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Ttc after recent mc, for Creme egg scoffers, shared confusion and joint cursing of mother nature

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Thundercatsarego Wed 06-Feb-13 21:32:41

I couldn't bring myself to call her a bitch, we still need her help! Come on ladies, let's do this thing....

shellshock7 Wed 27-Feb-13 13:15:15

Oh God, will I never learn....2DPO and already symptom spotting: my boobs defo feel pregnant confused....altho I thought the same last month and was totally wrong blush

IBelieveInPink Wed 27-Feb-13 15:31:16

Snap shell. Is itchy boobs a symptom?! Or do I have fleas?!

shellshock7 Wed 27-Feb-13 15:45:21

It's defo a symptom grin How many DPO are you pink?

IBelieveInPink Wed 27-Feb-13 15:47:32

Erm, 2, I think. Maybe 5 at the most. Definitely not far enough along to have symptoms yet!!!

Floweroct Wed 27-Feb-13 15:47:58

Congrats spanish!

Thanks liesel fingers crossed af appears for you soon I completely understand how annoying it is! I was in such a bad mood last week!

Took my first clomid tablet last night so hoping that works for us soon can't imagine what it's going to be like if we have no luck for as long as last time.

Caught myself symptom spotting this morning on cd2 how thick is that!! All this is just making me a little crazy smile

jmf294 Wed 27-Feb-13 15:53:26

Can I join the boob symptoms club as well!
I am 7 days PO and yesterday I was thinking they feel tender.
Maybe its just allt he sweets/ chocolate I hae eaten and put on weight so they hurt or maybe it could be a sign!!

SpanishLady Wed 27-Feb-13 16:22:52

unhelpfully everyone is different - but early signs for me in the past has been hightened sense of smell and wine/coffee not tasting right, then boobs swelling/feeling tender and then not feeling especially like my period was coming (get tender tummy ache and back ache) - also tmi - yellowy secretions that dry to like a powdery consistency (sorry that one is gross)

so everyone get a drink and check your knickers!!

DIYandEatCake Wed 27-Feb-13 17:11:40

jmf, I'm 7 dpo too!
No symptoms here. I feel tired and a bit run down but think that's thanks to dd's night waking antics (and being surrounded by pg people).
flower how long were you ttc before? Hope it happens faster for you this time. I can sort of sympathise I think as dd took 18 months to conceive, had the tests etc. The one I lost over Christmas took 'only' 6 which seemed very fast in comparison... But even 6 months seems a long time to me now.

fod27 Wed 27-Feb-13 17:54:18

Hi guys...sorry I went off radar, I hit the anger stage and was awful. My bleeding started a few days ago but nothing big so I went in for a scan today and the sack is starting to come away and the baby is still very much there. I'm having a ERPC in the morning but me being me have been researching (really wish I hadn't ;o) I was looking into uterus scarring, how it links I to mc and a D and C ... Pretty scary stuff I can tell you!

I'm glad to see some BFPs on here! That's fantastic, such a ray of hope for us all

shellshock7 Wed 27-Feb-13 20:10:54

Good to hear from you fod I was getting worried. Good luck tomorrow, just think you'll be on the other side and can start looking forward smile

jmf294 Wed 27-Feb-13 20:51:53

Hope tomorrow goes ok Fod.
I had an ERCP just over 1 month ago- it was all fine and I was well looked after and it felt peaceful.

CamomileHoneyVanilla Wed 27-Feb-13 21:14:19

Will be thinkin of you tomorrow Fod.

Good luck to those symptom spotting. I'm jealous! I think we may possibly start trying this month after all. I'm not monitoring temps or LH or anything but am keeping a sly eye out for tell tale egg-white cm! If it appears I don't think I'll be able to resist suggesting to DH we 'accidently' forget the condom - why we're using them I'm not sure - generic ambivalence about trying so soon after mc I guess.

Sorry I've been a bit awol recently. Works been manic in terms of overtime/taking work home (tut tut) and I've been doing a decent job re. gym and therefore haven't had the chance as much. I also think my coping strategy has been throwing myself into work and trying not to think too much about babies and ttc which is largely working reasonably well. Did get a bit tearful (subtly) on Monday when I had to work alongside obviously pregnant lady who kept 'harping on' about it (i.e. mentioned it twice and rubbed bump alot - am a bit sensitive to 'harping on'!).

Mummytothearkbuilder Wed 27-Feb-13 21:23:51

Just had a text to say one of my really good friends has had her baby boy (she has been in labour all day bless her and has been keeping us updated). I am so so happy for her and so pleased she has her gorgeous baby boy its such fantastic news - so why am I crying and feeling so sad - I feel like the worst kind if selfish friend - am I am awful person hmm

DIYandEatCake Wed 27-Feb-13 21:27:53

Hope all goes well tomorrow fod and that it will help you to start recovering. It's such a bleak time isn't it. Thinking of you.

alyant79 Wed 27-Feb-13 22:10:31

Hello can I join?
Had an empty sac picked up at my (should have been) 12 week scan.
Opted for medical mc which was 2 weeks ago yesterday. Feeling like shit right now and going up and down in mood almost hourly. We (I) have decided to throw caution to the wind and start to ttc as soon as bleeding stops and I get a bfn, without bothering to wait for af, but it feels like it never will. it is just very light spotting now. In all your experiences, can I get hopeful for a shag-a-thon on the weekend?? Still had bfp yesterday, boo.
Am on phone, so does this make any sense?

ChocolateCremeEggBag Wed 27-Feb-13 23:07:52

Hi Aly - welcome to the thread, but sorry that you are here. I think that most of us had a WTF experience with bleeding post mc. You may be near the end, or you could get more blood. So I would say just to think positive but be prepared for a bit more blood. Fx that you'll be having a sex festival this weekend.

I had a natural mc in Dec and we ttc'd straight away afterwards, it didn't work, but took my mind off things. I wouldn't necessarily wait for a BFP though, in hindsight I think I ov'd while I was still bleeding (about 10 days post mc) and still getting BFP's.

My cold has returned with a vengeance, sodding sore throat and sneezy. Dragged my self to wine book club but should have gone to bed early, however needed the gossip. At least sex festival is now over, DPO1 today....
..on with the 2ww and stupid symptom spotting!

fod27 Thu 28-Feb-13 00:04:56

Thanks guys... Don't suppose any of you know what the surgery entails? I have heard it involves a curettage ( I really hope that's not the case) just as I heard that can cause uterine scarring which can result in further miscarriages or infertility I believe it's called ashermans syndrome!! Am I totally over thinkin things here? An I right to do so or will thus just drive me insane? I have far too much medical insight into all of this than I'm comfortable with....but I suppose that's just the journey we take...right?
Cam and mummy I think your totally right to feel that way, it's right there in your face! Everything we yearn for, what we would give anything for, and it's been cruelly snatched away from us and if that's not enough we have to then deal with the physical elements alongside the future attempts at conception which will no doubt be tainted with conserned, fear, despair and negativity....personally I would have probably spat in her brew ;0 (kidding)

Bakingtins Thu 28-Feb-13 07:09:54

Fod thinking of you today. I think they are normally able to vacuum everything out so no scraping involved, but ask. the risk of complications with any method of MC is about 1% but most of those won't cause permanent damage. Hope it goes ok.
Hi Aly

I started spotting yesterday, nothing major but enough to convince me that it's all going wrong a-f***ing-gain. Can't get to EPU until next week as DH working away. I'm supposed to be working all w/end. I hate this feeling so much, and I know there isn't a thing I can do except wait it out. sad

Bootyboo Thu 28-Feb-13 07:10:13

Hello girls - just a quick hi from me, I've still got a blinkin sinus /cold thing going on which is making me as dizzy as hell but hoping its on it's way out now

Huge congrats to Spanish I know you'll have kicked off a lucky BFP stint for us on here!!

Extra special hi to Fod I was wondering how you were - huge hugs

I'm on CD15 so a little way off testing - had a bit of a manic moment a few days ago as CBFM was showing all lows which has never happened before so I convinced myself that that was it, I was never going to ovulate again. Got little symbol today blush Husband is off on his boys weekend but managed to fit in a couple of db seshs - don't think it will be this month for me but we shall see.

My big symptom from my mc before was feeling really blood angry & wanting to kill the girl I share my office with!! That's how I knew I was preggers - not sore boobs or that!! She annoys me anyways but that month 100% more than usual grin so I'm looking out for that

Bootyboo Thu 28-Feb-13 07:12:24

bakingtins just seen your post - I'm thinking of you & sending positive thoughts, hang on in there - I really hope everything is ok xxx

IBelieveInPink Thu 28-Feb-13 07:24:28

Oh baking. I know, can't say anything that will be helpful, but most of the time spotting is fine. I know how I would be if I were you though. Just try and keep busy, I really hope everything is okay for you x

GardenWorm Thu 28-Feb-13 08:12:50

Baking I have absolutely everything totally crossed for you (i will fall over as a result when i stand to get off this train) X
Fod I hope this morning goes as smoothly as it can X
Flower Heard lots about chlomid but what does it actually do?

Thunderbuns Thu 28-Feb-13 08:50:24

Just popping head in to say hi. tins - stay as busy as you can and distract yourself as much as possible. I too have everything crossed that this is one of those spotting is totally normal times. Sending a massive hug and thanks.

fod, good luck. I had ERPC and I was dreading it- mostly the GA- it was absolutely fine. Of course I don't know if I have any other problems as a result but everything seems to have got back to normal. I know people who've had it and had healthy pregnancies afterwards.

Hi aly. In my experience the bleeding stopped after about a week but I had occasional spotting/little clots for a few weeks after. Not too much to stop me dtd though - it was cathartic for me.

Hi to everyone else. Loving the symptom spotting as it means we've got some poas action coming up.

ChocolateCremeEggBag Thu 28-Feb-13 08:56:34

oh Baking - thinking of you and really hope it is just spotting. I would go and get lots of big pads and start wearing them - ie get prepared and maybe the law of sod will mean you've wasted £ on getting the pads in (like getting insurance?)

Woke up with gobstopper tonsils and bright green snot, feeling like poo but have to at least get my laptop out and try to do some work. Staying at home today so at least can sit on bed, but now trying to work out whether lemsip is ok - snot filled head can't work it out so have just had paracetamol and tea.

DIYandEatCake Thu 28-Feb-13 09:06:50

Oh bakingtins I really hope all's going to be ok, thinking of you. Whatever the reason for the spotting, Mother Nature is definitely a bitch cruel to be doing this to you.

fod let us know how you are later. I can understand how you feel, I opted out of erpc after scaring myself silly but natural miscarriage lasted 5 weeks, was awful and I'm not sure what I'd do next time (hope I'll never get the chance to find out!). I don't think there are any 'nice' options for dealing with a mc....

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