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Anyone looking for a friend

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Sammiantha2020 Sat 04-Jan-20 22:18:17

Hi Ladies, any of you out there around cd 8 looking for someone to chat with during the rollercoaster ride that is ttc? A lot of my friends already have kids and I’m feeling a bit left behind. xo

Wintergal Sun 05-Jan-20 01:32:37


I am around cd7 and I think a friend will be lovely for this rollercoaster ride. I know the feeling most of my friends have kids already too. Xx

Sammiantha2020 Sun 05-Jan-20 12:16:19

Hey @Wintergal. I hope you are well! How long have you been ttc?

Wintergal Sun 05-Jan-20 12:33:03

@Sammiantha2020 this is our first proper month. What about you? Xx

NicoleR14 Sun 05-Jan-20 12:33:30

Hi I'm CD10 awaiting my fertile week! And new to all this as this is ttc#1 I don't have much people to talk to about ttc as me and dh hasn't told anyone apart from his sister who isnt in a relationship and has no kids finding everything so hard to cope with me and dh have been ttc for 3 and 1/2 months we're on cycle #2! X

Sammiantha2020 Sun 05-Jan-20 13:55:58

Hi @NicoleR14 - welcome! How long is your cycle? I’m somewhere between 30-33 days. I had a mmc in Oct at 11 wks & this is my first month ttc again since that...feeling positive and looking for others to follow this hard journey with! New year, new start 🤗 x

Sammiantha2020 Sun 05-Jan-20 13:57:54

Hi @Wintergal 👋. This is our 1st month since my mmc. When I fell pg then it happened on our 2nd month trying. I work away from home mon morn - Thurs aft so timing can be tricky but we give it our all. Fx for us all this month x

Wintergal Sun 05-Jan-20 14:17:51

You will just have to get to business before you go and soon as you get back! Fingers crossed for us all. I am trying to be relaxed about it al but feel I won't be able to keep it all under control! I like to be in control!

Sammiantha2020 Sun 05-Jan-20 14:30:29

When is the start of your fertile window? I think I’m either Sat/Sun next wk...if my cycle is the same this month 🤷‍♀️

NicoleR14 Sun 05-Jan-20 15:18:17

Before getting the implant in my cycle was regular every 28 days but now having it removed my last cycle was 34 days long! So not sure how this one is going to go! Sorry to hear about your mmc hoping this month is our month ladies🤞🏼 how long is your cycles lasting? X

Wintergal Sun 05-Jan-20 15:35:16

Since coming off the pill my cycles are like 40 odd days used to be 28 so I think around 16th. Got some opk just to try and help but trying not to get carried away

NicoleR14 Sun 05-Jan-20 16:08:35

@wintergal it's hard not to go too crazy with the opks I do 2 a day until 3/4 days after my positive opk to make sure that was my peak lol

ceebee21 Sun 05-Jan-20 17:07:25

I’ll join you, I’m currently CD8

Had a MMC in October also, the a chemical last month xx

Wintergal Sun 05-Jan-20 17:08:27

@NicoleR14 I have just ordered more even though I said I was not going I can't see me keeping calm with this lol !

Sammiantha2020 Sun 05-Jan-20 17:27:29

Hey @ceebee21 sorry to hear that 😔 it’s pretty hard, but us ladies are very strong! Did you start trying straightaway after your mmc? My body took forever to get bk to normal, but feeling to positive now it’s a new year. x

ceebee21 Sun 05-Jan-20 17:55:41

@Sammiantha2020 yes we did, AF arrived about 30 days after my ERPC, since then had one 25 day cycle, then the chemical, so who knows what my actual cycle is ! Xx

NicoleR14 Sun 05-Jan-20 18:38:50

@wintergal Its so hard not to go crazy with them!

Sammiantha2020 Sun 05-Jan-20 19:24:18

@ceebee21 I was 6wks after erpc, then 33 days - I was 31 so slowly getting back to normal (whatever that is?).
What do you ladies do to stay calm?

ceebee21 Sun 05-Jan-20 19:37:47

I can't say I am very good at staying calm, well not on the inside. I am generally quite laid back... But not about this. I hate the fact that I can't control it xx

Sammiantha2020 Sun 05-Jan-20 19:43:54

@ceebee21 It feels like we spend so much of our lives trying to prevent it, then when you want it more than anything it’s so out of reach 😢. Do you DTD every other day?

Anniepole Sun 05-Jan-20 20:01:03

Hello! I'd love to chat too. We've been trying for the last 6 months and tried the "relaxed approach" until the last month and I thought I'd better get on this properly and track things much more properly. Currently on my TWW But pretty dam sure I'm not pregnant because I feel nothing.

All my friends have kids too. Xx

Sammiantha2020 Sun 05-Jan-20 20:04:37

Hey @Anniepole. I wouldn’t worry too much about not feeling anything...I’ve read many on other threads saying it was the month they least expected it!

How have you changed your approach this month? x

Anniepole Sun 05-Jan-20 20:24:18

Hey thanks for replying. So the first 3 months I did nothing at all. Then the next 2 I downloaded the apps and tested on the days they said I’d ovulate and couldn’t get a positive at all. The next month however crazy this might be I just started testing twice a day from cycle day 1 and got my first smiley face on clear blue. But didn’t get a flashing one before. I was just relived because I was starting to worry if I just wasn’t ovulating. What have you been doing? X

Sammiantha2020 Sun 05-Jan-20 20:33:12

I currently use the FF app for recording my bbt & The premom App to upload pics of my cheapie OPKs as it reads them & advises when you are low, high & peak fertility. Bbt on the other hand...won’t help you on the lead up to ovulation, however just after ovulation you have a significant temp drop which proves you actually ovulated (this is my first month).
I just wish it would happen already 😔 I really want to be a mum!

Wintergal Sun 05-Jan-20 20:37:49

@Sammiantha2020 I hear you I'll silly being upset this evening but I just want to be a mum!

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