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Exemplar Education leaflet

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Emmags0309 Thu 13-Jul-17 22:46:59

Hello, I've just joined mumsnet because I really want to warn people about this company. My daughter's school gave out leaflets for exemplar education. They then sent a text and another leaflet telling us to return forms. Exemplar Education is a trading name of EBS Systems Ltd. Being an accountant I checked the public record for this company. This company's directors have not filed accounts with the Registrar of Companies. They are overdue as of 13/07/17. It is a legal requirement for directors to file accounts on time. I asked the headteacher why the school is promoting a company that is withholding its financial position from the public record. Anything could be going on with this company. I believe they ask customers to sign credit agreements. This company could be in trouble but how do we know without accounts? The head teacher agreed to stop the promotion on ethical grounds but i since found out that they are carrying on. I'm a joke to them. They won't reply to my questions in writing. I've written to the chair of governors. Does anyone know of anything else I can do? I thought teachers and schools were meant to be socially responsible and this is so sad.
Thanks for any replies , Emma

user1497643032 Sat 29-Jul-17 21:02:11

I have never heard about this company until I found a leaflet in my sons sch bag which says to fill if one wants more info which I did out of curiosity & because I felt tutoring would not hurt but help my son. I got a call to arrange a meeting which took place hours ago and was surprised that you have to go on finance (do credit checks etc). We immediately told the rep we won't pass credit checks but asked if their are other options to which she said yes but only if we go through finance option/credit checks first. We had to divulge too much info which I feel was not necessary for this service but I think we were too polite or maybe felt pressured. Well the credit check came back declined (which by the way does not mean we are low life 2nd class citizens but have bad credit due to some unfortunate events). To cut the long story short, I was completely embarrassed when the lady said she signed up many people/families & the pay monthly option is very rare ( bare in mind that she said you can only go for the pay monthly option if finance is declined) which is completely uncalled for I mean we haven't got good credit ratings not because we don't want to. I mean we own our house outright & very comfortable & buy things we need without finance. Her comments was uncalled for & impolite.

& why credit checks by the way? It is only tutoring not a mortgage & moreover why would they say we have to go through finance option first (credit check) before we can try other option of paying monthly? Is like saying one can't buy a house or a car cash if have the money you have to get a mortgage. IT DOES NOT MAKE SENCE. I am thinking the reps are paid on commission based on how many people they sign up & maybe the finance option is more profitable for them. I AM NO LONGER SIGNING UP WITH THEM, I hate the pressurised sale statics (I was told when booking the appointment that there would be an assessment for my son & then an explanation of how their tutoring works & then I can decide if to go ahead or not. They should NOT ask parents to decide there & then. Parents should be given a day or more to think about it & get back to them) I rather go to Kumon. I am shocked to read that they do pay the school to distribute the leaflets to parents. That is disgusting & I will definitely mention this at the Nxt meeting at the school. Also why is it that they insist on having both parents present for the assessment?

Emmags0309 Mon 31-Jul-17 11:20:25

Don't feel bad or embarrassed. If you google "student support centre" (the previous trading name of the company) you will find out a lot more information. I think the school will argue the legalities of the situation but as parents we need to question the headteacher's ethics and social responsibility. After all they are public servants in charge of our children and should be held accountable. Ask how they can justify spending public funds on promoting this company, and ask how the promotion complies with the school's values policy. If they say they had no idea about the company they should have checked first. Why didn't they check? Good luck for the meeting x

admission Mon 31-Jul-17 12:25:43

For any school there is an ethical question about this. That is if we are suggesting this might be of interest to parents, are we as a school actually offering the level of teaching and learning that is acceptable to parents. I can see no answer to that question , if you are talking about general outside help, other than as a school we are not providing a good enough education.
If you then throw in that the school is getting some money for doing the required leaflet drop to parents it does become immoral in my opinion. As a Chair of Governors I would certainly not be allowing this to happen at my school.

mrscropley Mon 31-Jul-17 12:31:32

We had' the man 'out to assess our dc - dd made us feel bad against the school if we didn't look into it as the leaflet was thrust on them with a suggested browse /inquiry at least. .
Dd is on the G&T and in fact working 2 years ahead. .
'The Man's' findings were that she needed extra help and adding dd and ds on also would take the bill to over 6 grand for a 3 year programme!! Dh all but hurled him out our upstairs living room window!!
No way, no how, never. .

user1497643032 Mon 31-Jul-17 14:35:48

There are a lot of other cheaper or even free tutoring option online for kids. I dont know how good they are but its worth checking them out. But i am not singing up with examplar. There are other threads on mumsnet about examplar- check the comments.

MiaowTheCat Tue 01-Aug-17 18:15:23

We had the leaflet which looked scammy as fook and intended to look like something official and school-related to deceive. Only stood out as it was "from the Headteacher" and ours goes by Principal obsessively! Add in the fact anything official from our school has so many flipping logos for this or that scheme on the letterhead you get about one sentence per page of actual content and it really failed with that particular school!

Looked shady as hell and would have conned a few parents not paying attention into giving up details.

user1489830224 Tue 01-Aug-17 19:04:11

Hmm...There is one director of Exemplar Education. Here is a link worth reading:

user1489830224 Tue 01-Aug-17 19:06:12

and this one:

user1497643032 Wed 02-Aug-17 21:08:54

Wow wow I am shocked or am I getting something wrong here or what? How come the director is appointed as company director within a short period of time to different companies, new companies started & another desolated at the same address etc.

user1489830224 Wed 02-Aug-17 23:50:57

If the director is not disqualified from being a company director than they can start as many companies as they like. Even disqualification may only be for a set period.
Suggestion to parents looking for tutor help - don't sign up with the companies sending leaflets through/from schools. Use word of mouth from other parents re good tutors instead or even MN. Oh, and please complain to your schools about these leaflets - maybe give your headteacher a copy of the Telegraph newspaper link above!

Edwin2006 Fri 03-Nov-17 18:45:12

Just spend 90mins with the salesman but once he said it is interest free it had to be miss-selling and I said so. He only had that option and no documents to show me, just sign up online.
The salesman quickly went.
If the service was above board I would reasonable expect to be able to pay monthly, just like broadband. Not on a credit sale agreement.

ela78 Fri 17-Nov-17 20:41:29

I signed up for the finance package stupidly. I have been trying to terminate the agreement as my circumstances have changed. My daughter has huge commitments outside of school thus making it very difficult to fit in anymore. We are not seeing the benefits and I'm locked into this contract with them. It is hugely overpriced and I'm now regretting my decision. There was a 14 day cooling off period but the reality is that 14 days is not long enough to see the problems or benefits of the package.

allsgood Sun 19-Nov-17 17:00:12

I fell into the Exemplar trap yesterday, had a salesperson come round after school made a point of filling the leaflet in.
At no point did the salesperson mention credit agreements or payment periods (4 years!! even though ds finishes secondary school in 2!). Alarm bells started to ring when she was asking my financial info, at which point I showed her the door. Very shady way of dealing by conveniently not giving you the full picture, and asking your child to do assessments and telling you they need tuition even when in the top group for maths and English.

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