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Who's camping this half-term and where are you going?

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Grockle Thu 26-May-11 22:45:57


needanewname Thu 26-May-11 22:50:39

me me me and I can;t wait (its not raining - really it isn;t!)

needanewname Thu 26-May-11 22:50:51

Oh in Cornwall!

FlubbaBubba Thu 26-May-11 23:00:11

me too - heading to Forgewood in Kent. Lashing it down currently - and baby is just 4m old, but our DDs (4 and 2) are as excited as I am grin

What about you grockle ?

CRAZYCREW Thu 26-May-11 23:07:29

we are camoing in benodet... weather bad though and not sure to upgrade to mobile???? what do you think with two young toddlers.

Nicola x

FlubbaBubba Thu 26-May-11 23:13:33

naaaah, it'll be an adventure! grin desperately needs other people to be as mental as me grin

Grockle Thu 26-May-11 23:14:39

I'd never camp in a mobile but I'm a hardcore glamper camper grin

We're going to north Norfolk. I'm very excited!

Grockle Thu 26-May-11 23:16:07

I need to go to Cornwall for a camping trip. It's not that far from us and I've never been there blush

SherlockHolmes Thu 26-May-11 23:17:16

Grockle - whereabouts? We're off to Breck Farm at Weybourne (Norfolk).

FlubbaBubba Thu 26-May-11 23:18:36

I'm edging towards glamping instead of camping - 5 yrs ago I would camp out on a beach with nothing but the sea to wash in, no running water or electricity, this time I've even made my own bunting to take with us blush secretly rather pleased with my own handywork grin

tyaca Thu 26-May-11 23:27:33

forgewood here too. inaugural camping trip. if you see a couple of amatuerish looking campers, flubba, that'll be us grin

crazycrew - don't suppose you off to du letty?

CRAZYCREW Fri 27-May-11 00:13:32

wew are off to st gilles do you know it? The kids wanted to go in a tent but think weather is bad over there?

Grockle Fri 27-May-11 06:20:10

Sherlock, we're going to Stiffkey so not far from you. Might have to visit the Muckleborough collection (DSs6,5,4 & my dad!).

I have shop bought bunting and take duvets and fairylights. I'm getting old!

FlubbaBubba Fri 27-May-11 07:23:25

lol tyaca see you there - we're in a huge group unless people wimp out shout if you need a hand! smile

TheHappyCamper Fri 27-May-11 07:31:28

Ooo we're going to Deer's Glade in Norfolk. Anyone been before? It's our first camping trip of the year - can't wait.

It's also the first since dd (2.1) is out of her travel cot and on an airbed ... should be entertaining grin

I don't even look at weather forecasts any more!

jaffacake79 Fri 27-May-11 07:43:03

Us too! As long as it stops raining long enough to get the tent up and dinner on it'll be fine. I can open the wine then! grin

mrscantona Fri 27-May-11 08:35:09

We are heading to the Gower, have the thermals, woolly hats and thick bed socks packed and waterproofs. Oh and a team case of tonsilitis, wondering if it is such a good idea now. Hope you all have a fab time.

RantyMcRantpants Fri 27-May-11 08:52:07

We are off to Cornwall as well grin HERE

SherlockHolmes Fri 27-May-11 09:41:40

Happy Camper Deer's Glade isn't far from us, and I've heard really good things about it. DH went to check it out for our first camping trip, only to find it fully booked for weeks ahead, so they must be doing something right. As you can tell, we don't venture very far for our weekend trips, but we tend to meet up with friends, so it's more a social than anything else. Breck Farm, where we're off to is quite basic, but it's pitch-where-you-like in 3 massive fields, campfires allowed and surrounded by woods so it's great. Have fun everyone - and here's to dry weather grin

bumpybecky Fri 27-May-11 11:38:48

Isle of Wight smile for a week starting Sunday smile have attempted to convince dc it's abroad as we're going on the ferry....

numptysmummy Fri 27-May-11 12:21:05

Me! To a pub about 4 miles away!! Using it as a practice run as we can come home again if it all goes tits up.

Peachy Fri 27-May-11 12:56:18


first trip in our soulpad (have had since September LOL)

Pembrokeshire, enar St davids; where we go every Whit- campsites allowed, animals on site etc.

sphil Fri 27-May-11 17:43:35

Hartland Point, the very northernest of North Devon and right in the path of those lovely Atlantic winds...

auntpetunia Fri 27-May-11 19:03:57

Lincoln, where the wheather forecast is solid rain and strong winds...great

MisSalLaneous Fri 27-May-11 19:10:27

Sorry to butt in, but Peachy, let me know how you like your first trip in it, and hope you have fun!

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