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Excellent Egg Buddies continued! Anyone having IVF/ICSI in Jan, Feb and March 2013 please join us!

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fairypangolin Sun 24-Feb-13 13:46:50

We've run out of room on Karbea's Jan IVF thread and it is too much fun to stop! We're all getting into comfy clothes and enjoying the side effects and surprises (and occasionally some hand holding).

EuroShaggleton Tue 19-Mar-13 12:35:24

shazza I'm with dil. That chap sounds like a tvvat. Remember, women have babies in war zones and all sorts of situations. I very much doubt that sitting on the Eurostar for a couple of hours is going to make a baby fall out of your woo woo. Other than avoiding contact sports, and drinking less caffeine and no alcohol, I just carried on as normal, and despite the mc I would do the same again. I could see the embryo stopped developing. Avoiding moving or jostling had no influence on that. A holiday will be lovely and good for you.

10 weeks - awesome! They've still got 30 weeks to make pains f=of themselves though - don't count your litter chickens.

Tilly it does sound like you have done it! Woo hoo!

noks holiday will probably be in May. We'll find out when we can cycle again and book something around that.

fairypangolin Tue 19-Mar-13 12:48:00

Hi all - I've been lurking for a while but just wanted to say big congrats to choco and tillly!

shazza I agree with euro and dildals - there is no way being 'jostled' or riding a train would make you have a mc! If things were that precarious humanity would have died out aeons ago. Someone on this thread said that their clinic said the embryo was like a raspberry pip in a jam sandwich, that's not going to be shaken out!

dildals I am 10+1 and am definitely showing but that is because it's my second. With DS I didn't show until about week 16-18 but I have had a definite bump for about a week now. I have suddenly taken to wearing long dangling scarves at work which I hope will be a sufficient disguise until after my next scan. I booked a private scan for next Tues because the NHS one won't be until 8 April and we are seeing DH's family at Easter and want to spread the (hopefully) good news.

And yes I am devouring oranges as well and pineapple. Very odd but they just taste delicious. Nausea and fatigue seems to be diminishing thank god.

Hello to everyone else.

Dildals Tue 19-Mar-13 13:16:47

Fairy How funny that you are also eating lots of oranges!

I was told that the nuchal scan can only be done at 11+3 which is on Good Friday ... the next available slot at the FMC is on the 5th of April and my NHS scan is on the 8th, so I have just decided to tough it out till the 8th and move the FMC one to after the 8th so I have it planned in, in case necessary.

Shazzamattazzerly Tue 19-Mar-13 13:27:21

Fanks girls I knew you would all be the voices of reason. I also thought it was extreme to say the least. He does come from an age when women were confined during pregnancy so maybe that's why! I'll lay off the space cake though if we go to amsterdam!

All very exciting on here at the moment with BFPs and scans etc. you are all great.

Euro I hope you are feeling more rested after a nights sleep.

Fairy lovely to hear from you and alls well with your little bump. How cute!

Much love

Shazza xx

Dildals Tue 19-Mar-13 13:31:34

Fairy I have just googled the oranges craving, there's an old wives tale that this means it is a boy! ;-)

fairypangolin Tue 19-Mar-13 13:42:53

dildals i'm just going for a scan to see that everything is all right, i'll do the nuchal fold thing with the NHS. I'm sorry you have to wait until the 8th - I hope you won't worry too much in the meantime.

shazza I remember Amsterdam as having delicious chips and doughnuts, which will be perfect for you at 5-6 weeks. Enjoy!

fairypangolin Tue 19-Mar-13 13:43:36

dildals oh my god. I craved oranges in my first pregnancy as well and it was a boy! Well at least I will be well stocked for hand me downs.

Shazzamattazzerly Tue 19-Mar-13 15:11:57

Hello fairy

I'll be 8-9 weeks by the time we go. I want to wait til we've had the 7 (nearly 8 wk scan) and I'd booked those weeks off cause they would have been my 2ww. (still can't believe my luck).

Chips yum yum. Xx

Nokkie73 Tue 19-Mar-13 15:43:09

shazza that bloke sounds like he's straight from some sort of Victorian school of twattery. Honest to god, I have never heard something so stupid or irresponsible. As if this isn't as stressful enough, you have that sort of nonsense to deal with too. Ignore him. Block out anything he says as white noise, and if that doesn't work, just punch him in the face next time he wants to give you any words of 'advice' because unless the old twat has actually had a baby, he has nothing of relevance to say'. Shazlett will be absolutely fine if you take her on holiday. She'll even be fine if you move about a bit, make a cup of tea or SHOCK go for a walk to the shops. The next time a man gives you any advice about pregnancy or childbirth, if he isn't wearing a medical sort of coat or isn't Mr Shazza, tell them politely but firmly to do one. Messing with our Shazza's brain is not a good idea right now and if you mess with Shazza, you mess with us - Right girls ? I may live in Surrey now but I am a South London scrapper at heart. A Saturday wasn't a Saturday unless you had a belly full of drink, a snog with a random and a row with the cab driver on the way home grin. But I digress.

And relax.

So, in an effort to stop myself from going a bit mentalcrayzee at home, i decided to go to that sculpture exhibition. It was brilliant. I love art but have no idea how it works, so I do like broadening my pathetically limited horizons. I have even signed up for a drawing class tomorrow morning, which is laughable, because I really really cannot, I repeat CANNOT, draw or paint. I did explain this to the girl when I booked it but she looked at me benevolently and said I should be fine. Ha ha, she hasn't seen my bloody drawing. Still, it should be a laugh if nothing else, if only to see this poor artist despair at the hormonal halfwit who has joined his class. Right now, I am sitting in the very civilised cafe, stuffing my fat face with cake (hmmmm, gotta stop the afternoon cake troughing - bad bad Noks) listening to the chatter of all of the ladies wot lunch and who clearly don't have any jobs. All the men have brightly coloured jumpers on, or neck ties and are terribly posh. How the other half live eh ? I have taken a vow of silence as if they hear my common as muck accent, they may think I've escaped from the local borstal and have me thrown out.

So, tills what time are you at Flintstones seeing Dr Barney Rubble ? How will you feign surprise when he confirms to Lord Toffee that you are indeed preggers with Bam Bam ? Will this mean that you will get a new bonnet to wear and a new bed to take to like a proper Victorian Laydee ? Questions, questions, questions. Do be sure to report in.

fairy hello ! It is most amusing to hear that both you and dildals may have children who have been tangoed due to the excessive orange juice drinking ! Weird about the old wives tale.

euro holiday booked - good. I hope work are looking after you out there in the USA ?

By the way, I love the fact that all of totally ignored that random who posted a weird message early this morning.

Hello everyone else.

Noks xx

TillyToffee Tue 19-Mar-13 16:23:08

Famous last words Dildals they'll run you ragged now you've said that!

Am going off for my real test now. If it's a BFP then I won't have to feign surprise, I will be genuinely relieved and delighted but also won't be relaxed until I know it if is a real pregnancy not ectopic.

Hope everyone else is doing okay this afternoon x

Dildals Tue 19-Mar-13 16:37:57

noks Classic. I just laughed out loud in the office reading your post. How the hell did they get you to move to Surrey?!

Shazzamattazzerly Tue 19-Mar-13 16:52:05

Oh dildals me too! I was slyly reading my phone and I saw Noks' post about the random and burst out laughing in a really quiet office! I had to go to the loos to laugh and calm down. Brilliant. I figured it was someone who was pleased for Tilly. I happen to like cantona so I appreciated the chantsmile

Noks I'm impressed with your artistic leanings post ET. You are making great use of your 2ww. I'm an artist but also can't draw for toffee. Enjoy your class tomorrow.

I'm off to the GPs now. Free prescriptions and dental treatment here I come.


Shazzamattazzerly Tue 19-Mar-13 16:52:45

Oh and good luck Tilly. X

Karbea Tue 19-Mar-13 17:19:27


Just got my day 2 blood tests back.

FSH 5.9 (last Jan was 5.5)
LH 5.8 ('' '' '' 6.5)
Progesterone 3 ('' '' '' 3.2)
Estradiol 92 ('' '' '' 66)
Prolactin 149 ('' '' '' 235)

I'm awaiting AMH results. Scared!

Mid cycle scan booked in for 2nd April

TillyToffee Tue 19-Mar-13 20:28:10

Hi everyone. ODT was at 5.45. Betty Rubble confirmed it was a BFP. I was very nervous and had a little weep of joy. Just didn't mention the two practice goes I had at home because I couldn't believe it until Flintstones told me.

Have absolutely NO clue what to do from here...!

EuroShaggleton Tue 19-Mar-13 20:37:43

Woop woop Tilly! You're official now.

karbea those results all look good to me. Fx for AMH.

noks I missed the weird message but the same poster posted something that got deleted on the BESH thread too.

I'm being quite well looked after here. I just got taken aside by Big Boss and told to look after myself and take time out if I need it. He's the only senior bod here who knows what happened - I had to tell him to drop out of the trip I was supposed to do last week. Lawyers are human after all, even the US ones. smile

chocoloco1 Tue 19-Mar-13 20:46:33


Blimey, I've had a bit of catching up to do!

tilly any news from Flintstone clinic? Will they send you a letter with the results by carrier pigeon?! Great news about your bfp this morning, huge congrats. All your positive signs like your songs on the radio were a good omen! When we were driving to our clinic for egg collection I passed a car just by the clinic with the registration BFP and that was our sign!

keep hello. Did you hold out to test?

euro hope the work trip is going ok and that the worst of the heavy bleeding is over

fairy and dildals 10 weeks already, has it gone quickly? Exciting that you have signs of bumps already

karbea good that you have had lots of tests. Did they tell you whether the various results were good? My FSH was 12 I think and AMH 0.23

noks you are so fecking funny! You definitely sound like you're making the most of the 2ww.

shazza how was the docs? I asked my clinic if I should make docs appointment and thy said to wait until after the scan, so I promptly ignored them and made an advance appointment for the week after the scan. POAS addiction? Speak for yourself! It is normal to have done 8 in 5 days isn't it? Oops smile 16 days 'til your scan, that means I have 17, aargh. I completely understand about the symptoms, it's hard not to obsess

I have been so tired and happy to be feeling a little nauseous. I went for acupuncture tonight and actually asked her not to treat the nausea as I found it reassuring as a symptom. I'm not eating lots of oranges but have a rather unhealthy obsession with marmite crisps ( I may have been eating some at half eight this morning). Apparently you can get a marmite chocolate bar, which worryingly I quite fancy confused

TillyToffee Tue 19-Mar-13 20:48:03

Euro Am so glad you're being looked after. You must take it easy if you want to.

Karbea My AMH was low and I felt really miserable when I got the results and was told I couldn't have IUI and had to have IVF which I had previously considered to be our 'last resort'. While it was fascinating to find out about what was going on in my body, it also made me fed up finding out which bits didn't work.

chocoloco1 Tue 19-Mar-13 20:49:05

Bloody marvellous tilly. So pleased for you. Be happy and do at least 2 tests a day is what you can do now unless you're a rational, normal human being seriously though, great news x

TillyToffee Tue 19-Mar-13 21:04:57

Thanks Choco. Am so relieved but also so worried. It's completely natural for things to 'go wrong' but will just try and look after myself and keep my fingers crossed, and like you say be happy smile

Karbea Tue 19-Mar-13 21:24:26

choco they just said they were ok to continue, if fsh is higher than 10 the clinic won't allow us to cycle.
Yes I'm worried about the amh, I think the estradiol is high (anyone know? ) and this can be an indicator of low egg reserve - I think...

Shazzamattazzerly Tue 19-Mar-13 22:39:55

Hi folks

Tilly amazing news. Congratulations to you and lord toffee. I'm so pleased for you. So exciting. As choco said now you develop an unhealthy ( and expensive) dependency on POAS preferably digital ones that say the word 'pregnant' in a very satisfying and definite way and worry along with the rest of us!

I wish I could say that the worrying has subsided but it hasn't for me. The doctor was not very reassuring. She was perfectly nice and pleased for me. She gave me the forms and asked if I still wanted to stay with guys for antenatal care (I do) and wished me luck. She said 'things do go wrong and it is in the hands of the gods. You will have to stick it out and wait for the scan.' Ok. Thanks for that....sad

Karbea excellent news about tests. I'm afraid that I can't contribute to the meanings of results cause I only had AMH done and have no idea about the others. But I read that ARGC monitor you very closely so thats positive and I'm sure they will do what they think is best. I guess you will have to trust them. That's why their success rate is so high isn't it?

Choco I'm so jealous of your nausea at the moment. When I mentioned to doc about having no symptoms she took a breath and then listed symptoms and I had to keep repeating 'no don't have that' to everything. It is so hard not to completely obsess about it. I am very teary though. Just had a bit of an upset about a wedding evening do that I'm supposed to be going to on Saturday and I'm so upset about it I was crying and crying. An over reaction if I'm honest but I feel so vulnerable. Preggers hormones? Progesterone?

Euro I'm pleased you are being abut supported. The only US lawyer I know is the Good Wife and she is lovely!

Really funny day on here. You all cheered up my working day immensely.

Noks have a lovely day at your art class tomorrow.

Keep I hope you are holding out. Or did you cave in for Mr Ks birthday?

And dildals and fairy I hope you are both happy with your orange foetuses (foeti?)

Night wolf pack.


Ps I referred to you all as my friends to Mr Shaz tonight. I hope that's ok grin. X

Nokkie73 Wed 20-Mar-13 08:40:38

Morning gorgeous ladies

Where is keep ? She always posts overnight.....hope she is ok.

euro Mr Big is looking after you eh ? Glad to hear it. Did you manage to meet with your friend on the 10+ thread ? Can you have a drink for me please ? Make it a very large one ! X

tills we hereby name your little blob.....drum roll please.....Toffo. I love the fact that you wept, having had two practice goes at home. How are you today ? Are you off ? What have Flintstones recommended going forward ? Bum bullets etc ?

dildals we haven't named your two. I was thinking Dilly and Dally but am not sure. Any thoughts ? Feck knows how they let me into Surrey - am always scared that I may be sent back to the ghetto at border control !

fairy do you have one or two on board ? Sorry, cannot remember. We need nicknames for yours. What do you think ?

choco am very impressed at eating crisps for breakfast. What sort of an example is that as a teacher grin ? We need nicknames for yours too.

karbea I heard that the ARGC do test thoroughly. When is your follow-up appointment ? Will they go through them with you ?

shazza you are so cute ! We are all your friends ! I reckon your weep last night was in no small measure down to that very unsympathetic GP. I read your description of your visit and was open mouthed. I think the most polite thing I can say is that she needs retraining. If you need to go back to your GP, I would ask to see someone else. I hope you have a better day today honey. X

So, I have been busy preparing for my art class at half ten, drawing stick men and women and wafting around in a frilly blouse looking tortured. Wish me luck. Wish the poor art teacher even more luck.

Noks xx

Karbea Wed 20-Mar-13 08:52:16

Am I the only one still waiting to do ivf?

nok no they won't go through them, they wouldn't even have given me the results if I hadn't of asked. But they use them. It's supposed to be the 2nd April but that'll be day 18 which is too late, so need to call them today and check.

NoCupcakesOrCocktails Wed 20-Mar-13 09:37:18

Hi Karbea I'm still waiting! I've got my appointment this afternoon to go through my treatment plan. I've not really been back on the thread since it started as I've been trying to forget about it all.

Congrats to Fairy, Dildals and Tilly sorry if I've missed anyone else.
Big congratulations to Shazza on your miracle BFP!
Euro and Caip I'm really sorry to read your news.

I'll pop back after my appointment smile

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