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Office National Statistics Map search site. How many people have sadly died in your area?

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DrMadelineMaxwell Mon 04-May-20 00:30:58

And does it alter your opinion of anything Covid related if you know?

I'm not rural, but nowhere near London and I knew that it had been longer getting up here, but I've still not heard of many people I know getting the virus or dying from it.
The map search say that luckily for us, only 3 people have in my town. It seems like a lot of disruption for that, but obviously it would be a lot worse without all the measures being in place. It also shows that should we lift the restrictions too early for here, yet it being dictated by the progress in much heavier weighted areas that have been harder hit and are now improving, we may be in trouble!

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DrMadelineMaxwell Mon 04-May-20 00:31:10

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DrMadelineMaxwell Mon 04-May-20 00:32:02

Map searchable by post code in point 5.

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Patterjack Mon 04-May-20 00:36:47

0 where I live now. 3 within a 5 mile radius. It explains why, from what I'm observing, noone is taking it particularly seriously.

Howmanysleepsnow Mon 04-May-20 00:43:13

4 in my area. My area is 10 minutes walk end to end (I walk it regularly with my dog). To me, that’s shockingly high. Is your town tiny OP, or are you incredibly lucky?

JemimaShore Mon 04-May-20 00:46:07

9 deaths in my postal area sad

More than I would have thought.

DippyAvocado Mon 04-May-20 00:46:11

12 have died in my town of 11,000 people. That's more than I had thought it would be.

torthecatlady Mon 04-May-20 00:46:49

9 sad South Wales

BlackeyedSusan Mon 04-May-20 00:47:52

1, 0 where my mums care home is. phew.

MonkeyToesOfDoom Mon 04-May-20 00:50:15

1 death in my town.
But the scary thing in is seeing the dots around the town.
There's people here that feel like we're immune, cut off, like it won't affect us. The map shows just how close it actually is.

Humina Mon 04-May-20 00:53:27

5 in my local area, 51 in surrounding areas. Places I could walk to or get a bus to. There are some big hot spots near by. Those poor families. sad

CalmYoBadSelf Mon 04-May-20 00:55:06

4 here. It is an area where people know each other yet I haven't heard of anybody being ill or even tested.

TeddyIsaHe Mon 04-May-20 00:59:20

None in my area. I live in the city with the lowest death rate in the country. I hope it stays that way.

40somethingJBJ Mon 04-May-20 01:03:38

2 in my village and the next. One was a few doors down from me, lovely lady sad

ClientQ Mon 04-May-20 01:05:35

4 in my area, population around 7500

BlackeyedSusan Mon 04-May-20 01:07:52

136 within about 5 mile radius.

Mumshappy Mon 04-May-20 01:18:08

I person has died in my area.

Runkle Mon 04-May-20 01:19:07

0 in my post code, 1 in each immediate surrounding post code - total of 3. 9 in total for all the villages in my town. Population is approx 137,000.

ErrolTheDragon Mon 04-May-20 01:22:31

Only one in my area so far. (The areas have a mean population of 7200, lowest 5000)

More in the nearby city , a scattering of small dots in the more rural area around as expected.

psychomath Mon 04-May-20 01:30:41

Five people have died in my postcode. Not really sure what that means as I have no idea how many people live in my postcode, but it seems quite low given that it's a densely populated area.

My region has been quite hard hit overall, which I find reassuring because it means there's unlikely to be a big rise in cases here whenever lockdown measures are eased (as many of us will have had it already). I'm not really surprised as about half the people I know in the area have had probable COVID symptoms. My parents' city has very few deaths though, which is a bit worrying as it suggests the worst may yet be to come there. Hopefully the contact tracing measures and continued social distancing will help to keep the number of cases low.

Myfriendanxiety Mon 04-May-20 01:35:05

1 in mine. It would be more useful to know the number of confirmed cases rather than deaths though as that’s subjective to people’s age and existing health. I live rurally in an area of ageing population so would expect the death rate for cases here to be higher than in the nearby university town.

DKanin Mon 04-May-20 01:35:47

It said 4 had died in my post code area. It's a post code covering not that many small villages so I was a bit surprised. My DSis lives in London and although her postcode covers a small area, it's very densely populated and I was surprised there were no deaths recorded there yet. I think the virus is present pretty much everywhere in the country now.

ErrolTheDragon Mon 04-May-20 01:44:33

* Five people have died in my postcode. Not really sure what that means as I have no idea how many people live in my postcode, but it seems quite low given that it's a densely populated area.*

It's not 'in your postcode'. It's using your postcode to find the 'middle layer super output' area you live in. (I'd never heard of this till I read it on that webpage)

Bloodybridget Mon 04-May-20 01:50:52

10 in my immediate area. My London borough has the third highest number of deaths per head of population in England and Wales, 127.4 per 100,000.

Bloodybridget Mon 04-May-20 01:53:15

I can understand that the pandemic might feel very different to people who live somewhere with very few cases and casualties. Of course health inequalities contribute to infection and death numbers massively too.

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