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About to start / Just started TTC no.2 (part 4)

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SwedeAway Mon 13-Jan-14 04:45:29

So, here it is, Part 4! May it bring lots of BFP's for those of us still waiting and may it bring happy healthy pregnancies for those who are fabulously pregnant.

SwedeAway Mon 13-Jan-14 04:57:52

Lucy - I hope this new thread brings luck for both of us and everyone else who needs it!

Personally, I dont think one can dtd too much around ovulation. When I got pregnant in December we did it a lot and it seemed to have worked. As I mentioned in an earlier post, my gyno is of a different opinion in that one should not dtd every day (as it makes the swimmers lazy) but should rather stick to every other day (day 12, 14, 16 and 18 of a 28 day cycle). Saying that, everyone seems to have different opinions on this and all doctors seem to give different advise so I think its each to their own, whatever works for you is they way to do it.

Had an awful evening with DD last night. She just did not want to go to bed. So after a couple of hours of that, we were not much in the mood for dtd. However DH stepped up to the plate and we did it anyway so very pleased with that. I am adamant to follow the gyno's instructions this month, just want to see if it works and possibly take advantage of any 'extra' fertility from the mc (got to get something good out of it I guess).

Anyway, all of SA is back at work from today (I've been back for a week already) after the xmas/summer holiday so lots of miserable people expected at work me thinks.

Happy Monday to all.

ChineseFireball Mon 13-Jan-14 05:34:23

Thanks for the thread, Swede. Just popping on to say hi. smile

ATruthUniversallyAcknowledged Mon 13-Jan-14 06:54:13

Good commitment from your dh there Swede grin

Hello all. Hope the new thread brings us all luck.

CallingAllEngels Mon 13-Jan-14 07:15:13

Hi ladies!

I'm afraid I just can't keep away!

Feeling calmer about everything. I have a blood test this morning so fx it will be the all clear.

However, we've decided to skip this month and next month because of best friend's wedding later in year. She knows and would rather have a pg bridesmaid than no bm at all. Weird not focusing on ttc, but we should be back in the game at the end of February.

Could we have a roll call to remind ourselves who we all are?

CallingAllEngels ttc dc2 since July 2013. Mc October 2013. Waiting for all clear before ttc again. DS is 2.

SwedeAway Mon 13-Jan-14 07:26:04

Hi Engels, roll call sounds like an excellent plan.

SwedeAway ttc dc2 since October 2013. Mc December 2013. Just started ttc again. DD is 3.

Metalhead Mon 13-Jan-14 08:46:06

Morning all, and thanks for new thread Swede!

My stats: Metalhead, currently 5.5 weeks pg with #2, conceived on cycle 4 with BFP on CD82! DD1 is 3.7.

Lucy keep going with dtd if you can until you get a test line that's at least as dark as control line. I was driving myself mad comparing lines and thinking "is this as dark or not", but when I got a positive it was actually really obvious, so chances are you haven't had your lh surge yet!

Pg tiredness has already hit me I think, been in bed by 9pm the last few nights. Also feeling ravenous, though not too sick yet which is good. Hoping I'll get my appointment for the early scan through this week, don't think it'll feel real until I see something on that screen.

donnas1984 Mon 13-Jan-14 09:23:24

19weeks 1 day pg, fell 1st cycle (unbelievably)
dd 2yrs fell pg 23rd cycle.

Happy new thread and good luck everyone xxx

HungryHorace Mon 13-Jan-14 09:40:54

Thanks for the thread, Swede. And good luck this cycle...good going by your DH last night. :-)

Engels good luck when you get back on it, as it were! And fx for your blood test later on.

Monster, any news?! Or have you been restrained?!

HungryHorace, 9+4, cycle 3. DD of 6 months.

clara26 Mon 13-Jan-14 10:34:27

Do you think you have to be able to count to four to be a good parent? I mean what If I have four children but I keep forgetting that there's a number higher than three?


My AF is actually due next Saturday, it would appear I can't count to four, let alone 28! Does however mean there's still hope right? I'm such a numpty grin

clara26 Mon 13-Jan-14 10:34:58

Oh and thanks for the new thread! Loads of luck everyone!

claudeekishi Mon 13-Jan-14 11:09:37

Going to join this thread if I may.

claudee, ttc #2, cycle 2. DD is 2.

Heading into the 2ww and all of this ttc business still feels quite new to me as DD wasn't planned smile

SwedeAway Mon 13-Jan-14 12:15:31

Welcome claudee! This has been a lucky thread so far with plenty of bfp's. I shall be joining you in the 2ww the day after tomorrow. I am due to Ov tomorrow but although it feels like Ov is on its way, I can't be sure as I had a mc in Dec and therefore not sure how my cycle will perform this month. Fx for a quick 2ww for us!

guinnessgirl Mon 13-Jan-14 12:28:39

adding to the roll call - Guinnessgirl, DS aged 3, ttc #2 since Nov 2013. smile

Kt1991 Mon 13-Jan-14 12:54:35

Thanks for the new thread swede!

Kt-1991 5/6 weeks pregnant -cycle 4, but over 6 months. Ds who will be 3 on 1st Feb smile

Good luck to those waiting for their BFPs smile

claudeekishi Mon 13-Jan-14 12:57:33

Happy to keep you company during the 2ww swede, and really sorry about your recent mc.

Hello to everyone else!

Lucyjojo Mon 13-Jan-14 14:03:58

Excellent new thread Swede!
Hi again Engels!
Lucy cycle 7 of ttc #2. DD is 2 and conceived 2nd cycle.

Will do another opk in a few hours I think, and maybe dtd tonight then wednesday night. It was after what you said your gynae said Swede that got me thinking maybe we've peaked too soon. Maybe I'll skip tonight and go for tomorrow night instead...or wait and see what the opk says. God it's all just such a guessing game!!!

CallingAllEngels Mon 13-Jan-14 14:47:25

Just had call from hospital to say HCG is 1 so all clear and no need to go back. About bloody time! Almost 3 months since mc - can't believe it's taken this long! Have already missed ov this month anyway which makes me feel better about waiting.

welcome to everyone just stepping on board!

CallingAllEngels Mon 13-Jan-14 14:56:09

Anyone else find themselves playing with due date calculator when ttc? blush

Everytime we've used opks I've had a BFP in 2 or 3 months so hoping it'll happen fairly quickly when we start trying again in 6 weeks. Though have just calculated that if I get pg in the 2nd month I'd be due on Boxing Day!

SwedeAway Mon 13-Jan-14 15:33:00

Engels, great news! All systems go for you then. Very pleased to hear this!

Lucy, yes it's all a guessing game isn't it. One part of me wants to stick with gyno's recommendation (think he should know what he is talking aboutsmile), but my ttc brain is telling me to dtd as much as possible, what if I miss a window by dtd every other day...My opk is still not giving me a positive but my left ovary is hurting a bit so I am hoping its in process.

Hi to any newbies! This is a good thread to join as all ladies are lovely and supportive.

Metalhead Mon 13-Jan-14 16:00:56

Great news Engels, glad you can finally move on. And sod's law says you'll get pg second month then! wink

Just like I shelled out loads of money on some expensive Clearblue opks in December before I got my BFP... (hanging on to them for now until I've passed the 12-week mark, but will be happy to donate them to a good home after that.)

Welcome to all the newbies, and good luck!

HungryHorace Mon 13-Jan-14 16:06:26

I've got two boxes of Clearblue OPKs too, Metal!

I might pop mine onto eBay though as I bought 4 boxes for £60 so wouldn't mind a little bit back!

HungryHorace Mon 13-Jan-14 16:07:25

And excellent news re the hcg too, Engels. :-)

DD is finally cutting her first tooth. About bloody time!

Monstersaurus Mon 13-Jan-14 17:24:40

Good to hear about the hcg Engels.

Hungry, I've resisted today but might have a cheeky wee poas tomorrow. Only a day early, fingers will be well and truly crossed.

Almost forgot! Monstersaurus. TTC since October (cycle 3). DS is 19 months.

HungryHorace Mon 13-Jan-14 18:06:05

Good luck POAS tomorrow Monster! A day early is nothing. :-)

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