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So, onto cycle number 2! Anyone else quite new to this game?

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karategirl Sat 02-Sep-17 17:44:19

We started trying properly last month, and inevitably my husband was away during the key few days! Unsurprisingly, my period arrived bang on time so now we're onto cycle number 2.

I'm being very impatient about conceiving and it seems to have been forever already (I know, I'm being a crazy person!) but I think part of that is having taken pregnacare since April, even though we were still using contraception then. I guess I'm just not very good at not being in control... I've had to seriously educate my husband too - he seemed to be convinced that we could get pregnant at any time of the month, and that it would inevitably happen immediately! He didn't realise that it often takes months even for healthy couples.

DragonsandDungeons Sat 02-Sep-17 18:48:18


I'm no good at not being in control either. I'm used to being quite bossy and determined ambitious and assertive, so I find this stressful. I'm neurotic generally but this...

I have one child already and sadly had a loss recently. Neither of those were "tried for" so ttc is new for me. I can't stop thinking there's something wrong with me after my loss even though logically I know it's a sad thing that affects many people.

karategirl Sat 02-Sep-17 18:55:59

Hi Dragons. So sorry to hear about your loss, and hopefully you'll have some better news soon.

I get really paranoid that I won't be able to conceive because I've never had a pregnancy scare during all the years I was trying to prevent it... I have absolutely no reason to think this other than my own negativity.

Now that we've decided to go for it, I just want to be pregnant now ! My husband's step brother and his girlfriend are due in January and I'm irrationally jealous and almost angry because I had always assumed that we would have the first grandchild on both sides of the family. blush

DragonsandDungeons Sat 02-Sep-17 19:01:59

Its a horrible fear. I have no reason to think it either but anxiety isn't exactly reasonable.

Me too. I'm impatient and I just want it to happen. I'm starting a new job so I'm hoping that I'll forget I'm ttc and just enjoy DP and end up with a lovely surprise 😂😂😂

Mrsjones17 Sat 02-Sep-17 19:04:25


I can totally sympathise with wanting to be pregnant now haha! I thought exactly the same. Spent that long making sure I didn't fall pregnant by accident now we are ready to TTC it just doesn't happen that quick! We have just moved into cycle 10! I was paranoid too as we used the pill our method for over a year so thought that there must be something wrong me!

Hopefully you will be quicker than me but try to stay calm (easier said than done) and enjoy it as much as you can!

Stee1 Sat 02-Sep-17 19:19:39

Ttc number 2 already have an 8 year old from a previous relationship, had a loss in June (ectopic) trying properly from this month x

DragonsandDungeons Sat 02-Sep-17 19:27:04

Sorry for your loss Stee. Mine was a similar time. It's shit.

Sictransitgloria Sat 02-Sep-17 19:27:32

Yep still waiting for AF to show. Bfn 3 days late. Having weird boob sensations tho! Think it's all in my noggin. So i'll be on cycle 3 this month.

Stee1 Sat 02-Sep-17 19:29:56

Thank you dragons sorry for your loss too. Due on today but no sign as of yet boobs been getting slightly larger today so think she's on her way x

DragonsandDungeons Sat 02-Sep-17 19:40:13

I've discovered I seem to be ovulating around CD9-CD11. I'm worried this is going to cause problems.

CD8 and had an almost positive OPK last night, looks even darker now I've left it out!

Stee1 Sat 02-Sep-17 19:44:00

How long are your cycles? I'm due my 2nd one anytime now had a positive opk on cd15 and should get my period today. Negative tests so far x

DragonsandDungeons Sat 02-Sep-17 19:46:55

I don't actually know. I got pregnant very quickly after my pill and since I miscarried and had to have ERPC. I had my period 18 days after.

I remember them being around 28 days after I had my son, but I haven't really used OPK before. I'm sure I used to ovulate on day 15 because I get pain, and I conceived both times on day 14...

DragonsandDungeons Sat 02-Sep-17 19:47:22

And I since, not and since I* dyslexia blush

Stee1 Sat 02-Sep-17 19:52:05

Same here unsure of my cycles really as I came off implant start of April after 8 years had them.renewed obviously waiting for my periods to start but got caught pregnant before. Maybe opk for a month or two to check cycles? I had positive ovulation opk and pains on cd 15 so sure of that date. Didn't dtd that much though. X

DragonsandDungeons Sat 02-Sep-17 19:55:53

Yeah similar thing here although I'd only been on contraception for 6 months. I'm tracking my cycle to get a better indication if ovulation. So far I had EWCM yesterday.

I'm hoping it's at least CD11 before I actually ovulate but angry

DragonsandDungeons Sat 02-Sep-17 23:38:43

Okay just did an OPK today, yesterday's was definitely positive. Does that mean I'm ovulating today

Stee1 Sun 03-Sep-17 09:04:32

You usually ovulate 12-36 after first positive opk. I found them quite confusing at first I bought the clear blue advanced kit for this month No sign of AF a day late x

karategirl Sun 03-Sep-17 10:13:23

Hi MrsJones17, Stee1 and Sictransitgloria.

Glad to hear there are others in the same boat in terms of impatience grin.

I'm not temping or doing OPKs at the moment, but expect I will start to if nothing happens in the next couple of months. I'm just using the estimated dates on my Clue app, and keeping an eye on my CM (and level of horniness! wink) to work out ovulation.

Having been on hormonal contraception for 12 or 13 years, it's made me realise how much it was messing with my mental health. I'm so much happier since I had my implant out - has anyone else had a similar experience?

I spent £40 on Pregnacare conception vitamins on Friday! 3 for 2 in Boots, and I figured that I'll be really miffed if it takes a few months and I end up buying 3 boxes at full price, whereas if it happens really quickly I won't care about the extra money spent. I then realised that you could read the boxes through the carrier bag, so I had to shove my coat in there too as I don't want my colleagues to know that we're trying!

KEG973 Sun 03-Sep-17 10:24:24

Hi there all

This is my first time posting on Mums net smile

We are now in month 2. I had myself convinced i was pregnant last month but what i thought was implantation bleeding was my period. I have bought and used clearblue ovulation kits (the expensive kind) and I ovulated on CD21 had period on CD28.

This month is getting me concerned, i am now on CD24 and still have the smiley face that flashes, ie not yet ovulated. If i get my period on CD28 as I an expecting to this puts the time from ovulation to period to just 3 or 4 days which is impossible to concieve with.

My question to you lovely ladies is, should i go and highlight this to my GP at this point? My concern
Is that come January my husband will be away for 6 months sp if it doesnt happen for us before then it will be at least a year away x

DragonsandDungeons Sun 03-Sep-17 11:37:33

Stee thanks. I had mild cramps this morning so I'm assuming that was ovulation. CD9. Bugger. I'm worried we missed the window sad

Beckypea Sun 03-Sep-17 11:42:06

Hi can I join? Hi everyone!

We are on cycle one.... But I really think I'm out this month. Trying for our first so knew to all this. I don't feel like I ovulated this month. I don't temp. Just have an app or two and look for signs. AF is due Thursday. Been off my pill since June 2016 as was hoping to start TTC last year but DP had a freak out about it all. We had a couple of good chats, and he feels ready now. We are both in our early 30s.

@karategirl my DP also thought that it could happen at any time of the month, also been educating him.

@KEG973 I'm not sure what to say. My sister in law told me the other day that she has been to see her GP after TTC for 5 months and she told me it's a 7 month waiting list to see someone in our area. Maybe worth a chat if you are worried?

Sictransitgloria Sun 03-Sep-17 11:44:47

@karategirl yep definitely in the same boat. I will think about opks in a few months but I personally think the pressure would cause me more harm than good. Good luck 😁

Beckypea Sun 03-Sep-17 11:51:17

@Sictransitgloria also avoiding opks for as long as I can.

Stee1 Sun 03-Sep-17 12:25:07

I'm sure we missed our window last month too. Expecting flo anytime broke out on my chin and pains today 😑

KEG973 Sun 03-Sep-17 12:42:28

Hi Beckypea

Welcome smile aw im gald your DP is on board now and may it happen super quickly for u. Wow 7 months that is a very long time! My GP is lovely and i would hope he can reassure me. Those stupid tests are really starting to annoy me, i could punch that flashy face!!!!! Also they are
So expensive £27 for 10 tests nearly 3 quid to pee ona damn stick. Will do it for one more month then stop as it is getting disheartning. Also did some research on leutal phases and cant seem to get a proper answer on what the treatment would be. Im 27 and DH is 34 married for 4.5 years and i really did think it would just happen straight away for us

Stee1 sad im sorry its not nice knowing you have to start everything all over again.

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