TTC #2 Thread 2!

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mamaatthegym Wed 31-Mar-21 14:03:22

Haven’t checked mumsnet all day and realised we filled up the thread grin

I can’t remember all the names without going between threads confused will try and get as many as poss haha


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DinkyGT Wed 31-Mar-21 14:04:17

Thanks @mamaatthegym xx

May2311 Wed 31-Mar-21 14:05:31

@mamaatthegym thanks😊 I realised we had filled up but never started a new one before!


DinkyGT Wed 31-Mar-21 14:06:08

@mrssunshinexxx @minthumbugs @LoopeyK xx

mamaatthegym Wed 31-Mar-21 14:06:22


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mamaatthegym Wed 31-Mar-21 14:11:52

Oops @DinkyGT didn’t see your post!

Just caught up on @mybobowler as well and genuinely gutted sad I think she said she was going to take some time off so the thread will be here for her when she gets back!

@DinkyGT I had a quick look at your pic on the last thread (DD is demanding today!) and I thought I could see a shadow of a like! Do please update!

I’ve been testing every day like mad hatter and I think today’s test is slightly lighter. I did two and they’re both the same. Am not letting it p*ss on my parade just yet as I know it’s silly to test every day and would be better every 48 hours but seriously no logic or reason is going to stop me peeing on a stick grin I’ve told OH and he’s a bit worried and preparing for the worst sad I have no choice but to just leave it until tomorrow and compare the two from maybe 48 hours apart and see if it really is lighter. What a stinker if it is.

Oh the joys of TTC!

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LoopeyK Wed 31-Mar-21 14:12:44

Hi everyone
Af finished yesterday so will be doing opks again this cycle, will start testing on day 7 I'm currently on day 5

Nobeautysleep Wed 31-Mar-21 16:31:20

Hi everyone,
Just spoke to my doctor- he’s going to do bloods for hormone check 🙃

mamaatthegym Wed 31-Mar-21 16:34:03

Good luck for this cycle &@LoopeyK hopefully the time between now and ovulation goes quick!

@Nobeautysleep that’s good you’re getting it checked! Hopefully you’ll get some answers. Nothing worse than the limbo feeling.

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May2311 Wed 31-Mar-21 17:10:32

@Nobeautysleep that's good and I'm glad that doctor is sorting without too much fuss for you! Hopefully you will either get answers if there is a problem or at least the reassurance that everything is fine and just taking a bit longer!

@mamaatthegym It's so hard not to pee on the sticks! I do it daily 🙄 I think you have to do what makes you more settled but try not to worry about them being slightly lighter as it could just be the time/hold of the pee! How many DPO do you think you are? I know you didn't track this month but do you have an approx?

@LoopeyK good luck! Fresh new cycle!! Hoping it's a lucky one for you


Nobeautysleep Wed 31-Mar-21 17:12:33

Yeah I’m pleased he’s been so good- as soon as he realised I’d been off the pill since nov (nearly 6 month) and am feeling exhausted a lot he said he’d check, so pleased. Nothing worse than unsupportive doctors!

@LoopeyK good luck!

Peeing on sticks is addictive isn’t it!

DinkyGT Thu 01-Apr-21 08:23:19

Couldn't resist POAS again today.... BFN no doubt about it 😔
Also as soon as I had done it there was fresh blood when I wiped so I'm guessing AF is here now and I'm out.
Thanks for all of your support ladies - this group is amazing.
Next cycle here I come! Xx

May2311 Thu 01-Apr-21 15:20:46

@DinkyGT 😖😖 I'm sorry- but fresh start with a new cycle!! 😘😘

@Nobeautysleep I agree unsupportive doctors don't help!

Hope everyone has a nice Easter weekend/ long weekend! Xxx

Jellybean023 Thu 01-Apr-21 19:29:54

Ah just found the new thread - I thought everyone had been quiet!

Sorry to those who’ve had bad news. It really does stink but hopefully we can all take some encouragement from the successes. Really hoping it won’t be too many more months for any of us - I’m CD9 today and using OPKs again. Got high very early again but I’m expecting a few more days till peak.

Cantthinkofaname99 Thu 01-Apr-21 19:44:44

Thanks for the new thread. Luckily I'm pretty busy at the moment so helping to take my mind off TTC at least a little bit. Need to start OPKs again but I think I'm putting it off, CD7 today so should really start but I know I probably won't get anything till CD16.

@Jellybean023 maybe having a few days high is a good thing, it means lots of the right hormones.

@DinkyGT sorry it's not better news but let's all stay positive for the next cycles

@Nobeautysleep that's good about the drs, I hope mine is as good.

Nobeautysleep Fri 02-Apr-21 15:35:23

How is everyone doing today?

LoopeyK Fri 02-Apr-21 15:46:06

Hi everyone
Done opk today blank circle but when I took the stick out there was a line, we dtd yesterday morning, and plan to dtd every other day to cover anyway, although I randomly got strangle blood when I wiped a few times today, my af stopped Tuesday so a little wierd?
I'm currently on cd7

May2311 Fri 02-Apr-21 17:38:49

@Jellybean023 I got 6 highs before my peak - I thought I was never going to hit it 🤣

@Cantthinkofaname99 it is so frustrating having to do them. If you know you don't usually peak till later you could start in a few days time instead.

@Nobeautysleep I'm good thanks- how are you doing?

@LoopeyK if it's the first day of the month your doing the CB OPK you always get a blank on first day no matter what. Tomorrow when you do it hopefully will be high( unless your levels are actually low)

Hope everyone is ok and massive good luck for this month 😘 hopefully we will get some more BFP for December! Xxxx

LoopeyK Fri 02-Apr-21 17:41:04

Ah I didn't know that, thanks

LoopeyK Fri 02-Apr-21 21:40:01

Feeling wiwrd the Past 2 days, headaches, got ovulation pains already which is wierd.
Back ache too!!
This is strange for me, anyone else had this before? My period was really heavy compared to normal and I also had stringy blood today 3 days after af stopped, any suggestions?

Nobeautysleep Sat 03-Apr-21 07:01:44

Any chance you had a chemical and didn’t know? That’s happened to one of my friends- no bfp but all other symptoms like yours and her Dr suggested it was a chemical

dunkedbiscuit Sat 03-Apr-21 09:38:11

Ahh found the new thread! Happy Easter weekend everyone, how are you all? Is anyone testing this weekend?

I’m in fertile window at the mo, I just seem to measure time in the way of FW/ TWW / AF now !

LoopeyK Sat 03-Apr-21 09:53:36

No idea

DinkyGT Sat 03-Apr-21 10:10:45

Morning @dunkedbiscuit and everyone!
I am in the midst of AF at the moment and enjoying a fully fuelled coffee this morning! We are planning on SMEPing this month - so eagerly waiting for FW 😁
I can never remember the actual date but I know which cycle day it is 😂

Mybobowler Sun 04-Apr-21 16:29:18

Hello everyone - found the new thread! How are you all?

@DinkyGT I'm sorry you were out last month but enjoy the caffeine and the optimistic start of a new cycle! Good luck with the SMEP!

I've had quite a week - sorry for disappearing. After two days of intermittent fresh bleeding and awful cramps, everything went quiet again. I spoke to my GP who told me to put my feet up and hope for the best. I've had no bleeding since Thursday and I've now got 2-3 weeks on the CB digital so I'm still pregnant as far as I know. Could just have been some very determined implantation?! Such a rollercoaster start but I'm trying to stay positive!

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