So...does Borris really have a plan in the pipeline so families can be together for Christmas?

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BlowMeToBermuda Thu 12-Nov-20 17:05:10


With rumours swirling, does anyone think there is actually a "together for Christmas" plan?

Before anyone shoots me down, I'm not saying I believe there should be one necessarily. There are certainly more important plans needing to be put together right now.

Don't get me wrong, I would absolutely love to be with family for Christmas, but I just can't see how.


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CatherineSanderson Thu 12-Nov-20 17:06:00

Does Boris Johnson have a plan, you ask?


BlowMeToBermuda Thu 12-Nov-20 17:07:42

*Boris 🤦

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Orangeblossom7777 Thu 12-Nov-20 17:09:47

Last I heard the 4 governments were talking about it together. Gove I think not Boris

Guess it depends on the numbers. But it would be pretty rubbish to have different 'rules' for different places. Can't see people being happy about that at all.

Zofloramummy Thu 12-Nov-20 17:15:34

With over 30k new cases today and death figures of over 500 yesterday I can’t see how Christmas can go ahead as normal. The month lockdown being lifted in December on time for Xmas shopping means the figures will be on the rose again by the end of December. I’m planning a pyjamas Xmas with a family meet up at a later date. Better to be pleasantly surprised if we can meet up than upset if we can’t.

Zofloramummy Thu 12-Nov-20 17:15:47

Rise not rose

eddiemairswife Thu 12-Nov-20 17:18:31

The idea of a plan is alien to Boris. Other people in the background make them for him.


LaurieFairyCake Thu 12-Nov-20 17:21:07

With 500 dead a day at the moment I can't see it.

Until the last two weeks I knew people once removed who had the virus - I now personally know 11 different, UNRELATED households with the virus shock

It's rampant at the moment sad

Isolatedizzy Thu 12-Nov-20 17:27:36

Boris 🤡

Fixed that for you!

Allmyfavouritepeople Thu 12-Nov-20 17:28:03

In a word, no.

The best plan for me would be to extend the Christmas holidays for a week in Jan.
In a press conference just say, 'Look, you probably broke the rules for Christmas, we get it, so before we go back to daily educational mass gatherings isolate for a week where possible so that there's not a massive spike in cases by the end of Jan.

That's my plan.

Orangeblossom7777 Thu 12-Nov-20 17:30:26

I'm actually a bot concerned f they do say it is fine to meet in big family groups not for myself but have vulnerable and elderly family members who are big rule followers, they will do whatever they are told

doctorhamster Thu 12-Nov-20 17:31:17

Not with the way numbers are shooting up at the moment. People will ignore the rules over the Christmas period anyway and then the shit will really hit the fan at the end of January.

ListeningQuietly Thu 12-Nov-20 17:31:45

Does Boris Johnson have a plan

52andblue Thu 12-Nov-20 17:32:19

'Plan' you say?

Boris Johnson, you say?

Ha ha (hollow laugh...)

Fedup21 Thu 12-Nov-20 17:33:25

I think it’s going to be carnage.

LauraBassi Thu 12-Nov-20 17:33:28

Nah does he eck. He’s just winging it and seeing what other countries do first..

movingonup20 Thu 12-Nov-20 17:34:22

Gove was meeting yesterday. Yes figures are up but they are doing lots of testing so to be expected and at least some are probably delayed from the weekend

52andblue Thu 12-Nov-20 17:34:25

and, what @doctorhamster says.
People will ignore / bend the rules at Christmas & end of Jan will show it

AintPageantMaterial Thu 12-Nov-20 17:37:31

Boris has never had a plan in his life. He is an ambitious, opportunistic charlatan. There’s no there there.

Bikingbear Thu 12-Nov-20 17:39:24

They know they need to come up with something or people will either end up depressed or ignore the rules.

Relaxing the rules makes more sense, it keeps the will of the people, then tighten them as necessary.

The alternative of keeping the existing lockdown rules risks people ignoring and breaking, once people have done that once, it's easy to do it again.

And yes it needs to be a UK approach too many people will want to travel to family they've not seen in months.

And yes it might make sense to have Christmas and have a 2 week homeschooling period after it to get the numbers back down.

TW2013 Thu 12-Nov-20 17:39:49

The best plan for me would be to extend the Christmas holidays for a week in Jan.

Other than the whole childcare issue it would probably make more sense to break up a week early. The virus is rampant now. It give families the opportunity to self isolate (where possible) so they can see vulnerable family members at Christmas. There won't be the usual nativity rehearsals to squeeze in. Not as much work is done in the last week of term before Christmas. There is still the positivity of looking forward to Christmas and things to prepare. By two weeks after Christmas everyone will be sick of each other.

meditrina Thu 12-Nov-20 17:41:05

I think today's rise is concerning, especially as the flatter figures of the last week or so coincided with quite a large drop in the number of tests. And the rises in hospitalisations and deaths is very concerning.

I suspect there will be planning going on, but the way the numbers are heading, those plans may never see the light of day

applesandpears33 Thu 12-Nov-20 17:46:02

I'm a bit worried about sick and elderly relatives who are NOT big rule followers. If they are told not to meet up they will see only a small number of people, but if they are told they can see a limited number of friends and family then they will see many more people. I also worry about people being infected with covid as we all squeeze round dining tables on Christmas day with little or no social distancing.

Nordicgnome Thu 12-Nov-20 17:46:26

He will wait to see what other leaders do then have a half hearted stab at doing the same only far too late and there will be a huge rise in figured and huge swathes of the country going into whatever Tier happens to be the highest at the time.

Johnson isn’t a plan type of person. He’s a self-serving, lazy and lackadaisical type of person and is just winging it and letting others make the decisions. That’s why we have the highest death toll in Europe .

OurChristmasMiracle Thu 12-Nov-20 17:51:32

Yep he has a plan he will use the “we need to remain in lockdown so that we can spend Xmas with our families and by doing so we will have the virus under control enough to do that by Christmas knowing full well it shouldn’t be happening”

He will probably reopen shops a week before Xmas too so that they can make some money back for the economy - let’s face it how many people impulse by at Xmas when shopping. Online people won’t impulse buy they will search and get.

I also suspect end of jan/feb will see another lockdown.

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