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DD can't see a GP until Friday but she is on pain now. Any suggestions for how I can help her would be great, thank you.

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TheOriginalFAB Tue 13-Sep-11 20:22:29

She doesn't want Calpol.
She is 8.
Her vagina is stinging, sometimes when weeing sometimes for no apparent reason.
Urine sample has come back fine.
Have tried a warm flannel on it.
She was checked by a GP 9 days ago and he didn't se anything untoward.

mumblechum1 Tue 13-Sep-11 20:24:34

Hmm, I'm no expert, but I'd just give her loads of water, nothing acidic and call NHS direct? Why can't the surgery give her an appt tomorrow? Or do you have a turn up and hope for a slot system?

I'm afraid I wouldn't give her the choice re. the paracetemol.

whyme2 Tue 13-Sep-11 20:29:29

Have you tried a warm bath with plain water?

I would also persuade her to take the painkiller and tomorrow hassle you gp or try a walk in clinic? She should be able to be seen quicker than 3 days. that is too long to wait for a child.

OddBoots Tue 13-Sep-11 20:29:47

Why doesn't she want calpol? I'd be asking her if that meant it wasn't very painful if that was my dd but maybe she has history with calpol?

Other than that I'd be offering cranberry juice and lots of water and keeping an eye on her temperature.

TheOriginalFAB Tue 13-Sep-11 20:31:13

She is in bed now and DH is out so I couldn't take her to see a doctor tonight. The nurse saw her on Monday but didn't do anything other than tell me she needed to see a doctor and booked Friday which was the first available appointment. I will give her Calpol next time she complains but really don't want to force medicine on her confused. It is frustrating as well as she just rebuffs every thing we suggest to try and help by saying it doesn't help.

hayleysd Tue 13-Sep-11 20:32:29

Do you have a local go access centre? We have one that's open til 8 and you just sit and wait if you can't be seen by your go, also there's the out of hours doc, could it be cystitis if it's stinging?

hayleysd Tue 13-Sep-11 20:32:55

That should be gp access centre

TheOriginalFAB Tue 13-Sep-11 20:34:15

She says the Calpol is too sweet yet we buy the sugar free one. It is impossible to get a doctors appintment as it seems a different situation whenever you ring them.

TheOriginalFAB Tue 13-Sep-11 20:35:15

I have no idea about walk in centres. How could I find out if there is one near us?

pamplemousserose Tue 13-Sep-11 20:39:53

Phone the doctors tomorrow and insist on an emergency appt. No child should have be in pain for 4 days.

OddBoots Tue 13-Sep-11 20:40:42

NHS service search

MrsCog Tue 13-Sep-11 20:43:29

Do you mean vagina or vulva or both? If it's vulva, then have you tried sudocreme on it? It might act as a barrier when she wees.

thisisyesterday Tue 13-Sep-11 20:44:12

the sugar free calpol just has loads of sweeteners instead, so is still just as sweet iyswim?

could it be thrush?
if you have a pharmacy open that you can get to i'd be tempted to take her there and see if they'll give canesten, or anything else just to soothe it a bit?

bran Tue 13-Sep-11 20:45:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

KittyWalker Tue 13-Sep-11 20:46:44

Could it be thrush? DD is also 8 and complains of this from time to time. I use canesten cream which seems to work.

Other than that I would be ringing up for an emergency appointment tomorrow.

TheOriginalFAB Tue 13-Sep-11 20:47:52

She has just said calpol doesn't work.
The ooh said I could put caneston on but I really didn't want too on a child when we didn't know what was wrong. He did examine her and all looked fine but tbh she is 8 so it isn't like I see it every day like when she was a baby.
I have sudocrem, savlon, germolene.

pamplemousserose Tue 13-Sep-11 20:50:16

She saw a doctor nine days ago. A lot could have changed since then and he could have missed something

IwishIwasmoreorganised Tue 13-Sep-11 20:52:58

Do you have any childrens Ibuprofen - would she take that?

hayleysd Tue 13-Sep-11 20:53:09

Some pharmacies will do a minor ailments scheme and give you medicine there and then my friend got canesten for her baby who had thrush from them last week, our boots and lloyds pharmacy do it, some boots are open late aren't they for prescriptions?

TheOriginalFAB Tue 13-Sep-11 20:55:58

Ibuprofen makes her feel sick. We don't know that she has thrush though.

KittyWalker Tue 13-Sep-11 20:56:20

You don't need a prescription for canesten.

tempertemper Tue 13-Sep-11 20:57:39

All surgeries have appointments left to use on the day, and tend to unblock "embargoed" appointments each morning to allow for this. Just phone first thing in the morning and explain the situation, and I am sure you will be offered one. Sudocrem in the meantime. If she isn't red and there is no discharge I think you should leave anything else until the GP has had a chance to take a look/swab otherwise it may make it harder to assess the problem.

hayleysd Tue 13-Sep-11 20:57:58

They will ask symptoms at a minor ailments pharmacy and decide if they can give her anything, even if it's not thrush they may be able to suggest something else, just thought it may help short term if you don't have a walk in centre etc

northernruth Tue 13-Sep-11 21:00:15

Canesten won't do her any harm if it isn't thrush and it might help. She needs to see a doctor tho so if you can't get her in at your surgery then try ooh tomorrow to get an emergency appointment.

It sounds like it could be an allergy, have you been using any different detergents? or does she have new underwear that could have been chafing?

KittyWalker Tue 13-Sep-11 21:00:15

Def try and get an appointment tomorrow. If your surgery is anything like DH's surgery the on call Dr doesn't have any booked appointments until the day - he's just walked in after his on call day!

I really hope you/she gets this sorted, sad

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