouraging immigration because it was required for our economy and society, given our otherwise aging population. smile

lonelyplanetmum Tue 23-Oct-18 06:22:48

Hoping a chart a day keeps false rhetoric away.

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Mistigri Tue 23-Oct-18 06:27:30

This is a splendid initiative.

lonelyplanetmum Tue 23-Oct-18 06:32:55

Thank you. It's good to have a quick reference collection.

Feel free to post your favourite chart! MN regularly tells me I've posted my six images per day when I've definitely only done one!

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Mistigri Tue 23-Oct-18 20:58:19

This is the most Brexity of all Brexit charts

lonelyplanetmum Tue 23-Oct-18 22:34:35

That chart really says it all doesn't it Mistigri.

Encapsulates the arrogant, conceited vainty. Sheer unadulterated hubris.

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lonelyplanetmum Tue 23-Oct-18 22:36:25

Here's another one.

Nearly 70% of Britons polled by YouGov in 2018 thought that the government was doing a “bad” job at negotiating the country’s future relationship with the EU, and the rest of the world. Reason again for a re-think about the whole mess.

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lonelyplanetmum Wed 24-Oct-18 07:54:31

A picture chart from another thread. We simply can't produce enough food to survive on 'buy British'.

It's not just the 30% of Uk food that is imported from the EU
There is about another 20% imported from the rest of the world - some via the EU.

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lonelyplanetmum Wed 24-Oct-18 07:56:19


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Mistigri Wed 24-Oct-18 08:59:43

Here's a new one, courtesy of the government. It's about the state of readiness of border infrastructure.

Tl;dr: it's not ready and it is very unlikely to be ready by next March.

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