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12 months on and most people on my TTC thread are pregnant so I'm starting a new one! Come and join me if you've been TTC a while or are TTC after pregnancy loss... we've been through it all!

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iloveberries Tue 15-May-12 09:39:41

iloveberries Age 31, DH 32, DS 2 yrs. Been TTC #2 for a year, 1 m/c, 1 ectopic, 1 tube removed. Will be starting TTC again after my next AF.

Still following the ladies on my original TTC thread but most of them are now pregnant so whilst I'm delighted for them I wanted to start a new place for those who have been TTC for a while and are still awaiting a healthy, sticky bean in the right place.

All welcome..... nothing if off limits, nothing is TMI, no 'babydust' though please

MunchinMango Fri 05-Oct-12 14:33:44

Hk you could well have tested too early. Leave it for a few days and re test again. Enjoy the weekend.

Mrs so sorry the auld witch got you. But yes you can let your hair down on hols and have a few drinks. Also great that lp is now 12 days. The vitamins must be doing the trick and you prob only started them mid cycle as well. I think the smiley opks are best as they take away the guess work.

TGIF and all that. But I've to go to a very sad funeral tomorrow. My close friends niece was killed in a car accident she was only 27. Puts stuff in perspective. On ttc front AF still not showed yet and I'm going to stick to plan and wait til Sunday morning to poas. Although I'm still imagining nausea and sore boobs. Bloody nuisance that AF symptoms are so similar to pg symptoms.

LynziBaccoli Sat 06-Oct-12 03:15:53

Hello All
I have had to have the acronym dictionary open reading through the most recent comments, its taken me a while lol.
HK I have my fingers crossed for you.
Munch, sad news about your friends niece, I am only a year older, it really makes you think, especially when its close to home. My eldest nephew died when he was still a baby, he would be 14 now. I was still at school at the time and it really hit hard. Having my closest friends around me really helped, so I am sure you being there for your friend will be of some solice to her.
'It's not the amount of time that we are here for; it's the impact that we have on people whilst we are here, that counts'.
I took comfort in those words after he died and they still help me through bad days now.
Me and my dp have been busy dtd recently but then I think I found a lump!! So with everything thats happened with my Grandpa recently I am a bit panicky and it put a serious dampner on everything. I have an appointment with my nurse on Tuesday to find out. I am guessing it may be nothing but it's better to be safe than sorry.
In regards to diets, if you are just looking to lose half a stone a great diet is vegetable soup, homemade. Eat it for a week (all meals except breakfast (for breakfast have a wholegrain cerial)), except mid week take a break from it and have chicken with rice, and by the end of the week you will have lost your weight. If you can manage to keep it up for a couple of weeks you will have lost a stone. The best thing to do is make up the whole weeks worth straight away. It has to be homemade because then it doesn't contain all the additives and fat and stuff. It will get boring but by the end you it's worth it.
Anyway (wow long one tonight) much love and hugs until next time.
Take care ladies xxx :P

MunchinMango Sat 06-Oct-12 08:54:50

Lynzi you must be so worried but fair play to you that you are getting it checked out ASAP. I'm sure it will turn out to be nothing. I have fx for you.
That is a lovely saying you have. The girl definitely made a huge impact on everyone's life. But today will still be very hard. Sorry you lost your nephew so young.

mrsnec Sun 07-Oct-12 12:09:43

Hi everyone just checking in. Lynz and Munch I can't imagine what it's like to loose someone so young. I will always remember that saying though definately important to remember the impact they made on the lives of others. Lynz good idea to go to the docs. Agree with what Munch says.But definately let us know how it goes. Not sure about that diet Lynz am sure you get results but does it not make you feel a bit ropey? Anyway Munch and HK don't keep us in suspense! You testing today? Hope you're all having a great weekend.

elsabel Sun 07-Oct-12 17:31:28

Hi all hope everyones had a lovely weekend. My doctors app went well thanks, my doc made me feel quite a bit better, ive got another app next week for more reassurance and to talk about a scan as it will be nearer the time then. Theres no point them scanning for at least another couple of weeks yet.

Munch thats really sad about your friends niece hope the funeral went as well as it could do.

Anyone tested today? Mrs sorry your AF came, although sometimes you just need to know either way dont you. Hi to all i havent mentioned xxx

LynziBaccoli Sun 07-Oct-12 20:54:43

Mrs, the diet is what is reccomended to overwieght patients before operations (I work in a hospital), you must put lots of vegetables in and you can eat it literally as much as you want thoughout the day. It works because the initial weight loss a person notices is down to excess water that is being carried. You should only be on a it for a week if you are not severly overweight though. The meat meal in midweek gives you extra calories that you would be missing out on, though if youre a veggie, like me, then i would reccomend a a high protien meal in its place. It works great if your looking to lose a few pounds before a wedding/holiday etc. You dont feel hungry because you can eat so much of it.
Els good to hear that the doctor has made you feel better, I bet you are counting the days till the scan.
Munch I hope you are okay after a tough weekend.
To everyone else take care and best wishes.
Love and hugs till next time.

MunchinMango Sun 07-Oct-12 20:56:57

Hi ladies. Sorry for not posting earlier. Funeral yest was unbelievably hard. I'm heartbroken for the family and the girls partner. Well after convincing myself I had pg symptoms I tested this morning and got a bfn sad . Af should be due during week.

tasjaSAmuminSA Wed 10-Oct-12 18:18:45

Hi ladies.
Munchin-so sorry to hear about your and the families loss. I was also to a funeral in June. One of my best friend's son was also killed in a car accident. I cried for 6 hours straight when I received the news. The memorial service was very tearfull but the young guy (he was 18) touched so many lives and led so many to Jesus.
I hope you and the family will find comfort in knowing that she is in a better place.
Sorry to hear about the BFN. I know the feeling. but we just have to get back in there and try again! I didn't have money this month to buy an ov test. so just counted the days and DH and I have busy dtd! fingers crossed! this is my month! and that we all have good news this month!
Very busy at school this week. had such a headache today because of all the stress. Clothes that we rented from another school for the concert was to big for my kids. Now there's 3 weeks left and I have to find/make 21 indian costumes for my girls!!! Realy hope the stress doesn't affect the babymaking. then i can kiss this month goodbye!
On the diet front it's been going quit well. want to loose a few kg before my birthday in November. We're having a big party as 5 of our friends birthdays are in November. And I want to look stunning in a new outfit.
Hope everyone is doing ok. love xxx

MunchinMango Wed 10-Oct-12 21:14:06

Hiya tas, thanks and sorry you experienced the same. It is hard to accept especially when they are soo young with their whole lives to live. You sound very busy. Well at least you have so much going on you won't have time to symptom spot and it might creep up on you when you least expect it. Fair play on the dieting. I'm very half hearted about it at mo.

Mrs hope you are enjoying your hols.

Els how did you get on at your appoint this week?

HK have you retested yet????? Hoping for good news.

Lynzi and Rachie hope yous are having a good week.

Well I'm on cd 28 today and no sign of af yet. I really wish she would just show up so we can ttc again. I'm driving myself mad hallucinating that I feel nauseas and have sore boobs on and off. I may retest on sat if still a no show but scared of another bfn!!!!

hellokittydrivesmenuts Thu 11-Oct-12 06:51:35

Hi all, sorry I have not been to check in for a few days!
Well af has arrived!
I was sorry to hear the news munch how very sad sad
Also sorry to hear everyone else's sad I can't imagine how that must feel!
Sorry mrs that af came for you too!
Tas that is a lot of hard worksmile what we do for children grin
Else hope all is going well!
Love to you all. X

elsabel Sat 13-Oct-12 19:56:33

Hi all just checking in, fairly quiet around here right now, hope everyone is ok.

Munch -not had another appointment yet got one on Thursday and will be arranging an early scan then hopefully for in a couple of weeks time. Ive been feeling really tired and got a constant headache but not complaining one bit, its actually easing the anxiety as strange as that might sound! Have you retested today?

Sorry your AF arrived Hellokitty. Like your positive attitude Tas! Fingers crossed for everyone this month xx

tasjaSAmuminSA Sun 14-Oct-12 08:30:54

Hellokitty-so sorry to hear
Els-just relax and enjoy smile
Why is it so quiet here? Where is everyone else?
Have a lovely day everyone! Sun is shining here, a lovely day. Husband had to go to do work about 3 hours drive from here. So me and the 2 kids are alone. Doing a bit of schoolwork now. Going to the shops later and maybe visiting a friend before the hectic week starts again.

MunchinMango Sun 14-Oct-12 10:19:13

Sorry HK that af came sad onwards and upwards??

Els great to hear all going good (well bar your headaches)

Tas your right it is very quiet around here. Has your mil left? Enjoy your day.

Well i retested yest and another bfn. sad but still no af so I'm getting annoyed now and back to thinking I'm what they call it peri menopausal ???? Really feel time has run out for me.

Mrs how are you?

mrsnec Mon 15-Oct-12 07:55:30

Hi All! Sorry to those who got AFs. Munch! Don't give up just yet! Hope everyone else is ok. Well it was a funny old week for me. Stupidly got involved in the abortion threads earlier in the week. Difficult to ignore with it being in the news so much it kind of made me feel a bit down. And I went for a job interview and yet again I've not heard anything so feel a bit hopeless at the moment. Holiday was amazing though just what I needed! I really want to go back. It just wasn't long enough. I really like Turkey. Diet out window with all the Efes and kebabs I've consumed! Not started with the ttc really. Probably because I've been feeling so delicate. Hope I'll snap out of it soon! And my opks haven't arrived from Amazon yet. Hope they get a move on!

MunchinMango Tue 16-Oct-12 12:29:03

Hiya mrs, glad you enjoyed your hol and don't be worrying about weight you are allowed to pig out on hols that's what they are for. Sorry you haven't heard from interview but these things take time.

Thanks for words of support. I'm going round the twist. My last proper AF was 7th aug, I had spotting around 12th sep. I don't know whether to class that an AF or just mid cycle spotting. Nothing since except many bfns. Anyhow dh and I talked and we agreed to give it til next march and prob call it quits then or at least check with doc if I am in menapause.

How is everyone else doing ?

hellokittydrivesmenuts Tue 16-Oct-12 14:36:17

Hi ladies just popping in to say hi!
Munch I hope you fall soon but don't give up not over til the fat lady sings! I am not singing!!!
Mrs glad you enjoyed hols my love eating is exactly what you do on hols!
Else how's baby coming along?
Hello everyone else!
No news here other than joined a gym feel thin already grinxx

LynziBaccoli Tue 16-Oct-12 19:21:39

Hello Ladies just thought id pop in to say hi.
Ive been in so much pain the past few days ive just been laying in the bath for hours so the ttc hasnt been going so well on that front.
I had a good weekend, I play cricket for a ladies team and we have just started our indoor season, I have been feeling sore from muscle pain!!
I saw the nurse about my lump and I have been sent for tests, just waiting the appt to come through now!!
I hope everyone is okay, Els I hope the bump is growing well.
Fingeers crossed for my BFP this month.
Lots of love

LynziBaccoli Tue 16-Oct-12 19:22:06

That was meant to say for MORE BFPs this month.......

tasjaSAmuminSA Wed 17-Oct-12 13:19:00

Munch-sorry about BFN. Think of the possitive - more time to practice in the bed grin
That doesn't help for my stress levels with the concert and schoolwork and so on. On Saturday we have registration day at out school for the new learners for next year so I have to make my class neat and clean. And on Monday I have inspection - the school departement is coming to visit again. 1 week and 5 days then it is our concert so it is busy busy busy around here. Have a great day everyone. xxxxx

elsabel Thu 18-Oct-12 19:50:25

Hi all, Munch and mrs you both seem down right now hope youre both ok and pleased dont give up hope.
Lynz hope the appointment doesnt take too long to come along it drives you mad waiting for things like that, good luck.
Tas your life sounds stressful!! Dont work too hard.
Hi to hellokitty also, good luck with the gym youve got more motivation than me if you keep it up!
Well Im 6 weeks 5 days and counting! went to my doctor today so he could make sure Im not going too mental, think he could see how anxious I was so he's got me in for a scan on the nhs for free, he said they would fit me in in the next week and they rang and said ive got an appointment for tomorrow morning at 8.30...i am sooo nervous but relieved aswell. I have some concerns though as dont have any good memories of scans as have been pregnant only the once and i miscarried at 10 weeks. Was wondering if any of you ladies with more experience could help me. What can I expect to see? Tomorrow I will be 6 weeks and 6 days (so practically 7 weeks). Am really hoping for a heartbeat obviously but Ive done some reading and it seems thats not always the case and I may still be a bit early? Words of wisdom would be great please? I know there are threads specifically for this but feel like I feel most comfortable on this one asking you xx

MunchinMango Fri 19-Oct-12 07:53:58

Hi elsabel great to hear from you. Fx for a great scan today. Sorry on my dc I only ever had the big scan at 20 weeks. ( imagine waiting that long now!!!) I have read that if your dates are correct you should hopefully see a heartbeat around the 7 week mark.

Bravo hk on joining the gym.

Tas sorry your mil is still there. Wow you are super busy. Good luck with inspections and concerts.

Lynzi hope you get that appoint very soon. Sorry you are in so much pain.

How are you mrs.

Thanks for all words of support. I have been on a downer all week. Trying to find some hope to keep me in the ttc game. But hey it's Friday. Happy Friday everyone.

elsabel Fri 19-Oct-12 10:00:51

Well i feel so relieved saw a good little heartbeat and all looks healthy...phew! Measuring 2days ahead of my dates. Going to try and relax now as much as i can. Hope everyone has a good day xx

MunchinMango Fri 19-Oct-12 10:16:43

That's fantastic news Elsabel. Delighted for you.

mrsnec Fri 19-Oct-12 10:20:26

Hi all! That's great news Els. Keep us up to date! Lynz how's the pain? HK well done on joining the gym! Send some of that motivation my way! I didn't even have the motivation to go to the gym when I had one in my house! Mind you I've done 2 x 5k walks this week and another shorter one maybe that counts for something? Munch I really do know how you feel. I had a bit of a heart to heart with DH about it with a view to making some kind of plan and he keeps telling me to 'stop being so silly' you've been ov testing though haven't you and in my mind while you are still getting those smileys you still have a chance. Mine arrived today and I just tested for the first time no smiley for me. Blurb on the pack makes me think I could be a bit early though but at least the tests work. We started dtd anyway but again a bit of a fail at first. DH is drinking a lot again at the moment so I had to delicately point that out without sounding like a nag. I still haven't heard anything about the job. It was on base at the Animal Welfare Centre and on their FB page there were a lot of the forces wives offering to do it for free. Am assuming it's gone to them in which case I can't complain as they deserve it more than I do! Hope everyone has a great weekend. Our friends arrive tonight. Think that will take our minds off things for a bit.

MunchinMango Tue 23-Oct-12 17:07:44

Hi everyone? It's very quiet here.

How are you getting on Els?

Mrs, Tas and Hk where are yous in your cycle?

Lynzi did you get your appoint?

Afm still no AF and I must be heading for cd42. It's getting ridiculous now. The only thing I can say is I have massively sore boobs and dull AF type pains since sunday so keep thinking she should arrive soon. I started temping a week ago which I know is a bit silly to start mid cycle but though it might give me some insight into what's going on. Anyhow had a nice weekend and we went out to dinner for dh birthday and had a few glasses of vino.

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